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Last Remnant Achievement Guide
Guide By: The Pants Party, x360a Community
There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 22 (1000)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 90-110 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 3: The Fallen, The Final Instance, The Last Remnant
-Glitched achievements: None

The first thing you'll want to do is know what you're in for while playing this game. First off, it is going to take a long time. Depending on how much you play your Xbox each day, it could be up to a month. Now, while actually playing, make note that there is a very specific way to level and strengthen your characters. Read all about it in this thread and make sure you follow its advice from the beginning to save you a lot of time and annoyance. Also print off or have handy the side-quest walkthrough found here. Some of the quests are only available for a short time, so be sure to do everything ASAP and try not to deviate too much from that.

Step #1: Properly Level and Play the Game
In order to get your 1000, you really have to level up properly or you may not be strong enough to beat the final boss without considerable grinding. Again, make note of the link I provided earlier. Also, in case you missed it at the top of the side-quest guide, there are certain leaders that you will need to have recruited to gain quests from later on. Hire the following characters at Guilds when they become available: Loki (Athlum), Nora (Athlum), Rhagoh (Calapalais), Caedmon (Balterossa), Glenys (Nagapur), Jager (Athlum). Be sure not to miss any of the notes in the side-quest guide or you might invalidate or pass up something.

Now, if simply follow the side-quest guide and continue to level at a good rate, it is really a straight shot to 1000 if you don't mess those two tasks up. If you want "The Last Remnant" to be your final achievement, simply save before beating the final boss and move to Step 2, then come back and finish him off.

Step #2: Random tasks
Most of the achievements will come as you play. One of the only you'll have to go out of your way for is a Battle Chain of 200, but save that for whenever you're really stat grinding, most likely later in the game. You'll also want to dismantle every enemy you capture (500 needed). I did the entire game and still needed another seven hours of grinding amoeba creatures in the Ancient Ruins before I got it. All the "random" achievements can be done at any point in the game, so don't worry too much about them. Just make a note of any enemies to watch out for or items you need to collect.

This game is a long haul and requires some planning ahead in order to get the full 1000 on your first go. However, as long as you follow the list of quests and power up your party appropriately then it is more a matter of time than difficulty.
[x360a would like to thank jackanape and The Pants Party for this Road Map.]

The Battlemaster20
Do you have a taste for blood? Participate in battles and find out. (3) 

You need to fight in 100 total battles for this achievement. You should get this before the end of Disc 1.

The Rules of Consecution30
Are you keeping an eye on the chain count? Try to get as high a number as possible. (2) 
You need to achieve a battle chain count of 200 for this achievement. The chain counts every enemy defeated inside an instance. It can be a one-zone area like Ivory Peaks or a multi-zone area like the Catacombs. This can be done very early on (Blackdale is a good spot) and in most places throughout the game.

To keep the chain going, use Timeshift (RB) to evade/highlight enemies, then Engage (RT) to fight them. If an enemy runs into you instead of you engaging them, the chain will end. If you return to the World Map, the chain will also end.
Death and Destruction30
Do you want your party members to grow stronger? Try defeating lots of monsters. (2) 
You need to kill 2,000 total monsters for this achievement. Depending on how much you level up, you could get this late in Disc 1 or early in Disc 2. I ended Disc 1 at BR45 and did not have it, but got it shortly on in Disc 1 at about BR55.
Unleashing Secret Powers10
Are you putting Timeshift to good use? Try using it as often as possible. (1) 
You need to use Timeshift (RB) 100 times for this achievement. You don't actually have to link or engage an enemy when using it for the achievement, but you will most likely use this for every encounter through the game, so it should come very early for you.
Timing is Everything10
How is your hand-eye coordination? Try using Critical Triggers whenever possible. (4) 
You need 100 Critical Triggers for this achievement. Critical Triggers occur randomly during battle. To complete one, you will need to press a specific button while on offense or defense when the command pops up on-screen. Successfully using one on offense will cause every ally after that character (in that particular union) to also receive a CT chance, so you can get a few from each union easily in every battle, more in longer boss battles or big linked battles.

Critical Defense Triggers are completely random and the weapon equipped has no bearing on the button that you need to press. The game will select one randomly, so keep alert when being attacked. Critcal Offense Triggers coordinate to the weapon someone is holding. The buttons are as follows:
  • Swords: A
  • Spears: Y
  • Mauls: X
  • Axes: RT
Note: You can set this function to "Auto" in the Config menu and you will still get the achievement once the AI hits 100 for you.
The Guildmaster's Faith10
Have you accepted the guild masters' challenges? Try finishing lots of guild tasks. 
You need to complete 30 guild tasks for this achievement. In every city there will be at least one guild hall (Union of the Golden Chalice) and its tasks can be found here. A second guild (Sword of the Three Realms) can be opened in Celapaleis and Elysion by finishing the quest "When the Rose Blooms" and its tasks can be found here. The third guild (Ring of the Labyrinth) can be opened in Athlum, Elysion and Ghor by completing the quest "The Fallen One" and its tasks can be found here.

Now, for the achievement, you don't even have to try anything special. Check guilds periodically and speak with the guy at the desk to turn in tasks. The first tier tasks in each guild will essentially be completed just by defeating monsters you come across while working on the main story, and a few will be completed for other achievements or having certain weapons or stats. I got my achievement just after opening the second guild and turning in a bunch of quests I had done without realizing.
March of the Soldiers10
Do you want a bigger party? Recruit some soldiers at a guild. (1) 
You will need to recruit 30 leaders from the various guilds for this achievement. Each city has different leaders available. Once you hire a few, you will reach your cap and can't hire any until you dismiss some. Just grab all the cheapest ones and dismiss them right away from each city and each guild.
The Heir of Ultimate Fate30
Have you been creating items? Try creating a certain one... (1) 
For this you need to create the Ragna-Rock. To create an item, visit a shop with the small hammer as an icon in any city. You will need the following to create it:
  1. 888,888 Gold (Capture/Sell monsters, use Mr. Diggs a lot, etc.)
  2. Crystal Skull (Obtained from defeating Namul Niram during the quest "The Tablet of Marshall")
  3. Clay Dinosaur Idol (Obtained from defeating Gae Bolg Berserk Cyclops during the 6 Bases storyline event)
  4. Twilight of the Gods (Obtained from defeating The Fallen during the quest "The Fallen")
Make sure you do not use any of the components to create something else as they can be used for other items. If for some reason you screw up, you can find additional Clay Dinosaur Idols by dismantling the Cyclops Standard Model (must download the DLC) at the bottom of Aveclyff. Obviously this is difficult since he is a rare spawn and you have to get lucky and capture him after beating him as well. You get another Twilight of the Gods killing the Demigod in the Ancient Ruins (DLC dungeon). I have not found another way to get a Crystal Skull though, so I'd suggest not screwing up and using it.

If you want, save just before creating this and get the achievement, then load your save back up. Most people don't use the weapon anyway so you can get your money and items back. Some of the accessories that use these special items are decent.
The Ravenous Hunter30
How is Mr. Diggs? Try harvesting a certain item... (2) 
This can be harvested in either the 3rd Path or the 7th Path. To open the 3rd Path, speak with someone inside the guild hall in Undelwalt. The 7th Path is opened as part of the main story when heading to the Sacred Lands. Click the names below for maps, but I'll include written directions as well.

Third Path: From the entrance, take the first right and then on the left will be a drop-off point. Use this, walk up the stairs and the dig spot will be right in front of you.

Seventh Path: From the entrance, go south and turn west. Continue straight into a dead-end where the dig spot is.
Guru of the Mystic30
Do you like collecting items? Try obtaining a certain one... (6) 

There are six steps total to getting this achievement. This achievement will take A LOT of patience. Two of these rares took me over two hours each to spawn. Some people get lucky and get them on their first few tries, but for the most part, there is a lot of tries needed. Once you complete a task, return to the guild to claim your reward and move on to the next task.

1. Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 1" by completing Guild Task 14: Kill the Bloodthirsty Beast.

Spawn Conditions (Ivory Peaks)

  • Story must progress past Numor Mines.
  • Two AWAKE raptors on the left side upon entering.
  • No "large" monsters at the bottom of the first hill. (Evil Eye, Wyvern, etc.)
  • Map of location: HERE.
2. Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 2" by completing Guild Task 16: Kill Sledgehammer.

Spawn Conditions (Catacombs, Eastern Area)
  • AWAKE moth on the right side of the Central Area.
  • NO Glutton monsters anywhere.
  • Map of location: HERE.
3. Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 3" by completing Guild Task 18: Kill Whitehorn.

Spawn Conditions (Aveclyff, Upper Level)
  • Two spiders in first room.
  • Two dragons on bottom floor (look over the egde).
  • After seeing spiders and dragons, enter door on left, then go one room west; NO vulture must be present.
  • If all the above is met, take the lift in front of the first room down to the first floor, then turn right and take the next lift up to the second floor. Follow this path around left to a door. Go one room west and exit, then take another lift up. Enter this door and the spawn room is one west. If the room is empty, a different rare has spawned.
  • Door to enter off the main hall: HERE. Map of actual location: HERE.
4. Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 4" by completing Guild Task 20: Kill Nightingale.

Spawn Conditions (Fornstrand, Starry Shore)
  • Around the first curve, look for Wailing Larva. NO dogs.
  • Around the second curve, NO vultures or amoebas.
  • Map of location: HERE.
5. Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 5" by completing Guild Task 10: Kill two Brynhildr.

Spawn Conditions (Mt. Vackel, Pearly Peak)
  • Must be under BR75.
  • Map of locations: HERE.
Spawn Conditions (Ancient Ruins: Motopon Tier - Notus) [This is DLC; Free]
  • Any BR is fine.
  • Map of locations: HERE
6. Obtain "Candle" by completing Guild Task 24: Kill Monopole.

Spawn Coniditions (The Sacred Lands)
  • Progress the story all the way to the end. Save just before entering the Sacred Lands.
  • There are only two spawn groups. Birds, or Evil Eyes. You want the Evil Eyes. Exit to dashboard, reload save and re-enter Sacred Lands if you don't get it. There is only one path in this area and there are three Monopole to kill.
Monster Dismantler20
Are you collecting components? Try taking apart lots of monsters. (6) 
After battle, sometimes you will see a line in the spoils window that you have captured a monster. Highlight that line and press A to dismantle it for components. You may be tempted to keep a monster and sell it, but by doing side-quests you will rarely be in need of money, and the components can be sold if need be. You probably won't get this before you finish all the other achievements, so just reload your save before the end of the game to finish it off.

To guarantee captures, you want to link a few enemies and build a high battle chain count. A good place to work on this is the first floor of the Ancient Ruins against the amoeba creatures (not the Rockgraters). To respawn enemies and keep your battle chain, zone out of an area (but not back tot he world map) and then save, exit to the dashboard and reload your game. When you zone back in, the enemies will be back but your battle chain will remain.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle20
Do you recycle? Try taking apart lots of equipment. 
Once you have gained about 155,000c you can do this. Save your game and then buy 100 shields for 500c each from the shop in Athlum (you can't buy in bulk, so just mash the A button to buy 100 of them) and then go to the shop with the hammer and take them apart. Repeat three times. Once you get the achievement, reload your previous save and you can keep all your money.
The Lone Fighter30
Do you want a challenge? Defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest. 
For this you need to kill the Welkin Dragon. It appears during the quest "The Villain and the Sightless Girl." To obtain this quest, recruit Loki from the Athlum guild when you can, then speak to him throughout the second disc outside of it. You need to exhaust three red bubble options and be past the Undelwalt story events. Once you do that, head to the Town Square of Athlum and speak with Reya. Now go to the pub in Athlum and begin the quest from Loki.

The dragon is not as tough as something like Holy Servant, but it will take a decent BR. Upwards of BR90 would be advisable.
The Dragonslayer40
For a bigger challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest. 
For this you need to defeat the The Ancient Dragon. It appears during the quest "The Rainbow Bond." To obtain this quest, speak with Pagus in the pub of Melphina once you arrive there during the story. He will send you to Royotia to find Sibal. Speak with him and you will transport to The Fifth Path. Head to the Northeast section of the map.

This might be your first encounter with a dragon, most of which use annoying AOE attacks that can hit all your unions. Be sure to keep your health up and strike from the sides whenever possible.
The Great Soldier40
For a huge challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task. (1) 
For this you need to kill the Void Intruder. It can be spawned at any time, but it will always appear while doing the quest "The Disappearing Knights." To obtain this quest, progress the story to after the Nest of Eagles, then speak with a soldier in the pub of Royotia. He will send you to the castle where the quest will start from Roberto. The monster will literally be directly in your path while inside the Final Fortress section, you can't miss him.
Hero of the Dawn50
For a great challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task. (2) 
For this you need to kill the rare monster "Dawn Ruler." It can show up at any point in the game and is fairly weak, so you can do it early or crush it later in the game, doesn't matter.

Spawn Conditions (Ivory Peaks)
  • One sleeping, one awake raptor on the left when you enter.
  • NO big monsters at the bottom of the hill. (Evil Eye, Wyvern, etc.)
  • Map of location: HERE.
The Godslayer140
For the biggest challenge of them all, defeat the monster they call The Fallen. 
The Fallen has his own quest called (appropriately) "The Fallen." To begin this quest, you need to meet these requirements:
  • Complete the quest "Frustrations" on Disc 1.
  • Progress the story past the 6 Bases, but DO NOT enter Undelwalt.
The quest is simply a battle against this enemy, but he is very powerful and will automatically kill your entire party after 10 turns, so you have to be strong enough to kill him quickly. If you have not learned any weapon arts yet (Hawkarang for Torgal, Heaven's Door for Baulson/Caedmon) then you may not want to try it. I killed him at BR98 just after learning Torgal and Baulson's arts. Having a higher BR would obviously help, as it took me a few tries. Keep your health up but don't spend too much time healing/resurrecting since you are under a time crunch.
Secret Achievements
The Bloodhunter30
You have defeated over 30 monsters in one battle. You must have lots of rare items! 
You can get this at any point in the game, especially if you link amoeba or dog monsters that use Calvary Call to summon help. However, you get this automatically during the 6 Bases story event, so don't worry about trying for it too early, especially since you should not be linking enemies if you want to progress your stats properly.
Living Rich10
You have obtained over 200,000G. Are you taking your friends out for nice meals? 
This will easily come along the way, especially if you are working toward all the side-quests. Many of the later quests give more than this amount of money in one shot.
Lost Words of the Gods10
You have spent over 100,000G. Would you like some investment advice? 
You will get this while working on the achievement "Reduse, Reuse, Recycle" if you don't have it already.
The Final Instance200
You have finished the quest "Things Unchangeable." Congratulations! (1) 
This quest only becomes available once you have finished every other quest in the game. Many are missable, so be sure to follow this guide to make sure you don't miss anything.
The Last Remnant200
You have defeated the Absolute Conqueror. Perhaps YOU are the Last Remnant... (4) 
The Absolute Conqueror is a stronger version of the final boss, only appearing if you have done the achievement "The Final Instance" on the same save file. He has 1,000,000 HP and will eventually go into Overdrive where he attacks five times every turn he has (which will show up more than once if you have multiple unions deadlocked on him).

The most successful way of defeating him is using one super-union comprised of only leaders, using a strong formation called Dragontail II. To get this formation, you first need to complete Union of the Golden Chalice Guild Task 57 to receive the Rattail formation by obtaining a Divine Francisca weapon. To get this, hire the soldier Chamberland and just leave him in your reserves. He comes equipped with a Francisca and will eventually upgrade it to a Divine version.

Once you have Rattail, go to the Ancient Ruins and unlock every chest to receive both Foxtail and Dragontail upgrades. Now you can make your super-union. Be sure to have all weapon art users in the union and that your health is almost to max. I only had about 9.4k, but I used Rush, Torgal, Caedmon, Baulson and Blocter. You are going to need to conserve some AP during the first section against the two weaklings and hope they don't use Kilohit or Catapult to damage you much. Going into the fight with the Conquerer himself (and don't be alarmed, his name won't actually change to "Absolute Conquerer" it will still just say "The Conquerer") get your health up after he uses his Fatal Eclipse, then hope you get some good command prompts.

When I did this, I got two Talisman protection prompts, a dual-Heaven's Door attack with Baulson/Caedmon, an Ominstrike and about six Defense Triggers that did 50-90k each. Someone else who killed him in two turns got a quad-weapon art turn worth 700k. I personally took a slower approach and killed him in 5 turns. You want to try and kill him before he goes into Overdrive, or do like I did and kill him on his 5th attack during Overdrive (that would have wiped me) with a Defense Trigger. That is obviously not going to happen often, so aim for a high BR and crush him quickly instead. Equip anything that will raise your AP so you can always have a good amount to use on weapon arts. Mine was relatively low, which is why I had to rely on Defense Triggers and Talismans.

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