Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 50 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 17-20 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements ? None
-Does difficulty affect achievements? There is no difficulty setting.
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements? No
-Extra equipment needed? No

This game is rather basic. You go on short missions, most lasting between 5-10 minutes. There are a few different types but it all leads back to flying around, locking on to things, and pressing buttons. You'll have to play the game 4 times total.

Step 1: Playthrough 1
In this playthrough you are going to focus on getting achievements and not worrying about gold rankings at all. Follow the guide to see what is in store during this playthrough. You should get almost all of the achievements in this playthrough except for a few which will be on your following one. You will want to skip the bonus missions entirely. Now that you have beaten the game once, create new games on each save slot (each different owl on each remaining save slot). You should get the new game+ achievement for this as well. I would highly suggest picking any owl but the Spotted Owl, as it's the weakest of the owls. Even though it's the fastest, you will take much more time killing enemies.

Step 2: 2nd Playthrough, Gold Medals, Bonus Missions
Now that you've played through the game, you'll have a great understanding of the mechanics and how to chain attacks and complete missions faster. Use this knowledge and your battlesets to finish off all the gold medals in the game on this playthrough. Then, go to the bonus missions and find all of the scrolls and get golds on the seperate missions within. For the scrolls you have help from a changing green to red indicator on your screen telling you if you're close or not. On this playthrough you should be able to get almost every level done with a gold ranking except maybe 2 or 3. If you have a lot more to get, just move on to a third playthrough and afterwards, pick whatever playthrough you had gotten most golds on. Replay the ones you don't have gold rankings on to get them.

Step 3: Last Playthroughs and Mopping Up
If there's any reason you haven't gotten an achievement, just replay whatever mission you need to get it. Look in the guide for a proved method to obtain what it is you're missing. Now you just have a playthrough or two left. You should be able to soar (literally) through the playthrough in just around 3 hours or less.

This is one of those games you can play for easy achievements. Though there is a good amount of replaying levels which could be somewhat tedious. Other than that, it's a straight forward game with decent flight mechanics and average graphics. The playthrough time depends heavily on how much you replay missions and how long it takes you to find the hidden scrolls. Sometimes you'll find the first 4 scrolls in only 10 minutes, then the last one might take you 45 minutes to find. Hopefully the scroll video will help make this a lot easier. After you have done your last playthrough you will be awarded the last achievement.


[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this road map]

A Bird in the Hand5
Upgrade your owl with any Battleset   (1) 

You will be notified when you unlock a new Battleset. Once this happens, finish your mission and return to Shard's Hollow. Now select the armory. The first one you can buy is called Swift Steel. It will cost you 150 Shinies (the currency). You should have enough to buy this by the time you unlock it. Once bought, it will be equipped and you will unlock the achievement.

Defeat an enemy in a mission    

You will get this in the first mission. To defeat an enemy, press to lock onto them, then to attack when the reticule is red.

Feeling Shattered5
Break an enemy‚Äôs armor    

The game will eventually introduce you to an enemy who has armor (like your Battleset). It will explain how to break it. Press to do an armor breaking move. You will be able to include this into combos. An enemy with armor must have it removed before you can do any other attacks, and your Wingmen will not attack until the armor is gone.

Top Speed5
Reach maximum speed in a mission   

To reach maximum speed, hold the while flying. While doing this, you may go into a glide which makes you go even faster. If you have prowess built up (the yellow meter on the top right of the screen) then press up which does a corkscrew to bring you to top speed as well. Maximum speed is a calculation of the fastest the specific owl you have is going, and if you have a Battleset on which increases speed, it will factor in the new maximum.

That Was Close!10
Narrowly avoid colliding with an enemy in a mission   

You'll most likely get this while fighting enemies. Narrow means extremely close. The more enemies on the screen, the better. This should come natural, but if it doesn’t then you’re going to have to pull some maneuvering while flying, using the . Right when an enemy is coming in for an attack (and you ignoring the counter warning) barrow role to the left or right and you should see a slow motion scene take place.

Do a Barrel Roll!5
Do a barrel roll in a mission   

To do a barrel roll, press the either to the left or the right. Remember, you cannot get this in the tutorial.

Team Attack10
Use the Team Attack Combo to help out a wingman in trouble   

Lock onto an enemy with then press to use your wingman (must have enough prowess, at least one bird icon on top must be green). He will be sent to attack that enemy, but you're still locked on so press to attack it and unlock this achievement. It registers as you both attacking the enemy as a team.

Upgrade your Flight5
Unlock a new combat attack    

You will automatically unlock this in the first mission while fighting enemies. The game will tell you what you unlocked, and how to use it. Continue to play missions and defeat enemies to unlock more.

Make some Noise5
Hoot 108 times   (2) 

You will automatically unlock this in the first mission while fighting enemies. The game will tell you what you unlocked, and how to use it. Continue to play missions and defeat enemies to unlock more.

Tyto is Righto10
Complete the Forest Kingdom of Tyto Missions    

This is the second area with missions, and there are a total of 5 of them. Complete the missions below and you’ll earn this achievement along with the bonus mission for this area. These missions should take you around 45 minutes to complete.

1. Pure Ones Pursuit
2. Resistance Evacuation
3. Lighting the Way
4. Fire Fight
5. Pure Retaliation

Kuneer or Kufaar10
Complete the Desert of Kuneer Missions    

These missions are the first set and there are a total of 5 you must complete. The missions revolve around battles with bats and finally a boss at the end (the Chieftain).

1. An Ally in the sand
2. Desert Eagle
3. Thieves in the Night
4. Into the Hideout
5. The Chieftain Strikes

After beating these missions you will gain the achievement as well as being able to play the Kuneer Bonus Mission, located at the bottom of the mission list. These levels should take you around 35-40 minutes to complete.

Defeat the Hagsfiend Queen10
Complete the Glauxian Brothers Retreat Missions    

The third area in the game is called Glauxian Brothers Retreat and has 5 missions to complete for this achievement.

1. Race to the Retreat
2. A Curious Convoy
3. Shard to the Rescue
4. Battle at the Mine
5. The Queen’s Game

Owls of Derisive Laughter10
Complete Race to the Retreat in 4 minutes or less   

This is the first mission in The Glauxian Brothers Retreat. You must race through rings in a set course. Missing 6 rings will fail you the mission. It might take you one or two attempts to get good and used to it. You really should have the Diamond Dash Battleset equipped to go through this as fast as possible. There is a gold medal to beat this in under 3:00 minutes, but you should be able to do it in at least 2:45.

O Rly?5
Replay a mission   (3) 

After your first mission is over, select "replay" and you will unlock the achievement. You can actually replay it if you want, or just quit out.

That's Got to Hurt10
Successfully perform the Fall From Grace   

You must unlock this move to be able to earn it. You unlock moves by killing enemies in levels. Once you have earned it, the game will tell you what it is and how to use it. You must press and at the same time when prompted on an enemy. Remember to press the buttons again when prompted during the move so you don’t crash into the ground.

Ready for Battle5
Complete the Tutorial Missions    

Before you begin the game, you must do a tutorial. The tutorial is divided into two areas and teaches you basics on how to play the game. While in this tutorial, you will not be able to gain any achievements.

C-C-Combo Breaker5
Perform a chain attack on a single enemy in a mission   

To perform a chain attack, you must hit the same enemy at least twice in a row during a combo. When fighting an enemy, press to attack them while locked on with . Right after the attack, you will notice your reticule will turn red again giving you another opportunity to attack. You should get this in the first level.

Note: If you attempt this in later levels, you will have to take different approaches towards enemies with armor. Instead, you would use a combo.

Counter Culture10
Successfully counter attack an enemy in a mission   

Countering is learned in the tutorial. To do this, let an enemy get close to you while you fly head on towards it. The game will give you plenty of time to counter, as well as give you a prompt to press a specific button. Once you press the button, the achievement will unlock.

Take That, You Fiend!10
Hit an enemy with the Corkscrew in a mission   

To hit an enemy with a corkscrew, fly straight towards it. Lock onto it with . When the game prompts you to counter the move, instead press the up and try to fly into the enemy.

Great Shot10
Hit an enemy with a flaming coal    

There are flaming coals that you can pick up with when prompted on specific levels. The game will usually point out these areas for you. You will hold 2 coals at a time. Lock onto an enemy and press to throw the coal. You must do this to the first boss.

The Journey25
Fly 100 Kilometers   

This is cumulative within all missions. You should gain this about midway through The Forest Kingdom of Tyto.

Silver Lining25
Get all Silver medals   

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" achievement description. You do not have to get all bonus missions silver, just the story missions.

Light'em up10
Complete Lighting The Way without a torch going out too early   

This mission is in the Forest Kingdom of Tyto (third one on the list). You must light all of the torches as fast as you can so that the game moves you to the next set of them. You’ll have to ignore all enemies to be sure none of them go out. Lighting the last ones will end the mission.

Make a Splash10
Throw an enemy into the water   

To do this you must use the grab attack by pressing when an enemy is targeted and locked onto. There must be water below or around you. Use the when the enemy is grabbed, and press it downwards to throw the enemy down into the water.

Fly Safe10
Complete An Ally in the Sand without touching a twister   

This is the first level in the Desert of Kuneer levels. It's very easy to avoid the twisters since they are spread very far apart. You should have no problems navigating around them.

Use the corkscrew on 20 enemies   

To use the corkscrew, you must press up on the . To actually hit an enemy with this move, it's easiest to use it as an enemy is lining up to attack you. Do this instead of countering. Also this will use prowess, so you'll only be able to use it when you have that built up. This might be one of the few achievements you don't get by the end of the game, but can get it while you play the bonus missions.

Gliding with Style20
Complete a mission without losing your armor   

This should come along with normal play. Your armor is whatever Battleset you have on. On the top right of the screen is your health (a green bar). When you have a Battleset on, it shows an armor type design on it. As you take damage, it starts to chip away. You must have some left by the time the mission ends.

Easy Method: You can also gain these in bonus missions. Doing a Speed Flying objective for example could grant you this achievement very easily since the only way you can lose armor is to accidently fly into the environment.

Vanquish the Evil50
Complete the game    

After you defeat the last boss, you will get the achievement for completing the game. The last area “The Beaks” has 5 levels which are the last missions in the campaign. Completing this set will also unlock the last bonus mission in the game.

1. No Owl Gets Left Behind
2. Defense Destruction
3. Breaking the Signal
4. Clawing Towards the Forge
5. Allomere’s Fury

Seven in One Blow20
Defeat seven enemies without being hit in a mission   

There are enough enemies to get this in the first mission. You should have no trouble attacking enemies by spamming the while locked on with . If you are being attacked, you will be prompted to press to counter the attack. Just make sure you don’t get hit during these attacks or you will be at zero again.

No Flies on Shard20
Complete all objectives in a mission successfully without dying   

The first level is quite easy, and you might not lose any health at all to begin with unless you hit something while flying. Just defeat the enemies you encounter and try to get used to countering attacks.

Fashionable Owl15
Wear 4 different Battlesets in missions   

You should have 4 different Battlesets by the end of Forest Kingdom of Tyto. To get these quick just enter into a bonus mission with one on, then exit. Switch your armor out and go back into the mission. You can also just complete missions with them, but for getting more gold medals on missions you may want to use the above method to stick with speed based Battlesets.

Free Flight20
Explore all five environments in the Bonus Missions for a short time   

Once you have completed the game, you will have unlocked all bonus missions, one per area.

1. Hoole Bonus Mission
2. Kuneer Bonus Mission
3. Tyto Bonus Mission
4. Retreat Bonus Mission
5. Beaks Bonus Mission

You won't get this just by visiting each bonus mission, you must be participating in each of the tasks within them. You'll get this as you go for the scrolls and gold medals.

Complete Pure Retaliation without being hit by a turret   

This is the 5th mission in The Forest Kingdom of Tyto. There are turrets in the level that shoot slow and none of them really seem to be targeting you since you’re on the move a lot. Grab the hot coals from the green allie flying around with the and then target a turret. Press twice to throw both coals to destroy a turret. Repeat this with the rest of the turrets. Now just complete the level to unlock the achievement.

Love the Smell20
Bomb 20 Turrets   

A turret can be any stationary weapon firing at you. Catapults and ballistae both count towards this. The bombing doesn’t have to completely destroy the turret, just has to have hit it once to count. You will get this while plaything through the story if you attack every turret on every level.

Boss Rush20
Defeat any boss without losing a life   

There are 3 bosses in the game that you can get this achievement on.

1. The Chieftain Strikes (The Desert of Kuneer)
2. The Queen’s Game (The Glauxian Brothers Retreat)
3. The Beaks (Allomere’s Fury)

The easiest boss is Allmoere, which is the last boss in the game. You should have the best battleset armor in the game, as far as health and defense go. Chase him after the initial portion of the mission, throwing hot coals at him to break down his armor. When you’re fighting him, just keep attacking him. Whenever he throws you backwards, be prepared to hit either or when prompted. Follow up with attacks of your own. You will most likely not get hit much at all in this battle. You will have to beat every boss without dying in order to get all gold medals in missions, but this is the easiest fight to get the achievement.

Put the Win in Wingman20
Use your Wingmen 20 times   (1) 

You should play a mission with a good amount of enemies to use your wingmen against. You need to use them 20 times throughout one single mission. This is not accumulative within separate missions. To gain prowess to use the wingmen, defeat enemies, collect coins, and successfully counter attacks. With the Burning Spirit Battleset equipped you should gain this really fast. Just use the Battleset on the following level after you gain and equip it. Get the bar full to all three yellow bars with the icons green instead of red. Press the three times while targeting an enemy. This will count all uses and does not have to be on separate enemies. If you fail a mission and have to use a life, the amount of times the wingmen used will carry over to the next life, even if dealing with the same enemies.

Passive Aggressive20
Complete a mission using just wingmen   

After gaining the Burning Spirit battleset, feel free to revisit the first level in The Desert of Kuneer. There aren’t many enemies here and it’s a short mission. Anytime an enemy is going to attack you, follow the on-screen counter so that you can build your prowess meter. Once you can use a wingman, use it against the enemy you have targeted. Just make sure you don’t actually launch an attack. Counters are okay, as they don’t damage an enemy.

Lucky Number20
Achieve a 15 hit chain in a mission   

You should be able to get this when there are at least 5 enemies on the screen at once. Using only the helps because you do minimal damage to enemies, therefore have more of a chance to land more attacks. This cannot be done on a bonus mission. By the last level you should be able to do up to 20 chain attacks at times.

No Witnesses20
Defeat every enemy in a story mission    

The first mission this can be accomplished on is the second mission and can almost be considered story related. A decent amount of missions will require you to defeat all enemies.

As the Crow Flies20
Defeat 20 Crows   

The crows appear in the story mode as well as the survival mode in the bonus mission located on the Island of Hoole. You have to do survival mode anyways for a gold medal, so you’ll get this while playing the game naturally.

New Game +30
Continue playing after completing the game    

Start a new game from the main menu with a different owl than you used before. You needed to have completed the entire game on a previous save file for this to work. There are a total of 4 save slots, one per owl. This will essentially help you keep track of things. When you start a new game and are playing the tutorial, you will gain the achievement. Sadly nothing carries over, it’s literally a new game. You will not want to overwrite your save file thinking things will stay unlocked. The new game will be from scratch.

See a Penny50
Collect 4200 Shinies   

You collect Shinies by defeating enemies and finding them throughout the level. The game wants you to collect 4200, though you will only need 1825 of that amount to buy the Battlesets. You do not have to be carrying all 4200 at the same time, though it has to be on one save file (aka obtained with one owl). After completing the story you should have collected around 2000 or so. After playing all of the bonus mission challenges, you should have gotten the achievement. If not, replay a survival mission.

Max Power30
Equip a top quality Battleset   

There are two top quality Battlesets. The first one you will earn is called Burning Spirit. It costs 400 Shinies and you should gain this by the end the missions “A Curious Convoy” during the Glauxian Brothers Retreat area. The achievement will unlock when you purchase it (since it auto-equips.)

Fly like the Wind30
Use 50 Wind Currents   

A Wind Current is a way to boost speed while flying through missions. They are in various spots while playing a level, and are shown as swirling wind. You should get this along with your playthroughs of this game.

Alternative Method: If you want this fast, load up the bonus mission on The Island of Hoole and just keep pressing back on the right stick so you flip around and can flip around again to go through it.

Art Appreciation30
Collect all the artwork    (1) 

There are a total of 25 pieces of artwork, 5 per bonus mission in the form of a scroll. While in a bonus mission, on the lower right side of your screen you'll notice an indicator as you fly around. It will be red and turn greener as you get closer to a scroll. Go through each bonus mission collecting these to get the achievement. Hit whenever you want to check how many scrolls you have while in that specific bonus mission.

Gold, Shard, Gold!75
Get a Gold ranking in all story missions   

Before starting a story mission, the game will tell you what is required for a gold ranking. Meet those expectations, mostly dealing with beating the level in a certain amount of time. Equip Diamond Dash to go faster through levels, avoiding any enemies you can. For missions where you're mostly fighting (such as bosses where you can't lose a life) then equip the Iron Fortitude. The ranking is shown next to the level so you know what you've earned already in each mission.

Click HERE for more help on these challenges.

Bonus Gold50
Get a Gold ranking in all bonus missions   

For a gold ranking in a bonus mission, you must complete all of the tasks within with a gold status. The specific objectives are found on an allie shown with a green streak as they fly around and are shown on your radar. Fly to them and press when prompted to start a mission. It will show you what rank you have and what's required at that time. There are a total of 4 different types of objective missions. They are all pretty easy and should take you only a few attempts on any of them.

Survival: You must fight off 5 waves of enemies. The time only counts down when the enemies appear on screen, and not while you wait for them inbetween. Use combos to get your flaming talons and this should be pretty easy.

Owlet Rescue: These are the easiest of all the missions. Just remember to use corckscrew which is up on when you are on the return trip since you'll be flying the opposite direction and need that boost. Any enemies that attack you are easily avoided with a barrel role.

Speed Flying: This is the most stressful of the events. You must fly through rings as you race to the finish. If you miss 3 rings you will have to try the whole thing over. Use corckscrew if you are flying slow or want a boost. You will gain lots of it while diving.

Bombing: You must destroy all of the turrets within the area. Avoid all enemies to make short work of these missions. The game gives you plenty of time.

Boy Are My Arms Tired50
Fly more than 200 kilometers   

You should have flown enough and have gotten this within the final level. If for some reason you, because you never died or never replayed missions, then move on to the bonus missions after the game is complete to earn this.

Bird of a Different Feather50
Complete the game as all Four Characters    (3) 

There are 4 save slots and 4 owls. Use a different owl in each save slot. When loading a game, the owl type is displayed at the top, as well as a picture of the owl. Every file should have a different looking owl with a different type. Nothing carries over from previous saves, so you will have to start over completely each time you play. It’s a good idea to get all other achievements and just save this one for last, so you can rush through the game as quickly as possible.

Sold Out50
Buy all the Battlesets   

There are a total of 6 battlesets you must buy. Battlesets are earned as you beat missions and progress through the main storyline. Below is a list of the 6 battlesets that you will be earning and buying throughout the game. The training claws are automatic and do not have to be purchased. All sets will cost 1825 Shinies. You unlock all the last Battleset by the end of Glauxian Brothers Retreat Missions. You may not have enough to afford the last piece, so play through more missions and you should have enough by the end of the game.

1. Swift Steel: 150 Shinies
2. Valore Rose: 200 Shinies
3. Diamond Dash: 275 Shinies
4. Golden Heart: 300 Shinies
5. Burning Spirit: 400 Shinies
6. Iron Fortitude: 500 Shinies

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Krome Studios


US September 14, 2010

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