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Guide By: The Pants Party, xXGLxDASOLDIER
There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 46/1000 
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time for 1000/1000: 15-20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (1 to complete the game and 1 to collect remaining mini-kits/memorabilia)
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No.
-Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A

Overall this game isn’t very challenging, but is a fun 1000 . The fact that you can’t get a “Game Over” makes it even easier. If cheat codes are used the game is much more fun, as you don’t run round looking for studs to fill your super-hero/villain bar.

This game only needs two playthroughs. The first can be a “pleasure” playthrough, as all the achievements can be gained on the second playthrough as Memorabilia and Vigilante can’t be gained in the first playthrough as you need specialist characters to access certain areas in levels.
Cheats make the game much easier and can lead to a much faster 1000 . Cheat codes can be found here: Cheat Codes. They’re entered in the Bat Cave at the big screen above where you can change Batman and Robin’s costumes.

STEP#1: Go to the cheat thread and print off the list of cheats and plug them into the cheat screen in the Bat Cave. This will make gaining Super-Hero/Villain much much easier, especially if you use invincibility. If you use all the cheats, it will prevent you from having to find all the red bricks in the second playthrough, which is really handy, as the red bricks can provide you with some good extras.
Here are some useful cheats:
Always Score Multiply: 9LRGNB
Extra Hearts: ML3KHP
Invincibility: WYD5CP
Minikit Detector: ZXGH9J
Score x10 Multiplier: 18HW07
Stud Magnet: LK2DY4

STEP#2: Complete your first playthrough of them game, you can choose whether to try and find the available memorabilia and civilians in this playthrough, or just leave it to your second. I suggest finishing the whole Hero story first, then completing the Villain playthrough. You should gain the achievements for building things like the croc ride-on, the big robot and for building fifty LEGO build-its.

STEP#3: Once you’ve completed both the Hero and Villain stories. You may choose to go back to certain levels to get the achievements that involve killing X person with X person. E.g. As Bane do the back breaker on Batman (As Bane walk up to batman and press ).

STEP#4: Begin your second playthrough of the game, but this time when choosing the level, remember to do it in free-play mode so that you can switch between characters to get memorabilia and civilians you could not get in your first playthrough. YouTube has excellent guides of where to find all the memorabilia and civilians (and also red-bricks if you didn’t use the cheat codes to unlock them). During this playthrough (using a second controller) you may want to get the achievements such as: Shock The Joker With Joker, as you can use the second controller to change to Joker and shock him using . Other achievements like this may include the one for killing 10 policemen and 10 goons as Two-Face in one level. Simply use the second controller to change into a goon and kill it 10 times, then change it into a policeman 10 and kill it.

STEP#5: Complete the Arkham Asylum and Wayne Manor bonus levels. Once again YouTube has some good videos on how to complete these levels, so that you don’t have to wander around searching for the last stud when you’re at 999 990 (that last silver stud can be such a cheeky little devil).

STEP#6: By now you should have all the achievements and a full 1000 . If not, just look at the achievement guide to see how to get the remaining last few achievements.

Conclusion: This game is a very satisfying (and easy) 1000  and brings out the little kid inside of you who used to run round with their underpants on top of their trousers pretending to be Batman or some other caped crusader. No one should have any problem getting a full 1000 , but if they you should then use the very clear achievement guide for this game.
x360a would like to thank Mattyboi93 and HnC Cacky for this Road Map

Complete the first episode - Hero.    (11) 

Please see "Crusader" for more info.

Super Hero.25
Complete the second episode - Hero.    (1) 

Please see "Crusader" for more info.

Complete the third episode - Hero.    (1) 

For these three achievements, simply complete all three acts (five levels each) of the Hero campaign.

Complete the first episode - Villain.    (4) 

For these three achievements, simply complete all three acts (five levels each) of the Hero campaign.

Complete the second episode - Villain.    

Please see "Crime Lord" for more info.

Crime Lord.25
Complete the third episode - Villain.    

For these three achievements, simply complete all three acts (five levels each) of the Villain campaign.

Complete a level in co-op.   (8) 

For this you need to play an entire level in local co-op. Make sure to have the second controller turned on before you enter a level, such as in the Batcave or the Asylum.

Collect all Memorabilia.    (19) 

There are 10 pieces in each level for a total of 300 through the Hero and Villain levels.

League of Assassins.30
Unlock all the Villain characters.    (13) 

After completing the story mode on the Villain side you will be able to purchase everyone except the character Hush. To unlock Hush you will have to find and save all 25 hostages. Then you can purchase Hush as well to unlock the achievement.

Note: You can use codes to unlock all the other characters, but Hush must be unlocked by saving hostages.

Justice League.30
Unlock all the Hero characters.   (2) 

You will need to purchase Nightwing and Batgirl for this achievement, both of which are available after the first Hero mission.

It's the car, right?30
Unlock all Vehicles (Hero/Villain).   (4) 

There are 22 vehicles total. This will cost around 500,000 to unlock everything. You will be able to buy them all after completing the Hero and Villain story modes.

1007 Mountain Drive.30
Complete Wayne Manor bonus level.   (7) 
First you have to complete the Hero story mode with a Super Hero rating on every level, then you will be able to access this level in the trophy room. To complete it, you must collect one million studs. There are exactly 1,000,000 total so you must find every single stud. Use the walkthrough found here to do it successfully.
Finish a level without dying (Character) with no extras.   (16) 

This is easiest done on either the first Hero mission or the first Villain mission. Simply take your time and collect any hearts that drop to keep your health up.

As the description states, you can not have any extras enabled when trying for this achievement.

0000001 00000011.20
Build the giant LEGO Robot.    (7) 

You will get this on the level "Breaking Blocks" (Villains, Episode 1, Level 5) through story progression.

The city is safe... for now.50
100% game completion.    (30) 

For this you will need to do the following:

  • Finish all story modes.
  • Find all 300 collectibles.
  • Find all 25 hostages.
  • Find all 30 red bricks.
  • Purchase all characters/vehicles.
  • Purchase all suit upgrades/extras.
  • Purchase all tidbits in the Data section.

If you have 100% and the achievement does not unlock, replay a mission and it should pop after the mission is over.

Cobblepot School of Driving.20
Smash all the cars in the robot level.    (5) 

In the Villain level "Lure of the Night" (Episode 3, Chapter 4) you will build a giant clown robot. Once you've built that, continue down the street and some cop cars will show up. Walk over each of them to destroy them.

Note: If playing co-op, make sure you are in the driver's seat of the robot and not the gun-turret seat on its head or you won't get the achievement.

Rescue 25 civilians.    (10) 

As there are 30 levels, 5 will not have a hostage to save. For a complete list to find them all, go here.

To see if you have saved a hostage, go to the mission selection computer for any episode and hover over a number. There will be a happy or sad face next to the circle if you have or have not saved the hostage in that mission. If there is no face, that is a mission without a hostage.

Be a Hero.40
Super Hero on every level.   (8) 

You have a bar at the top of your screen which will fill when studs are collected. Just fill it up completely on every level, on both the Villain and Hero sides and you will get this.

Tip: Use the cheats to unlock all the stud multipliers (see "Richest Man in Gotham") and use them from the beginning. You will get it after destroying just a few objects.

Super Builder.20
Build 50 LEGO build-its.   (1) 

You will get this well before the end of the Hero campaign through normal story progression.

Nice Outfit!20
Collect all suits.     (2) 

The suits are unlocked again through normal story progression. You will unlock all of them before the end of the Hero side of the game.

Dressed to Impress.20
Get all suit upgrades.   (7) 

There are 15 suit upgrades, one for each red brick you can find on the Hero side. Find all the bricks, then purchase all the upgrades for the achievement.

Note: You can also just use the unlock codes for all 15 to get the achievement and bypass the need to collect the brick in the levels.

The Richest Man in Gotham.40
Max out the stud counter.    (19) 

You will need four billion (4,000,000,000) studs to max out the counter. Since cheats do not disable achievements, I would suggest using the multiplier cheats and using them the entire time you play the game (story mode and free play) to make this go quickly.

  • 2x - N4NR3E
  • 4x - CX9MAT
  • 6x - MLVNF2
  • 8x - WCCDB9
  • 10x - 18HW07
The Most Dangerous Man on Earth.20
Defeat Joker, Two-Face, Riddler and Catwoman as Batman.   (17) 

You should get this after finishing the final Hero mission, just make sure that during your boss fights, you make the killing blow on each of these chracters while controlling Batman. If you kill them while controlling Robin, the achievement will not unlock. Replay the necessary story missions in Story Mode if you messed up.

  • Joker: To the Top of the Tower (Episode 3, Chapter 5)
  • Two-Face: The Face-Off (Episode 1, Chapter 5)
  • Riddler: The Face-Off (Episode 1, Chapter 5)
  • Catwoman: There She Goes Again (Episode 2, Chapter 1)
Heads I win, tails you lose.20
Defeat 10 goons and 10 police officers with Two-Face in a level.   (6) 

Just enter a level as Two-Face and switch the second player to a goon, then kill him 10 times. Now switch the second player to a cop and kill him 10 times. Must all be done in one level, can be Free Play though (obviously).

Who needs curiosity?20
Defeat Catwoman 9 times.   (7) 

You can do this at any time. Enter a level where you play as Catwoman, then take control of the other character and break Catwoman 9 times. Can be done in Free Play or Story Mode.

Shot to the goon.20
Defeat 8 goons in 8 seconds.   (2) 

There are plenty of chances to get this, but the first (and maybe the easiest) is when you get attacked in front of the bank in "The Face-Off" (Episode 1, Chapter 5) of the Hero campaign. Just wail away with the  button. Use the Invincibility cheat so you don't get killed.

Throwing up.20
Throw 50 policemen with superstrength.   (7) 

When playing as a character with superstrength (Bane, Clayface, Killer Croc, Man-Bat), press  and then  again to throw an enemy. This must be done 50 times on Policemen.

Atomic Backbreaker.20
As Bane do the Backbreaker on Batman.   (3) 

Go into Free Play (any level) and select Bane, then pick up Batman with  and hit  again and you will get this achievement.

Oh, I got a live one here!10
Shock 30 people with Joker's hand buzzer.   (2) 

Just walk up to a enemy and hit  as the Joker and you should shock the enemy. Repeat 29 times and you will get this achievement

Kill-a moth.20
Defeat Killer Moth.    

You will unlock this after completing the level "In the Dark Night" (Episode 3, Chapter 4) of the Hero campaign.

Smash Gordon.20
Defeat Commissioner Gordon with Harley Quinn's Hammer.   (3) 

The easiest way to get this is to go into Free Play with Gordon and Harley. Take control of Harley and hit  near Gordon to break him in one shot.

This can also be done during story mode during the Gordon fight. When he has one heart left, use Harley to kill him with the  button.

Start of something wonderful.15
Shock the Joker with the Joker.   (1) 

Once you unlock the Joker, enter Free Play mode and make both characters the Joker. Walk up to the doppelganger Joker and hit  to shock him for the achievement.

Boy Wonder.10
Perform 20 backflips in a row with Robin.   (15) 

Hold down on the left thumbstick and hit  to do a backflips. Just keep tapping the  button to keep flipping for a total of 20 in a row. You can just back yourself up to a wall or line up down a long path, either way.

Thanks a million.30
Complete Arkham Bonus level.   (5) 

Like Wayne Manor you will need one million studs to finish this. But, unlike Wayne Manor, there are way more than one million studs total. No real need for a guide, just run around smashing everything in sight and you will get it in no time.

You will need to get Super Villain on all 15 Villain missions to unlock this room.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?10
Glide for 9 seconds.   (10) 

In the Hero level "The Face-Off" (Episode 1, Chapter 5) you will need to build a lever and ride some scaffolding up to enter a vent. Instead of entering the vent, make sure you have the Glide Suit on and jump off the scaffolding. This is more than enough time for the achievement. Just make sure to keep holding  to glide.

Gentlemen, start your screaming.15
Knock 5 people into the ground with a vehicle at once.   (2) 

In the same place as the "Shot to the Goon" achievement, jump in one of the cars nearby and run into the crows of enemies instead of fighting them normally.

Natural Habitat.10
Smash all street lights in Episode 1 Chapter 1.    (17) 

There are 21 total streetlights in this level, most near the beginning. The achievement is slightly glitchy though, so if you don't get it right away, start a new game and try again.

Make it snappy.20
Build the Croc ride on.    (1) 

You will get this through story progression in the level "A Daring Rescue" (Episode 2, Chapter 4) of the Villain campaign.

The Destroyer of Worlds.15
Destroy 12 objects at once with Bat Bombs.   (7) 

At the very beginning in the level "A Poisonous Appointment" (Episode 1, Chapter 4) of the Hero campaign, you can build a carrot patch. Place a bomb in the middle and get out of the way and hold  and detonate the bomb and you should get this.

Can also be done during the Clayface fight in "You can Bank on Batman" (Episode 1, Chapter 1) of the Hero campaign by blowing up all the silver bars on the left side of the vault.

There and back.10
Destroy 10 objects in one Batarang throw.   (6) 

You can get this on the level "Little Fun at the Big Top" (Episode 3, Chapter 2) of the Hero campaign. When you get to the part where you see some stores you can go in there are about 10 flags. Target all of them so the yellow box is around all 10 and you should destroy them all and unlock the achievement.

Can also be done in either of the sections mentioned for "Destroyer of Worlds."

Kiss from a Rose.15
Eat 15 enemies with the Venus ride on .   (3) 

The easiest way for this is in the Arkham Asylum bonus level. Head to the second area to get the Venus ride on and kill 15 enemies, or just eat your partner 15 times.

Ice to see you.15
Freeze 50 enemies as Mr. Freeze.   (3) 

All you have to do for this is hold down the  button while controlling Mr. Freeze to freeze an enemy. Repeat until unlocked.

Say hello to my little friends.15
Destroy 20 policemen with penguin bombers.   (2) 

While controlling Penguin, hit  and a little LEGO penguin should come out. You will need to use these to kill 20 policemen for the achievement.

Scare Tactics.10
Scare 5 enemies with Scarecrow.   (2) 

While controlling Scarecrow, simply hold  to scare en enemy. Repeat until unlocked.

Down the rabbit hole.20
Use Mad Hatter's mind control to walk 5 enemies to their deaths.   (11) 

The Villain level "On the Rocks" (Episode 1, Chapter 2) you will need to mind control a cop to pull a lever for you. Instead, walk him off the edge and repeat until unlocked.

Eat floor... High fiber.15
Slam 20 goons into the floor with Batman.   (5) 

While controlling Batman, grab a goon with  and hit  again to slam them into the ground. Repeat until unlocked.

Game Info
Traveller's Tale


US September 23, 2008
Europe October 10, 2008

HDD Space Required : 5.96 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $19.99USD
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