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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Achievement Guide

Guide By: Matt9340
There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3
Estimated time for 1000: 40-60 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 4
Missable achievements: None!
Glitched achievements: None!
Offline: 41 (980)
Online: 1 (20)
Cheats disable achievements: No!

The achievements in LSW: TCS are not particularly difficult, but the game will take you a LONG time regardless. I finished in about 36 hours which is relatively quick, some people taking as long as 60+ hours. If you've played the first LSW on the 360 you will have a faster time, due to knowledge of Episodes 4-6. Everything is in the same place in this game as it was in the previous one for those three episodes.

Step 0.5: Preparations for Story Mode
Before starting, take a look at the achievement list so you know what you're dealing with. Some achievements you might want to begin working on during story mode are the 200 lightsaber reflections, the 200 blaster dodges and riding every type of mount. Most of the "miscellaneous" achievements will either come through simply playing the game or will have to be done in free play or after buying/unlocking extra characters through story mode. They can be done at any time though, so don't worry too much about them.

Step 1: Story Mode
Play through all 36 levels in story mode, but don't worry about getting True Jedi scores or collecting any mini-kits or red bricks. Many kits/bricks MUST be done in free play, so you may as well do them all. Also, unlike the first game, you only need to fill True Jedi once in either free play or story mode, but it is much easier in Free Play.

Step 1.5: Preparation for Free Play
Purchase 4-Lom from the store. When doing free play missions, always select him because he can open both types of droid doors and the bounty hunter doors, as well as being a good blaster character. The game will select any other characters you may need, but he takes care of three at once. This will save time switching between characters.

Step 2: Free Play
While doing free play missions you will need to collect every mini-kit (10 in each level), fill the True Jedi meter (if you didn't get it in story mode) and get the red brick as well. There are a few levels that would be beneficial to do first for their red bricks. Episode 2, Chapter 3 (defeated enemies drop studs); Episode 4, Chapter 5 (invincibility); Episode 4, Chapter 6 (2x score multiplier); Episode 5, Chapter 6 (mini-kit detector).

After getting every kit and the brick in those levels, be sure to purchase them and turn them on. You will need to reactivate them through the extras menu (when the game is paused) any time you exit the game. Continue doing every mission in free play, collecting all the mini-kits and red bricks, as well as getting True Jedi.

Step 3: Finishing Gold Bricks
There will be a bonus "?" door in each Episode which has two stages where you must get 1,000,000 studs before five minutes is up. Do all of those for gold bricks. There is also an extra "?" door in the main Cantina with another six levels for gold bricks, including two LEGO city levels. Next purchase all the bounty hunters from the shop (also purchase all the gold bricks while you're here) and head outside the Cantina into the bounty hunter door. Do all 20 missions for the rest of your gold bricks.

Step 4: Stud Counter and Miscellaneous Achievements
Now you may want a break from playing the same 36 levels for the other two times, so take some time now to finish all the "miscellaneous" achievements. If you didn't buy everything from the shop when you went for the bounty hunters, do that now (all tips, bricks and characters) and then watch the LEGO Indy trailer in the Cantina's "?" door for your final character.

You should have all your gold bricks, so head outside with all your multipliers on and build the stud fountain. Stand in it for a while to get 4,000,000,000 stud count. Now check all the "kill x with y" achievements and perform those, including 20 Jar Jar breaks. There are a few other misc achievements that can be done quite quickly in free play, so browse the achievements and finish those now. Play a level online if you can find someone else with the game and use two controllers for the arcade mode achievements as well.

NOTE: The only achievement you should have left going into step 5 is "100%"

Step 5: Blue Mini-Kits
Playing every level now for the third time, go through and collect every blue mini-kit in all 36 of them. You have to finish in a set amount of time, but you should know the levels well after doing them twice already.

Step 6: Super Stories
The most annoying part of the game right here, but thankfully the last. You have one hour to finish and 100,000 studs to collect, doing each Episode in its entirety (6 levels) without stopping. You can pause the game, but you can not shut it down in the middle. You CAN go over 1 hour, but make sure you hit the 100,000. I never did, but I think if you fail both goals, you won't get credit for it. Make sure you hit at least one goal to be safe, the stud count being the easier of the two.

Note: The "100%" achievement doesn't always unlock right away. If it doesn't, save and restart your xbox, then play a quick bounty hunter mission. That should trigger the achievement.

So, that should wrap it up. If you've missed any achievements to this point, they will most likely be something you just need to head into a mission free play and finish. Like I said, not hard, but there is a lot to do so it will definitely take some time.

[x360a would like to thank The Pants Party for this Road Map]

The Phantom Menace20
Finish Episode I in story mode.    (4) 

Complete the 6 chapters in this episode. You do not have to collect everything in the levels to get this; all you have to do is reach the end of each level. Once you finish chapter 6 this will unlock.

Attack of the Clones20
Finish Episode II in story mode.    

Complete the 6 chapters in this episode. You do not have to collect everything in the levels to get this; all you have to do is reach the end of each level. Once you finish chapter 6 this will unlock.

Revenge of the Sith20
Finish Episode III in story mode    (2) 

Complete the 6 chapters in this episode. You do not have to collect everything in the levels to get this; all you have to do is reach the end of each level. Once you finish chapter 6 this will unlock.

A New Hope20
Finish Episode IV in story mode.    

Complete the 6 chapters in this episode. You do not have to collect everything in the levels to get this; all you have to do is reach the end of each level. Once you finish chapter 6 this will unlock.

The Empire Strikes Back20
Finish Episode V in story mode.    (1) 

Complete the 6 chapters in this episode. You do not have to collect everything in the levels to get this; all you have to do is reach the end of each level. Once you finish chapter 6 this will unlock.

Return of the Jedi20
Finish Episode VI in story mode.    

Complete the 6 chapters in this episode. You do not have to collect everything in the levels to get this; all you have to do is reach the end of each level. Once you finish chapter 6 this will unlock.

Unlock all characters.    (1) 

This is received when you buy all of the characters including Indiana Jones. To get Indy, Go to the bonus area (the door that has the ? above it) and watch the video about the Lego Indiana game. This is in the door that has the movie camera above it, and the only one that you don’t have to build. The characters are unlocked as you progress through each of the Episodes. You will receive some characters automatically at the end of the levels, but the other ones you must go into the cantina at the bar to buy them.

Secret Master60
Collect all available red bricks.    (7) 

These are hidden throughout each level, find the one in each and you will receive this. When you enter an Episode door, stats will pop up for the episode, on the right hand side it will tell you how many of these you have found, under the red brick (It will say something like 0/6). This is also the same for each chapter that you have already completed, when you walk up to the door the stats will pop up for the chapter, if there is a check mark under the red block that means you have found it. There are 36 of these in the game.

Locations of the bricks located Here

Going for gold60
Collect all available Gold Bricks.    (17) 

These given to you for collecting all the mini-kits in a level, getting jedi master (when you collect studs in a level, a meter will pop up at the top of the screen, once that is filled you will receive this) in a level, completing chapters, completing bonus levels, being bought from the store (13 are located in the store to be bought), and completing the Super Story, and the Jabba Missions. At the beginning of each of the Episodes, when you walk to the door, it will have stats, on the left side is the gold bricks and underneath the brick it will tell you how many you have. There are 18 of these per Episode. When you walk up to the chapter doors, on the left hand side of the stats it will show a gold brick with the number of bricks that you have received in the level. There are a total of 160 of these in the game.

Mini Mayhem60
Collect all mini-kits.    (13) 

These are hidden throughout each of the levels, with 10 in each level. Some of these can only be collected in Free Play, while others can be collected in either Free Play or Story Mode. When you find all 10 of the kits hidden in a level, it builds a ship from the series and gives you studs and a gold brick. There are a total of 360 mini-kits in the game.

Locations of the Mini-Kits for Episodes 1-3 can be found HERE and 4-6 can be found HERE.

Complete the game to 100%    (54) 

You will receive this once you get:

  • 160 gold bricks
  • 360 mini-kits
  • 36 red bricks
  • 360 blue mini-kits
  • buy all of the characters
  • buy all of the extras
  • buy all of the tips
  • finish all the super stories

If you need help locating any of the mini-kits or red blocks look at the links in the related achievement for a complete list.

Here is a link for the Blue kits

Lightsaber master20
Perform 20 unblockable combo attacks.   (16) 

Instead of tapping  repeatedly, tap it 3 times with the rhythm of the swings on screen. It will go into a combo where the first two swings will be blockable then the third will be unblockable. This is easily done in Free Play mode with a character that stands there (like Jar Jar) just keep doing and practicing does count. You will know when the combo is being used, Stars will come out around your lightsaber and the sound of the swing will change. You can do this and the Crowd Pleaser Achievement at the same time, you will just need to finish the Invasion of Naboo level in order to unlock Jar Jar.

Lightsaber defender20
Perform 200 perfect lightsaber deflections.   (4) 

You can receive this during the first Trilogy. The bolts that are deflected must be deflected back at the person that shot them and they must be hit with it. In order to do a perfect deflection you must hit  just as the bolt is about to hit you, this will then deflect it towards the person that shot it. You can deflect more than one at a time. The power brick in Episode 2, Ch. 4 is the Perfect Deflect; use this for an easier time, as you can just hold  to deflect instead of timing the hitting of .

Perform 200 blaster character dodges.   (5) 

You can Receive this easily during the Original Trilogy as most of the characters are Blaster. In order to do a perfect dodge you must hit  just before the bolt is about to hit you, this will cause your character to move out of the way of the bolt. This is can be easily done in Free Play in Chapter 6 of Episode 1. When you get to the area with the multiple platforms (before you go to the hallway with the force fields you have to deactivate), two droidika’s will appear. Just keep dodging there fire since there is a rhythm to how they fire until you get this.

Stormtrooper Slayer20
Destroy 300 stormtroopers.   (2) 

You will receive this during the Original Trilogy. The earliest you will receive this is Part 5 of A New Hope, Escape the Death Star, at one point you are attacked constantly by Stormtroopers, until you get the Falcon out of the bay. You have to destroy only the Stormtroopers, the other enemies do not count for this achievement.

Droid Slayer20
Destory 300 droids.   (3) 

You will receive this during the New Trilogy. The earliest you will receive this is in The Phantom Menace. Just destroy ever single droid that you see and you will receive this. If you do not have this by the end of Revenge of the Sith, return to the earlier levels in free play to get this.

Fighter Ace20
Destroy 50 TIE fighters.   

Just destroy 50 TIE fighters, this can only be accomplished during the space flight levels in the Original Trilogy. You can receive this as early as Part 6 of A New Hope, right after you destroy the second gate. The fighters keep coming as long as you do not destroy the hanger that they are coming from. There are two dishes on the side of the hanger that need to be destroyed to destroy the hanger, destroy one and leave the other until you want to move on or get the achievement.

Yee Haw20
Ride all mounts types & ride-ons.    (1) 

Should happen by the time you complete the game. Go to the bonus area and build the gate for the Lego City. Once in there almost all of the mounts and ride-ons can be found/built. Also you will need at least 50 gold bricks to unlock New City. In there there are a few new rides that are not in Lego City. The only ones not in the cities are the Staff at the end of Chapter 1 of The Phantom Menace, the yellow car in the hanger with Darth Maul and the Spider Droid in Jabba's Palace (Episode 6: Chapter 1).

Cash In20
Sell your landspeeder to the Jawas.   (14) 

You can get this in Chapter 3 of A New Hope. Right after you build the AT-ST, destroy the gate that is closest to the door you came into this area. Once you do that go back and get your landspeeder. Then take it into that newly opened area and take into the area that has the billboard. And it will go into a cut scene and will give you a bunch of Studs and the achievement.

Crowd Pleaser20
Break Jar Jar 20 times.   (10) 

You can unlock this once you finish the Invasion of Naboo level where you get Jar Jar.You just have to break him 20 times, this can be accomplished in the Cantina, Free Play,or Arcade. This is easily done in Free Play/Arcade. This achievement can be combo'd with the 'Unblockable Combo' achievement. Just practice on Jar Jar for the other achievement and if you do it perfect 20 times, you will unlock both at the same time, otherwise this will come first.

Slam Dunk20
Destroy 5 people with one attack (Jedi super slam).   (1) 

The Jedi Super slam is when you double jump then slam into the ground (Tap A twice to do a double jump then hit  at the top of the jump to perform the slam). Do this when there are 5 people underneath you to receive this. This is easily done in Chapter 2 of Episode 1, destroy all of the pieces of the broken down Transport. There will be a hole underneath one of the pieces with a mini-kit in it, fall in the hole. When you are in the hole wait for 5 enemies to surround the hole. Double jump out of the hole and use the Jedi Super Slam on them and you should get it.

Disable 5 Droidikas with R2D2.   (9) 

You must be in control of R2 in order to do this achievement. While in control of R2, hit  in order to pull out the “zapper” to shock your enemies. This is easily done in the Retake the Theed Palace chapter. You will come to a point in the level when you get attacked by two Droidikas and a couple of droids, right after you have to cross a gap. At this time take control of R2 and stun them. Do this 5 times (twice each then one again) and you will get it.

Fire in the hole!20
Destroy 10 characters with one thermal detonator.   (5) 

Take control of a bounty hunter, and hold in  to throw a thermal detonator. In order to get this achievement you must be surrounded by 10 enemies, once you are throw a detonator at them and hopefully when it explodes it will kill 10 of them. This is easily done in Episode 1: Chapter 6, in the room with the multiple platforms, and the platforms with the energy beams in the middle, the two droid commanders call about 10 droids a piece. Run around until all 20 are chasing you and are in a group. Then stop and throw a detonator at them and you should receive this achievement. You can also do this in Chapter 3 of Episode 4. Turn on the Disarm Troopers extra (see red block location to where this is located) to make this a lot easier and also the Super Thermal Detonator to get that extra range (see red block location to where this is located). When you get to the area where the Falcon is, destroy the first wave of the Stormtroopers. When the spy sends in the next wave, move over to a corner so that all of the Stormtroopers follow you. There should be about 10 of them surrounding you at this time, throw a detonator and it should kill all of them.

Let the Wookiee win20
Pull 25 arms off other characters.   (4) 

You can receive this while in control of any of the wookiees. When playing as a wookiee make sure that you have your gun holstered (press  if its put while standing). Run up to an enemy and hit  to have the wookiee jump on the enemy and dearm them. You must make sure that you are directly in front of the enemy, if you are to the side at all you will wind up slapping them. This can be done in Chapter 4 of Episode 3 and also Chapter 3 of Episode 4, when you get control of Chewie, and are in the hanger with the Falcon. If you do not do this by these two levels, you can do this after you get either a wookiee or Chewie available in free play

Disco King20
Set off all three Discos.    (3) 

There are 3 of these throughout the game. One is in the cantina while the other two are located inside of the levels. The cantina disco you must use the force on put it together, while the other two you must step on the white circles on the floor until the entire floor is white for the disco to appear

*One is in the Episode 2 Room, sitting on a table.
*One is on Jabba’s Skiff (Cannot miss this, it is required to activate to progress through the level)
*One is in Chapter 2 of Episode 2, Go through the Stormtrooper door across from Jango’s room.

Use the Force Luke20
Death Star Trench Run without Firing.   (8) 

This achievement can be done in Story mode, during Episode 4 Chapter 6. In order to get this achievement you must not fire when you enter the trench part of the level. It is only about 20 seconds worth of not firing and it is easy to get past it without getting hit.

Bar Room Brawl20
Start a Cantina Fight with 50 casualties.   (9) 

You just have to attack and break 50 characters. The 50 casualties do not have to be done at the same time in order to get this achievement. This must be done in the main room of the cantina. You can combo this with the Crowd Pleaser achievement, so that way 20 of the kills are Jar Jar.

LEGO build-master20
Make 100 Build-its throughout the game.   (2) 

The build-its are the things lying around the ground that are needed to be put together. You will know what needs built by the Lego pieces jumping up and down. If there are pieces just sitting on the ground, that are not disappearing, and not moving destroy everything in the area around them and check for doors. You should receive this by the time you complete all 6 Episodes.

Max out the stud counter.   (10) 

Collect all the studs you can. Should happen as you progress through the game and get Jedi Master in all the levels, once you reach Jedi Master do not stop collecting studs. Also the Cantina resets its self so you can keep getting studs from there. 4,000,000,000 is the max of the counter. This will become easier with all the stud multipliers (see red brick locations for where you get the multipliers).
*Tip* Destroy everything and anything.

Cloud Cover20
Finish Cloud City still wearing a Helmet.   (18) 

This is easier than it seems. You can only get this in the level "Cloud City Trap". You can do this in Free Play or Story. This is easiest to do in Free Play. When you are in Free Play go to the very first place where you get the Stormtrooper Helmet. Once the helmet is on, pause the game and exit to the Cantina, remembering to Save and Exit. If you want to do this in Story mode while playing through here is how. The 'Disarm Troopers' extra can be activated to make this a lot easier. You must get the helmet before you head into the area of the level with all of the lifts that you must use. If you do not get it now, you cannot turn around to get it. Have a second controller come in to activate all of the Panels so that you do not lose the helmet. The part that will be the hardest in this, will be when you have to fight Vader the second time. Have the second controller jump over to where Vader is and then turn from R2 and attack Vader so that you do not have to worry about the objects flying at you with the force. In the final part have the second player attack Vader while the first player stays back to avoid being hit.

Follower of Fashion20
Wear Every Hat.   (6) 

Just as it says. The hats are in pull stations around levels and the Cantina. There is a secret hat room in the Rescue the Princess level (Chapter 4 of Episode 4). This is located in the elevators at the beginning of the level with the cameras above them. Use the R2 panel in the left elevator to get to the room, the only ones not in there are the Stormtrooper and Boush helmets.

*Stormtrooper Helmet
*Leia's hair
*Red cap
*Top hat
*Indiana Jones hat
*Boush Helmet

Crossover: Destroy Anakin with Vader.   (8) 

See "Strike Me Down".

Love is...10
Crossover: Destroy Jango Fett with Boba Fett.   (3) 

See "Strike Me Down".

Crossover: Destroy The Emperor with Darth Maul.   (3) 

See "Strike Me Down".

Did I Break your Concentration?10
Revenge: Destroy The Emperor with Mace Windu.   (4) 

See "Strike Me Down".

Nobody Expects...10
Revenge: Destroy The Emperor with Kit Fisto.   (3) 

See "Strike Me Down".

Hands Off!10
Revenge: Destroy Anakin with Dooku.   (9) 

See "Strike Me Down".

Who needs Obi-Wan?10
Revenge: Destroy Darth Maul with Qui-Gon.   

See "Strike Me Down".

Strike me down10
Revenge: Destroy Darth Vader with Obi-Wan.   

In Order to get these achievements you must buy the character that works with the achievement from the Cantina Shop. In order to get all of these achievements you must complete the entire game for the characters to be come available to use. Once you see a character in a level then they are able to be purchased from the cantina (even if it is during a cut scene). In order to get Darth Vader, you must complete A New Hope in the bonus area. Go into Free Play/Arcade/Cantina and choose one of the characters and have a second player choose the other one. Have the character (in this case Vader) stand there while the other character (in this case Obi-Wan) destroys him and it will unlock. This is easiest to do in the Arcade or Free Play (with two people). If the achievement does not unlock, even with doing what it says, try a different version of that character. Obi-Wan has 4 variations, Anakin has 3, Mace Windu has 2, the Love Is… can only be accomplished with the Bounty Hunter Boba not the child.

Arcade Master20
Get 100 points in Arcade Mode   (15) 

Go into the arcade and set the limit to free. Then kill the other person 100 times to get this achievement. Easiest way to do this is in the Senate or on Utapau. Just have the second player jump off 100 times in the Senate. On Utapau, at the start move to the left to a funny looking rock shape (just to the left of the saucer) and walk off the stage to the right. When the character respawns they will slip off the edge and die as long as the joystick is not moved.

Online Player20
Play through an entire level online   (260) 

Connect to XBL and play through a level. You can connect to someone near the end of the level and you will receive this once the level is complete.

Shoot First20
Shoot First   (17) 

This achievement is the same type as the character ones. In order to be able to play as Greedo you must complete Chapter 3 of Episode 4, once you complete the chapter you can then purchase Greedo from the Cantina Shop. Easiest done in Free Play/Arcade with two people, One as Han the other as Greedo. Once in free play/arcade just shoot Greedo. In order to unlock this you just have to use any variation of Han or Indy since Harrison Ford plays them all.

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ESRB: Everyone
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