Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Achievement Guide

Guide By: ponypo2001
There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Estimated time for 1000 : 18-22 hours
- Offline: 30 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Minimum playthroughs: 1
- Missable achievements: Three Bulls, Larry Scores, Movie Mogul
- Glitched achievements: None

Click here to see my Youtube walkthroughs for all story missions

I'll try and keep this brief. Firstly,take a look down the list to familiarize yourself with what you need to do. Achievements such as "Gymnastic Larry" or "Car Surfin''" etc can be obtained as early or as late as you wish since once you finish all story missions,you are free to roam the studio. You're better off saving the driving achievements until all areas are unlocked as this allows you to have racked up some time in a vehicle as well as a few miles driven. It also enables you to travel in a nice circuit around the studio perimeter and make the two driving achievements (Le Mans and Road Tripping) unlock a lot quicker.

Regarding the award collectibles, you could start hunting as soon as the game starts, but it might be best to wait until all areas are unlocked. That way you have free roam to pick them all up at the same time, rather than at different junctures in the storyline. The choice is yours. Just follow the guide and check them off as you collect them.

Now you will start the game proper. After the first mission, you will unlock Rookie Award. Keep advancing the story until you reach the Western Dreamscape. Here you will earn the following Well Hung, Cupid Sniper and A Fistful of Larry's. If you miss Well Hung, don't panic, you have several other attempts to achieve it, but its easiest on the train level.

Side missions will pop up between dreamscapes, so make sure whenever you see a pink or violet blip (for seduction and race events respectively), go and complete them.

Next come the Horror Dreamscape achievements.Just progress through the missions and you will unlock Dead Beat and Chamone.

After this you enter Bytanic territory. Now however infuriating this next part is, I really do urge you NOT to move the story on until you have the following achievements: Three Bulls and Larry Scores. If you finish the Shuffleboard mission, you cannot go back and do these, which means another playthrough. You also don't want to waste time trying these on your speed run, so make sure you stick it out till you have them. Once they are done, continue on with the missions to unlock Shuffle the Deck and The Ship of Dreams .You'll also unlock Old Silver-Tongue Award and Fashionista Award after finishing here.

Pedal to the Metal should be your next achievement for completing all races. Just make sure to do them as soon as their blips appear on your radar and only do story missions once everything else is complete.

Now, before doing anything else,accept the next seduction mission with Cherry. Whilst on it, go to your trailer and change into each costume from your wardrobe to unlock Suits you Sir. This is very easy to do here as there is no time limit or restriction. After that, complete the seduction missions to unlock Mr Lover-man.

Your next achievement should be Best Actor as you want to collect all awards BEFORE attempting the final mission. Doing this and completing everything else above will then net you The End and Movie Mogul.

This now leaves only the achievements that can be done at any time and the Speed achievement. If you follow my advice, you will go for the this achievement last for reasons detailed in the guide.

There you have it. That should hopefully net your 1000 points in around 20 hours give or take a few. Hope this helps people get through this awful game as quickly and painlessly as possible.
x360a would like to thank ponypo2001 for this Road Map.

Rookie Award10
Complete the game's first Mission    
After viewing the opening cutscenes, clean the graffiti off the walls, following the screen prompts if needed. Upon returning the phone, you will unlock the achievement.
A Fistful of Larry's40
Complete the game’s Wild West Dreamscape    (1) 
This is earned by fully completing the Western Dreamscape that becomes available after meeting the director out in the Western set. Most of the missions are straightforward and have you running back and forth.

The hardest part for me was the final mission where you have to dodge fart clouds as a cactus. That bit is easy if you stick to the left and steady yourself often. Don't expect a checkpoint after reaching Amy. You now have to fight a wave of bandits in the shooting section. The best advice I can give is to pick off the bandit that runs straight up to you as he pounds your health down real fast if left alone.

Once he's dead, look to the left and right and spot the TNT barrels. Getting a good shot on these is really the key to winning. Keep moving whenever you see a barrel being thrown at you. If it hits you, you'll lose half your health. Once you've taken out those initial three bandits, it becomes a lot easier to survive the last handful and you can pick them off one by one. The boss fight is total cake thankfully and just requires lots of shooting and dodging when he throws the dynamite at you.

Another part people have trouble with is the mission where you need to unblock the road. To do this part, keep climbing till you come to a chimney jump bit. Move up and jump up to highest point. Walk left a few steps then towards the camera and slowly walk along the ledge. Then climb around to the right and drop down and push the boulder before hanging and droping down to the carriage.
Complete the game’s Horror Dreamscape    
For the last mission, you need to move the suits of armor onto the corresponding pedestals. The knight with a shield moves onto the shield emblem, the knight with a sword onto the sword emblem, and the last night is up top on the balcony. Push it off and move it onto the nearby pedestal to lower all three chandeliers. Then jump across all three and make a big leap across onto the ladder.
The Ship of Dreams 40
Complete the game’s Bytanic Dreamscape    
The last mission sees the ship sinking and you need to rescue Ginger. This section is basically lots of platform jumping, which you should be used to by now. Cross the pieces of ice onto the chimney then tightrope across to the ship. You now need to make your way up the Bytanic with carefully timed jumps. The part that confuses some people is the final jump you need to do. Once you reach the top of the vertical jumps, you need to wall jump between the ship's floor and the upturned deck. Once you reach the top, tightrope to above Ginger and finish the mission.
The End80
Complete all the game’s the main story missions    
The last mission of the game is accessed straight after finishing Bytanic. Firstly, you need to make your way to the Theater roof. Climb up the ladder on the side to start a cutscene. You will be attacked by two security guards. The best way to deal with any melee confrontation is to block till you feel ready and then press when the enemy attacks you. Larry will slap the enemy as a counter and then you should follow up with one kick by pressing . Repeat this, trying to keep the guards so one is in front and one is behind and you should be fine.

After the fight with the guards, you face Kip. He can hit very hard if he combos or slaps you. Just use the same technique as for the guards. Once his health reaches 50%, he will run off. Now you have to drag the box of fireworks over to the marker and rotate them till they are in the correct position.

Now, Kip moves to Sound Stage 2 roof. Get down quickly, hop in the nearby police car, and then climb to the sound stage 2 roof via the crates. Again, fight the two guards and then Kip will attack you. Use the same tactics and he should run away again. Now, align the fireworks to trigger the final chase.

Now Kip is on the Executive Building roof. Go inside and take the elevator to the roof. Align the fireworks as before and defeat the two guards. Now it's time to finish off Kip. Use the same moves and he'll eat dirt in no time leaving you to breath a huge sigh of relief. The game is over.
Cupid Sniper10
Complete the Larry Get Your Gun mission    
This is a pretty simple mission.You are given a cupid style gun to shoot four horses and five women. The horses are easy to spot and just take your time to pick off the women.
Dead Beat10
Complete the Army of the Dead mission    
I believe the mission that nets you this achievement is actually called "Mob of the Dead". After meeting the talking skull, you end up in a cemetery with a spade. The goal here is to keep the undead at bay with your shovel. Make good use of the various power ups and if you get mobbed, use the escape points on the right and left areas of the screen.
It might take a few goes to get it, but provided you try and keep moving and not get corned, you should be fine. Make sure you hit the zombies with knight helmets with a low attack as they are immune to high hits. Once the counter hits zero, run to the center and pick up the ticket to end the mission.
Shuffle the Deck10
Complete the Shuffleboard mission    
Basically, you need to out-score Ginger to pass the mission. Each time you take a shot, seagulls will poop on the board in three spots. This will either not hinder you or will screw you over.

Like most things in the game, this mini-game is not programmed very well. Sometimes you can shoot right through the crap and it acts like it's not there. Other times,you aim nowhere near the feces, and it goes flying all over the shop. See my tips for the Shuffleboard achievements if you are still struggling.
Larry Scores60
Achieve a total score of 2800 on Shuffleboard    
You really want to land as many bulls-eyes as possible and make sure not to knock your own discs off the scorezone. The best way is to score three bulls-eyes from the first three shots. Provided they don't get knocked off, this will score you 3000 without scoring another point. Once you have your bulls nestled safely, shoot off to the sides to ensure you don't knock them off yourself. Also, pray the computer doesn't knock them off as she likes to respond to a bulls-eye with one of her own. You can reach the score without anything on a bulls-eye, but it will be very tight. You really do need those three bulls-eyes to have much chance.

Also, when I finally got it, I got sick of moving Larry and aiming so I just aimed straight down without moving him, even if there was crap in the way. Eight times out of two it ignored the poo and went on the bulls-eye anyway. Exploit this any chance you can. Keep at it. This is, hands down, the toughest achievement in the game.
Networking Socialite10
Meet every principle character in the game    (1) 

This will unlock during the mission "Jurassic Clark" after meeting the guy in the theater.

Best Newcomer10
Collect a total of 10 Larry Awards    

See "Best Actor"

Best Supporting Actor40
Collect a total of 50 Larry Awards    

See "Best Actor"

Best Actor80
Collect a total of 100 Larry Awards    
Refer to my guide Here for a full list. Be VERY careful when collecting awards. The game doesn't always remember you have collected awards after you manually save. The only way to make 100% sure it's registers the find is to complete a mission and force the game to auto save. Any manual save after that will then count them. Be wary of this as it can really mess your collection up!
Gymnastic Larry 10
Perform 3 consecutive wall jumps   
Simply jump three times between walls. A good place to get this is during the second mission in City Street Set. You will have to climb to the top of the set from the street below.You will wall jump to collect the script pieces and unlock the achievement after the third jump.
Well Hung10
Perform 3 consecutive ledge jumps   
During the First Train mission, you will need to ledge jump over from one bail of hay to the next, just jump the gap once, then jump back and repeat until you get the achievement. There is also a further opportunity when going to meet the prospector as there is a perfect ledge you have to jump across. It is also very easily obtainable when you are scaling the sinking Bytanic, if you missed the other opportunities.
Fashionista Award20
Accumulate a wardrobe of 6 outfits     

Outfits are earned during various parts of the story. They are as follows in the order received:

Casual Larry - You start the game with this one
Mailman Larry - Gained after talking to your uncle in the opening cutscenes.
Cowboy Larry - Gained straight after the first director game.
Horror Larry - Gained mission after "Spies r Us" to gain entry to Horror Lot.
Larry as Jack - Gained after taking the photo's of Kip and before heading to Bytanic Set.
Gentleman Larry - Unlocks after finishing the Bytanic Dreamscape.

Broadcasting on Top of the world10
Reach the highest point in Laffer Studio   
This is achieved by climbing the huge radio antenna in the north west portion of the map,near the power station.Check my awards guide for detailed description of how to reach the top in one piece.

Also you can see a video guide below. Many thanks to fellow x360a member CaptainKicker for making the video and uploading it to Youtube.
Old Silver-Tongue Award40
Complete 4 Director Games successfully   
Director games require you to control the cameras and pick the best shot for the scene. This is straightforward enough. Just press the corresponding button with regards to the most appropriate scene. Complete four and the achievement is yours.

Here's a list of the locations:
1 - Automatically found in the sound studio just before obtaining the cowboy outfit.
2 - Straight after completing the Western Dreamscape.
3 - Immediately after finishing the Horror Dreamscape.
4 - After finishing the Bytanic Dreamscape.
Hot Foot Award20
Travel 100 miles on foot    
This will unlock during your first run through the game merely by running back and forth. If it didn't unlock, load a save and walk some more until it unlocks.
Road Tripping20
Drive 400 miles   (2) 
You'll rack this one up either through regular play or whilst trying for the "Le Mans" achievement. After unlocking all dreamscapes, you can start at the Western Lot and drive a full circuit round to the Bytanic lot and back again. This covers roughly 10 miles and takes around 3 minutes. Just drive, drive, drive!
Three Bulls20
3 consecutive Bulls-eyes in the Shuffleboard mini-game.    
This is a tough achievement for sure. Remember, if you don't have enough discs left to score three consecutive bulls-eyes, press start and restart mission. Don't move the story on until you have both shuffleboard achievements as once you pass the mission by winning, you cannot play again unless you restart the game.

Now, you're going to need some luck for this one. Hopefully, the birds will shit off to the sides, leaving the center free for you to score your bulls-eye. Pull the stick back so it's just touching Larry's knee and most times, that will be enough power to land perfectly in the center. If you have bird crap in the center and need to move, you will need to alter your aim and adjust a little more or less power. With practice and some luck, you'll do it. I managed five in a row when I got the achievement. Sadly, knocking a disc onto the bulls-eye doesn't count, it has to land cleanly.
Car surfin’20
Stand 50 seconds on the roof of a moving car   
This can be earned at any time by simply jumping onto the roof of a moving car and standing to admire the view. It unlocks after 50 seconds of surfing. If you keep getting run over when trying to jump on one, wait till the car goes to turn around as it slows almost to a stop, thus making it easy to hop on top.
Mr Lover-man40
Complete all seduction games   
There are seven seduction games. They appear as a pink icon and are located on the second floor of the Executive Offices. Simply seduce the seven females and the Achievement is yours. To win the seduction games, simply answer the questions correctly. You can get them wrong and that option will gray itself out so even if you mess up, trial and error will see you through.
‘Hijack’ 50 vehicles   
Just keep hijacking cars that are driven by other people by pressing the button when close. You will hop into the car. Repeat 50 times. You can also repeatedly hijack the same vehicle. When I tried this on my main account, it took well over 50 hijacks on top of the normal hijacks I had done. However, on a second profile, it unlocked after 48 hijacks so just keep going till it unlocks.
Pedal to the Metal40
Complete all Races   
There are nine total races in the game, two for each movie set, and three for the movie lot. Simply complete each race and you will get the achievement.

Race locations are shown as a violet blip on your map and the first unlocks after completing the Western dreamscape.

Here's a list of the locations:
Wild West Race 1 - After crossing the bridge into Western Set, the race starter is on the corner of the set.

Wild West Race 2 - In front of the jail in the western town.

Main Lot Race 1 - To your left as you exit the western set. Unlocks at the same time as Wild West Race 2.

Horror Race 1 - Very near the the three cabins. Unlocks after finishing the horror dreamscape.

Horror Race 2 - Unlocks after completing horror race 1. Located at the vampire's castle.

Main Lot Race 2 - Unlocks at the same time as horror race 2. Located in City Street set.

Bytanic Race 1 - Straight after Bytanic Dreamscape is completed. Starter is right by the trailers opposite the ship.

Bytanic Race 2 - After winning Bytanic Race 1, it is located near the Tinselwood sign behind the Bytanic backdrop.

Main Lot Race 3 - Unlocks at same time as Bytanic 2. Located north of the Vehicle Warehouse.
Demolition Boy20
Destroy three vehicles within 60 seconds of each other   (1) 
Park up three cars next to each other when they are on critical damage (black smoke) then drive each one into a wall till flames come from the engine. Damage level of the cars starts with white smoke, then black smoke, then flames, then the boom.

Alternatively, after unlocking the gates to the Bytanic set, you can line up two cars next to the water. Get in a third car and bump the other two into the water then simply drive the other into the drink and all three will explode in quick succession.
Le Manns20
Drive in vehicles for a total of 3 hours while playing the game   
You could grind this out towards the end of the game after such time you would already have amassed a decent amount of driving time. Couple this achievement with "Road Tripping" and you should be pretty close to the three hours. Just keep driving until it pops. After unlocking all dreamscapes, you can start at the Western Lot and drive a full circuit round to the Bytanic lot and back again.This covers roughly 10 miles and takes around 3 minutes. My achievement unlocked at 461 miles driven.
Complete the game in under 8 hours    
My best advice is to do this on a second playthrough. Firstly, you'll be much more well-versed in the missions. Secondly, you'll hopefully be used to the god-awful control scheme and camera and this will be of some advantage. Also, remember to skip all the cutscenes as this may well shave many minutes of time off. Run everywhere and, if you're not running, drive!

It's also worth noting, if you don't pass a mission first time or you feel you could've done it quicker, don't hesitate to load your autosave. To be safe, keep a save before each major story section and if you really mess up somewhere, it won't be so far to go back. Remember also you only need to do the story missions. DO NOT touch any side missions at all as the time is tight enough as it is.

I just decided to list my times during the speed run to give you an idea of the kind of time you want to be keeping during your playthrough:

Started Western Dreamscape at 40 minutes played.
Finished Western Dreamscape at 1:38 played.
Started Horror Dreamscape at 2:20 played.
Finished Horror Dreamscape at 2:59 played.
Started Bytanic at 3:29 played.
Finished Bytanic at 4:05 played.
Finished game at 4:19 played.

So, as you can see, you actually have a very large space of time to do this in. First time through, you may think to yourself that it is not possible, but once you know the mission layouts and get used to things, it really does make the speed run very simple. Also, the times above are with me making a few dumb mistakes and having to replay parts, so you could possibly shave off another 20 minutes.
Suits you Sir10
Use all unlockable costumes during the same mission   
After finishing Bytanic and unlocking all costumes, start the next seduction mission. Instead of meeting Cherry, go to your trailer and change into each costume. It unlocks once you've tried on all six. I've also been informed you can do this after the game is over by starting a race then hoofing over to a wardrobe and quickly changing.
Movie Mogul160
Complete Everything In the Game   (2) 
If you followed my advice, you'll do this on your first playthrough. Make 100% that you have done everything listed below BEFORE attempting the last mission as if you try and collect the awards after it, the achievement may not unlock.

Collect all 100 awards
Complete all races
Complete all seduction games
Complete all Director games to highest score (IMPORTANT.If you fail one or score lower,you can re-do them at the Editor's Suite)
Complete all story missions

As I said,make sure to do everything before playing the final mission and the achievement will unlock after you get the achievement "The End".

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US March 31, 2009

ESRB: Mature
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