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Guide By: MajinFro
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
-Estimated time for 200: 45 minutes
-Minimum playthroughs: 3
-Missable achievements: Draft Experts
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Offline: 0 (0)
- Online: 12 (200)
-Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats.

First off, I am saying that every achievement is online, because you must be logged into Xbox LIVE to be permitted to enter the draft/play the game. Draft Experts is only missable while using the guide on any playthrough if you want to take your sweet time finishing a draft.

This game is extremely short. If you bought it, you bought it for the 200. Don't tell me you didn't, we all know it's true. It really isn't even a game as much as it is a fancy way of setting up a Fantasy Football League. Those Microsoft Points you spent on this "game" are crying somewhere off in Mircrosoft Point heaven.

Step 1: Prepping
To unlock every achievement/have a usable draft, you must set it up EXACTLY like the League Creation Guide in the achievement guide. This is actually the longest part, as you are going to have to deal with the "over-pickyness" of the league creator for a little while before you are permitted to play. You can have a usable draft without having it set up to unlock every achievement, so be careful and follow the instructions correctly.

Step 2: First Playthrough

This is the 30 round draft you made. Be sure that you pick the same type of player for every slot on at least one of the 30 rounds (pick all running backs, all quarterbacks, and wide receivers, etc, for all 4 slots.) Pick at least one defensive player at some point. Now, randomly pick people for half an hour until it's finally over. Upload the draft at the end, and you're almost done.

Step 3: Second Playthrough

Be sure you have a second league, with the ONLY difference during league creation being in Step 6, the "number of rounds in the draft" is set to 1 rather than 30. Don't change anything else for this second league. Play one round with this league, upload the draft and the end.

Step 4: Third Playthrough

Play a round with your one round league for the second time. Upload the draft at the end.

Now all you have to do is press , go into the options menu, enter clock settings, and turn off the clock, if you didn't do so already. Enjoy your 200.

[x360a would like to thank Blue Radium for this Road Map]

Uber Commissioner35
Complete three drafts to unlock this achievement!  

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Draft Experts35
Complete a draft in under two hours to unlock this achievement!  

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Draft an individiual defensive player to unlock this achievement.  

On the League Creation Wizard, Defensive Positions must be activated on the roster tab to be able to get this achievement. For more details on how to activate the positions, please check the League Creation Guide at the end of this Guide. Once a league is imported that has defense positions activated, a defensive player must be drafted to unlock this achievement.

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Mega Run!35
To unlock this achievement the same position must be drafted for an entire round.  

A single person can draft for all four teams. On any single round during a draft, the same position must be drafted for all four teams. An example would be each team drafting a Running Back (RB) on Round 1 of the draft.

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Mr. Commissioner10
Complete a draft to unlock this achievement!  

This achievement will unlock as soon as the last round in a draft is completed. Create a 30 round Commissioner League of 4 teams with Offline Drafting for the Early Rounds and Late Rounds achievements. Defensive players must be activated as described in the IDP achievement. A 1 round league should also be created so it can be drafted twice for the Uber Commissioner achievement. Draft Expert should be unlocked during one of the 3 league's draft because even a 30 round draft takes only about 30 minutes. A league creation guide is at the end of the achievement guide for those that need it.

1. Start the 30 round draft first (unlocked Take The Field! achievement when draft is imported)

2. Pause the game as soon as the draft loaded and go to the clock options to turn off the clock for the Timeout! achievement.

3. On the first round, draft all running backs for the Mega Run! achievement. The Videographer achievement should also unlock.

4. Draft a defensive player for the IDP achievement in the second round as described in the IDP achievement.

5. Draft the Atlanta Falcons Team DEF/ST for the Deep Sleeper achievement.

6. Keep drafting the next person on the list and mashing to get through the screens as fast as possible.

7. After the completion of Round 10, Early Rounds achievement will unlock.

8. After the completion of Round 30, Mr. Commissioner, Late Rounds, and Draft Experts (if the draft is completed in less than 2 hours) will unlock.

9. A new menu will be available once the draft is finished. Go to the Upload Draft option second from the bottom to get the That Was Fast! achievement.

10. Exit the draft and go to New Draft to import the 1 round league.

11. Complete that Draft and repeat step 10 by importing the same league again. Uber Commissioner will unlock at completion of the second 1 round league.

Take The Field!5
Import a league draft from FANTASY.EASPORTS.COM.  

Once a league is created on the website (, go to Draft >> New Draft in the game. Enter the login information and hit submit. If more than one league is available, choose the league to import on the next screen. The achievement will unlock once the league is selected.

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

That Was Fast!10
Upload the results of a league draft to the FANTASY.EASPORTS.COM website.  

After the completion of a draft, there will be a new menu that will have Upload Draft Results second from the bottom. Click this and upload the draft to unlock the achievement.

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Deep Sleeper10
Draft a player or team ranked over 500 overall.  

Draft any player or team defense that is over the 500 ranking position in the list. Atlanta Falcons is an example of a team defense that is available to unlock the achievement.

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Turn the Draft Clock off to unlock this achievement.  

Pause the draft to bring up the options menu. Go to the clock settings and use the option for turning the clock on and off. Turn it off and return to the draft for this achievement to unlock.

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Early Rounds5
Complete 10 rounds of a draft.  

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Late Rounds35
Complete 30 rounds of a draft.  

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.

Trigger a highlight video during a draft.  
This achievement will probably unlock on one of the first players drafted as long as it is near the top of the list. By drafting a high number player, a video clip will play that contains Madden footage for that player.

See "Mr. Commissioner" for details.
League Creation Guide

1. Go to

2. An account is needed. Sign in or create one.

3. Click the graphic about Start Playing Now to create a league.

4. Create a Commissioner League.

5. Make up a name and password and change the team size to 4.

6. Ignore everything until Draft Options and choose Offline Draft and change the number of rounds. A 30 round draft and a 1 round draft are needed, so put the appropriate number in the spot. Click submit to go to the next page.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 769x351.

7. Change nothing and click continue to go to the next page.

8. Change nothing and click save & continue to go to the next page.

9. Go down to the defensive position section of the next page and add in a defensive position.

10. Click No Waivers on the next screen. Go down to the trades section and click Yes on Disallow web trades and No on review and vetoed by owners. Click submit to continue.

11. Click finish to the next screen and click on Home in the menu bar. Click the Start Playing Now! graphic if another league needs to be created.

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EA Tiburon
Electronic Arts


US July 16, 2008

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