Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw Achievements

Master Zombie Hunter

Clear Stage 6, surpassing Dad's score.  

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 6 with a score of 80,700 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher. 

In order to clear a Stage and surpass Dad's score you must receive an overall rank of an A. To save time you can go for all of these under Ranking Mode to help work toward International Zombie Hunter if you want but Story Mode is also fine. To access Ranking Mode press  while at the map menu. There are also bonus requirements exclusive to Ranking Mode that give you extra medals that you can fulfill to help increase your score. Please see each respective Zombie Hunter achievement for the bonus requirements. After completing a Stage you will receive results based on how well you did. You are graded based on the following credentials: 

  • Zombie Medals
  • Platinum Medals
  • Sparkle Hunting
  • Completion Time
  • Continues

Based on these 5 credentials you will get an overall rank on how well you did. You should not have to fully level up Juliet however unlocking some of the more efficient combos helps. You want to avoid dying when running back through Story Mode(or Ranking Mode) and achieve many Sparkling Kills as they are key to scoring high. Using the Holy Chainsaw combo makes this easier. 

Bonus Requirements

Stage 6-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 6 Decaps
  • No Overheating Experienced
  • All Flying Cars Dodged
  • All Jump Boards Completed
  • All Killabilly Lasers Dodged

Stage 6-2 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish
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Game Info
Kadokawa Games


US June 12, 2012
Europe June 15, 2012
Japan May 31, 2012

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