Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw Achievement Guide

Guide By: FeLizP, Rep, Just Blaze
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (Slightly Skill Based)
- Offline: 49/50 (985)
- Online: 1/50 (15)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-25+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (Stage Select1 )
- Number of missable achievements: 22 (See Miscellaneous)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Lollipop Chainsaw! This game has 50 achievements for 1000 and is a pop-inspired, 3rd person, hack and slash zombie game! Lollipop Chainsaw focuses on zombie hunter and cheerleader Juliet Starling who slays vast hordes of zombies in San Romero High School which Starling formerly attended. She carries with her the severed, yet still living, head of her boyfriend Nick ,who she decapitated after suffering a zombie bite. The enemy zombies in the game are led by "a group of zombie rock and roll lords" who were former high school students turned into intelligent zombies. The zombie outbreak has been caused by Juliet's former classmate, an evil goth sorcerer named Swan, the major antagonist of the game. The story unfolds as Juliet aims to uncover the root of the colossal zombie outbreak.

This achievements for Lollipop Chainsaw are not too difficult but some may take a bit of time to grind. The majority of them will unlock simply by completing the game after your first playthrough - as long as you don't miss any miscellaneous ones! Upon completing the game you can hit up Stage Select and mop up any achievements or collectibles you originally missed. The game requires at least 2 playthroughs so there's plenty of time to grab up every achievement while hack and slashing the undead. Being able to pull off some of the combos is imperative for Sparkle Hunting which helps toward beating dad's scores. The Gondola game may give some people problems too. It starts out annoying because of the lack of combos and upgrades but will get easier as you progress! Once you purchase the Holy Chainsaw combo and fully level up Juliet this game will be very easy to get 1000 in!

Step 1: Story Mode (Normal or Hard Playthrough)
Here is where you will play the zombie slaying campaign of Lollipop Chainsaw with a total of 7 stages. Progression through each stage consists mostly of hacking and slashing, rescuing San Romero students, and playing odd mini games. At the end of each stage you must face a Dark Purveyor Boss compliments of Swan, the main antagonist of the game. Boss fights usually include a combination of real-time and quick time events requiring timed button presses. Each boss is usually finished off with a  plus (mashable) move to finish them for good! The Story should take no longer than 8 hours to complete at most. Upon completion you may want to return and beat dad's scores. It is totally up to you whether to play on Hard difficulty or not for this playthrough. Just note that it will save you time in the long run with collectibles. Make sure you purchase the Nick Shake move and keep around Nick tickets so that you can make spare coins on the side to work toward Millionaire Hunter. Be reminded that if you happen to miss a classmate to save, then the Good Ending is in fact missable. Here is a list of all Story-related achievements that cannot be missed!

  • Unclean and Uncool
  • Zed's Dead, Baby, Zed's Dead
  • Viking Metal Rules!
  • Dirty Hippy
  • Disco's Dead
  • Rock'n Roll Isn't Here Anymore
  • I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass
  • Groovy Hunter
  • Always On The Phone
  • Horrid Birthday
  • Congratulations! Happy Birthday

Step 2: Collectibles (Hard Mode)
Lollipop Chainsaw features quite a few achievements requiring you to locate some in-game collectibles such as lollipop wrappers, classmates, zombie logs, combos, and BGMs. Here you'll want to run back through each of the 7 Stages to pick up any collectible you may have missed if you originally didn't play on Hard. Some zombies for your album only appear on your second play through anyway so be sure to slay them all for the Zombie Fancier achievement. Switch the difficulty to Hard from the main menu as some collectibles only appear on that difficulty and use the guides below to locate them. Please see Rep's Lollipop Collectibles & Zombie Album Guide to help you find them all: 

  • Lollipop Addict
  • Zombie Fancier
  • OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool
  • Master Sushi Chef
  • Life Guard

Step 3: Beating Dad's High Scores 
Now is the time to run back through all 7 Stages and try to beat Dad's high scores! It is recommended that you do these under Ranking Mode by pressing  at the map menu to work toward International Zombie Hunter. Although it is not necessary, you can play on Hard during this step which should help with scoring. Have Juliet fully leveled up to make this easier and purchase the Holy Chainsaw combo for easy Sparkle Hunting kills since it's the best combo in the game! Avoiding continues also helps toward high scores. In Ranking Mode every section of a stage has bonus requirements that nail big points. Some stages have score exploits by repeatedly using quick time events that can make beating dad's scores much easier. You can also still obtain some of the collectibles in Ranking if you happen to miss a few. Here is a list of every Zombie Hunting-related achievements:

  • n00b Zombie Hunter
  • Beginner Zombie Hunter
  • Intermediate Zombie Hunter
  • Advanced Zombie Hunter
  • Super Zombie Hunter
  • Excellent Zombie Hunter
  • Master Zombie Hunter
  • International Zombie Hunter

Step 4: Stage Backtracking (Miscellaneous)
This is where you will run back and pick up some of the achievements that you missed somehow. You can switch the difficulty to Easy from the main menu to mop these up more conveniently. Some Boss fights against the Dark Purveyors require you to achieve certain things such as dodging a move or hitting a certain amount QTE's(quick-time events). If you missed these then simply select the stage again, get to the Boss, and fulfill the requirements. You can go back and re-select any stage you may have missed an achievement for such as 30 head shots, fully harvesting a field, not shooting in the Gondola game, or getting struck by lightning 10 times. Some of these like killing 3,000 zombies will take more than one playthrough anyways. Here's a list of the miscellaneous achievements that you may have missed:

  • Leapfrog Girl
  • Go, Medal Racer, Go!
  • Zombie Hunter Apprentice
  • I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!
  • Endorsed by Cordelia
  • Sparkle Hunting Master
  • Gunn Struck
  • Super Shopper
  • Love Nick
  • JULIET51
  • Zombie Slayer?!
  • Rich Hunter
  • Millionaire Hunter
  • Watch Out For The Balls
  • Cheerleader Overboard!
  • Third Eye
  • Critical UFO Finish
  • Elephant Tamer
  • Fingered
  • Accidental Vandalism
  • Little Sisters Are The Worst!
  • No Fear Of Heights
  • Legendary harvester

Bursting with sex, blood, and rock 'n’ roll, Lollipop Chainsaw makes slaughtering the undead a renewed experience with wacky characters, mindless hack and slashing, plus an outrageous storyline! The 1000 is not too bad as long as you can master Sparkle Hunting kills and overcome the gondola game without shooting, everything else can be unlocked with some backtracking. Luckily, hacking up zombies never really gets old anyway! With a plethora of ways to dispatch of the undead, slaying zombies has never been more awesome! For more information on everything Lollipop Chainsaw, check out Dead Like Me's super thread: Everything Lollipop Chainsaw.

[x360a would like to thank FeLizP for this roadmap]

Zombie Hunter Apprentice5
Buy a combo at Chop2Shop.Zom and use it.     (6) 

For this achievement you must purchase a combo from the Chop2Shop.Zom and then perform the combo. A Chop2Shop is a shopping kiosk scattered throughout the game's stages where you can buy all sorts of cool things like upgrades, combos, costumes, music, and art! The first Chop2shop location is during the Prologue, and will appear after Juliet's Phone is first introduced and you recieve a phone call from your mom.

The kiosk will have a flapping bird above it with balloons, interact with it by hitting  to go shopping. Go under "Awesome Skillz" to buy the Chainsaw Stab combo for 60 Medals then exit out. Now test out the combo by pressing  to unlock the achievement. You don't actually have to have the combo make contact with a zombie in order for this to unlock.

Chop2Shop.Zom kiosk

Unclean and Uncool15
Defeated Hazmat in Prologue.    (3) 

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. It will unlock upon defeating Hazmat 'Jimmy', the boss at the end of the Prologue.

Later into the Prologue while searching for Nick you will come to a gate leading to San Romero High School. A crew of zombies will attack you, one by the name of 'George', defeat them. Afterward, three zombies in Hazmat suits will attack you. The leader will have a health bar with the name 'Jimmy'. Oddly enough it does not mention his name in the achievement description like the other 6 bosses. Be wary of the explosive tank that 'Jimmy' will throw at you once he's low on health. Avoid it at all costs as it will decimate your health!

Once you defeat all three zombies you will get this achievement.

Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead15
Defeated Zed.    (16) 

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. It will unlock upon defeating Zed, the Stage 1 boss of the game. Like every boss, Zed has 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 - Dodge his screaming letter attacks with  button and hit him from behind. Repeat.
  • Phase 2 - Destroy all the speakers Zed is standing on with your chainsaw then he will leap to a huge speaker that you must destroy via a QTE. You'll also have several quick time events to dodge his attacks. As soon as you dodge get right back to destroying the speaker.
  • Phase 3 - This is where you will get the Watch Out For The Balls achievement. Refer to that section for instructions on defeating Zed. 

Upon defeating Zed this will unlock.

Viking Metal Rules!15
Defeated Vikke.    (1) 

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. It will unlock upon defeating Vikke, the Stage 2 boss. Vikke is very easy to defeat however you will have to dodge quite a bit here.

  • Phase 1 - Attack him from the back and dodge often and you will have no issues. If he flies up to his perch shoot him down by holding down  then pressing
  • Phase 2 - Once you cut him in half you will have to fight his upper and lower body as separate enemies. Defeat his Upper Body to move on to his 3rd phase. 
  • Phase 3 - His third phase will be against his giant head. Dodge and attack him when he stops moving. Using your Chainsaw Blaster will be extremely useful for this phase.

Chainsaw Blaster bullets can be found around the edge of the ship. Once you have defeated the head the achievement will unlock.

Dirty Hippy15
Defeated Mariska.    (5) 

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. It will unlock upon defeating Mariska, the Stage 3 boss of the game. Mariska is very simple to defeat as long as you keep dodging with  to the left or right to dodge get attacks during all 3 phases. You'll primarily be using your Chainsaw Blaster here to take her down.

  • Phase 1 - She will shoot balloon attacks at you, you'll want to dodge these balloons the whole fight to get the Third Eye achievement. Shoot at her with your Chainsaw Blaster then after she falls down make your way to her and complete the QTE to go into her next phase.
  • Phase 2 & 3 - Each phase includes more and more Mariska clones, simply keep dodging and shooting until she's down.

Make your way over to her and perform the final QTE cut for the finish.

Disco's Dead15
Defeated Josey.    (2) 

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. It will unlock upon defeating Josey, the Stage 4 boss of the game.

This fight has 2 main parts.

  • Phase 1 - The first phase Josey we'll fly around in his UFO. Attack him with your chainsaw blaster when he drops bombs and summons stairs. There's ammo waiting at the top of each one. Dodge his lasers and when you hit him just right he'll crash allowing you to hit slash attacks. 
  • Phase 2 - His 2nd phase is timed so don't dawdle unless going for the Critical UFO Finish achievement. Destroy the blue generators carefully as they will shock you when lit up. Once they are all down make your way to Josey and slice him in half for the finish.
Leapfrog Girl10
Leapfrogged 10 times in a row.    (10) 

You must perform 10 consecutive leapfrogs in a row. These are done by pressing  when positioned right next to a zombie. You can easily get this right at the start of the game during the Prologue. Kill all but one of the zombies and just keep leaping over him by pressing  until the achievement unlocks. Make sure you don't do any other type of dodge because it will reset your leapfrog counter for the achievement as it needs to be 10 in a row. Also your counter will reset if you unintentionally kick a zombie while doing a leapfrog jump.

I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!10
Peeped under Juliet's skirt once.    (46) 

In order to peep under Juliet's skirt you must manipulate the camera angle by moving the right thumb-stick () up/down (depending on your settings) to be as close to the ground as possible. Hold it there for a couple of seconds. Stand still and Juliet will stick her chainsaw into the ground allowing you to get a peek. It's best to do this while there are no zombies or any type of danger around. This achievement is not as exciting as it would seem as Juliet will cover herself up as you move the camera. Simply push forward until you're either in front or behind Juliet and she pulls her skirt down and it will eventually pop. This can be done at any point during gameplay.

Endorsed by Cordelia10
Get 30 headshots.    (5) 

An easy way to achieve 30 headshots in one stage is on Stage 3 (O'Bannon Farm). You will be able to use the Chainsaw Blaster throughout the level so you shouldn't have that much of a problem getting 30 headshots. Hold , aim for their head, then press  to shoot. You'll know you pulled off a headshot when the zombie's head pops off with flying pink dust. I recommend going into your options and switching your "Blaster Aim" to 'manual'. Doing this will allow you to aim more freely instead of always locking onto the zombie's chest.

Sparkle Hunting Master10
Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting.    (15) 

Sparkle Hunting is a combo-reward system that gives you bonuses for decapitating three or more zombies at once. To enter Star Soul mode make sure you meter is full then hit . Juliet will start to glow and a special theme song will start to play. This mode allows you to score medals while showering yourself with rainbows and sparkles. During the duration of this mode any chainsaw attack you perform is an automatic one hit kill to any zombie. You must succeed in killing 7 zombies all in one swing of your chainsaw. Make sure you have a combo with good reach already purchased before going for this. Best combos for this is Holy Chainsaw(can be purchased for 999 medals), however Chainsaw Paradise and Chainsaw Full Swing can work too. There are several places this can easily be achieved:

Stage 3 (O' Bannon Farm)
Toward the end of this stage you will come to an open area filled with red and blue barrels. Destroy all these barrels immediately with your Chainsaw Blaster to clear the field. You will have to fight 3 waves of zombies here that will spawn from out of the ground. By the 3rd and final wave 32 zombies will spawn from the ground and come at you all at the same time. You can activate Sparkle Hunting mode or utilize your Holy Chainsaw combo but try to do so while all the zombies are grouped together. Nick Toss can also be used here by pushing down on and winning the roulette game. This move can dizzy zombies and turn them into 1-hit-kills. There should even be a Nick Ticket within the vicinity of the field across from the entrance.

Stage 5 (Cathedral)
Near the end of the stage, after rescuing the last classmate, you will slide down an elevator and into a large room filled with zombies. Nick will talk about a final battle and you will kick down a door. The next room will contain 32 zombies waiting for you. Try to get as many zombies as you can dazed by using a dropkick or pom-pom bash, then use the combo called "Holy Chainsaw" (,) to finish off the zombies. This combo can be bought for 999 zombie medals and is a great attack to use for this achievement.

Gunn Struck10
Struck by lightning 10 times.    (7) 

Near the end of Stage 2 (Stadium), you will be running from rooftop to rooftop. Midway through the rooftops section there will be lightning that starts to strike. This is best unlocked when playing on Easy as you will need to use your lollipops in order to stay alive. When you see lightning strike try to walk into it to get struck! 

Note: If you get killed by the lightning before getting a checkpoint then your struck counter will be reset. Make sure you have plenty of Lollipops to replenish your health so that you can get 10 strikes.

Super Shopper15
Spend 10,000 medals at Chop2Shop.Zom.    

You must spend a total of 10,000 medals at the Chop2Shop.Zom for this achievement. You will likely get this while purchasing items to work toward other achievements such as upgrading Juliet, BGMs, combos, and other various items. The key to getting lots of medals is Sparkle Hunting kills so buy the Holy Chainsaw combo and use it on crowds of zombies. Stages 3 and 5 both have a wave of 32 zombies toward the end of them that open opportunities for lots of medals. Those are good stages to get lots of medals in with this combo. Use the medals for purchase at the Chop2Shop.Zom to help work toward this.

See Love Nick for medal grinding methods.

Love Nick15
Kissed Nick 100 times.    (9) 

For this achievement you must kiss Nick, (Juliet's decapitated head for a boyfriend) 100 times. This is a pretty time consuming achievement as it will require the usage of 100 Nick Tickets! This requires you to use a Nick Ticket in order to pull off which can be found throughout stages or purchased at the Chop2Shop for 30 medals. Only 9 tickets can be held at once. Each time you use a Nick Ticket by clicking  a roulette game will come up. When you successfully land on a Nick Move a cutscene will show and Juliet will kiss Nick once. Some Nick Moves must be purchased before you can use them. Use enough moves to kiss him 100 times and this achievement will unlock. I recommend you try to use tickets once per stage section and use Nick Shake to help work toward Millionaire Hunter. Below is a nice grinding method for medals and using Nick tickets.

Boosting Method
Save up some zombie medals and start up Stage 5 (Cathedral) on Easy. Get through the first part of the stage where you blow up the truck. Use the combo , , to kill the first zombies and go into Star Soul Mode for extra medals. There's a shopping kiosk very early into this stage so that you can grind for this. Now use Nick Shake to get around 120 medals then go to the auto-save point (right passed the Chop2Shop), you should see the save icon. Exit out to the main menu then re-start the game to continue from last checkpoint and have the Nick Shake move back. Now get to shop again and repeat the process of buying and using Nick Tickets.

51 successful dropkicks.    (3) 

For this achievement you must perform a total of 51 dropkicks. All 51 of these must make physical contact with a zombie or else it will not count. To perform a dropkick you press  then . It's actually an amazing attack to use as it instantly groggys most zombies for an easy beheading. You can easily get 51 of these by spamming them in the halfway point in the Prologue. No problem!

International Zombie Hunter15
Registered in world leaderboards for all stages.   (27) 

To register yourself in the world leader boards you must first be connected to Xbox Live. Make sure you're on the Stage Select map menu so that you can access Ranking Mode by pressing . The map should turn dark red. Now play all 7 Stages start to finish under Ranked Mode on Normal difficulty or higher. Upon completion of a stage the game will ask you if you want to save your score. Select yes and it will be registered on the world leaderboards. Now do this for all other stages for the achievement.

Some notes on Ranking Mode:

  • There is no Easy difficulty (setting will change to Normal if Story Mode is on Easy)
  • If you die, mess up on a QTE, or a mini game you'll have to start all over
  • You can still find lollipop wrappers and zombies(for album) in Ranking
  • There is no Chop2Shop.Zom, a zombie chicken enemy will take its place
  • Medals collected do NOT carry over to your Story Mode

Ranking Mode is also recommended for working toward the zombie hunter(beat Dad's score) achievements as there are bonus requirements for each stage section that help you get more medals that aren't present in the Story Mode version.

Note: To check which stages you've done go to Juliet's House on the stage select screen and choose the leaderboards. From there you'll see three options for Difficulty, Level and Mode. Change it to ranking and you can look to see if you're scores are posted for Ranked.

Groovy Hunter10
Kill 500 zombies.   (1) 

See Zombie Slayer?! achievement description.

Zombie Slayer?!30
Kill 3,000 zombies.    (7) 

You must kill a total of 3,000 zombies for this achievement. Zombie kills carry over through playthroughs so you never have to worry about it being reset. So through your path of completing the game, surpassing Dad’s Score, or getting all collectibles you will likely hit your 3,000th kill somewhere in between.

If you need a good place to farm for kills, replay Stage 3 (O’Bannon Farm) repeatedly and you can get 500 kills each playthrough. 

Rich Hunter10
Pick up 1,000 zombie medals.    

See Millionaire Hunter achievement description.

Millionaire Hunter30
Pick up 10,000 zombie medals.    (6) 

For this achievement you must simply pick up 10,000 zombie medals. Every time you kill a zombie they drop medals which come in a variety of gold and platinum. Zombie medals can also be found lying around stages and classmates you save will also reward you with them. These coins unlock upgrades such as new combos, music, and extra costumes for Juliet! This is cumulative so you will be always be working toward this during your first playthrough and any other subsequent ones. Nick Shake is another great method for farming medals:

Nick Shake
If you have the skill purchased you can use Nick Shake by pressing  and landing on it during Nick Roulette to have Juliet shake medals/lollipops out of Nick. Mash all face buttons except  and this can help work toward the achievement. You can only use this once per Stage section.

San Romero Knights Savior30
Rescued All Classmates.   (8) 

You must rescue all 21 classmates in the game for this achievement. Classmates will have an SOS next to them to indicate that they are savable. To check your progress press  then  to see how many you have saved for each stage. If you happen to miss a classmate fret not, as you can run back and pick up any ones you missed upon completing the game! Here are the amount of classmates to be saved per stage:

  • Prologue: 3 Classmates
  • Stage 1: 8 Classmates
  • Stage 2: 4 Classmates
  • Stage 3: 1 Classmates
  • Stage 4: 3 Classmates
  • Stage 5: 2 Classmates

If you don't miss any on your 1st playthrough this can be unlocked by Stage 5 (Cathedral). The final 2 SOSs are in the Cathedral. They are always in the main game path and they are not too hard to save as they are usually in plain sight. The main thing is to make sure you actually go up to them after you save them so that you get credit and the Saved pic shows up in the bottom right of the screen. Each classmate will reward you with medals upon saving them. Below are some of the missables:

Missable Classmates 
There is one on Stage 3 - there is a blastable boulder to the right of a SOS student. If you shoot the boulder, it will instantly kill the SOS so be careful there.

The last one at Stage 5 is the only hard one. You have just closed off a well so that bomb zombies stop coming up. Then you'll get a call of about a puppy. Once the call is done quickly shoot the barrels with your blaster to get rid of them or you'll kill the SOS guy.

Lollipop Addict30
Collected all lollipop wrappers.    (6) 

There are a total of 40 collectible lollipop wrappers in the game for this achievement. Don't confuse these with Lollipop Health pick ups as the collectible ones are golden colored. Some of them can only be found while playing on Hard difficulty and they're usually in plain sight. You can track your progress by pressing start, going to Juliet's Stash, then pressing  three times to check your Lollipop Case. They are numbered so you can check to see which one's you are missing.

To find them all please refer to Rep's Lollipop Collectibles & Zombie Album Guide

Always On The Phone30
Collected all telephone messages.    (11) 

This achievement is story related and -missable. It will unlock upon receiving all 21 telephone messages in the game. While progressing through the main story Juliet will receive phone calls from her family members about numerous things for comic relief. It is purely optional to listen to them at Juliet's Room since this will unlock anyway once you complete the game for the first time. If you want to hear the messages go to Juliet's Room and tab down to telephone messages with  button. 

Zombie Fancier30
Completed the zombie album.   (7) 

Completing the zombie album requires you to fight against all 35 zombie types in the game. These zombies are special because they have name tags above them while you are fighting them along with a purple health bar. If they have a red check mark on their name that means you have already defeated them and they have been recorded in your Zombie Album. If there is no red check on their name then it means this a zombie you have not defeated yet and need to kill to add to your zombie album. 

Some zombies only appear on Hard difficulty so it's best to play on that for your first playthrough so that you won't have to backtrack. To check your progress for this achievement, press start, go to Juliet's Stash then press.

Refer to Rep's Lollipop Collectibles & Zombie Album Guide to help you locate and slay them all!

OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool30
Collected all BGM.    (7) 

You must collect and purchase all background music for this achievement. Music is unlocked as you progress through the game. Some of the music is unlocked by playing on harder difficulties or by beating dad's scores. So simply play until all the music is available in the shop and then purchase it all with platinum coins for this achievement! You can view your list of MP3's by going to "My Best Music" while the game is paused.

Perfect Body30
Completely level up Juliet.   (1) 

In order to fully upgrade Juliet you will need to upgrade her Health, Strength, Homing Distance, and Recovery. These can be upgraded by visiting the shop and selecting "Health & Upgrades". Every time you buy a level up item that increases one of her stats the next leveled item will become available for purchase. However, some items require you to progress to a certain point in the game to unlock. You will need exactly 5020 medals to fully upgrade her. The list of every item and price includes:


  • Magic Beans: 60
  • Crunchy Monkey Cereal: 90
  • Fruit Poot Juice: 135
  • Donkey Fruit Crepe: 205
  • Rodent Chow Mein: 250
  • Octopus Roll: 310
  • Sirloin Steak: 360
  • Toro Sushi: 410
  • O'Bannon Turkey: 470
  • Tofu Burger: 590


  • Power Dumbbells LV. 1: 70
  • Power Dumbbells LV. 2: 140
  • Power Dumbbells LV. 3: 550


  • Homing Sneakers Lv 1: 60
  • Homing Sneakers Lv 2: 120
  • Homing Sneakers Lv 3: 480


  • Aromatic Yoga Oil Lv 1: 80
  • Aromatic Yoga Oil Lv 2: 130
  • Aromatic Yoga Oil Lv 3: 510
Master Sushi Chef30
Collected all combos.   (4) 

You will unlock and purchase all 18 combos in the game. You will naturally unlock these as you complete each stage but most of the combos are simply extensions of previous ones. Combos are found at the Chop2Shop.Zom under "Awesome Skillz". You will have to complete the game in order to unlock them all. Once you have saved up enough zombie medals purchase them all for this achievement.

Every combo (and zombie medal price) includes:

  • Chainsaw Stab: 60
  • Cheerleader Chain: 100
  • Armadillo Spin: 120
  • Chainsaw Full Swing: 140
  • Maelstrom Spin: 150
  • Zombie Grab: 170
  • Chainsaw Paradise: 180
  • Chainsaw Strike: 190
  • Lolli-O-Copter: 200
  • Chainsaw Chain: 210
  • Nick Shake: 210
  • Butt Attack: 210
  • Body Bash: 210
  • Jump Stab: 280
  • Chainsaw Drill: 300
  • Brutal Cut: 300
  • Final Chainsaw Power Attack: 740
  • Holy Chainsaw: 999
Watch Out For The Balls10
Dodge & Counter Zed's Electric Balls 15 times.    (8) 

You must dodge then counter Zed's electric balls 15 times for this achievement. During his 3rd and final phase Zed will occasionally charge up and shoot 2 electric balls at you. You will need to jump up and dodge them with  as soon as he throws them at you. Stand in front of Zed and wait for them to return, there will be a QTE requiring you to press . Press it and the balls will hit him instead. The electric balls will not damage him so do this 15 times and the achievement is yours.

Cheerleader Overboard!10
Succeed in QTE at edge of Vikke's ship.    (5) 

You will be fighting Vikke at the end of Stage 2 (Stadium). There will be 3 parts of this boss fight. The first one will consist of Vikke on the deck of the ship attacking you. After finishing him for the first part, he will then be split in half. DO NOT SHOOT the bottom half of his body. Instead, run away until his upper half climbs up to the top of the ship. His bottom half of his body will be attempting to kick you off the ship. Stand by the side of the ship that does not have the sides that are blocked. Make sure you are far away from his bottom half so he can successfully kick you off the ship. It may take a couple of tries for him to kick you off. Hit  repetitively until you chainsaw his bottom half off the ship. Achievement will unlock right after doing so.

Third Eye10
Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle.    (3) 

At the end of Stage 3 you will have to fight the boss named Mariska. The fight will consist of three small parts until you defeat her. In the first part, Mariska will be throwing balloons toward you. As long as you strafe to the right or left they will not be able to hit you. The second part is where she will be split into four and there will be a tractor riding around the arena. Don't worry about the tractor running you over, just remain strafing to the right or left with  in order to dodge the balloons. The third part will have Mariska split into several bodies and there will be a hand chasing you around the arena. Just strafe to the right while shooting at her in order to take her down.

Critical UFO Finish10
Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds.    (12) 

You must defeat Josey with at least 10 seconds remaining on the clock. The boss, Josey, will be fought at the end of Stage 4. There will be two parts of this boss fight. One inside in the disco place, then the second on top of his UFO. After clearing the first part of the fight and advancing onto his UFO, you will have around 2:30 minutes on the clock to destroy him. This is plenty of time to defeat him so don't worry. There will be five blue generators that light up from time to time. Carefully destroy each one until Josey is in a "finish" state. Josey will not regenerate he will remain in this state until you finish him off. Now simply wait around until there is 10 seconds left on the clock to walk up to him and perform the QTE to cut him in half for the achievement. 

Elephant Tamer10
Counter Lewis' attack 10 times.    (5) 

For this achievement you must counter Lewis' attack during the boss fight 10 times. At the end of the stage you will have to fight the boss named "Lewis". In the first part of the fight Lewis will drive around in his motorcycle attempting to run you over. Keep attacking him until his health bar is at zero. You will have the chance to finish him but do NOT! If you wait 20 seconds Lewis will get back on his motorcycle and start riding around again. Each time he charges at you with his motorcycle you will have a QTE (Quick Time Event) to do. After doing that Lewis will be knocked off of his motorcycle again. Rinse and repeat 10 times and the achievement is yours. 

Fast forward >> clip to 3m17s

Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly's fight!    (3) 

During you fight against Killabilly, he will have his giant hands stretched out before him. Use your chainsaw attack to chop his fingers off until you've chopped 20 in all for the achievement! His fingers will come back so just keep chopping them until this unlocks.

Life Guard15
Rescued all classmates in Prologue.   

There are 3 classmates in the Prologue to rescue. They all come during standard progression in the game and only the 3rd one is difficult. The last guy is on a flag pole, after killing the initial waves of zombies he will drop down and you still need to escort him to the next area while he is being attacked for the final rescue. Just keep beating away at any zombies that attack him directly and it really shouldn't be too big a problem.

Accidental Vandalism15
Destroyed 300 objects in the game.    (2) 

You can get this as early as Stage 1. Just run into and destroy all the chairs, desks, and lockers and you'll get this one easy about halfway through the Stage. Destroying lockers in important anyway since they house Medals and also a Collectible Lollipop.

Go, Medal Racer, Go! 15
Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash.    (19) 

Midway through Stage 2 (Stadium), you will jump out a windows and end up on some rooftops. You will need to use your chainsaw dash () to collect all of the medals on the rooftops. You are allowed to quit out of the chainsaw dash () to run around and collect a few medals that you may have missed. Once you have used Nick to clear the ramp, a little ways up will be a split in the path. Take the right side of the path and chainsaw dash over the jump. Try to remain straight as possible during the jump to make sure you collect all of the medals. It is very important that you do NOT press and hold up on the  when using Chainsaw Dash as it will slow you down making it difficult to get passed the dropping building. Simply maneuver left and right only and you should be okay when you hit the ramp. If you miss a medal then dashboard it and start up the game, you'll start back at the checkpoint and can try again.

Legendary harvester15
Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3.    (6) 

Midway through Stage 3, you will reach a filed full of crops and zombies. You will be put into the Combine where you will have to mow down 100 zombies with , you can reverse with . Run over the whole field with the combine in order to unlock the achievement. The trick to this achievement is to make sure you mow down all of the the crops BEFORE killing all 100 zombies. So make sure you avoid some zombies and don't bother mowing them down until this unlocks or else you can miss this. 

No Fear Of Heights15
Beat the Gondola game without shooting.    (44) 

You must beat the Gondola arcade game in Stage 4 without pressing  button for this achievement. This achievement will take some patience to pull off as it can be rather difficult if you don't play carefully. The Gondola game can be played midway through Stage 4. After taking out the helicopter on the rooftops, there will be an arcade machine right next to the shop. When playing, you can press  to shoot the obstacles, but for the achievement you will need to complete it without shooting. This can be very annoying since the enemies drop obstacles at different sequences each time you restart. Relax and take it slow as their are safe areas on the side you can plan your next move at.

Follow this video clip for help

Little Sisters Are The Worst!15
Do not get hit by Rosalind's wrecking ball.    (3) 

Stage 5 (Cathedral) Midway through stage 5 you will come to a cutscene where Rosalind will be swinging around the wrecking ball. There are three parts of this achievement. 

  • First part - is where Rosalind will be randomly swinging her wrecking ball around in order to save you from the zombies. She will kill most of the zombies but you will need to kill some without getting hit by her wrecking ball.
  • Second part - involves you killing several zombies scattered around; there will be no wrecking ball in this part.
  • Third part - will be where Rosalind is getting attacked by zombies. Your job is to fend off the attacker zombies while also evading her wrecking ball. There is a tiny bar located at the bottom of the screen to show you how many zombies you have left to kill. Try to stay as far away from the wrecking ball as possible by hugging the wall directly behind you. Go and grab ammo for your gun whenever Rosalind's wrecking ball is moving away.

Aced Auto-shop Class15
Clear all the Kill Car QTE's in a row.   (18) 

This achievement can be obtained during Stage 6. Killabilly will be throwing cars at you at the beginning. Make sure to not screw up any of the (Press )quick-time events you get when a car is about to fly into you. You use this to build a ramp of cars to progress using the chainsaw dash. The achievement itself will unlock after the building nearly falls on you.

n00b Zombie Hunter30
Clear Prologue, surpassing Dad's score.   (7) 

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing the Prologue with a score of 119, 700 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher.

Bonus Requirements

Stage 0-1

  • No Damage
  • Sparkle Hunting: 4 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued

Stage 0-2

  • Sparkle Hunting: 5 Decaps
  • Speedy Finish: Street Battle
  • No Damage: Hazmat

For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

Beginner Zombie Hunter30
Clear Stage 1, surpassing Dad's score.   

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 1 with a score of 214, 500 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher.

Bonus Requirements

Stage 1-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Damage: Teacher

Stage 1-2

  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Damage: Police Officer

Stage 1-3

  • 3Pointers Only: Z-Basketball
  • Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer

Stage 1-4

  • Sparkle Hunting - 6 Decaps
  • No Damage: Bomb Cake
  • Star Soul Mode Not Used

Stage 1-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish

For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

Intermediate Zombie Hunter30
Clear Stage 2, surpassing Dad's score.   (6) 

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 2 with a score of 161,100 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher.

Bonus Requirements

Stage 2-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 4 Decaps
  • No Damage: Football Zombie
  • No Overheat Experienced

Stage 2-2

  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • No Damage: 4F
  • No Damage: 2F

Stage 2-3

  • Speedy Finish: Z-Basketball
  • No Overheat Experienced
  • No Damage: Gym

Stage 2-4

  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • No Overheat Experienced
  • 3 Headshots

Stage 2-5 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish

There is a score exploit for this stage if you have trouble beating dad's score here. After you save the three kids from the zombie cheerleaders and kill Josephine there's a quick-time event that you can repeatedly do for bonus points. In the alley is a rainbow colored jump pad that you must rapidly press  on followed by a few other buttons while you're in the air. Perform the quick time event and once you land on the railing turn around and drop down and head to the jump pad to repeat for bonus points! It's quite repetitive but you can use the pause button to see what button you should press, which allows you to react inhumanly fast and land 4 events per jump for extra points. 

For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

Advanced Zombie Hunter30
Clear Stage 3, surpassing Dad's score.   (4) 

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 3 with a score of 294,900 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you score more.

Bonus Requirements

Stage 3-1

  • No Damage
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • Speedy Finish: Bus Shoot

Stage 3-2

  • No Damage
  • Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
  • No Damage: Bus
  • No Damage: Fat Old Man

Stage 3-3

  • No Damage
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Damage: Big Chicken
  • Speedy Finish: Combine Event

Stage 3-4

  • Sparkle Hunting - 7 Decaps
  • No Damage: Big Chicken
  • No Damage: Combine Game

Stage 3-5 (During boss battle only)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish

For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

Super Zombie Hunter30
Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad's score.   (11) 

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 4 with a score of 127,600 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher. 

Bonus Requirements

Stage 4-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 3 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Alert: Dokuroman
  • Speedy Finish: Dokuroman Game

Stage 4-2

  • All Classmates Rescued
  • No Mistakes: Nick Zombie Cheer
  • No Damage: Building Dungeon

Stage 4-3

  • Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
  • Speedy Finish: Block Game
  • No Damage: Pole Room Battle
  • Climber Game: Nothing Broken

Stage 4-4 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish

You must clear Stage 4 while surpassing Dad's high score for this achievement. This is one of the easier Stages to get an A on because of a score exploit during the platform arcade game. Once you get to the QTE section where you jump off a platform onto the heads of some zombies press  to start but then nothing else so that you'll fall leaving the zombies unharmed. Now run back a little so that the zombies chase and bunch up then use the combo      . You should get 3 or 4 Sparkle kills to work toward your target score. Now take the elevator to your left back up and repeat until satisfied. If you score is around 45,000 that should be enough to get the A if you continue from there. 

For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

Excellent Zombie Hunter30
Clear Stage 5, surpassing Dad's score.   (8) 

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 5 with a score of 366,800 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher. 

Bonus Requirements

Stage 5-1 

  • Sparkle Hunting: 4 Decaps
  • Hazmat killed with own bomb
  • No Damage: 3 Hazmats

Stage 5-2

  • Sparkle Hunting - 5 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • Lollipop Not Used

Stage 5-3

  • Sparkle Hunting: 5 Decaps
  • 3 Headshots
  • Lift Kept Under 900kg
  • All Wrecking Balls Dodged

Stage 5-4

  • Sparkle Hunting: 7 Decaps
  • All Classmates Rescued
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • No Damage: 4-Pole Battle

Stage 5-5 (During boss battle only)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish

For more information regarding scoring, see Master Zombie Hunter achievement description.

Master Zombie Hunter30
Clear Stage 6, surpassing Dad's score.   

You must surpass Dad's score by clearing Stage 6 with a score of 80,700 or higher. This can be achieved in Story Mode or Ranking Mode but Ranking is recommended as there are Bonus requirements that can help you with scoring higher. 

In order to clear a Stage and surpass Dad's score you must receive an overall rank of an A. To save time you can go for all of these under Ranking Mode to help work toward International Zombie Hunter if you want but Story Mode is also fine. To access Ranking Mode press  while at the map menu. There are also bonus requirements exclusive to Ranking Mode that give you extra medals that you can fulfill to help increase your score. Please see each respective Zombie Hunter achievement for the bonus requirements. After completing a Stage you will receive results based on how well you did. You are graded based on the following credentials: 

  • Zombie Medals
  • Platinum Medals
  • Sparkle Hunting
  • Completion Time
  • Continues

Based on these 5 credentials you will get an overall rank on how well you did. You should not have to fully level up Juliet however unlocking some of the more efficient combos helps. You want to avoid dying when running back through Story Mode(or Ranking Mode) and achieve many Sparkling Kills as they are key to scoring high. Using the Holy Chainsaw combo makes this easier. 

Bonus Requirements

Stage 6-1

  • Sparkle Hunting - 6 Decaps
  • No Overheating Experienced
  • All Flying Cars Dodged
  • All Jump Boards Completed
  • All Killabilly Lasers Dodged

Stage 6-2 (Note: Only during boss battle)

  • Lucky Nick Not Used
  • Lollipop Not Used
  • Speedy Finish
Congratulations! Happy Birthday!100
Watched the happy ending.   (19) 

To obtain the Good Ending you must complete Stage 6 (Killabilly), while having all of the classmates rescued. If you happen to miss some then you will receive the Bad Ending instead. Don't fret if you get the Bad Ending. You can simply use the Stage Select option to run back and save any classmates you missed! See San Romero Knights Savior for a guide on how and where to save all 21 classmates. Once you have all 21 rescued, re-challenge Killabilly and complete the Stage to finally receive your good ending. 

Horrid Birthday15
Watched the bad ending.   (10) 

You will unlock the "Bad Ending" of the game when you complete Stage 6 while not having all of the classmates in the game rescued. If you have already saved all of the classmates in the game and have unlocked the "Good Ending", replay Stage 6 again and it will let you choose to watch the Bad Ending for the game.

Rock'n Roll Isn't Here Anymore15
Defeated Lewis LEGEND.    (1) 

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. It will unlock upon defeating Lewis LEGEND, the Stage 5 boss of the game. Lewis has multiple phases and you'll want to focus on slashing him up close when he's taking a breather. During his first phase he will start out on his bike shooting at you. Keep moving and when he drives at you perform the  button QTE to knock him off. He will then get up and remain docile. This is your time to slash at him. Repeat until his next phase where he changes to a mech-elephant. 

In his later phases, only hit him when he is standing still or else you'll take damage. He will eventually sort of break down and you can just go up to him and unleash a combo. Every time you get him into a "finish" state and perform the slice in half QTE he will transform again with new attacks. Continue to dodge and attack when he's docile to eventually finish him off for the achievement. 

I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass15
Defeated Killabilly.    (11) 

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. It will unlock upon defeating Killabilly, the final boss of the game. Defeating Killabilly is simply enough. He'll start out by grabbing you and you'll need to use your Chainsaw Blaster to shoot him in the face. After his first phase focus on sawing his fingers off when he lays his hands on the ground. He'll conjure up zombies in-between attacks so be sure to dodge those and slay any zombies in your way. Once you have him at "finish" he'll trap you with his hand. Perform the  quick-time event to finish him off for good.

Game Info
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US June 12, 2012
Europe June 15, 2012
Japan May 31, 2012

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