London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games Achievement Guide

Guide By: Ravenous IE
There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 (Depending on Skill)
- Offline: 40/44 (925)
- Online: 4/44 (75)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 1 (Kit Collector)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None/Controllers (4 Controllers)

London is the follow up game to Sega's previous Olympics game Beijing 2008. The game isn't too difficult, with the only problem being Kit Collector as this involves getting 80 points total in both Medium and Hard playthroughs.

Step 1: Medium Olympics Games Playthrough
This playthrough will consist of you getting fairly used to the game, grabbing some achievements along the way. Medium consists of a 10 day tournament, with two events per day.
You will want to grab all Gold along the way here as not doing so will cause you to miss out on "Kit Collector". See in tips below how to do this a bit easier.

Step 2: Hard Olympics Games Playthrough
This playthrough is the exact same as your Medium playthrough although there is now 14 days with two events per day. Again you're wanting all Gold Medals here.

Step 3: Challenge Mode
This mode consist of getting stars over certain amount of events There are 8 Challenge days with a total of 24 events.

Step 4: Online
There are only 4 online achievements in this game, two can be boosted with a friend and two you will have to win yourself competing against others online.

Step 5: Mop up
This is where you will grind out the remaining achievements that you need to acquire.

London 2012 Olympics is a pretty fun game, and it won't cost you as much money to replace control pads like Beijing had the courtesy of doing. It's one of the easier 1000 that I've seen this year for myself anyway. Hope you enjoy this guide and let me know on anywhere of improving it.

[x360a would like to thank Ravenous IE for this roadmap]

Show Pony15
Emoted first out of a group of players while being introduced for a race event (4) 

Pick 100 metres in Event's play; now with two controllers start it up. Press  to start the event. Leave it to run for a second and you will see  in the top right corner . Press  with your controller.

No Weak Links30
Every player in a Challenge Event scored more than their share of the team's 3-Star target score 

For this you will need a friend or a second control pad. Pick Challenge 1 as this is this easiest one.
The Javelin Requirement is 170.00, so between two people a minimum of 85m each to get the 3 stars, and thus unlocking your achievement.

Up to the Challenge75
Completed all Challenge Sets for a controller type (3) 

Can be done with a second controller. As stated above there are 8 challenge days consisting of 24 challenges total. This is pretty straight forward achievement - just a bit of time needed to do.

Please note: Only the person who presses start and chooses their save file at the start up screen will get achievements in this mode.

Gold, Gold, Gold!20
Earned 9 Challenge Stars in a single Challenge Set (4) 

Load up Challenge 1 - being the easiest with a second controller or if you have mates around, even easier. You will need to complete:

  • -Javelin Throw, 170m.
  • -Archery Individual, 220.
  • -Archery Blitz, 800

These are the scores needed for 3 Stars in each event. Take your time and you will get it in no time.

Please note: Only the person who presses start and chooses their save file at the start up screen will get achievements in this mode.

Awesome Foursome15
Completed a Challenge Set with 4 players (4) 

Can be done with 4 controllers. Load up Challenge 1 with a total of 4 controllers and sit back and prepared to be bored. You only have to complete the Challenge so don't worry about getting 9 Stars, 3 Stars will do.

Refer to Friendly Competition below for tips if you don't have 4 control pads/controllers.

Please note: Only the person who presses start and chooses their save file at the start up screen will get achievements in this mode.

Glorious Results30
You have won a total of 5 Gold medals in Quick Matches or Custom Matches 

This cannot be boosted, (not that I'm aware of). Win 5 Gold medals. Doesn't have to be in a row, it's accumulated over your online play. Easiest way is through "Custom Games" and pick "Track Events".

Competed in a Quick Match or Custom Match for National Pride 

Just load up either an Xbox Live Quick Match or Custom Match, select your nation and play. You'll get the achievement and the end the event.

Take On the World20
Won an Xbox LIVE Tournament 

This can be boosted. Find a partner here to help obtain the achievement.

You can always grind it out and win this legit if needs be.

Social Sports10
Played an Xbox LIVE Tournament with one or more friends (30) 

This can be boosted. Find a partner here to help obtain the achievement. 

If you have a friend who has the copy, it can be obtained while going for the Take On the World Achievement.

Superb Serving10
Performed 10 ace serves over your career 

Load up the event Table Tennis while using two control pads. Beat down Player 2 with constant serves. The achievement will unlock after your 10th Ace.

Foul Play10
Performed 30 foul attempts in field events over your career 

Load up the Long Jump. You get 6 attempts at this event so just run past the white board 6 times, rinse, repeat the event 4 more times and it's yours. You should be pretty close along the way from playing with friends or in Olympic Mode foul wise, towards this achievement.

Marathon Man10
Have run a distance of 42.195km over your career (3) 

This is the only repetitive achievement in the game.

It works out roughly playing the 200m, x 211 retries to unlock this.

Or could slug it out and do the 400m, x 106 retries..

The 200m is much easier to do. You will unlock this after you cross the finish line and of course the 42.195k mark.

No Splash30
Received a perfect ten from one of the judges in a Diving event 

Basically all you need is a single 10 from any of the Judges. Doing the very first choice on any the Diving Events, and landing it without a huge splash should net you a 10.0 from one of the Judges. This should come to you along the way of doing Olympic Mode from the constant restarts you'll endure.

Big Hitter10
Perform 10 Power Shots in a Table Tennis match (2) 

You will need to do this against the computer, or possibly a friend to keep the rally going. I recommend playing against the CPU on Medium at least. A "Power Shot" is when you time your swing with the  at the right time. You will hear the crowd cheering if you've pulled one off. Remember you need to do this in one sitting, so it could take a few attempts just to get use to the timing.

Photo Finish10
Won a Race by 0.07 seconds or less (1) 

This is actually easy enough to do. Start up a 100m race on easy with your selected nation. Doesn't matter really about your launch too much as you will catch the CPU rather easily. Once you've caught up to them start to slow yourself down a lot so that your in line with whoever is in 1st/2nd, now slowly keep the  timing just in the stamina box. You should be just at the finish line, tap the  up to push your body over the line. Might take a couple of attempts to get the hang of it.

I was able to do it roughly 8/10 times when I tried this method.

Total Shutout30
Won a Table Tennis or Beach Volleyball match without losing a point (5) 

Start up a 1P versus 2P Table Tennis match and just let Player 1 win.

Cracking the Clay30
Hit every target at Station 4 in Skeet 

The main thing to try not to do is panic. As soon as you panic is as soon as your focus is gone. Main tip in this is to try follow the Clay from the back of whichever direction its flying, i.e left to right, right to left. Makes it easier to line up your shot.

Quick and Painful15
Touched the last hurdle and still won a medal in 110m Hurdles 

You just have to get into the top 3 for this achievement. Put the game on easy to help you out in obtain this achievement. 

110m Hurdles Quick and Painful

Refer to 24 Carat Gold for more help.

Close Shave10
Touched the bar in a High Jump and still cleared it successfully 

For this achievement you just need to make the bar wobble without it falling off and you landing on the other side.

Refer to 24 Carat Gold for more help.

Super Fish30
Earned a Gold medal in each of the 5 types of Swimming event 

Just to clear this up, if you do the Men's 50m Freestyle you do not need to do it in the Women's category. Same goes with the 100m - doesn't matter if you do 2 Men's and 3 Women's events, winning Gold you will still get the achievement.

List is as follows:

  • Men's and Women's 50m Freestyle
  • Men's and Women's 100m Freestyle
  • Men's and Women's 100m Breaststroke
  • Men's and Women's 100m Butterfly
  • Men's and Women's 100m Backstroke
Human Catapult30
Earned a Gold medal in every Throwing event, while representing a nation 

You will need to get a Gold in each of these following events to get the achievement. You do not need to beat your Personal Best (PB). Just first place is needed.

List is as follows:

  • Men's Discus Throw
  • Men's Javelin Throw
  • Men's Shot Put
The Running Man30
Earned a Gold medal in each of the 4 types of Track events 

Same rules apply in the Swimming here, if you do the Men's 400m you do not have to do the Women's 400m.

List is as follows:

  • Men's 100m
  • Men's 110m Hurdles
  • Men's 200m
  • Men's and Women's 400m
Leaping Legend30
Earned a Gold medal in every Jumping event, while representing a nation (3) 

Same rules apply again as in Swimming and Track, - you just need to complete either the Men's or Women's High Jump.

List is as follows:

  • Men's and Women's High Jump
  • Men's Long Jump
  • Men's Triple Jump
Flipping Fantastic!30
Earned a Gold medal in every Gymnastics event, while representing a nation 

You have to complete either the Men's or the Women's Vault earning a Gold medal. You do not have to get Gold in both categories.

List is as follows:

  • Men's Trampoline
  • Men's and Women's Vault
Earned a Gold medal in every Shooting event, while representing a nation 

You have to do either the Men's or Women's Skeet event here to pick up the Gold medal requirement. No need to do both of them, only if you're trying to beat your Personal Best (PB) to go towards your Pushing Yourself achievement.

List is as follows:

  • Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
  • Men's and Women's Skeet
Game, Set and Match30
Earned a Gold medal in every Versus event, while representing a nation 

Both will roughly take you about 10-15minutes altogether to complete, but you should pick this up along the way on your Hard Olympic Mode playthrough.

You will need to compete in the following events to gain Gold:

  • Men's Table Tennis
  • Women's Beach Volleyball
Scored ten or more on every target in a round of Rapid Fire Pistol, while representing a nation 

The 1st round is probably the best chance to do this as you've 8 seconds to shoot and a bit more time to free move to hit those 10's.

Rapid Fire Aimbot

Refer to 24 Carat Gold for more help.

How's That?!20
Hit the bullseye camera of the archery target, while representing a nation (11) 

This is a pain to get as you've to get your arrow right in the centre of the board to hit the camera, main thing to try is pay close attention to the wind. When you pull back your Bow  down, you can wait a second for the wind to change direction, to line up an easier shot.

Never Touched the Sides15
Completed the Men's K1 Kayak Single course with no penalties at all, while representing a nation 

You can take as long as you like here to do this; only thing you can NOT do is crash into every gate you see. 

Kayak Never Touch the Sides

Refer to 24 Carat Gold for a more help

Competitive Spirit10
Completed a multiplayer game, while representing a nation 

Start up as usual the standard 100m race with an extra controller, it doesn't matter who wins the race just as long as you compete in the race to the finish line you'll unlock this.

Can also be unlocked by playing a quick match on Xbox Live if you don't have an extra controller.

Style Conscious10
Wore an alternative national kit in an event 

You will need to progress through Olympic Mode on Medium or Higher to unlock new kits. You will need to get Gold medals on both events on the day you're playing to unlock new kits and equipment. Once you've unlocked a new kit go into Event Play, choose the nation you've unlocked the new kit for and press  to change it to the alternate load up the 100m and you shall gain this achievement.

Pushing Yourself15
Beat your own personal best set in every event possible, irrespective of gender. 

If you play the Men's 400m you will just need to beat your Personal Best (PB) again on the Men's 400m, you do not need to do it again in the Women's category. Same principle applies for the Synchronized Diving, doing the Men's 3m Synchronized Springboard will mean just beating it again on your next retry, not having to worry about registering a Personal Best (PB) in the Women's category.

Also, you do not need to worry about doing the Table Tennis or the Women's Volleyball Events. These are not required for the achievement.

World Champion15
Broke a World Record (1) 

For this achievement I found doing the Shot Put was the easiest one to beat the World Record. For the Shot Put all you have to do is power up with  bashing it to build speed. Now you wait for the angle to drop from the top the screen and try hitting 35° mark and push up on the  and watch that ball fly. Should get it with ease.

24 Carat Campaign100
Earned the Gold medal in every event of a medium or hard Olympic Games mode campaign 

Here's where the difficulty gets increased. This is going 10 days/20 events winning all gold. Medium is only available until you finish your Olympic Mode playthrough, so you're best off going for this first and leaving your Hard Campaign for Kit Collector.

A Few events that can be a bother

  • Men's Keirin
    As soon as you see that countdown hits 1, bash  as fast you can and use the inside lane. You want to be literally right at the left side at all time. Now if you get in the lead, try keeping your stamina up by holding  down. Keep bumping the CPU out the way and pedal any chance you have when your stamina is full. The only tips I can think of here to help anyone out, as these worked for me very well.
  • Men's 25mm Rapid Fire
    This was the hardest event I had trouble with. You need to be so accurate and quick off the draw if you want to beat the CPU here. What I advise doing is on Round 1-3 take your time, as Round 1 is 8 seconds, Rounds 2 & 3 are 6 seconds each. This should be more than enough time to get in the 50,49,49s. Rounds 4-6 consist of 4 seconds each. Round 5&6 is when the scores get put up; hitting near dead centre will net you 10.9-11.0. Practice is essential on this, good luck with it. 
  • Men's Single Sculls
    This is another one of those events you dread. You need to be in perfect sync with every stroke, otherwise you might as well not continue here. The only tip I found for this is watch the rowers’ legs. Once they push down on the front of the boat press +together to speed yourself up. To give yourself a boost, double tap the+together for increased powered. 

I would also try at the start of the race to speed boost straight away. You can get one out then a normal row, which in turn gives you another bit of stamina for another speed burst. Practice this event – it gave me so much trouble.

Keirin - Tips For Hard


400m - Tips for victory


Men's Sculls

There is one trick to use if you've no retry tokens left in Olympics mode:

Dashboard Glitch 
When you've lost the event that you've been playing and failed to win, do not hit the continue button. Instead hit the Guide Button (Middle button) in on your controller and hit  to return to your Xbox Dashboard. Load back up your game again and back into the Olympics mode. You shall now be back in that same race you failed to win. Rinse, repeat as much as necessary till you complete your event.

Note: Many have confirmed that their saves were corrupted using the "Sign Out" Method so do not use it at all, unless you like corrupted save files.

Self Improvement20
Used a Retry Token, and got a better result in the top 3 places 

You need to do this while Qualifying for a Final Event. You will be asked to retry or continue in any event you’re trying to advance in. Finish last on purpose and then use one of your tokens to replay the event, and get yourself into the top 3 to earn the achievement.

I'd recommend doing this on your first day, first event using your token and then quitting to the main menu after getting the achievement and starting a new Olympic Mode so there's no loss in tokens.

Successful Campaign20
Earned 20 medals in a single Olympic Games Campaign (2) 

This should be obtained after doing your Medium playthrough, as there is 10 days totaling 20 medals, which you should be going for towards getting 24 Carat Gold and Kit Collector.

All-Around Athlete20
Qualified for the finals of every event in an Olympic Games mode campaign 

This will come naturally across your game time, and is also needed if you’re wanting to obtain Kit Collector.

Got Gold!15
Earned a Gold medal in The Olympic Games mode 

This should come naturally when you’re trying to get all the kits and equipment unlocked through the course of your Olympic Mode campaign.

The Contender10
Qualified for the finals of an event in The Olympic Games mode 

See All-Around Athlete achievement description.

Kit Collector30
Unlocked all available sporting accessories (11) 

As it goes you only need to get 80 overall points through your run to get everything unlocked. So 80 points on your Medium playthrough, then 80 points in your Hard playthrough.

A video from the sister site PS3 Trophies, showing the final standings, having NOT won all Gold in all Events.

Ravenous IE Credits: WoodsMonk for finding this out.

Friendly Competition15
Won an Events Mode session with four players competing (6) 

Depending on if you’re a socialite or not, you’re going to need 4 control pads either way. 

  • Get your friends over to help you obtain this while having fun,
  • 4 control pads, one human. 

Load up Events Play, and choose one the random Events that you want or load up. 100m and the 110m Hurdles I believe to be the quickest. Finish these events off and you shall get the achievement, once you go back out to the event selection screen.

Ravenous IE Credits: Nufcneilo for this tip for the 4-player achievements, I personally didn't have 4 controllers, so I used two Guitar Hero controllers, (I assume Rock Band's would work too). Obviously I couldn't use them to play the games properly, but they acted as the 3rd and 4th players. 

Team Spirit15
Beat your personal best in Team Archery or Synchronised Diving 

You will need at least 2 Players for this, or two controllers.

Load up Team Archery and do horribly on purpose on your first game giving yourself a low score, now go back and retry this event again and just hammer the score you set in the last game and you'll earn yourself a nice little achievement.

Team Player30
Earned 3 Gold medals in team events 

Quickest way I found to do this was in Team Archery as I had two controllers. If you've a friend around, do the Synchronized Diving as it's really short due to you both going at the same time. Even though it's called Team Archery you still take turns in it. Rinse & repeat for whichever method is needed to grab you this achievement.

My Way5
Created and played through a custom playlist 

The way I did this (and I'm not sure it's needed) was going into Events Play. After this I picked my favourite, as always, the 100m. I then switched the tab at the top to save my playlist, hit  to save said playlist. I then proceed to start my playlist, finished my playlist, and unlocked 5.

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US June 26, 2012

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