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Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal Achievement Guide

Guide By: xLCDx
There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 41
- Online: 3
- Time to 1000 : 10 to 20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 6
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Welcome to Looney Tunes AA.This game has 44 achievements - 3 are online and 41 are offline. You do need two controllers to get the 1000 , but it is still is a pretty easy 1000 . Cheats do not disable achievements, but they do disable saving. I only found one cheat (, , , , , , , , , ). This cheat is for unlimited ammo.

Once your at the main menu, go down and press tutorial. Follow on screen instructions and you will get the Toot-toot! achievement. Now start the story on easy. Make sure you kill every enemy you see to get the Next Contestant Please…, Smoke-um!, and the Wobot Season! achievements. Hit all the crates you see to get Gold!, I'm rich!, Gold! Gold!!, and the Gold! Gold!! GOLLLLD!!! achievements. If you see supersuits buy them. Now on the level 1 try not to get any health bottles or die and get the Tweety Bird trophy. Here is a video:

Once you finish level 1 you should get the What's Up, Doc? ,and the Gad, How do I do it? achievements. When you get to The Muddy Evil Forest do it without dying and get the Porky Pig Trophy. Here is a video:

You should get the Devilishly Clever and the Eager Young Space Cadet achievements. When you get to low noon, get the Yosemite Sam trophy. Here is a video:

Once you finish the level you should get the Great Horny Toads!!! and Dagnabbit! achievements. When you get to volcano way out do it without dying and get the Wile E. Coyote trophy. Here is a video:

Once you finish the level you should get the Super-genius!!!, Woo-hoo-hoo Nelly!, and the Great Southern Land-mines! achievements. Once you get to pyramuddle, get the Road Runner trophy. Here is a video:

You will get the Speedipus Rex achievement. Make sure you do both driving missions in the martian fashion explosion. In Scooter Way Scramble, beating the par time this can be hard so here is a video:

When you beat the par time the Speedy Gonzalez! achievement should come up. At the Martian Fashion Show try to get a 12 combo. Here is a video:

Once you do the combo, the combo achievements should come up. Now at assembly-line insanity, Get the the Michigan J. Frog trophy. Here is a video:

You should get the Hello, Mah Baby! achievement.

Playthrought mop up:
When you have have beaten the game, you should have every character in the game. So now play the first level with every character, making sure to get all the green things and you should get the ...Where's the "kaboom"? achievement. Now speed run Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash and De-Nile with the orange guy.

Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash,

You should get the par time achievements. If you do not have the coin achievements or the Enemy achievements replay a level until it comes up.

Local co-op/Battle:
You will need two controllers for these achievements. For the This... Means... War achievement, go to battle mode, have your second controller sit there, have your first controller get a gun and keep killing the second player. Now for the Shoot him, shoot him now! achievement, go to battle mode and have the first player grab every gun. Keep getting every gun you see until the achievement unlocks. For the co-op achievements pick supersuits skins and then go to the level The log Ness Monster, Excape of Excalibu, and Low Noon to get the Anyone for tennis?, Viva l'amour! Ve die togezzer, Aren't we gruesome?, and the Stupor-Duper! achievements. For the offline combo achievement go to the level the Martian Fashion Show and have one player press and have the other do + . When you have done a level 9 combo you will get the achievement Yo-yo Atom-Smashers!

You will need somebody who has bug bugs if you need somebody to help you go HERE. Beat any level online and you will get the Just try and top this one! achievement, and if he has Bug Bugs you will get the You caught Bugs' `bug'! achievement. The combo achievement is the same as the offline, you just have to do it online. For the online combo achievement go to the level the Martian Fashion Show and have one player prees and have the other do +.When you have done a level 9 combo you will get the achievement Up-and-Atom.

You should now have 1000 on Looney Tunes AA. Congratulations.

x360a would like to thank ktilla23 for this Road Map

Successfully complete the Tutorial. (By the way - it's more fun if you cheat)   

Not sure what the description means about cheating, but the tutorial is very short and easy, so just run through it.

Frankenbean there, done that30
Complete chapter 1 - Dr Frankenbeans Castle... I love what you’ve done with those cobwebs!    

See, "Thats All Folks."

Complete chapter 2 - Camelot. (Please Don't Feed The Camels)    

See, "Thats All Folks."

Complete chapter 3 -Wild West. Give them con-sarned no-good blumding-varmints…    

See, "Thats All Folks."

Great Southern Land-mines!30
Complete chapter 4 - Taz World. The derring-doest daringest-duo in the double-blunder Down-Under!    

See, "Thats All Folks."

Heavens Below!30
Complete chapter 5 - A Warm Place! Bet you thought you’d finish this one when Heck freezed over?     

See, "Thats All Folks."

Complete chapter 6 - Egypt. Say `sayonara' to the Sahara!    

See, "Thats All Folks."

My Stars!30
Complete chapter 7 - Mars. Hugo first, there's an abomin-abale snowperson in here!     

See, "Thats All Folks."

War is Heck!30
Complete chapter 8 - WW1. Holy cats, I've been drafted!     

See, "Thats All Folks."

100 Nuts & a Squirrel!30
Complete chapter 9 - Wackyland. It's simply marrrrrvellous Dali-ng.    

See, "Thats All Folks."

That’s All, Folks!80
Completed the game! The whole darn shootin'-match!! You'll probably hate yourself in the morning…    

You can play the game on easy and still get this, so it should only take about four hours or so to do the entire game. Some people have reported not being awarded this, so make sure you do every single chapter. Some chapters it looks like you can skip (for instance, the first chapters Foghorn and Marvin's areas, both driving missions), but they need to be completed for this achievement.

What's Up, Doc?20
Finish the First Act without collecting any Health. Now who'd go and do a dirty thing like that?   

When it says act, it really means level. So basically put it on easy and beat the first level without collecting any of the health bottles you see. They are orange and can be found in crates or just laying around.

Gad, how do I do it?20
Beat Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash without dying. You are a mental case.   

Again if you are playing on easy this will be no problem. This is just a level in the game and not a chapter.

Devilishly clever20
Beat The Muddy Evil Forest without dying. Ya crazy idjit!   

You can play the game on "Easy" so these shouldn't be a problem...

Woo-hoo-hoo Nelly!20
Beat Volcano Way Out without dying. All right that settles it.   

Just run through it without killing anything, really easy.

Gold! I'm rich!10
Collect 250,000 in coins. Hmmm, not bad!   

See, "Gold! Gold!! GOLLLLD!!!."

Gold! Gold!!20
Collect 500,000 in coins. I need what little I've got   

See, "Gold! Gold!! GOLLLLD!!!."

Gold! Gold!! GOLLLLD!!!30
Collect 1,000,000 in coins. Keep the change, Doc!   (1) 

You can collect 1,000,000 coins a couple chapters before you finish the game. This achievement is glitched and so you proabbly won't get it when you hit 1,000,000. Most people don't get it untill they hit 1.2 or 1.3 million coins. So just keep replaying levels until you get it.

Next contestant please…10
Smash 100 Enemies. Hey - this promises to be fun!   

See, "Wobot season."

Smash 200 Enemies. And I thought this was gonna be a dull day!   

See, "Wobot season."

Wobot season!30
Smash 500 Enemies. So, goodbye to you - and farewell to thee!   (1) 

This achievement will come from just playing the game. If you kill every enemie that comes your way in the game you can get this one by the end of chapter 5.

...Where's the "kaboom"?20
Fully max out each character's Illudium. Aw, don't be so danged literal, Mac!    (4) 

For this one you will need to have beaten the game once. You will most likely have filled every character during the game normally, so once you beat the game, load up the first level with your new character: Hulk Bugs. Using the giant green bunny, collect enough green tubes and it should unlock. If not, you didn't do it with one of the other characters, so make sure you get it done with everyone.

Bugs, Daffy, Taz, Foghorn, Marvin, Gossamer, Hulk Bugs.

Speedy Gonzalez!20
Beat the par time for Scooterway Scramble! I go take my siesta now.   (2) 

You need to beat this in under 2:20 seconds. This will be hard for some people but it can be done. Hold down both triggers the entire time. If you beat this, it will most likely be at 2:19 so don't be discouraged if you get exactly 2:20 a few times. Make sure you don't hit any walls and you should be good. Always jump when you can and take the blue floored areas.

`Slowpoke' Rodriguez20
Beat the par time for Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash. Whoops, had the silly thing in reverse.   

You need to beat this one in under 2:00 minutes. For this one you will need to have beaten the game and gotten the orange guy. With him just run through level. The only place you need to fight is the first section where the stairs will expand once all the guys are dead. Group them up and use a ground pound like for the "Combo Loco" achievement to kill them all quickly. In the second area where you have to kill everything to expand the stairs, you can skip it by jumping on the crates to the left of the section and floating across.

"Arriba! Arriba! Ándale! Ándale!"20
Beat the par time for In De-Nile. Holy freholas, that thing runs faster than me!   (1) 

This one you will need a time better than 3:25. Once you beat the game, the orange guy will be unlocked. He is the fastest character, so use him and just run through the level. Only kill the guys you need to (they will have keys above their heads) and memorize the floating lifts and whatnot.

The Combo Kid!10
Produce a level 6 combo. You asked for it!   

See "Combo Loco."

Combo Carnage!!20
Produce a level 9 combo. Oh, you again?   

See "Combo Loco."

Combo Loco!!!30
Produce a level 12 combo. Soives ya right!   (1) 

In the level "Martian Fashion Show" you will come to a Cloning room very near the beginning. In this area, run to the back to have all the enemies break out of the tubes, then stand on the crate in the middle so they all crowd around you. Now, spend a minute weakening the enemies with normal attacks and spin attacks () but try not to kill any. Once you feel they are weak enough, use a  combo (or only  if you collected all the tubes to upgrade your attack) and then ground pound (+) to kill the entire group.

Don't get frustrated, this will most likely take a few attempts (or a lot), but keep trying.

Hello, Mah Baby!20
Find the Michigan J. Frog trophy. Do the Michigan rag!    

In Assembly Line Insanity, you will come to a point where you have to fight three black knights. There is a switch you need to activate up high on the right. There is a breakable wall on the far side of the room as you are jumping up to the switch.

Eager Young Space Cadet20
Find the Porky Pig trophy. Gosh, here we go again!    

Porky Pig Trophy - In Muddy Evil Forest level, you will come to a section where you have a to fight a knight at the back end of a town. Jump on one of the rooftops on the right side, then on a tree, then on a ledge next to it.

Great horny toads!!!20
Find the Yosemite Sam trophy. Enter, o seeker of knowledge. That's you, fathead.    

Yosemite Sam Trophy - In Low Noon, where you face the first Big Cowboy guy, jump on the house to the right.

Find the Wile E. Coyote trophy. Allow me to introduce myself - my name is mud.    

Wile E. Coyote Trophy - At the beginning of Volcano Way Out, go up the hill until you see a big tree with a tiki torch next to it. Fall off to the left of the torch and hope to land on the platform below. Very hard to judge where it is, but you'll find it eventually.

Speedipus Rex20
Find the Road Runner trophy. Rock - falling - what'll I do?    

Road Runner Trophy - In Pyramuddle, go to the swinging pendulum part. go all the way across to the opposite side of where you entered. There are boxes, break them for trophy.

Bad old puddy-tat20
Find the Tweety Bird trophy. Awww, isn’t he a darling little tweety-bird?    

Tweetybird Trophy - In Whack Tastic Robo Bash, there is a door near the end of the level, that has "Monster" written on it. Head to the right and jump on top of the room, then onto the boxes and across the gap. Don't break the boxes when you get up there or you won't be able to get it.

Shoot him, shoot him now!20
Used every weapon! ...I cannot fight no more against such genius.   

As you progress through the game just find and use every weapon. You won't get this until the very last level, and you will need to buy that weapon from a vending machine. Except for the last one, I'm pretty sure most weapons you can find off enemies, but to be safe, buy any guns from machines you come across.

This... Means... War.10
Win a Battle. Wow, that old babe means to do me some serious hoit.   

From the main menu, select this mode and have a second controller hooked up. Set it to one kill and then just hunt the other one and kill them.

Finish an act with both players wearing supersuits. Does my butt look big in this?   (1) 

Supersuits are extra character skins unlocked by buying them from the vending machines during the story mode. Watch out for those during the story and make sure you buy them whenever you can; they will look like small icons of whatever character the suit is for. Once you have completed the game, load a co-op game and switch the characters to skins with superhero costumes on.

Aren't we gruesome?20
Beat The Log Ness Monster in local co-op play. It’s great what you can do with wire and light bulbs?   

Same as "Anyone for tennis?"

Viva l'amour! Ve die togezzer.20
Beat Excape of Excalibur in local co-op play. Okay, have it your way!   

Same as "Anyone for tennis?"

Anyone for tennis?20
Beat Low Noon in local co-op play. Brother - what a way to run a railroad!   (1) 

You can actually do this by yourself, just plug in a second controller for this level.

Yo-yo Atom-Smashers!20
Produce an atomic combo level 9 in local co-op play. So - you’re the one behind all this…   (1) 

This is identical to "Up-and-Atom!" except in local co-op instead of online. Can be pretty tricky by yourself with two controllers, but you should be able to do it. Since both players need to contribute, move one right in front of the room, then the other, then make them both run in at the same time because the door will close otherwise.

Produce an atomic combo level 9 online. Adios, you chicken-pluckin little stinker!   (2) 

An "Atomic" combo is achieved by one person starting the combo and the other finishing it. What you need to do it follow the steps and video for "Combo Loco" online, except that one person needs to stun the enemy and the other person needs to finish it with the ground pound. The online is a bit tricky in that it won't let you host a game and select the level you want. What you need to do is keep loading a "Quick Match" and a level will be selected for you. If that level is "Martian Fashion Show" then invite your friend and go for it. If not, back out and try again.

To get the combo:

1. Round up all the enemies and weaken them with normal attacks or spin attacks ().

2. Player 1 needs to stun an enemy with an  combo (or only  if they have collected all the tubes and upgraded their attack)

3. Once the enemy is stunned (they will have stars over their head), Player 2 needs to do a ground pound on that enemy (+) and you need to pray that you kill 9 enemies at once.

Just try and top this one!10
Beat an Act online. You may fire when ready, grisly!   (3) 

Just play with a friend through the first level of act 1.

You caught Bugs' `bug'!20
Play online with someone who has Bugs' bug. Hooo-weee! Gotta git yourself a hobby!    (7) 

The best way to earn this achievement is to receive it from someone else. Initially there was an alternative way involving a game ID but that does not work. So your best bet is to receive it from a person who actually has it instead of trying to create the virus yourself.

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