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Defeated King Kelolon

You defeated King Kelolon at Kelolon Village  
Kelolon Village can be accessed once you've acquired the White Boa. Head to the upper part of the world map, the space between the Snowfields (Blue Dragon) and the Forgotten Cave (Worm Cave). There's an ice covering here you need to ram in order to enter a small inlet. Once inside the inlet, launch and use the Nautilus then dive. Proceed to the south of this inlet to enter an underwater passage. Resurface after going through this passage to enter Kelolon Village.

Boss tips:
Suggested level for Cooke: 45+, average for everybody: 45-50+

You need to go through a few battles using Cooke. On the first set, you need to defeat a few low-level Kelolons. Just equip any Kelo ring on Cooke and do melee, Kelolons at this point shouldn't be too hard. If you need to heal, use items. The second set involves fighting Kelolon participants one by one so you have enough time healing and attacking. Again, just use melee, they shouldn't be too hard. The third match involves a human-type Kelolon so he isn't Kelolon property. Use Bruiser/Crusher rings or spells instead. When he's about to go down, he'll ask for help so you should take him down right away, otherwise another Kelolon will come and heal him. The last is a level 99 Kelolon, which as the name suggests isn't too hard as well. Equip the Kelo ring again for more damage.

Save at this point before going on.

The last battle is with King Kelolon and this time everybody joins you. Like Blue Dragon, it's important you bring down his HP as fast as possible since his ultimate spell, Divide (much like Leveler) does damage based on his current HP. Equip Kelo rings on Kaim and Seth, cast Powerus on both of them using Sarah and Ming and cast Covera on Kaim and Seth using Cooke. As long as you bring down his HP to a value less than your current HP, he shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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