Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey Achievements


Met the secret requirement of the Backyard last challenger and won.  

You need to defeat the Immortal in 29 turns or less.

As this is the last battle which involves the strongest boss in the game, you may want to level up all the way to 99 for an easier battle. After you defeat him, leveling is pointless so you should use all levels you can earn for this battle.

You should be done with all of the other optional bosses at this point, have Divide and most of the skills mentioned in the mini-guide below. I easily defeated him with 4 level 99 Immortals + level 80 Sed, with no Slot Seeds used for any of the Immortals so if you are near those stats, you can bring him down on your first try.


  • Take Kaim, Seth (front), Sarah, Ming and Sed (back)
  • Equip HP Up 1-4, Reduce Casting Time 1 and 2 and Double Cast (Jansen skill) on Sarah and Ming
  • Equip high leveled Wind rings on Kaim and Seth, HP Up 4 and Combo 3 skills (Mack skill)
  • Equip Double Item, Magic Defense 1 and 2, Ailments Resistance, Absorb Magic and Lucky 0 Damage for everyone
  • Buy lots of Heal Fulls (around 1k each) at Kelolon Village


  • Double cast Divide using Sarah, double cast All-Powerus and All-Generata using Ming
  • Once All-Powerus/Generata is cast, double cast Coverus on Kaim and Seth first thing on everyone
  • Spam Combo 3 skills with Kaim and Seth, this allows you to hit thrice and reduce the chances of the Immortal doing a counter spell (since he counters with every turn) - be ready though as Combo 3 skills take 2 turns
  • If you're low on HP, heal everyone using Double Item and Heal Full. Do not attack this turn so the Immortal won't counter with Shadowus
  • Prioritize Sarah's HP, keep it up since Divide hits all the time with damage based on the caster's current HP, so on Double Cast you can deal around 18k+ damage once in every turn (since Double Cast takes 2 turns)
  • He casts Divide from time to time, so like Blue Dragon and King Kelolon, it is imperative that you bring down his HP as fast as possible

Immortal enemy skills

  • Cube: doesn't kill but drops everyone's HP to critical levels
  • Shadows: also counter spell, inflicts non-elemental magic damage
  • All Curse: also counter spell, curses everyone
  • Quivering Waves: reverses beneficial effects (turns ATK UP to ATK DOWN)
  • Melee attack: 8k+ damage
  • Divide: does damage based on his current HP
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User Comments
Comment #1 by vjasonv
Monday, January 03, 2011 @ 12:53:03 AM

This guide is great advice. I prepared like the guide said, and still had some remaining skills left over from my fight with the Ring Master that helped out. I got 3 stars on my first try while only level 74 with my immortals and 60 with Sed.

Comment #2 by Zerokidd21
Monday, January 17, 2011 @ 06:57:15 PM

Great guide i didnt use everything though but i did take some of what you said into consideration all in all i did it with 3 level 99's ( Kaim / Seth and Sara) 84 (sed) and 83 (ming) took me a bit longer but sed died maybe 3 times but for the most part it was easy.

Comment #3 by Tidus755
Friday, February 04, 2011 @ 05:59:49 PM

I used my immortals at level 86 and Sed at 79 and got 3-stars first try

So you don't really need level 99 immortals to get this achievement :)

Comment #4 by Crazy Monk NL
Thursday, August 18, 2011 @ 12:56:09 PM

Maybe a little tip for some, to use Ultimate hit instead of 3 combo.

I tryed 3 combo once, but took to many turns, with ultimate hit i did like 75k damage in one turn, after powering up ofcourse =D took me like 10 -15 turns to kill him =]

Comment #5 by scaryevilpanda
Thursday, December 27, 2012 @ 05:12:32 PM

I was very lucky I had loads of items that did full heal/mana, full revive etc. something like 20 potions or more :-s I was so amazed when I finished him, it was rediculously hard! I think I was lvl 80+ with immortals and 60 or 70 with Sed. I left him dead through pretty much all of it anyway X-D

Comment #6 by BigBabyJeezus
Monday, September 02, 2013 @ 09:30:05 AM

You really don't need high level characters but I did find a easier solution....

Comment #7 by DruidBoy87
Wednesday, February 04, 2015 @ 11:49:17 AM

I used basically the same strat that I used for defeating Killalon. I has Reduce Cast Time 3 on all party members and spammed Divide for the first two rounds. Then he cast Divide on me after a few Shadowus casts. I had to take round 3 to revive Sed and used Full Heals on my other party members. Round 4, I cast Divide, double cast on all party members and he went down. Simple as that. Getting the accessories from the DLC was crucial for this though. It meant that I could double cast and it would only take one round for each go. I was lvl 95/96 with all my characters.

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