Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2 Achievements

Complete Episode 5

Complete all the chapters in Episode 5.   

End boss: Overland Battleship

At the start of the final part of this episode you will need to use the main laser cannon and the mounted turrets to destroy the other ship. Make sure you use the T-ENG chargers because the laser cannon using a lot of T-ENG. Have all the other players use the mounted turrets on both sides. Your main focus should be on destroying the other ships turrets, wings and laser cannon (in that order). When you see the other cannon open, have everyone concentrate their fire on it. If you do it fast enough it will close before ever getting in a shot.

You can also destroy the helicopters that come in and drop off enemies and enemy VS units. If you destroy them before they land on your ship you will save yourself from having to deal with them.

If you're playing with someone, you can have them shoot T-ENG into the laser cannon to charge it. If you listen closely you will hear the cannon make a sound when it reaches charge level 1, then it makes the sound again when its fully charged. Charging the laser is worth your time, it does a lot more damage fully charged.

Once the other ship is down you will be told you storm it. You need to board the ship and activate a post. Once this post is activated it will count down from 100. At the same time they will be sending guys over to your ship to activate a post on the lower level. If they activate your post another timer starts to count down. As long as you get their post timer down to zero first you will win. It may be worth while to keep a guy or two behind to guard your ship's post.

Once you have guarded the enemy post until it reaches zero, another timer starts. You have to make it back to your ship because once this timer reaches zero the enemy ship blows up. Anyone left on that ship will die.

*Note: If you stick around near the enemy post after the first timer goes off you can keep collecting boxes until the ship blows up. This is the best place to farm boxes.

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