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Complete Episode 1

Complete all the chapters in Episode 1.   

End Boss: Cordiant

If you played the co-op demo, then you have already fought this Giant. If not, don't worry, the first half of this battle is really easy. The first thing you should do is grab all the data posts in the area. I believe there are three. After that, your main focus should be blowing off its legs. I prefer a VS along with the large mountable shotgun to start things off. Just get close and bang away. Just about any of the weapons for the VS will work well here. Once you blow off a set of its legs, you will have the opportunity to jump inside its mouth and go inside of it. I like to just stay out and keep shooting away at the legs. If you do go inside of it, look towards its center and do as much damage to the beating heart as possible. You can inflict a lot of damage from inside. Unfortunately, sometimes when it spits you out you take a lot of damage, or even die.

Up until this point, as long as you have kept your distance you should be pretty good. About halfway through the fight, the boss will raise its front legs and do a huge stomp that release an electric charge. Beware, this hurts like hell! And if you're in a room with four people it can quickly drain some lives. Being inside a VS is a good way to avoid this, your VS will still take a little damage, but quickly repair and continue on. If you're not in a VS, the best method is to time a roll when he stomps. Also, if you're at the end and low on lives, I found that if someone is low on health he can run back to the start of the map and the stomp can not reach him there.

Another easy way to beat this part is to grab the three-man VS in the area before this fight. If you are with a couple guys grab your favorite VS weapons, and mount them on the VS. I recommend grabbing the VS shotgun and blasting away at its legs.


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US May 11, 2010
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