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Lost Planet Achievement Guide

Guide By: Chuck Norris621, pvt hushburn, KingPinn187
There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 27 [700]
- Online: 8 [300]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4-5
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: Yes and No [See below]

Welcome to Lost planet. This game has a total of 35 achievements and a minimum of 4-5 playthroughs are required for this game. For the harder difficulty levels and the collectibles, beating them unlocks Extreme mode which is required for the "Legendary Soldier" achievement and the "Pioneer" achievement. The game isn’t terribly hard and is let's say very enjoyable until you get up to Extreme mode, This difficulty level is very hard and requires a certain level of skill from the gamer. Be warned there is a lot of replaying levels and collecting in game as it requires you play through every difficulty on every level to collect every target mark for the "Pioneer" achievement, so don’t be expecting to be finishing this game any time soon.

Cheats do disable achievements, but they don’t disable them on the Easy difficulty, here is the list.

Use VS during ending credits:
During the ending credits, before the words "TEST PLAYER" come on screen, press and hold the following buttons to control Wayne's LP-9999 VS:
, , , , , ,

Control Camera Angle in Cut Scene:
When a cut scene is played, ENTER the following code to control the camera angle in the cut scene:
, ,,,,,,, ,,,

The following codes only work during the Single Player Campaign Mode. To enter the codes, pause the game and enter the code. You don't have to enter them too fast to work. The codes only work on the current level and must be reactivated every level. You will hear a sound to confirm the code entry was successful. These codes only work on Easy Mode.

Infinite Health: +
Infinite Ammunition: RB,+
500 Thermals: +
Step 1: Prepare for collectibles
Well let me start by saying that there are a lot of collectibles in this game and it will take a good portion of the 40+ hours to collect them all as some are in very awkward places. Don’t be saddened people, there is a very accurate and excellent collectibles guide with pictures and a description for all difficulty levels which can be found HERE.
NOTE: When you’re collecting target marks be sure to finish the level because if you quit out they will not be counted.

Step 2: Playthrough on Easy
This playthrough is going to be very easy and shouldn’t give you too much hassle. Use this playthrough to familiarize yourself with the game and the levels as you will be replaying them quite a lot in later playthroughs.

You will be getting the following achievements in this playthrough:
"Mission Clear 1 – 11" you will get these just by playing the levels. None of the levels are too hard. Remember to collect all your target marks for each level for the achievements (See Step 1).

In mission 3 you will get the "Worm Hunter" achievement. This will worm will attack you when you're roaming the wide snowy area and is very easy to take down. Just shoot the orange spots on it side and when it open its mouth shoot a rocket down it.
NOTE 1: The worm does not die, it respawns so when the music stops you have killed it.
NOTE 2: You must finish the level to obtain the achievement.

In mission 5 you will get the "Moth Hunter" achievement. This boss will circle the top of the mountain so just make your way up and pick-up the VS laser rifle when you get there, It takes around 5–6 shots to take down. Just remember don’t stand too close to the edge as its attacks can knock you down. You will know when you have killed it as it will crash into the mountains. NOTE 3: You must finish the level to get the achievement.
NOTE 4: Don’t worry if you missed a target mark you can replay levels any time you want.

Step 3: Playthrough on Extreme.
You will be getting the "Extreme Soldier" achievement in this playthrough. This is where the game gets a lot tougher and you will need a certain amount of skill and patience as the boss fights are very hard. Always keep your machine gun, it’s a very good all around weapon. Rockets are always a good thing and very effective when taking down enemy VS. There are 4 different types of Grenades, Plasma, Disc, Gum and plain old Grenade. Never pick up plasma grenades because they do more harm than good. My personal favorites are Gum grenades as you can stick them to VS, but when you don’t have of them I recommend the good old fashioned hand grenade.

Your TNG will deplete very quickly so don’t take your time to stop and look at the pretty scenery, Enemies are a lot tougher to kill and their attacks are a lot stronger which will kill you very easily so be prepared to die a lot. Many of the target marks for Extreme can be reached on this playthrough, but not all so it’s up to you if you wish to collect them now, I highly recommend you don’t as dying is very frustrating when you’re trying to beat the level.

Shoot everything and anything to obtain TNG. Try to steer clear of VS suits unless you really need to use one as these will gobble your TNG. The first and second bosses are the hardest in my opinion so try to obtain as much TNG as possible, anything over 1100 TNG should do you fine. Boss fight videos and level walkthroughs can be found HERE.

Step 4: Playthroughs 3 -5:
These playthroughs will net you the "Pioneer" achievement. Now this is the boring part and very frustrating as you have played this game a lot already, but its requires you to play on Medium, Hard and Extreme, You may only need to play on medium and hard if you collected all the target marks on your second playthrough. Just take your take time and play through the levels making sure you collect all target marks. Target marks are in a different places on each difficulty and some are in very awkward places. You can view your progress for each difficulty and its levels from the main menu.

TIP: For the target marks on the last Boss level on Extreme, I suggest getting his health down to a quarter as they are in very hard to see places and you don't want to collect them all and die.

Online achievements:
All these achievements can be obtained whilst going for the "Online Master" achievement which requires you to hit Level 50 and will take around 120 matches of boosting Fugitive with a friend. Alternatively you can play online matches, but the game isn’t very active anymore and will take you a long time to level up. I suggest getting the Medals, Chain killer and Headshot Hunter first then boost the fugitive matches. If you don’t have a friend to help you out I'm sure you can find somebody in the forums.

That’s it! If you have obtained the full 1000 take a breather and give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. If you need any further help refer to the achievement guide or forums.
[XBA would like to thank Genesis x360a for this Roadmap]


Mission 01 Cleared10
Successfully complete Mission 01.    

Beat mission number one on any difficulty.

Worm Hunter50
Defeat the giant worm!   (1) 

This is a simple achievement which is done in Mission 03. Here you must kill the giant worm that follows you throughout the plains of the level. There are 2 ways that you can defeat this thing.

Option 1 - when he opens his mouth to do the wind breathing attack shoot some rockets down his throat.

Option 2 - grab anything that shoots and unload on its orange pods.

The worm doesn't actually die, he respawns. So when the intense music stops playing and he disappears for about a minute, you have earned the achievement so leg it out of there before he comes back because when he does, he'll have full health.

Note: YOU MUST FINISH THE LEVEL to get the achievement.

Moth Hunter50
Defeat the giant moth!   (6) 

The Moth is huge and while you'll first see it in Mission 04, you can't actually kill it until Mission 05. It will circle around near the top of the mountain you have to climb at the beginning. Pick up the VS laser rifle and blast it 4-5 times and it'll crash and burn into the mountains.

Note: YOU MUST FINISH THE LEVEL to get the achievement.

"EARTH" Explorer10
Find all of the target marks in Mission 01.    (5) 

A guide to all the target marker locations for each difficulty level is available here. Click on the 'SS' next to each letter for an image of the location.

Ace Medal30
Collect 10 Ace Medals in Elimination matches online.   (6) 

Have the highest score in a ranked game of Elimination. Do this 10 times.

Elimination Medal30
Collect 10 Elimination Medals in Team Elimination matches online.   (6) 

Have the highest score in a ranked game of Team Elimination. Do this 10 times.

Conqueror Medal30
Collect 10 Conqueror Medals in Post Grab matches online.   (3) 

Have the highest score in a ranked game of Post Grab. Do this 10 times.

Hunting Medal30
Collect 10 Hunting Medals in Fugitive matches online.   (3) 

Have the highest score in a ranked game of Fugitive. Do this 10 times.

Grand Slam30
Collect all four types of medals in matches online.   (4) 

Receive one of each medal type. See "Ace Medal", "Elimination Medal", "Conquerer Medal", and "Hunting Medal" on requirements to receive one of each medal type.

Online Master50
Reach level 50 in online battle.   (36) 

To get this achievement there are 2 methods depending on what online achievements you already have.

Method 1- If you are new at this and have no online achievements, well this will make your life easy: follow the guide to get the medals for Elimination, Team Elimination and Post Grab, then when you are going for your fugitive medals follow this method:- Start a game with a friend, on Pirate Fortress, rifles as the default weapon. From the start, the player who is going to win captures a data post while the other player commits suicide using grenades (now in some instances this will end the battle and you will recieve 4000+ exp). Repeat again until the battle ends, getting you anywhere from 3900 exp to 4300 exp. This method should take around 12 hours to get the whole online component of the game complete.

Method 2- If you have all the online achievements and are already above level 10, follow the above method for winning at fugitive; your level will increase quickly, when you hit level 30 it will take 4-6 games like this to level up all the way to 40 so it is about 30-120 seconds per game. Once you hit level 40 it will take 6-10 games per level, so level 30 to level 50 will take around 1hour 30 mins - 2 hours per player.

Chain Killer50
Waste 10 opponents in a row without dying in online battle.   (3) 

Kill 10 opponents in a row without dieing in one match. If you die, the tally will reset.

Head Hunter50
Head shot 50 enemies in online battle.   (2) 

Kill 50 opponents with headshots in online matches.

Secret Achievements
Mission 02 Cleared10
Successfully completed Mission 02.     

Beat mission 2 on any difficulty

Mission 03 Cleared10
Successfully completed Mission 03.     

Beat mission 3 on any difficulty

Mission 04 Cleared10
Successfully completed Mission 04.    

Beat mission 4 on any difficulty

Mission 05 Cleared15
Successfully completed Mission 05.    

Beat mission 5 on any difficulty

Mission 06 Cleared15
Successfully completed Mission 06.    

Beat mission 6 on any difficulty

Mission 07 Cleared15
Successfully completed Mission 07.    

Beat mission 7 on any difficulty

Mission 08 Cleared20
Successfully completed Mission 08.    

Beat mission 8 on any difficulty

Mission 09 Cleared20
Successfully completed Mission 09.    

Beat mission 9 on any difficulty

Mission 10 Cleared20
Successfully completed Mission 10.    

Beat mission 10 on any difficulty

Mission 11 Cleared30
Successfully completed Mission 11.    

Beat mission 11 on any difficulty

Extreme Soldier150
Complete Campaign on Extreme.     (16) 

Very difficult.

Things to keep in mind:

* Enemies have more health and there are more of them.

* You will not have a VS suit for most boss battles.

* Your T-ENG decreases much faster.

* Shoot everything in sight. Everything that dies, breaks, explodes drops T-ENG which is your key to survival.

* The hardest boss is the first boss so save your energy because the game will get easier toward the end.

Video Guide to Boss Battles (Extreme Mode)

"STORM" Explorer10
Found all of the target marks in Mission 2.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"MIRAGE" Explorer10
Found all of the target marks in Mission 3.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"METEOR" Explorer10
Found all of the target marks in Mission 4.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"AURORA" Explorer15
Found all of the target marks in Mission 5.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"THUNDER" Explorer15
Found all of the target marks in Mission 6.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"TORNADO" Explorer15
Found all of the target marks in Mission 7.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"VOLCANO" Explorer20
Found all of the target marks in Mission 8.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"RAINBOW" Explorer20
Found all of the target marks in Mission 9.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"BLIZZARD" Explorer20
Found all of the target marks in Mission 10.    

See "Earth Explorer".

"STARDUST" Explorer30
Found all of the target marks in Mission 11.    

See "Earth Explorer".

Online Century50
Logged more than 100 online matches.    (2) 

Log 100 ranked matches. You can check how many you did by looking in the Battle Records.

Master Pioneer50
Found all of the target marks in every mission.    (10) 

You will have to find every Target Mark on every difficulty. If you miss a Target Mark you can come back for it through level select, but you must finish the level for the Target Marks to save. During Extreme some Target Marks are located outside of the map and can only be reached with long ranged weapons so pay close attention to the directions and what weapon the character is holding in the screen shots.

Target Mark Locations (Including Pictures)

Written Guide

Note: During the Final fight on Extreme you must grab 5 Target Marks while fighting the boss. My suggestion is to get his health down to where he has about 1/10 of it left and then grabbing them, because it guarantees the win and you're not wasting time grabbing them in the beginning just to die.

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US January 12, 2007
Europe January 12, 2007
Japan December 21, 2006

Players: 1-2
ESRB: Teen
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