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Madden NFL 13 Achievement Guide

There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8.5/10 for 1000
- Offline: 26
- Online: 16
- Approximate time: 100 + hours
- Missable achievements: None
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? No, but for some of the achievements you should play on All - Madden to increase Legacy Score.
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra Equipment Needed?: Kinect Required for "Smart Mouth" and Online Pass for the online portion.

This year's Madden 13 has a much more difficult achievement list than any of the previous years, but should provide you with plenty of fun. You can pass many of the all time greats in connected careers, and also can battle online to get the head to head points. There are also some miscellaneous achievements that require you to play a Madden Moment, and also to do something specific with a specific player.

First, you will want to wrap up the easier portion first to get them over with. These should take 1 - 2 hours.

You will unlock:

- Smart Mouth
- Belting
- Let's Get Physical
- Made Ya Look
- The Penitent Man Shall Pass
- Pass the Salsa
- Tebowing
- Gronk Spike
- Verizon Scoreboard Overload
- Matt Flynn's Arcade
- Welcome to the Community
- You're in the Game

Next, you can knock out the online and Madden Ultimate Team. Here are the online achievements in head to head ranked games, and the ones specific to MUT. This step will take around 10 hours.

You will unlock:

- Online Level 1
- Online Level 2
- Online Level 3
- Online Level 4
- Online Level 5
- Online Level 6
- Online Level 7
- Online Level 8
- Online Level 9
- Battle Tested
- This One is Easy. We Promise
- Single Riders Only
- MUT Maniac
- This One is Hard 2.0

The last step will be doing all of the connected careers, and getting your created player a 99. This step will take quite some time, probably around 100 hours.

You will unlock:

- All Madden
- Hall of Famer
- Vince Lombardi Award
- Montana's Mountain
- Joe Montana Award
- Jerry Rice Award
- Emmitt Smith Award
- 80 Overall
- 85 Overall
- 90 Overall
- Peak Performance
- Shannon Sharpe Award
- Deion Sanders Award
- Lawrence Taylor Award
- Reggie White Award

[x360a would like to thank JMNELSON for this Roadmap]

Single Riders Only5
Play a MUT game against the CPU.   (3) 

This achievement requires you to play just one MUT game against the CPU. Just go to "play vs. CPU." If you want to play on rookie and 1 minute quarters that will work also.

MUT Maniac20
Complete 20 MUT games.   (7) 

This achievement requires you to finish 20 games of MUT. You can do this using 1 minute quarters or doing pre-season challenges, but I would recommend not doing it that way as you will progress faster towards an 85 if you play 16 regular season games.

This One is Hard 2.015
Build an 85 rated MUT team.   (21) 

To build an 85 rated team, you can buy legendary packs which will allow you to get higher ranked players, or you could play solo challenges against the computer. This will earn you coins, and you could use these coins to buy players during auctions. You could also trade cards, but you have to trade cards that are worth the same i.e. a gold card for a gold card. Building an 85 rated team won't take too long, most likely 4 to 5 hours.

This One is Easy. We Promise5
Create a MUT team.   (11) 

On the main menu, go to Ultimate Team and follow the steps to create your team.

Hall Of Famer100
As a created player or coach, get inducted into the Hall of Fame in Connected Careers.   (6) 

See "Vince Lombardi Award"

All Madden100
As a created coach, win 100 games in your first 10 seasons in Connected Careers.   (18) 

See "Vince Lombardi Award"

Montana's Mountain20
As a created QB, win 4 Super Bowls in Connected Careers.   (7) 

See "Joe Montana Award"

Vince Lombardi Award30
As a created coach, surpass Vince Lombardi on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (11) 

To unlock these three achievements will take 4 - 6 hours. This requires no playing, and all simming.

Start a created connected careers coach for the Packers. LEAVE ALL THE SETTINGS ON DEFAULT! Sim the Pre-season games and then save. Then, sim each game and save after you win. If you lose, exit out and reload your save. Keep doing this and make sure you win each game including the playoffs. Rinse and repeat, sim the offseason and then do the same for the regular season and post season. Once you reach 100 wins, which should take about 5 seasons, you will get the "All Madden" achievement. To pass the Legacy score of Vince Lombardi, you need to pass the score of 16,100. Once you unlock this achievement, you should have enough Legacy score to unlock this one. Then simply retire by going into the "more" tab on the top of your screen. This will unlock the "Hall Of Famer" achievement.

Deion Sanders Award30
As a created DB, surpass Deion Sanders on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (9) 

See "Reggie White Award"

Lawrence Taylor Award30
As a created LB, surpass Lawrence Taylor on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (12) 

See "Reggie White Award"

Reggie White Award30
As a created DL, surpass Reggie White on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (7) 

For all the defensive achievements, just make your DB, LB or DL an instant starter. Make sure to play on All Madden. Change Offsides to 0, and play as many games until you get 40 to 50 sacks. Sim the rest of the season and you should get the MVP award and have won the superbowl. Do the same thing each season, and after about 5 seasons you should be able to get these achievements.

Sanders has a legacy score of a little over 8,000, and White and Taylor's legacy scores are a little more than 13,000. You can do this for all 3 achievements.

Shannon Sharpe Award30
As a created TE, surpass Shannon Sharpe on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (10) 

For this one, create a Vertical Tight End and make him an instant starter. Play enough games during the year to break the receptions, receiving TD's and receiving yards record. You should win the Super Bowl and the MVP. (sim the playoffs) Sim the Offseason and the Preseason, and you then re-break the records you set the last season. This achievement isn't too bad as Shannon Sharpe's Legacy Score is only slightly above 6,000.

This should take 2 - 3 seasons.

Jerry Rice Award30
As a created WR, surpass Jerry Rice on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (20) 

Make a possession receiver and start him on the Bears. This will make you start as a #2 receiver and have an 82 overall. I made my receiver 6'8 but you can prob make him 7'0 to make him truly unstoppable.

NOTE- Turn of fire coach option, if you coach is fired, your stats drop dramatically.

Each season play 4-5 games and run up the stats as high as possible. Lead the league each year receiving yards, tds, and catches. You may sim to the end but make sure you save around week 14 and see if you get the end of season rewards that you want to build your legacy.

You should get
OROY - Rookie of the year (first year only)
Offensive player of the year
MVP of the league
many other milestones

If you don't get the milestones above, reload your save and play more games to boost stats.

After you get the following rewards, sim your way game to game and win the superbowl, saving after each playoff game and reloading if you don't win.

Emmitt Smith Award30
As a created RB, surpass Emmitt Smith on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (17) 

See "Peak Performance"

Joe Montana Award30
As a created QB, surpass Joe Montana on Legacy Score in Connected Careers.   (18) 

This achievement is one of the most time consuming ones in the game. This achievement will take about 15 + hours. Create a QB for any team, but just make sure when you go to settings you turn instant starter to on. Make sure to change the difficulty to All Madden.

Start your first game and choose the Falcons playbook by going to advanced settings and changing it to their's. When you get in the game, go to:

Gun Offense
Spread Y Flex Formation
Y PA Deep Outs

Now go through your reads and pass it to whoever is more open. I typically threw to the receiver, and sometimes the receiver. Do this for every play, and on All Madden, you should be able to throw for around 600 yards and 5 TD's a game. My best game was 1,000 yards and 13 TD's. When your in the red zone or fourth down, audible into quick pass and you should be able to pass successfully to either of the receivers cutting across the middle. Be sure for both these plays use hurry up offense by pressing so you can get more plays in without the accelerated clock using up seconds.

Play the first 5 games of each season and be sure to pass the records for single season passing yards and passing TD's. For the first 5 years, make sure to win the superbowl and MVP. SIMULATE THE PLAYOFFS. After 5 seasons, you will not receive very much if not any XP for MVP's and Superbowl's, so you're best bet is to try and break the all - time passing yards and touchdown records.

Thanks BladeMDP for the above tip.

Peak Performance30
As a created player, achieve a player rating of 99 overall in Connected Careers.   (33) 

To get to overall 99 with a created player, the route I chose was the running back route. Create a Power Running Back for any team, just make sure you make your running back an instant starter. I kept the rest of the settings, including the difficulty, which is pro. This will unlock "Overall 80", "Overall 85", "Overall 90". I then simmed to the first game of the season and changed the sliders to everything in my favor. Make sure to put all CPU sliders on 0.

Now, play every single game of the season, but sim the pre-season and post season. (Make sure to win all post season games) By the middle of the third season, assuming you have played every game, you should have beaten both the all time rushing yards record and the all time rushing TD record. This should net you a ton of XP and Legacy score, as you will being winning the MVP and the Super Bowl along with other rewards.

I recommend using the Chiefs playbook, and then going into: By Play Type > Run > Counter > And then choose any counter play.

By this time, I had well over 200,000 XP, probably closer to 300,000 XP.

Now, raise these stats to these levels:

Speed - 95
Acceleration - 91
Awareness - 98
Ball Carrier Vision - 97
Stamina - 79

Thanks Daft Assassin

Nappster187 also said that if you upgrade strength, this will help your overall. (Physical Grade)

By this time, you should be at least a 96 to a 98 overall. Your production might not be in the high 90's quite yet, so you might have to play some more games to raise that. The stats that you need to raise into the high 90's are Physical, Intangible, Durability, Size and Production. To pass Emmit Smith, you need over 13,000 Legacy Score.

This should take about 3 seasons, and should take no longer than 4 seasons.

Overall 9020
As a created player, achieve a player rating of 90 overall in Connected Careers.   (1) 

See "Peak Performance"

85 Overall15
As a created player, achieve a player rating of 85 overall in Connected Careers.   

See "Peak Performance"

80 Overall10
As a created player, achieve a player rating of 80 overall in Connected Careers.   

See "Peak Performance"

Complete the Level 4 season goals in one season in Connected Careers.   (6) 

This one will come while doing one of the connected careers. I got this while getting a Level 4 goal at QB. Once you complete the goal, the achievement will unlock.

Welcome to the Community5
Join an Online Community.   (1) 

Very Easy. Just select communities from the main screen, and choose any community and join it. Achievement will unlock after you have joined.

Battle Tested20
Score 600 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   (71) 

This one will take around 5 hours if you boost these with someone, but if you want to play online, then you will eventually earn this achievement along with the rest.

To boost: Find a boosting partner and then go to the online portion. Select "Online Head to Head." Make sure you are in a ranked match, and then go to advanced settings. In advanced settings, go to gameflow and then change gameflow to off. Then, prefer your boosting partner. Once you have all of this done, have your partner and yourself search for a match at the same time. If you find each other, load up the game and begin play. If not, keep searching.

Once in game, find a play on offense that is in shotgun, and have the defender call a Field goal block. Hike it and instantly throw to one of your receivers. Run the receiver in for a TD. Rinse and repeat, and then do an onside kick. Rinse and repeat. Do this throughout the entire game until you hit 250 points a piece, because if you go over 255, then none of your points will count. AGAIN, MAKE SURE TO STAY BELOW 255 PER PERSON!!!!! Once you hit 250, then do running plays or QB kneels throughout the rest of the game and be sure not to score.

Online Level 915
Score 500 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 815
Score 400 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 715
Score 300 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 610
Score 250 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 510
Score 200 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 410
Score 150 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 35
Score 100 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 25
Score 50 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   

See "Battle Tested"

Online Level 15
Score 25 points in Online Ranked Head to Head Games.   (1) 

See "Battle Tested"

Tebow Time! Throw a TD with Tim Tebow on the first play in overtime (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   (38) 

See "Matt Flynn's Arcade"

Gronk Spike25
Score a TD with Rob Gronkowski (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   (2) 

See "Matt Flynn's Arcade"

Pass The Salsa25
Score a TD with Victor Cruz (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   (10) 

See "Belting" or "Matt Flynn's Arcade"

Verizon Scoreboard Overload50
Score 50 points in one game (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   (7) 

See "Matt Flynn's Arcade"

Matt Flynn's Arcade55
Score 6 touchdowns with your backup quarterback (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   (18) 

What I did was add Aaron Rodgers, Victor Cruz and Rob Gronkowski to the Lions. I then played a game and used Matt Stafford as the "back up" Qb. I threw 6 TD passes and made sure that 1 went to Rob Gronkowski and 1 to Victor Cruz. I also made sure to score 50 points. Unlocking the achievements Gronk spike, Pass the salsa, Matt Flynn arcade, Veizon scoreboard overload. Hope this helps!

Let's Get Physical5
Tackle an opponent using the Hit Stick (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   

This one is extremely easy. When you play defense, right before you tackle someone, push the right stick down to activate hit stick. Once you make the tackle, you will get the achievement.

Made Ya Look10
Abort the play action and complete a pass for a TD (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   (11) 

Simply call a Play Action pass, and hold RT after you snap it to abort it. Then throw a TD on that pass.

Smart Mouth25
Complete a successful pre-play adjustment using Kinect (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).    (41) 

When you are going to call an audible, say the audible instead of selecting it and it should unlock. (Kinect Required)

Complete a Madden Moments Live situation.   

Simply score a touchdown with Victor Cruz on the "They did it again" moment, and you will unlock this one and "Pass the Salsa"

The Penitent Man Shall Pass20
As a QB, win the game with 4 or fewer completed passes (no SuperSim, OTP or co-op).   (13) 

Set the game to 1 minute quarters and make sure not to throw the ball more than 4 times for a complete pass. Once you win, achievement will unlock.

You're In the Game10
Download A Game Face in Create-a-Player or in Connected Careers.   (10) 

After that, create a game face and then save it. Go onto your xbox and then create a player and go to Game Face. Choose your gameface and it will download. Once downloaded, the achievement will unlock.

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EA Tiburon
Electronic Arts


US August 28, 2012

Kinect: Compatible
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