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Control creatures with a total power of 75 or more (Duel the Dragon)   
The description pretty much says it all. Note that you don't need a single creature that big, but rather the total power among all creatures you control must be seventy-five or greater. As anyone who has ever played around with the Elf deck can tell you, this is pretty easy to pull off. To make this as quick and easy as possible, go into Custom Games and create a match against Garruk. I use Garruk because he doesn't have any creature removal for you to worry about and the deck is generally pretty weak when used by the AI.

Set his starting hand size to five and yours to nine. Also set your life total to 40 if you think you need it, but you probably won't. Go into the game and mulligan until you get a decent starting hand, preferably with something to create tokens and/or Immaculate Magistrate. Then just keep buffing creatures and creating tokens without attacking until the achievement pops, then either exit the game or attack for the win.
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Comment #1 by Gotchaforcer
Monday, August 23, 2010 @ 06:53:07 AM

I used the pure green deck. I had most of the unlocked cards in it. My health was 40 and maximum cards and the red decks AI had 20 health and the minimum cards. I summond cards every turn and used two of the enchantments that give +1/+1 per land and used the wolf pack on turn ten. Was some what annoying when the AI used creture abilities to kill some of my cretures.

Comment #2 by Cyclobomber
Friday, January 14, 2011 @ 07:39:55 PM

Previous method is good, since Teeth of the Predator offers indeed the Blanchwood Armor.

I got it by chance while playing Chandra Nalaar in Custom Duel with Tezzeret's deck Relics of Doom. I was playing the basic deck (nothing unlocked, just won it before trying it), I got 2 howling mines early, then after a few turns I was able to amass enough lands and artifact creatures on the battlefield to fully use the power of the Sharding Sphinx (that is, for each artifact creature that deals damage, put a 1/1 blue thopter on the battlefiels), then I summoned Master of Etherium, and equipped 2 creatures with the Leonin Scimitar (+1/+1).

Chandra had 4 Dragon's claws, so when she would summon creatures she would gain 4 health each time, which allowed me to delay the final assault, and had rough

Comment #3 by Cyclobomber
Friday, January 14, 2011 @ 07:42:27 PM

(continuing from previous message :) and I had roughly 10 thopters which had each 2/2 instead of 1/1 thanks to Master of Etherium's ability, which gives each artifact you control +1/+1.
Now Master of Etherium's power and toughness equal the number of artifacts you control , see where I'm going with this ? Exactly, as long as Sharding Sphinx stayed on the battlefield, he kept on summoning Thopters, and was adding +1/+1 to Master of Etherium, one token at a time; by the time I got the achievement, he was over 37/37 and I had more than 12 2/2 Thopter tokens.

Now to get the achievement, I had to complete my attack step. I don't know if this counts in the conditions or not, maybe it did because I summoned another truckload of Thopters...

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