Magna Carta 2

Magna Carta 2 Achievements

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1240 points.

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Battle of Highwind Island10
Complete the battle of Highwind Island.    
Battle of Oldfox Canyon20
Complete the battle of Oldfox Canyon.    
Battle of Cota Mare30
Complete the battle of Cota Mare.    
Battle of Dunan Hill40
Complete the battle of Dunan Hill.    
Battle of Ruhalt Basin50
Complete the battle of Ruhalt Basin.    
First Quest Cleared5
Clear the first quest.    
10 Quests Cleared5
Clear 10 quests.   
50 Quests Cleared10
Clear 50 quests.   
80 Quests Cleared20
Clear 80 quests.   (1) 
All Quests Cleared30
Clear all quests.    (4) 
Co-op Technique: Juto & Zephie10
Learn Co-op Technique for Juto & Zephie.    
Style Master: 1 Handed Sword30
Master Juto's 1 Handed Sword skill tree.   
Style Master: 2 Handed Sword30
Master Juto's 2 Handed Sword skill tree.   
Style Master: Hammer30
Master Argo's Hammer skill tree.   
Style Master: Axe30
Master Argo's Axe skill tree.   
Style Master: Rod30
Master Zephie's Rod skill tree.   
Style Master: Fan30
Master Zephie's Fan skill tree.   
Style Master: Fireball30
Master Crocell's Fireball skill tree.   
Style Master: Knuckles30
Master Crocell's Knuckle skill tree.   
Style Master: Aroma30
Master Celestine's Aroma skill tree.   
Style Master: Bow30
Master Celestine's Bow skill tree.   
Style Master: Katana30
Master Rue's Katana skill tree.   
Style Master: Shuriken30
Master Rue's Shuriken skill tree.   (4) 
Weapon Enhanced5
Use Enhancements on a weapon.   
Obtained Item Recipe5
Obtain an item recipe.     
Obtained 6 Item Recipes10
Obtain 6 item recipes.    
Obtained All Item Recipes30
Obtain all item recipes.     
100 Chain Breaks10
Complete 100 chain breaks.   
300 Chain Breaks30
Complete 300 chain breaks.   
500 Chain Breaks50
Complete 500 chain breaks.   (6) 
Secret Achievements
Escape from Belfort60
Successfully escaped from Belfort.    
Assault on Ruhalt Plateau70
Completed the assault on Ruhalt Plateau.    
Game Completed80
Completed the game's main story.    
Co-op Technique: Argo&Celestine10
Learned Co-op Technique for Argo & Celestine.    
Co-op Technique: Zephie & Rue10
Learned Co-op Technique for Zephie & Rue.    (1) 
Co-op Technique: Juto & Crocell20
Learned Co-op Technique for Juto & Crocell.    
Co-op Technique: Celestine & Rue20
Learned Co-op Technique for Celestine & Rue.    
DLC: Magnacarta 2 Bonus Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 9 Points: 240
Viewed Live Drama 120
View Live Drama 1    (1) 
Viewed Live Drama 220
View Live Drama 2    
Viewed Live Drama 320
View Live Drama 3    
Weapon Collector: Juto30
Collect all of Juto's weapons, including downloadable content.     
Weapon Collector: Zephie30
Collect all of Zephie's weapons, including downloadable content.     
Weapon Collector: Argo30
Collect all of Argo's weapons, including downloadable content.     
Weapon Collector: Crocell30
Collect all of Crocell's weapons, including downloadable content.     
Weapon Collector: Celestine30
Collect all of Celestine's weapons, including downloadable content.     
Weapon Collector: Rue30
Collect all of Rue's weapons, including downloadable content.     

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Namco Bandai


US October 13, 2009

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