Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Achievements

Trap Master

Defeat over 30 enemies with traps  

There are a few things considered a trap. A trap is using something in the environment you can use to kill enemies.

  • A wall the Majin can push onto enemies below
  • A boulder that can be pushed with Majin which rolls on enemies
  • Columns/Pillars that can be pushed with Majin
  • Explosive red things on the ground you can hit with rocks (though an enemy must be quite weak when this happens)
  • Explosive barrels in the environment you can drop onto enemies

Here is a listing of some of the areas:

-The first trap is a wall in the castle near the start of the game. Push it over to kill roughly 6 enemies.

-Potrachi Altar: There is a trap that is a giant boulder. Kill the 3 enemies nearby by having Majin at the boulder, then running down the stairs with enemies chasing behind you. Have Majin push the boulder, as you jump to a nearby safe ledge. It is a good idea to knock the achievement out here, so keep running back to a close save point and choosing to change your outfit, but just back out instead. Now run back and everything should be respawned. Continue this without doing anything else until you get the achievement.

Graveyard: There are many enemies and a bunch of pillars you can push down on them. This area might be a little tricky, but you may be able to kill around 4 enemies.

Kanay valley: Another rock trap that will kill 5 enemies.

Ebilya Earth Furnace: There's a boulder in this area which will kill 6 enemies. There are other areas where you can do these, but you should have just gotten the achievement out of the way.

There are not many places in the game that will allow you to use traps, so this achievement is technically missable.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Spud of Doom
Wednesday, September 05, 2012 @ 02:50:59 AM

If you missed your chance at the first rock trap or the traps aren't resetting when you go back to them, there's an easier way to do this without restarting the game.
If you go to the Potrachi Altar there are two enemies there in the area up the top (to the left as you enter.) Dropping the explosive barrels on the enemies will count as a trap kill - you might need 2 barrels for each kill. After both are dead, go back to the save point and open the outfit menu, then when you back out of it the enemies will have respawned to kill again.

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