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Cosplay Master

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There are a total of 8 costumes for your Hero and 3 for the Majin (counting with what you start with). The Hero's outfits are in 3 pieces: head, body, and arm. You get mostly all of them from chests scattered throughout the world. The Majin only has a few, and they are only found very late into the game and are one piece only which does not give any boost of any kind. Different stats are associated with the various pieces, and can be mixed in any combination. You will also earn a couple pieces for collecting the Memory Shards.

Hero's Outfits
- Traveler: Traveler's Headband, Traveler's Wristguard, Traveler's Cloak
- Guard Knight: Guard Knight Helm, Guard Knight's Gauntlet, Guard Knight Armor
- Scholar: Scholar's Hat, Scholar's Cuff, Scholar's Clothes
- Marine: Marine's Cap, Marine's Wristguard, Marine's Uniform
- Attendant: Attendant's Formal Cap, Attendant's Decorative Sleeve, Attendant's Formal Wear
- First King: First King's Crown, First King's Armlet, Cloak of the First King
- Bandit: Bandit's Hood, Bandit's Wristguard, Bandit's Costume
- Darkness: Helm of Darkness, Gauntlet of Darkness, Armor of Darkness

The Majin's Outfits
- Perfected Majin
- Guardian's Costume
- Dark Costume

Note: Two pieces you will want to equip right away are the Bandit's Wristguard and the Bandit's Costume. These will give you extra Life Shards and Friendship shards as you defeat enemies. The head piece can be anything, though I suggest the Helm of Darkness since it looks the best.

For all of the locations of the chests containing the outfit pieces, please see the guide below:

Collectible Guide

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US November 23, 2010
Europe November 26, 2010

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