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Don't give up any hits in a game   
Pick a team (I will be using the Yankees).

Step One:
Go to Rosters.
Go to the Yankees.
Go to all of the hitters, I mean all of them.
Edit These Stats:
-Everything under hitting to max
-Everything under fielding to max
Go to all of the pitchers
Go to the last pitcher on the list and click trade to team.
Go to the Giants and trade for Linecum.
Edit These Stats for Linecum and Sabathia:
-All pitching at max
-All hitting at max

Step Two:
Go to Rosters.
Go to the Pirates.
Go to all of the hitters, I mean all of them too. Really all of them.
Edit These Stats:
-Everything under hitting to minimal.
-Everything under fielding to minimal.

Step Three:
Go to Difficulty.
Go to Hitting.
Change These:
-Everything under 'human' to max
-Everything under 'cpu' to minimum
Go to Fielding/Running/etc.
Change These:
-Everything under 'human' to max, except Field Errors, put this at zero
-Everything under 'cpu' to minimum, except Field Errors, put this at max

Step Four:
Go to Management
Go to Create Player
Press Start

Your stats should be 100% - perfect to work on a lot of achievements.

Go to Play Now.
Pick the away team as the Yankees, home team as the Pirates.
Press to edit options.
-Change the innings to 9, field to Wrigley
Now while it is loading make sure Linecum is not the starting pitcher.
Now start the game.

Step Five:
Top of Inning One::
Hit as many homers as you can. The pitcher's stats for the Pirates needs to stay at normal, it is easier to hit homers, trust me.
If you did not hit a home run stay on 3rd base.
From here do the following.
-Press a few times to lead off of third
-Once you start the stealing process run towards home
-Let the catcher get the ball
-Press the towards the catcher, knocking him over. This may take a few tries

With the last hitter up in the lineup press on the controller.
Go to Substitutions
Click Pinch Hitter
Change the hitter to Linecum.
Hit a home run with Linecum. Must be out of the park. If it is in the park run fast. The other team can not touch the ball before you cross home plate for it to count as a home run.

Keep hitting homers
By now you should have a lot of runs.
Once you hit 15 runs start hitting more home runs.
If you do not hit a home run, stay on first/second and steal.
Bottom of the First Inning::
Now you are a pitcher.
Pitch with Sabathia, its easier.
Throw sliders (), Sabathia almost 75% of the time will strike him out.
If the ball is hit in the air, catch it. Your stats are at max.

Repeat the Inning above the whole game.

Some of these will take more than one game, but you can get a majority of these in one game. I was able to get 50 home runs, 30 steals in one game. Played the season for the achievements and got the 100 home runs and 50 steals.

All of the ...with your user profile... achievements unlock after the game and after your profile saves. Make sure after every game you play that you save your profile, otherwise the games wont count.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Vandel Buster
Saturday, June 05, 2010 @ 01:21:29 AM

I feel like pointing out a less risky method of earning Unhittable and Untouchable.

- Edit a team to be really sucky at everything, but with max stealing aggressiveness.
- Edit a pitcher to be really good especially with pickoffs.
- Intentionally walk the batters and pick them off at first or second base for the whole game.
- Bam. No-hitter and 2 achievements.

Comment #2 by CurbsideBoot
Saturday, September 17, 2011 @ 01:20:35 PM

I did this pretty easily on pro by making the opposite team terrible, and having a sick created pitcher with the eephus, knuckleball, fastball, and any other two pitches doesnt matter, all at 100

Comment #3 by boykidblue
Monday, January 23, 2012 @ 12:54:41 PM

i tried to steal home but it wouldnt let me ram the catcher he just moved out of the way and taged me

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