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Marathon: Durandal Achievement Guide

Guide By: Pyroman31, baylxr, Andrew x360a
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 14 [250]*
- Online: 1 [0]*
- Approximate amount of time to 250 : 10-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [1.5 suggested]
- Number of missable achievements: 4 - "Seven", "Hats Off to 819", "Vidmaster, Bob-B-Q"
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes, "Vidmaster"
- Glitched achievements: None

*Fourteen of the achievements are available offline as long as you have four controllers and twelve of them are available offline if you have two. If you only have one controller, then you'll need to go online for six achievements (70).

Welcome to Marathon: Durandal. This is a port of the second game of the Marathon Trilogy that came out in the nineties to much critical acclaim. To get the full 250 in this game, you'll need to buy two map pack expansions - the Total Carnage Netmap Pack and the Jjaro Netmap Pack.

You can technically get all seven of the campaign achievements in a single playthrough, but I strongly advise against that. Doing so would require you to play on the hardest difficulty (Total Carnage) while also playing according to the requirements of the "Vidmaster" achievement. Instead, I'd suggest doing the following:

Step 1 - The Campaign
Start a single player game and set the difficulty to Kindergarten. On the first level, punch as many allied BoBs as you can find in the first section and then drop off into the first pool to encounter an enemy. Let them kill you, respawn at the beginning of the, and repeat until you unlock "Seven" and, after a little more time, "Bob-B-Q". If you thoroughly explore the first level, you'll also find the assault rifle and unlock "Bigger Guns Nearby".

After that, play through the game making sure that you follow the terminal checklists HERE and HERE (cross-reference between the two to make sure that you don't miss anything). If you get stuck on a particular level, consult the walkthrough HERE to help you figure out the level requirements.

As you play through the game, you'll unlock "11th Clan of the S'pht" and "Pfhor the Win" as part of the natural progression and "Hats Off to 819" will unlock on the final terminal at the end of the game if you've found all of the others.

Step 2 - "Vidmaster"
Once you've played through the game and have a feeling for how it works, its time to do your "Vidmaster" run. Consult the guide and you'll see three different ways that you can go about this. If you decide to do it single player, then I wish you the best of luck. It will be quite an accomplishment when you're done. If you'd rather do it alone on split-screen, then block out three or four hours of time, sit down with the walkthrough, and work your way through the game. If you'd prefer to do it with a group over Xbox Live, then you can check out the forums to assemble of group of people. Whichever strategy you choose, you don't have to worry about all the extra terminals and so forth. Just do whatever is required to simply finish the level and move on.

Step 3 - Multiplayer
If you have a spare controller, then you can knock out four of the achievements ("I'm Invincible", "Make Someone Pay", "Pfhor Score and Seven Years Ago", and "Tastes Like Chicken") in just a few minutes. Simply set up a local (split-screen) multiplayer game, adjust the settings for whichever achievement you're going for, and then kill your guest account until the achievement unlocks.

If you have four controllers, then you can do a similar thing with "King Pfhor a Day" and "You Think You're Big Time". If you can't do it yourself, check the forums and assemble a group of four people, and take care the achievements over Xbox Live. While you're at it, look for someone who already has the viral achievement "World Domination" and kill them in a public match to get the achievement for yourself.

At this point, the only achievement you should have left to get is "Thing What Kicks", which is actually really easy. Just check the guide, follow the tips there, and unlock the final achievement. Now, you should be finished with Marathon: Durandal. Congratulations!

[XBA would like to thank Andrew x360a for this Roadmap]


Get seven fist kills in the game.   (4) 
This is easily done by just playing on the first level with fists pumping. Just go through with your fists out and punch any aliens you see. You'll get it really quickly. This must be done in the campaign.
They're Everywhere!   
For this, you have to kill 77 Bobs. Those are the guys that are helping you, usually, at the beginning of a level. Just play the first level and kill a bunch. Then die and respawn and do it all over again until you recieve this. Please note that this must be done in one playthrough.
11th Clan of the S'pht27
Venture into the Citadel and learn the secrets of the S'pht.    
"6000 Feet Under" is the thirteenth level of the game. Once you've finished it and teleported out, this achievement will unlock. You can unlock this during a co-op match over Xbox Live as well.
Pfhor the Win42
Complete the Single player game in any difficulty.    
There are twenty-eight levels in the game. You can unlock this achievement by beating all of them on whatever difficulty you prefer. Obviously, playing on Kindergarten would be the easiest. Follow the walkthrough HERE for the simplest and most direct way through the game. You can unlock this during a co-op match over Xbox Live as well. The achievement will unlock during the final credits.
Tastes Like Chicken10
Get 20 Tozt-7 kills in a Multiplayer game.   
The Tozt-7 is the flamethrower. To get this easily just sign in a guest and start a split-screen match. Set the weapon to Flamethrowers Only and first to 20 kills wins. Just go around the map and roast your guest account 20 times and you should get the achievement when the postgame lobby shows up.
Pfhor Score and Seven Years Ago10
Win a Multiplayer game.   
Just go into Xbox Live, play a match, and of course, win. If you'd prefer to do this offline, you can plug in a second controller and win a split-screen match against yourself or a friend.
I'm Invincible!10
Kill an invincible opponent with the Fusion Pistol in a Multiplayer game.   (2) 
Sign in a guest and start a split-screen game. Set the map to "Lack of Vision", set the weapons to Fusion Pistol Only, and start the game. Have the guest account get the fuzzy ball to make them 'Invincible', then just shoot them with the Fusion Pistol a couple of times and you should get it right then and there.
Make Someone Pay10
Get 20 Rocket Launcher kills in a Multiplayer game.   
See Tastes Like Chicken. Instead of Flamethrowers Only, set it to Rocket Launchers Only.
Bigger Guns Nearby14
Find the Assault Rifle in a Single player or Co-Op Game, it will let you kill more Pfhor.   (1) 
Follow the walkthrough HERE for the first level and it will lead you to the assault rifle.
Hats off to 81921
The secret of 2401 lies within.     (6) 

This may sound hard but you have to read every single terminal in the single player game. These level overviews will help you out nicely. This doesn't have to be done in one playthrough. You can play multiple times and try to find ones you missed. Note that the progress is saved to your profile, not to a specific game file. This means that you need to quit out of your game before exiting to the dashboard or turning off your console. If you just exit directly from your game, you'll lose all the progress that you've made on the terminals. This also means that you can playthrough the game multiple times in single player or co-op if you miss one or two and the achievement will unlock as soon as you access the last terminal that you missed.

You can cross reference between the terminal lists HERE and HERE as you go through the game to make sure that you don't miss any of them.

The following videos may also prove to be helpful. Thanks to Shadows Demise for the video walkthrough.

YouTube - Waterloo Waterpark fv

YouTube - The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune terminal guide

YouTube - Charon Doesn't make change terminal guide

YouTube - What about bob terminal guide

YouTube - Come and take your medicine terminal guide

YouTube - We're everywhere terminal guide

YouTube - Ex cathedra terminal guide

YouTube - Nuke and pave terminal guide

YouTube - Curious and Curiouser terminal guide

YouTube - Eat it vid boi terminal guide

YouTube - The hard stuff rules terminal guide

YouTube - Bobs big date terminal guide

YouTube - Marathon durandal 6000 feet under terminal guide

YouTube - If I had a rocket launcher, I'd make someone pay terminal guide

YouTube - Sorry Don't make it so terminal guide

YouTube - For carnage apply within terminal guide

YouTube - Begging for mercy makes me angry terminal guide

YouTube - Big house Terminal guide

YouTube - This side toward enemy terminal guide

YouTube - God will sort the dead terminal guide

YouTube - My Own Private Thermopylae Terminal guide

YouTube - Kill your television terminal guide

YouTube - Where the twist flops terminal guide

YouTube - Beware of abandoned rental trucks terminal guide

YouTube - Fatum Iustum Stultorum Terminal Guide

YouTube - Feel the noise terminal guide

YouTube - All Roads lead to Sol

I give no secrets.     (7) 

There are three criteria for unlocking this achievement: 

1. All bobs, aside from evil bobs, have to be dead or have teleported out before you end a level
2. Every switch that you use needs to be either A) Punched with fist, B) Shot with Assault Rifle's Grenade, or C) Shot with fusion pistol. DO NOT USE/ACTIVE THEM NORMALY, NEVER EVER. To press  is not to punch.

3. The difficulty must be set to "Total Carnage".
There are also three different ways that you can go after this achievement, each with its own pros and cons.
1. You can simply start a single player game, set the difficulty to "Total Carnage" and play through by yourself. The major advantage to this approach is that you're able to save your progress, quit whenever you like, and pick it up later. The downside is that Total Carnage is very challenging and you'll be taking it on alone.
2. You can find up to seven other players and play a co-op game on Total Carnage difficulty. The only real downside to this approach is having to coordinate a time with everyone else because you cannot save in co-op games, so you'll need to play the entire thing in one sitting. The upside is that you have unlimited respawns for everyone and you can choose to start a co-op game on Level 18 (The Big House), so you'll only have to play levels 18-28, instead of the entire game. Note that if one player accidently activates a switch manually, it only invalidates the achievement for them, not for everyone in the game.
3. You can play a split-screen co-op with a second controller and a spare account. This approach allows you to start your game at Level 18 and have unlimited respawns, but you still cannot save, so you'll have to beat it in a single sitting. This is a great approach if you don't want to coordinate with a group or you have to play offline. Just play through the game with the spare account and leave your main account sitting at the spawn point. That way, if you mess up and activate a switch manually, it won't prevent your main account from getting the achievement.
World Domination0
You want to join the 7th Column?    (14) 
This is a viral achievement. One person started with it and it has spread from there. To get it you must kill someone who has the achievement. Just play some Xbox Live games and you'll get it. You don't have to win. You'll get the achievement in the post-game lobby. If you're in a hurry, you can also check out the achievement trading thread HERE to try and find someone who will let you kill them, so you can get the achievement.
DLC: Total Carnage Netmap Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 1 Points: 20
You Think You're Big Time20
Win a multiplayer game with at least 4 players in every map in the Total Carnage Netmap Pack.   (2) 
Win at least 1 game (any gametype) on each map in the Total Carnage Netmap Pack. Each game must have at least 4 players (this can be you plus 3 guests). The fastest gametype is a Deathmatch with the kill limit set to 5. Just go around the map and kill your guests (or friends if you don't have enough controllers).

There are 12 maps in the Total Carnage Pack: Fortress Lh'owon, Melatonin, Reverof Nohtaram, Delusions of Grandeur, Thick and Chunky, Return to Waldo, Beyond Thunderdome, Carnage Palace Deeee-Luxe, Wrath No More?, Duality, Mime Target and You don't need to see my I.D.

IMPORTANT: You must go to Help & Options --> Settings --> Content Packs and select Total Carnage Netmap Pack in order to be able unlock this achievement and to be able to play on the maps.
DLC: Jjaro Netmap Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 2 Points: 30
Thing What Kicks20
Kill a Juggernaut in Survival and live to tell the tale.   (1) 
Kill a Juggernaut while in Survival mode. To get to Survival mode go to Single Player and select Survival. Juggernauts should begin to spawn about 18 minutes into the game and once it does you need to kill it. Once it is dead it will start a self destruct sequence, so you need to stay away from it. The juggernaut is like an upgraded drone (those flying robots that shoot green lasers). It flies and shoots fire balls and heat-seeking missiles. Click Here for a screenshot of the juggernaut.

Survival Mode Tips (Thanks msane):

- Run around the level before any enemies spawn gathering weapons and ammo. That way you won't have an auto-pickup screw you up later.
- Circle-strafe a lot and don't stand still much. The times I died were because I got stuck on something and then got killed.
- There are 4 health spawns, and I think the Juggernaut shows up after the third health spawn.
- Try to get enemies to fight each other and group up. Then hit them with the rocket launcher.
- Some levels are easier to navigate than others. Find one that works for you and restart until you get the one you want
- An easy way to kill the juggernaut is to shoot dual shotguns into his back (thanks Kaji)
If you'd rather not do any work whatsoever, simply follow this strategy laid out by Disc07:
Go to the level with the stairs on one side, lifts on the other, and the little room with the Fusion Pistol hovering above the center of the level. If you take a gander at the map using the D-Pad it should be called: "Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers"

Go and camp up in the center room where the Fusion Pistol is. Circle around the room and camp in the corners watching the doors for enemies that can shoot projectiles at you. The stronger of the F'lickta can shoot fireballs at you, the S'pht's Alien guns can cause some damage, but the thing you should watch out for most are grenades thrown by the Drinniol, they can take down a half - full health bar at a time.
You can now just camp up in this room until everyone below has killed off the Juggernaut. You'll know the Juggernaut is dead when your screen goes white and you feel a massive explosion. The achievement will unlock even if you havn't fired a shot. Enjoy!
IMPORTANT: You must go to Help & Options --> Settings --> Content Packs and select Jjaro Netmap Pack in order to be able unlock this achievement.
King Pfhor a Day10
Outscore all the other players (at least 3) combined in a KOTH or KTMWTB game.   (1) 
Win a King of The Hill or Kill The Man With The Ball game (Split-Screen, System Link or Xbox Live) and get more time with the ball/in the hill than all your opponent's times added together.

NOTE: You can give yourself this achievement by signing in three guests and starting either a KOTH or KTMWTB split-screen game. When the game starts go to the hill/ball and just hold it/stand in the hill for a few seconds. To pick up the ball you simply have to walk over it. Then end the game and you should get the achievement.

IMPORTANT: You must go to Help & Options --> Settings --> Content Packs and select Jjaro Netmap Pack in order to be able unlock this achievement.

Game Info


US July 01, 2007

Resolution: 720p
Sound: Custom Soundtracks, Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-8
ESRB: Mature
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