Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Achievements

Deadly Darling

Complete Black Widow’s Heroic Feats.  

The feats and your progress can be tracked via the pause menu. Complete the following feats:

Feat: I spy, with my little eye
Description: Collect 3 secret communiqués
Reward: Classic Costume

  1. The first one can be found in the headquarters after completing the seventh episode. It is in the very first room by the “Free Play” terminal. You almost start on top of it.
  2. The second one can be found on episode 8. You will need to realign cable TV dishes to power the shield. After the first set you cross a bridge to a second set. In the middle of this area there is a remote controlled robot that you can steer up the ramp on the right side and into the house. Drive straight back to hit a button that will open the dispenser in the front of the house. Grab the bomb tube with  and run to the next house on the left. Jump with  to rocket up to the top and follow the rooftops to the left for the communiqué.
  3. The third one can be found in episode 10. Defeat the dark Nightmare and Hercules and then before leaving the room switch to a strength character. Now go jump onto the ledge by the monitor in the back left corner of the room and then jump onto the top of the monitor itself. Break the wall and enter the hole for a secret room. Go around the room and destroy all the crates. Switch to Quicksilver and go to the back right corner. Basically start at switch 1 in the diagram below and then choose the rest in the following numerical order:

    7           8          1
    6    3

    5                       4

    Once you complete the puzzle, the final communiqué will appear in front of the terminal below where you end up.

Feat: I’m firing my laser
Description: Defeat 50 enemies with the Hero Up pickup
Reward: Challenge Map – Galactus

This is easily a candidate for the most grinding of feats. This is not necessarily hard; it is just time consuming because you need to first pick-up the randomly dropped SHS badge to “Hero Up”. I just kept replaying the Survival challenge, Skrull Ship Aft. Once the badge pops up, go grab it and start pressing  as fast as you can to rack up kills. Save your heroic attacks for when the Super Skrull appears as 2 specials will take him out. This allows you to keep fighting longer and have more of a chance on your random drop.

Feat: Deadly Darling
Description: Complete all previous feats.
Reward: Achievement unlocks.

This unlocks automatically when you complete the other 2 feats.


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Comment #1 by PhoenixThreat
Sunday, February 19, 2012 @ 04:40:51 PM

I found that on the survival mode if u plug in a second controller and let the enemy knock them down when u go to revive them you get your special automatically

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