Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Achievements

T-Rex Nino

Complete Reptil’s Heroic Feats.  

The feats and your progress can be tracked via the pause menu. Complete the following feats:

Feat: Cantankerous!
Description: Defeat 100 enemies with Reptil’s heroic attack.
Reward: Challenge Map – S.H.I.E.L.D. Building Rooftop

To do a heroic attack you need at least one circle of your special meter filled, then just press  to activate it. This is cumulative and counts throughout story mode, free play and Challenge mode.

Feat: They are collectables!
Description: Find 4 ultra rare stark saucer toys
Reward: Dino Costume

  1. The first one can be found in the headquarters after episode 6. From the starting room, head through the right doorway into the hall with the 3 grey doors. Go in the middle door to see a glowing red object generally in front of you, hard to miss it really.
  2. The second one is found on episode 7. Toward the end of the level, you have to defend 3 vents from the attacking Doombots. On the left side there is a circular hole that Spidey can fill with webbing. Once you do this, use the web trampoline to bounce to the top of the left platform. Near the back edge is a glowing red object. Grab it for saucer #2.
  3. The second one can be found on Olympus in Free play. Shortly after the arena with the training dummies, you will encounter an arched bridge. Cross it and on the other side you will see some statues. The second statue will be glowing slightly and you can use a “strength” character to smash it and get the saucer.
  4. The third one can be found in episode 4, “Time to Find Time” in Free Play. At the very beginning kill the minions but before leaving that first room, swap in a strength character and smash the ground at the cracked portion of ground. It is on the left side right in front and you will fall into the hole. Grab the saucer and some time stone fragments too.

Feat: T-Rex Nino
Description: Complete all previous feats.
Reward: Achievement unlocks.

This unlocks automatically when you complete the other 2 feats.


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