Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Achievements

Nothing is Forever

Saved Super Hero City and redeemed Silver Surfer   

Story related and cannot be missed.

This unlocks after defeating the sixth version of the Dark Surfer in episode 11, "Dark Infinity".

Version 1 – Soul Surfer
This one is mostly annoying because of the cloning and the posters are back. Again may not be too bad with 2 players but the CPU is pretty useless. Start the fight by blocking his attacks and quickly countering. He will then move on to cloning you. If you are fast enough you can run away from the vortex but the CPU always gets sucked in so it really does not matter. Take out the clones as fast as you can and then run to the posters in the back and slash whichever ones turn green and kill any minions that escape. The surfer will then reset his attack pattern so continue using the same tactics until he falls. Use heroic attacks and revive your partner as needed.

Version 2 – Space Surfer
For this fight you will have your 2 speed characters. Once again start with regular attacks and when you see him wind up get out of the way to avoid his laser blast. After taking some damage he will resort to disfiguring the floor and cloning himself. You need to quickly decide which one clone will give you a clean line of sight to the rest and then rush over and hit  to start the chain. This is the same tactic that we used during the doctor doom fight earlier. Generally speaking you want to start from the highest one or the one in a back corner. This will enable you to then select the next lower one or clone that you have a straight line of sight too.

If you are successful you will do some damage and avoid the big attack. The floor will reset and the surfer will immediately begin sweeping the floor with a laser starting from the left and moving right. You can jump it but the CPU will ALWAYS just die here. So instead, run all the way to the right side of the screen and then switch to the other character and have him run over to the right side as well. The surfer can’t hit you here and both characters will still be alive to continue the fight. Resume the assault, repeating the above until he dies.

Version 3 – Mind Surfer
You have the 2 strength characters for this fight. We get a bit of a breather here, as this is a simpler fight than the first 2. This is basically a rehash of the Nightmare fight from earlier. Use regular attacks to start with and block/avoid the Surfer’s attacks. After taking a bit of damage, he will warp to the middle and call in some mines. A shockwave will push you away initially but you will still have enough time to run over and grab a column. If you stay by the columns the back wall will stop you from getting pushed back to far. Pick it up with  for some decent damage. Repeat 4 more times and he will be on his last legs. Use a heroic attack to finish him off.

Version 4 – Reality Surfer
You start with the 2 elemental characters here. This one is another easy one but you can die quickly if not prepared. I like to hang back and use ranged attacks while sidestepping his laser attacks. He will call in some minions so take them out with a quick heroic attack and move to the center of the screen. Large fists will crash out of the TV screens and pound the ground. This is where you will die if you’re not in the middle where they can’t reach you. Once the fists retract, just resume your long range assault and repeat the pattern until he is down.

Version 5 – Time Surfer
The energy ladies are up next. The surfer will materialize bombs and they will begin counting down to detonation. Stay away from them and attack from a distance. Minions will warp in so take them out and continue the fight. The surfer will set off a time bomb and it will slowly radiate out to the other edge of the screen. If you get caught in this blast you will be stopped until it dissipates, so avoid it like the plague. He will also litter the opposite side with smaller time bombs so beware of those too. You can use the energy portals to warp into better positions if you need too. Keep up the pressure and he will fall. As always, revive and use heroic attacks as needed.

Version 6 – Power Surfer
Bring in the tech support team for this one. Another easy one once you figure out what to do. Again go with ranged attacks. This surfer is bulkier than the rest and as a result moves quite slow. As the fight progresses, support crates will be dropped in. Shoot them open to unveil a remote control robot and a computer console. Go to the remote robot and guide him to the surfer. Once you hit him with it he will be dazed.

Now quickly make your way to the console to activate the satellite laser. Guide the crosshair to the surfer and press . As he starts to come to, a large blast will hit him for a good amount of damage. He will destroy the console but another will come in at a different location so repeat the steps over again until he is wiped out. One thing to note, since he is so slow you can climb to the top platform and just shoot him in the head while he makes his way up to you. It does not do much damage but it is a good way to let your partner auto-revive if you can’t get to him. Use heroic attacks to speed this fight up a bit. Enjoy the ending.


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