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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Achievement Guide

Guide By: PerpetualHeaven and Crash
There are 58 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 58 [1250]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-50 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 8 [150]
- Glitched achievements: Yes, read below for more info.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: Yes!

Marvel Ultimate Allaince is the first game by Raven Software on the 360 and is a fairly fun game. For the most part, this game is a very easy game to max out if you put your mind to it, but a few missable items and glitches can make you play the game more than you normally would.

There are several things you need to be on top of if you want to get as many achievements as you can in one playthrough. First, you need to make sure you get every sim disc in the game, especially the Deadpool and Mysterio discs, as you only have one chance to get them. The other thing is the trivia questions in each act. Every act has 50, and you can only answer a question once. Depending on if your right or wrong, will either make that question count or not, forcing you to have to do another game if you miss too many questions.

On top of that, you also have a few in-game glitches. While none of the achievements in the game are glitched, the glitches that are in can do anything from removing costumes you've already unlocked, or even characters. There are three ways this can happen to you, and in two of the cases, turning off your 360 will solve the problem.

The first thing that can happen is your 360 will lose connection to Live, tricking the game into thinking that it's your first time playing, and causing you to losing your costumes. The second possible way it can happen is the exact opposite of the first, you connect to Live during the game. The last way this can happen is if for whatever reason you are booted/lose connection to a Live match. If you save the person's file onto your 360, it will automatically lock any costumes on that file. No matter what, never save someone else's file.

Also, make sure that no matter what you do, you do not input any cheats. If you put in a cheat, it will disable the ability to get all of the achievements on all of your saves, forcing you to delete them all and start a brand new game if you want to gain achievements again.

Step #1: First Playthrough
Your first run of the game should be to take care of as many of the missable achievements as you can. Make sure that you do this on normal, not easy. If you do it on easy, you won't be able to transfer your character's data, and you will have to play the game again on normal in order to unlock hard.

Every Item Location
All Trivia Answers
Action Figure Locations

With the previous guides, use them as you go through the game. Make sure you constantly switch your party members out so you can get as many costumes as you can. Also, if you have the DLC characters, make sure sure you switch them in for their cutscene achievements, as they are also missable.

Step #2: Hard Run
Upon completing the game on normal, you can play the game on hard, with the ability to use all the characters and stats you've gained in your last playthrough. On hard, this game isn't so bad. During this, make sure to try to take care of any achievements you didn't get already, and finish unlocking all of your costumes.

To save on time, you may want to do this entire playthrough on arcade. You could do it on co-op, but there is any easy way to do that, and arcade is going to be a long grind.

Step #3: Multiplayer
More than likely, even after you've beaten the game on hard, you will still need multiplayer achievements. "Ultimate Team Alliance" is the easier one to go for, and as long as you can get three other players/controllers, it is simple enough.

"The Destroyer" however, will be a bit of a grind. Follow the strategy for it in the achievement guide by killing four enemies, and exit to the next area. Afterwards, load the data and repeat. Make sure however, that every so often you save the game. Even though you may have just loaded the game, it will save the wins you have gotten so far.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is far from a difficult 1000, even the so-called hard difficulty is a cake walk thanks to the ability to transfer your characters' stats and costumes over. Aside from the annoying missables, and the costume glitches, you should have no trouble with this game.

[XBA would like to thank Asian47 for this Road Map]

Mandarin's Downfall45
The evil Mandarin was crushed by the forces of good.    (1) 

Beat Mandarin on any difficulty.
He’ll start off on the floor with you. Once you get him to a certain health he’ll move up to an area. If you step into the portal an ultimo bot will bring you back down. You’ll have to lure those explosive bugs into the portal to destroy the ultimo bots. It’ll eventually force Mandarin to come down.

Mephisto's Defeat45
Mephisto was struck down.    (1) 

Beat Mephisto on any difficulty.
He’s a pretty easy dude to beat. He has a big gigantic sword and you have to go up to him and press  to rip it away from him. Once you’ve done that start hitting the statues. Make sure you hurt him before destroying all the statues because once you’ve destroyed them all Jean appears and she’s attacking you again. Don’t focus on Jean because she regenerates her health. Make sure when you get up close to him to unleash some heavy attacks (charge up abilities work really well here). Be careful for his teleport move, it does some serious damage.

The Trickster45
Loki was defeated.    (2) 

Beat Loki on any difficulty.
Destroyer armor will be following you, so all you have to do is get into a correct portal and you’ll Loki frozen. Start bashing the destroyer armor and it will let off a burst. That burst should kill Loki.

The Power Cosmic45
The mighty Galactus was toppled.    (1) 

Defeat Galactus on any difficulty.
The first time you’ll run away so start running as fast as you can. He’ll eventually topple something so you can run up it. It’s fine if your entire team dies because they’ll be revived when you meet up with Silver Surfer. Once you’ve met up with him, you’ll have to press a button for 3 consoles. Press them and you’ll have to do a button sequence with Silver Surfer. Do this a few times and he’ll be down and out.

Doomed Ending45
Dr. Doom was utterly defeated.    

Beat Doom on any difficulty.
You’ll have to fight some dark fantastic four members while fighting Doom. What you have to do is destroy the X’s on the map. After every X you’ll fight another member of the fantastic four. Once you’ve destroyed them all, you’ll jump towards Doom. You’ll have to tap a certain button repeatedly so make sure you do. Once you’ve done that use your Xtreme (if you have it) and use a mixture of range and melee attacks.

Scarlet Swashbuckler30
Daredevil was unlocked as a playable hero.    (1) 

Refer to “Wakandan Royalty”.

Wakandan Royalty30
Black Panther was unlocked as a playable hero.    (6) 

For Wakandan Royalty you need 5 Black Panther action figures and for Scarlet Swashbuckler you’ll need 5 dare devil action figures. Thanks to Crash he has all the locations for us: click here

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.30
Nick Fury was unlocked as a playable hero.    (2) 

Beat the game on any difficulty and you’ll unlock Nick Fury.

Surfs Up30
Silver Surfer was unlocked as a playable hero.    (14) 

To unlock silver surfer you’ll need to get bronze on all simulation discs including the VS.

Dragon Slayer15
Fin Fang Foom was defeated.    

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Blue Screen of Death15
M.O.D.O.K was defeated.    (1) 

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Underwater Battle15
Tigershark and Attuma were defeated.    (1) 

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Swimming with the Fish15
The mighty Kraken was defeated.    (1) 

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Defeated Grey Gargoyle15
Grey Gargoyle was defeated.    

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Game Over15
Arcade was defeated.    (1) 

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Son of a Devil15
Blackheart was defeated.    (1) 

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

The Executioner's Blade15
Executioner and Enchantress were defeated.    

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Giant Relief15
Ymir fell to the forces of good.    (1) 

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Warrior's Path15
Gladiator was defeated.    

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Deathbird's Defeat15
Deathbird was crushed.    

Refer to “Titanic Victory”.

Titanic Victory15
Titannus was defeated.    

These guys are mini-bosses and you shouldn’t have any trouble at all with them. Make sure you use a load of really strong melee attacks. If you get in trouble, hopefully you have your Xtreme.

Secret Achievements
Golden Age of Comics30
Attained gold on all comic missions     (4) 

Receive gold on all simulation discs. A lot of people have had trouble on this but it’s extremely easy if you listen to what I say.
First, you want to collect every single disc on easy difficulty. If you do that, you’ll take less damage, the bosses will have less HP, and the enemies will be easier.
Second, when you’re doing these make sure you kill everyone as fast as you can. I recommend beating the game first so your guys are around level 30-35 so you have really good moves maxed out. Do not leave any person alive. If it is an unlimited spawn, don’t destroy the objective until you have reached 5,000 from your point goal or you’ve reached your point goal. With 20 minutes, you have nothing but time. You should never be short on time.
Lastly, organize your characters as soon as you get into the game. See which moves are best and how they will help you. Utilize certain areas of levels and take advantage of it. If you see someone running around with a weapon, steal it as it’ll make killing a lot faster.

Follow my tips and you should do really well. I did them all on my first or second try.

The Ultimate Super Hero50
Defeated 4000 enemies.   (6) 

Defeat 4000 enemies – Refer to “Widowmaker”.

Marvel Geek5
Answered 15 Trivia questions correctly   (2) 

Refer to “Marvel Master”.

Comic God15
Answered 20 Trivia Questions Correctly In A Row   

Refer to “Marvel Master”.

Marvel Master10
Answered 150 Trivia questions correctly.   (3) 

aPerfektFIaw was nice enough to find all the answers for us to all the trivia machines. Here’s the link to our forum:
click here

I have a friend5
Completed a level with at least 1 other player.   

Refer to “Ultimate Team Alliance”.

Super Hero Team15
Completed 25 levels with at least 1 other player.   (27) 

Refer to “Ultimate Team Alliance”.

Beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in Hard Mode     (12) 

Beat the game on the hard difficulty.
This achievement can be done 2 ways:
1) Beat it legit and use your favorite characters that are all high levels
2) Use invisible woman or Black Panther and run through the entire game without being seen. Then when you get to the boss use your strong characters to defeat him.

Fall to Death10
Threw 5 Enemies off a Ledge   (1) 

Throw 5 enemies off a ledge – Just throw 5 guys over you could get this in the first level of the game

Scared of Heights20
Threw 50 Enemies off a ledge   (1) 

Throw 50 enemies off a ledge – refer to “Widowmaker”.

Threw 500 enemies off a ledge.   (7) 

Throw 500 enemies off a ledge – Alright; you can get this achievement and the ultimate super hero achievement in the same place. Go to Mephisto’s puzzle area and you’ll have these little creeper things. They’ll spawn infinitely and won’t stop coming until you’ve done the objective. Do not do it and just throw them off. Once you’ve throw over 500, you can start using the cyclone blade by Deadpool to start killing them none stop.
You can do Asgard in the simulation rounds. You have a bridge where you can throw plenty of people off. Gives you kills and throws, plus it’ll help you level your characters and is more accessible then Mephisto’s area.

Battle Tested5
Won 1 Arcade Mode Level   

Won 1 arcade mode level – Refer to “The Destroyer”.

Battle Hardened15
Won 20 Arcade Mode Levels.   (1) 

Won 20 arcade mode levels – Refer to “The Destroyer”.

Teh Mast3r25
Won 15 Arcade Mode levels consecutively.   (1) 

Won 15 arcade mode levels consecutively - Refer to “The Destroyer”.

Mad Skillz10
Win 3 Arcade levels consecutively   

Won 3 arcade mode levels consecutively – Refer to “The Destroyer”.

The Destroyer25
Won 100 Arcade Mode Levels.   (25) 

Won 100 arcade mode levels – This is actually really easy if you do it right. What you need is 2 controls first. Go to Act 1 Wrenchworks from your S.H.I.E.L.D access point. Use Ms. Marvel and Invisible woman and get to the very end of the level. Skip all the guys and just get to the very end. Right before you exit the level, load up the second controller and put it on arcade mode. Use Ms. Marvels ranged move and kill a few guys with the first player controller. Usually 2-4 is fine. Once you’ve done that, exit to the omega exterior and there’s your first arcade win. Rinse and repeat and you should be done in no time. I don’t have this achievement yet and the only people who I know who have it don’t know if you can turn off your console and continue. So please be careful when you do this because if your 360 stalls like mine did (at 40 arcade wins), you might have to restart all over again from 0.
It should take around 30-60 seconds per arcade win.


Tron Edit: You ARE able to turn off your xbox and continue later. Either the next day or four months from now.

Completed 1 level with 3 other players.   

Refer to “Ultimate Team Alliance”.

Ultimate Team Alliance15
Completed 25 levels with 3 other players.   (22) 

There’s 2 ways you can do this:

1) You find 3 other people to play online with you
2) You’ll need 4 controllers for this. Play through normally and when you get to the final exit of a level, hook up the rest of the controllers and play on co-op. Finish the level with all of them hooked up and then when you’re done disconnect them all. Go to the next level and repeat.

If you go to Stark Tower (Act 1), and keep going into Iron Man's lab, and then back into Stark Tower, that counts as a level. Doing this, you can get the achievement in less than 10 minutes. You will also get "I have a friend", "Super Hero Team", and "Teamwork" if you have not gotten them already.

Fledging superhero5
Defeated 10 Enemies   

Defeat 10 enemies – pretty basic just kill 10 enemies

Legendary Superhero15
Defeated 100 Enemies   

Defeat 100 enemies- alright you’ll get this really early in the game. Just play through normally and you should get it.

Performed 5 Finishing Moves   

Perform 5 finishing moves – refer to “Touch of Death”.

Melee Master15
Performed 50 Finishing Moves   (1) 

Perform 50 finishing moves – refer to “Touch of Death”.

Touch of Death30
Performed 200 Finishing Moves   (6) 

Perform 500 finish moves – what you basically need to do is use these combinations to finish off your enemies:
either ,, (stun), ,, (pop up), or ,, (trip). The only combo I use is trip and I just got the achievement.

Good Samaritan20
Completed Skrull Cityscape level without defeating a single enemy.   (5) 

Just use invisible woman or Black Panther to beat the cityscape level without defeating and enemy and there you go achievement unlocked.

Alternative method:

Instead of trying to avoid everybody and rushing through the level, just play it normally. At the end of cityscape go to the next area, then re-enter cityscape and go into the next area. That way the counter resets itself and it appears as though you went through cityscape without killing anybody.

Dressed for Success45
Unlocked ALL outfits for EVERY hero    (15) 

You need to unlock every costume in the game. To unlock costumes you need to gain a certain amount of money and kills for a character and get a bronze on their simulation disc. Not every character needs a certain amount of kills or credits collected, but some of them do.
A great place to get a bunch of kills and money is Asgard simulation levels. They have unlimited enemies. Make sure you’re a decent level before attempting this because there are a lot of guys and they don’t stop coming until you break down the door and go to the boss.

DLC: Playable Hero Pack
Price: Retail Only Achievements: 5 Points: 100
Gamma Garb20
Unlocked all the outfits for the Hulk.   (4) 

Just kill enough enemies to unlock all 4 costumes.
1st Costume - Already Available
2nd Costume - 30 Kills
3rd Costume - 175 Kills
4th Costume - 250 Kills

Archer Apparel20
Unlocked all the outfits for Hawkeye.   (16) 

See "Gamma Garb".

Optic Outfits20
Unlocked all the outfits for Cyclops.   (1) 

See "Gamma Garb".

Teleport Threads20
Unlocked all the outfits for Nightcrawler   

See "Gamma Garb".

Mutant Love20
Cyclops has spoken with Jean.    (9) 

Acquired when rescuing Jean Grey from the Pitfall arcade game in Arcade's level. Select Cyclops for your party at the start of the mission Doom's Castle in Act 2. Make your way to the big top, defeat the Clowns, then play the Pitfall arcade game. This achievement will unlock as soon as you complete the Pitfall game. You can not get this by talking to Jean in Dr. Strange's laboratory.

DLC: Playable Villain Pack
Price: Retail Only Achievements: 7 Points: 150
Doom's Duds20
Unlocked all the outfits for Doom.   

See "Gamma Garb".

Magnetic Regalia20
Unlocked all the outfits for Magneto.   

See "Gamma Garb".

Symbiote Skins20
Unlocked all the outfits for Venom.   

See "Gamma Garb".

Creed's Cloth20
Unlocked all the outfits for Sabretooth.   

See "Gamma Garb".

Doom has spoken with himself.    (2) 

Acquired when confronting Dr. Doom for the final battle. The achievement will unlock as soon as they start to talk to one another before you fight. Doom must be in your party. Make sure to have him before entering the portal at the Doom statue in Doom's Castle.

Wrong Claws25
Sabretooth has been mistaken for Wolverine.    (2) 

Acquired when confronting Gladiator in the Shi'ar level of Act 4. You will get the achievement before the fight begins. Sabretooth must be in your party. Shi'ar is the first level of Act 4.

Fleeting Allies20
Magneto has spoken to Xavier.    (3) 

Acquired at the start of Mephisto's Realm. Magneto must be in your party before you enter the realm from Dr. Strange's Laboratory. As soon as the level start you will speak with Prof. Xavier.
You can not get this by talking to Jean in Dr. Strange's laboratory.

Special thanks to xanderkropotkin for updating achievement guide information


Game Info
Raven Software


US October 24, 2006
Europe November 03, 2006

ESRB: Teen
HDD Space Required : 5.57 GB
Price: $39.99USD
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