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Mass Effect: Infiltrator Achievement Guide

Guide By: HybridChld
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 20 [200]
- Online: 0 [0] See note
- Approximate time: 8-10 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 plus some extra grinding
- Missable achievements: No [Level Select]
- Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: No but some have incomplete descriptions
- Extra equipment needed?: Nokia WP8 only

More than a year after its iOS and Android release Mass Effect Infiltrator finally works it’s was onto WP8. For the moment it's a Nokia exclusive but should reach other WP8 phones around November 2013. The WP version however gives no benefits in Mass Effect 3, it is purely stand alone and won’t give you war assets. The game itself is one of the better phone shooters and is quite fun if you’re a Mass Effect fan.

Arsenic 17 spotted a minor issue with the achievements not popping when offline, but simply connecting to Live fixes it as the achievements will pop up without having to re-earn them as soon as you connect to Live. You can see his post here.

Step 1 – First playthrough.
The game has two achievements related to the two different endings but thankfully they will not take two full playthroughs to get both of them. At the start of this playthrough pick which moral alignment you wish to take, Paragon or Renegade, once you do stick to taking the blue options for Paragon or red for Renegade. During this step you should be able to get most of the achievements short of some of the upgrade ones and the second ending.

Step 2 – Second Ending
Once you have your first playthrough out of the way you will need to change your alignment to get the second ending. Thankfully after an update you no longer have to delete the game and start again and you don't need a second playthrough. See the descriptions for 'Saviour' and 'Everybody Dies' for details.

Step 3 – Extra Mission.
There is an extra side story mission with an achievement tied to it. This can be done at any time but is best done after the first playthrough so you know how the game plays. See the guide for some tips.

Step 4 – Ranks
There are four achievements tied to getting 3 star ratings in missions. The descriptions say you have to get them in 15 missions but in fact you need to get them in 15 missions without exiting the game! See the guide for more details.

Step 5 – Clean Up
Once your done with all ranks you can grind out any more credits you need for the last of your upgrades.

Overall this game is pretty good and isn’t very hard, although some of the achievements can be awkward. There is some substantial content but whether it’s worth the cost depends on how much of a Mass Effect fan you are.

[XBA would like to thank Hybridchld for this roadmap]

Fashion Sense5
Alternate Body Armor and / or Helmet in any level at each Checkpoint   (4) 

This can be gotten in the first mission. Simply go to the store and equip or remove your helmet after each checkpoint.

Decked Out10
Unlock all equipment   

You’ll need to buy all weapons, armour and helmets. The weapons will cost 4,500 credits, the armour 6,000 and the helmets 6,000 for a total of 16,500.

Diversify to survive10
You unlocked all skills   

This requires buying the first level of all Abilities, Biotic and Melee Skills. See “Welcome To The Future” for more.

Weapon Specialist10
Fully upgrade a weapon   

The easiest weapon to do this with is the Assault Rifle, it’s also the most useful. This will cost 6,500 credits.

I've got the Power10
Fully upgrade a skill   

See “Welcome To The future” for more.

Welcome to the Future15
Upgrade all Abilities, Biotics and Melee skills   (1) 

This is the grind! You’ll need to upgrade all Abilities, Biotics and Melee Skills fully. Upgrading weapons is not required.

You’ll need a total of 69,000 credits most of which you’ll get going for the other achievements. For grinding out the rest I suggest replaying the final boss fight. Once you know what you’re doing it takes about 60 seconds and gets you 1,800 credits.

Finish the Bonus missions   

The bonus mission is probably the hardest part of the game. You have no Biotics or access to the store to upgrade, though you do still earn credits.

There are 6 long checkpoints in the missions and an Ogre mech at the end. The Ogre is a pain! Make good use of your shotgun and your cloak and keep at it. It took me about 20 minutes to beat it so it’s not too bad. Also don't worry about ratings as there is no real need to go for them so take your time and be careful when you need to be.

Master Spy5
Obtain 30 pieces of Intel    

This description is rather misleading, for this to pop you need to have 30 pieces of Intel at one time.

Any you have cashed in for credits do not count towards the achievement so don't cash any in until you have the achievement.

Collect 1000 credits from terminals/vaults   

Once you reach the Cerberus base you’ll notice terminals and safes scattered around the walls. Most have 50 credits and some have 200 so it won’t take long to get this.

Time is Money10
Obtain a 3 star rating for Time on 15 separate occasions   

See “Field Veteran

Killer moves10
Obtain a 3 star rating for Style 15 times   

See “Field Veteran

Can't Touch This10
Obtain a 3 star rating for Health 15 times   

See “Field Veteran

Complete the Paragon ending    

If you do this on your first playthrough just play through the game and always pick the Paragon choice when presented with it. If you went Renegade for just first run you will need to change it by making Paragon choices.

The best way to change your alignment is to load up the Medical Lab level and explore the side area's. Some of these have rooms with Cerberus scientists in them and when you open the door you're given the option to free them or kill them. If you're trying to go from Renegade to Paragon; free them, if you're going from Paragon to Renegade; kill them. You will need to run through the level a couple of times to fully change.

As you make these decisions you're biotic power will change color from blue for Paragon to red for Renegade or red to blue. Once they have changed finish out the level and fight the last boss again. If you don't get the new ending simply run through the medical lab again and try then try the boss again. It took me 4 or 5 runthroughs of the level to switch endings.

Everyone dies10
Complete the Renegade ending    

If you do this on your first playthrough just play through the game and always pick the Renegade choice when presented with it. If you went Paragon for your first run you will need to change it by making Renegade choices.

See "Saviour" for how to do this.

Tame the Beast5
Defeat X1    

X1 is a giant Krogan boss encountered about two thirds of the way through. The achievement is story related and can’t be missed.

He has a few attacks but his main ones are a homing biotic attack and grenades. The best way I found to defeat him is to slide in circles until your cloak is charged then cloak and shoot him with your rifle.

After doing a certain amount of damage a weak point on his back is exposed, shoot that and then go back to sliding. After hitting the back a few times walls will come down and trap you with him. Don’t worry though as he will then ram through the walls freeing you.

At this stage you’ll have to hit the three circles on his chest to take down his shield, when it’s down do as much damage as you can before the shield goes back up, Salvo can be a lot of help here.

This isn’t hugely hard and if you need to you can go back to the level select and do some grinding to get some upgrades to make it easier.

Expert Marksman5
Execute a chain kill of 5 or more enemies   

When you kill an enemy you can target another one quickly and take them out too. Keep moving targets and you’ll get this soon enough. There are plenty of opportunities to do this later in the game and having your rifle upgraded will make it quite easy.

Field Veteran15
Obtain 15 Veteran statuses after a Checkpoint   

Ok this one is a bit misleading. Getting 15 Veteran Statuses isn't enough you have to get all 15 without exiting the game.

The same goes for the achievements related to getting 3 stars on levels.

This may seem hard but once you've finished the game and have some upgrades the first 15 levels are quite easy and only take a small bit of practice.

The only bit you may have trouble with is the first Ogre Mech. For that use the Beam, with a couple of upgrades it eats through Ogre's.

One issue with this is the fact the game sometimes freezes at a medal screen and won't let you advance. When this happens you just have to try again, unfortunately it seems to be random and there's no way of knowing when it will happen.

Thanks to VVh1pCr3am and Arsenic 17 for the helping figure this one out.

3 words Fa-Bu-Lous!15
Achieve a style rating of 30 or more in a single battle/checkpoint   

You get style points for most kills, you get extra ones for chain kills, using a mix of biotics and weapons etc. You lose them if you keep using the same weapon in the same way. You'll get the hang of the system pretty quickly and you may get this without trying. The later parts of the game have lots of long battles which will make this easy.

Perform 25 headshots with the Sniper Rifle   

Aiming with the sniper rifle takes a bit of timing but it’s easy to get the hang of. The Orcus mechs are great for this as they have big heads and low hit points.

End Game20
Complete Game    

Story related, simply beat the last boss and you’re done.

The boss is easy enough, a mix of the rifle and Salvo will take it out pretty quickly. Use cover when needed, cloak when you can and watch out for its charge attack.

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