Matt Hazard: Blood, Bath and Beyond

Matt Hazard: Blood, Bath and Beyond Achievement Guide

Guide By: Filter x360a
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 12 (200 )
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200 : 15-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: At least 3 recommended
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No!

Welcome to the Blood bath! Matt Hazard makes his XBLA debut in Blood bath and Beyond. This game is great for the side scroller lovers of yester-year like Contra and Metal Slug. Straight up run and gun at it's finest!

While this is a simple game, many of the achievements will not come naturally and you'll have to put in some effort for them. So let's get to it!

Step 1: Playthrough #1
Have a go at this on 'wussy' difficulty. You need to unlock all of the maps by completing one playthrough in order to be able to use mission select feature. This feature will be your best friend in getting most of the achievements. In this playthrough, just concentrate on getting all of the game boxes using THIS guide and finishing the game. This will give you at least three achievements for 65 .

Step 2: Playthrough #2
Now try and run though the game killing EVERYTHING very slowly to make sure you get all of the pachinko coins and getting your score up past 500k. This is going to be tough so don't rush. Remember that using continues costs you 5k each so be careful and try not to die too often. Also, even though you have all game box pieces, pick them up anyway for the extra points. The coin guide can be found HERE. Doing both of these things will get you at least another two achievements for 55 .

Step 3: Mission select
Now it's time to do all of the mission specific achievements you may have not got during your other playthroughs (if any). Refer to the achievements in the guide for any help you need. This will net you another five achievements for 60 . Be warned, some of these are REALLY hard and frustrating. They will take a lot of practice so be patient.

Step 4: Co-op
Yes, I know...No co-op over XBL. That does suck but this is still a fun game with a friend. All you need to do for your last achievement is complete the game on co-op. I did this with a second controller and killed the 2nd player off so it goes to the "steal a life" option and then just didn't touch it after that. Basically you're just playing by yourself at that point. It does work, but if you die and continue your partner will be back and I'm told you only have a limited number of playthroughs for this option. Either way, one more go through the story mode and you'll 100% complete this game.

All in all, not a super hard 200 but definitely requires some time to go through. The story can be done in about 1hour and 30 minutes or so but it's worth it. Lots of things you loved about Eat Lead return in this game. It's a shame the voice acting is limited, but it's still great. Congrats on getting 100% on the blood bath!

x360a would like to thank Filter x360a for this Road Map

Your Life For Mine5
Steal a life from a buddy, he doesn't need it.   
Start a game in co-op mode with a second controller. Once you lose all of your lives, you be given the option to steal a life from your partner by pressing +. Do this and the achievement will unlock right away.
Stick That In Your Archive30
Complete the game in single player mode.    
Complete all 8 missions on any difficulty and this will unlock. I recommend 'Wussy' difficulty if you are trying to get this as quick as possible. The missions are:

  • The Hate Boat
  • Booty Call
  • Oh. Canada.
  • Dismember the Alamo
  • Well FU, Too
  • Whose Mine is it Anyway?
  • Zoom, Pow...
  • the Moon!
Master Collector25
Collect all the Matt Hazard Game Boxes throughout the game.    
There are 3 game pieces you collect in each mission making up the box art work of each Matt Hazard game. Look for a small game cartridge and grab it. If you miss any, you can use level select to go back to get them. Once you've found them, quit out after the save icon finishes and it will still count. For a complete guide, look here.
My Buddy and Me15
Complete the game in Co-op mode.   
Grab a buddy and go through the game. Since there is no co-op over XBL, this needs to be done with 2 controllers. Your playthrough should be a lot easier with a team mate as well.

If you don't have someone else to play with, you can do this with 2 controllers by yourself. Just kill off the 2nd player until the "steal a life" option comes up and then just put the controller down. The only way the other player will come back is if you hit the + combo or you lose all of your lives and need to continue. So just run through the game and the achievement will unlock after the last pachinko game.
Half Way There10
Complete half the game.    
You'll get this after the 'Dismember the Alamo' mission on any difficulty.
Reach 500,000 points.   
This is a though one. On my, first playthrough, I got just over 400k. Just remember to keep you combos up by killing multiple enemies and remember to use you hazard shield () when there are a lot of baddies on the screen to save your health and keep your combo going.
Come On Down!30
Collect all the pachinko coins in the game.    
You get these by killing certain enemies or destroying objects. There are 10 in each level to find. Go through the game as slow as possible and don't leave an area without killing ALL of the enemies. Most are in plain sight but there are a few that can be missed easily. Some people have said they got 11 in level one. If this is the case for you, just follow the guide and the achievement will pop when you pick up number 9 in level 8.

Click here for a complete guide.
Houston, we have Perfection20
Take no damage to the Landing Pod and land perfectly on the landing pad.   
Another fairly tough achievement. You need to do this all in one run. If you go off of the screen for more then 10 seconds, you'll end your life. Remember to not use too much gas () at a time and just feather it as needed. Also watch out for the turrets on the ground as getting hit once will mess up your run as well. Obviously, Wussy difficulty is recommended. Try to land dead center of the circle on the landing pad and as level as possible. Your meters per second should be at zero when you land. This will definitely take a few tries.
Its Aboot Time10
Complete "Oh. Canada." in 12 minutes.   
Just run through this mission as fast as you can. Without really trying, I was able to get to the last boss in just over 8 minutes. Once you get to the boss, just stand in front of him and throw all the grenades you have. Let the bot kill you, don't even try to dodge as every time you re-spawn, you get 6 more grenades. Because you have infinite continues, this shouldn't be a problem.
Lights Out10
Defeat "Old Berney" without losing a life.   
This one can be frustrating. Remember, if you die, you need to start the whole level over again. Berney will throw an anchor on the deck of your ship. Attack it until he starts shooting the missiles at you. Once the missiles are over your head, shoot them to send them back at Berney. Repeat this until the lighthouse topples over. Also, watch out for the bad guys that come to your left and right each time Berney attacks. Remember to save your Hazard shield until you are almost dead. Wait for the last possible moment to use it.
Smooth Sailing10
Complete "The Hate Boat" without using a continue.   
The only real problem here is the boss. Try to make it through the level as fast as you can with as many lives as you can. More points equals more lives so KILL EVERYTHING! Use your grenades on the sub boss to make short work of him. Dodge his missiles that he shoots straight up crouching underneath the platforms. A few tries and you should have this. 'Wussy' difficulty is recommended.
With Honor10
Melee 10 Samurai in "Well FU too"   
Very easy, just get close to any of the Samurais and attack with and you'll do an auto melee if you are close enough. Do this 10 times and the achievement will unlock.

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US January 06, 2010

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