Medal of Honor: Airborne

Medal of Honor: Airborne Achievement Guide

Guide By: Cyrex
There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Offline] & 9/10 [Online]
- Offline: 28 [700 ]
- Online: 18 [300 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 40+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: 3
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes – Completions don’t stack

This game has been on the tough 1000 list. The single player version is quite easy, but the multiplayer is a pain, especially since only 20 people are online at any given time. But give it a little time and find a decent group and you can knock out most of the online points plus even nail all the single player points.

Welcome to Medal of Honor: Airborne. This game has a total of 46 achievements and requires three playthroughs plus some Xbox Live action to get 1000 . One playthrough will net you most of the single player achievements without trying while the second and third will be needed for the rest of the achievements.

Step 1: Playthrough #1
The first playthrough should be on the normal difficulty. The reason for this is so that the player can get used to the game in regards to skill locations, weapons, and enemy behavior. Just run through the training and the missions, as you will net most of the single player achievements. Don’t worry about trying to achieve any particular achievement, as the next playthrough will do that. Just try to enjoy the game and find out where objectives and weapons are located in the level.

Step 2: Playthrough #2
This run will be on the Easy difficulty. The first thing to do is go to select mission and select Husky and start it on the Easy difficulty. If you select New Campaign it will erase your progress and will make this go even longer. On this difficulty the guys are bad shots and it takes a lot to kill you. Here you should follow the guide and hit all the jump locations. Even though the achievement description says, “locate” the spots, you actually need to complete them. The best way to do this is to complete one drop, then complete one objective so it saves. After that reload the checkpoint so you jump out of the plane and land another drop. Rinse and repeat. Also by now you should have a few of your weapons fully upgraded. Pick weapons that need to be upgraded and try to melee as much as you can. Also don’t be afraid to use grenades into groups of enemies as they drop more grenade ammo than on the prior difficulty. The three more difficult weapons will be both anti-tank launchers and the German pistol.

Step 3: Playthrough #3
Everything else in single player should be complete besides the expert completion. With this, just select the Husky Mission on expert to keep all the weapons upgraded and play the game like you have been. Just remember to take it slow and use cover and your team wisely. You have already done these missions twice so you should know where to go and what cover to use.

Step 4: Xbox Live
Here comes the work. The Xbox live part of this is long and frustrating. First problem is there isn’t a huge online community for this game. Most people are on there to get the achievements, so that may work out for your benefit. The rest seem to be the ones on top of the leader boards. Rumor is, it takes about 2k in kills in order to max out all weapons and achieves all the kills needed for achievements, so that should be about the basis of what needs to be done. The best bet is to just grind the multiplayer and keep track of your wins and on what maps.

Well that is it. If you are missing something in the single player just load up the game and push it out. If you are missing a few or many in multiplayer I would recommend that you just keep at it.

[XBA would like to thank The.Yoder for this Roadmap]


Jump Training5
Complete Jump Training    (3) 

You must complete the Training level of the game. Hold the left Thumb Stick forward if you want to be timed perfectly for the Bulls eye's that you are trying to land in.

Go Go Go!5
Get pushed out of the plane in any mission   (2) 

On the training mission when you jump the first time you need to wait and just stand there, do not move and someone from behind you will push you out of the plane.

Greased Landing5
Touch down with a greased landing   (4) 

Here you need to come in to the landing zone at an angle and walk forward as you are landing this will let you keep running as you land.

Flared Landing5
Touch down with a flared landing   

Here when you land press a about 2 seconds before you think you are going to land and your chute will flare causing you to slow down and make a clean landing.

Death From Above10
Kill an enemy with a melee kick  (2) 

Best done on the First Level what you need to do is aim yourself towards one of the towers that is part of the wall if you get lucky when you get to the tower there will be an Italian standing in the tower drop down on top of him and hit the melee button and you will kick him.

Jump Master25
Discover one skill drop location in each mission    

See "Master Parachutist".

Master Parachutist40
Discover all skill drop locations in the game    (5) 

Operation Husky

1) The sniper's tower near town hall, just to the south, has a destroyed rooftop. Land on the walkway inside of it.

2) The building just to the north of town hall has a balcony. Find the chute there, then flare your landing and press forward to land on it; it's covered.

3) Church Steeple: Near the northeastern green landing zone, there's a church. Land atop the steeple tower.

4) Small Rooftop: If you glide down to the eastern side of the city, you'll see an alleyway that isn't part of the main road of the town. There's a small, half-destroyed rooftop here that you need to land on. It's difficult to see from the air, but if you land in the road and look around, you'll spot the chute.

5) If you head towards the Northeast Gate AA gun, you'll come under an archway. See the parachute? You need to land through that window. Note that although the gate is the Northeast Gate, it'll actually appear on your compass to be in the southwestern portion of the city. Go figure.

Operation Avalanche

1) In the ampitheatre, land on top of the cargo loader.

2) Near the western drop flare, there's a large column. Land on top of it.

3) Near the eastern drop flare, look along the aqueduct that lines the road to spot a parachute and land through the opening there.

4) In the fuel depot where you destroy the fuel reservers, there's a water tower. Land on it.

5) To the west of the ammo depot that you destroy, there's an easy-to-miss set of stonework excavations. If you stick to the top of it, you can find a parachute. Land through the opening in the ceiling

Operation Neptune

1) In the same house as the green flare you have to land on the second floor

2) You can also spot this one from the air when dropping into this level

3) it is in the small ruined house between the spotting tower and the radar antenna, you can find another parachute.

4) This one is Near the Concrete bunker on the outside

5) for this one you have to land on the concrete wall that leads to the bunker

Operation Market Garden

1) There's one near the church steeple, on a platform just outside.

2) In between the buildings to the south that house two of the MG nests, there's a small plank connecting two of them. Land on the plank.

3) In the same buildings as above, head to the easternmost building and go upstairs. There's a parachute in the northwestern corner of the building, near a large hole in the wall. Land inside the hole.

4) On the northern side of the city, near the demolitions equipment, there's a large alleyway leading north. Spot the chute hanging down to the street, and land in the balcony above it.

5) In a building near the radio equipment, there's one last parachute.

Operation Varsity

1) Land through the doorway of the balcony in the munitions factory on the middle southern side of the zone. The balcony is red, so this chute is difficult to miss.

2) There's a flatbed train car on the eastern side of the area, elevated off the ground and surrounded by snipers; it's up the ladder to your right if you exit the munitions factory through the doorway near the explosive charge point. Land on it.

3) On the fuel tanks across from the tank factory, there's a catwalk leading over to the upper entrance of the factory. Find it, then look around on the balcony for the chute.

4) The last two are pretty high up. Climb up from the landing zone between the two tall buildings and head east along the pipe there. You should find a chute on the pipe near a small hut with two snipers in it.

5) The last drop point is atop the three large fuel canisters in the middle of the map. You can't see the chute from the ground, so you'll have to just drop onto it to find it.

Der Flakturm

1) On the southeastern side of the tower, between the uppermost roof level and the lower ring around it, there's a small balcony with a chute on it. Land through the doorway to receive your stripes.

2) If you head to the fourth floor of the interior of the tower, you should be able to spot a doorway leading to the sniper's scaffolding outside. There's a pretty obvious chute here that you need to land on

3) The secret entrance! There's a very tough-to-spot window on the northwestern corner of the tower, above one of the markers for one of the halftrack soldiers. The easiest way to find the window is to land on top of the tower and head downwards completing objectives. After destroying the ammo lift controls on the fourth floor, take the ladder in the room downward to the semi-hidden ammo cache room. The walkways on either side of the room will lead you to the window.

4) On the western side of the tower, in the middle of all the sniper's scaffoldings, you can spot a row of small windows, including one with a chute in it.

5) When you jump, turn 180 degrees and its in the house on your left, you should see the parachute in the doorway coming down.

Crack Shot25
Get 10 headshots in a row   (2) 

While i was on Operation Husky and did it with a Springfield, just be patient and wait for the enemies to stop moving and take their head off. You can miss a shot and not hit them, if does not count if you completely miss the enemy but if you hit them you have to restart.

Kill three enemies with a cooked grenade   

I got this on the First level, what you do is you hold down the throw button and you hear it tick and then you just let it go when you think it is ready, I found a group of Italians who were all standing together, try to look for such a thing.

Earn a 5-in-a-row   

Here you must kill 5 enemies in a row without getting hurt or damaged at all, i did this on Operation Neptune when you have to take the trenches, just look at your radar and see where the largest clumps of enemies are.

Kill an enemy using sprint-melee   

This is a very easy achievement you have to sprint (click ) and run up to an Enemy and melee (click ) them, they will die in one hit.

Shoot to Kill10
Kill an enemy while moving in iron sights   

What you have to do is go into the options and switch you control's to schematic #2, then you go back into the game and hit the  and move around, find an enemy and kill him while you are walking around looking down your sights. If you don't want to change the controls then you can hold  and then click the left thumb stick and move around.

In Yer Face!20
Kill an enemy by kicking a grenade at him   

When there is a grenade thrown at me i just kick it in any random direction and hope there is someone there to get killed by the grenade, another way to do it is to throw your own grenade at your feet and then kick it at an enemy.

Purple Heart10
Recover full health after being in verge of death state   

I started playing the game on Normal difficulty and you will get down to very little health sometime in the game it does not take very long, then just look for health packs like any normal person would and you will eventually find enough to get back to full health and you will get the achievement.

Crouch-sprint between cover objects   

Also done on the first level, you crouch behind one cover object and look for another and then get up and sprint (click ) for it and then stop sprinting when you are behind the object.

Weapon Handler25
Fully upgrade one weapon   

I went through the first level and i just used the Axis Rifle (will edit when i remember the name) and i get it very quickly, If you kill people using the Sprint - Melee they die in one hit and you get a very large amount of experience for that kill.

Weapon Specialist50
Fully upgrade five weapons   

I Upgraded 1 weapon in each level, the Enemies weapons are the easiest to upgrade because there is ammo all over the place. If you do 1 weapon per level you will have 6 by the end of the game.

Weapon Master75
Fully upgrade all weapons   (1) 

You will have to go back through to the earlier levels to get this, best go through level 1 a bunch of times and get it there, try to get 1 weapon and then finish the level, Then rinse and repeat. You must upgrade Every type of weapon that is in the game, if you go into the Campaign & Medals section then hit the right trigger a couple of times then you will see the Badge's Bar, here shows all the weapons that are upgradeable. You must do all Grenades and all the pistols and the Recoilless tank rifle. Just use Melee's and throw a lot of Grenades.

Cheat Death20
Complete any operation without dying   (1) 

Best done on the first level on casual, just make sure you don't run out into bad places and kill everyone on your radar before moving up. If you are about to die and you hit the "load last check point" then you can continue and try to get the achievement.

Village of Adanti15
Complete Operation Husky    

This is the first level and the easiest of them all. Here is where I upgrade weapons, go through the level once using only 1 weapon and it will be fully upgraded before you finish the level. there are large amounts of enemies that are sitting around in the same area you can use this to your advantage and try to get the 5-in-a-row achievement.

These are the objectives for this Level

-Secure the town of Adanti
----Destroy the Town Hall AA Guns (2)
----Destroy the Hill Houses AA Gun
----Destroy the North East AA Gun
-Assemble with the Airborne at the North Gate
-Locate the missing Sniper team
-Eliminate the German Officer
-Repel the German Counterattack
----Assemble with the Airborne at the Town Square
----Eliminate the German Officers (3)

Paestum Ruins20
Complete Operation Avalanche    

This level is much harder than the following level, also much more frustrating. There are many different parts when you run into a large group of enemies and there is no where to take cover. In these point just lie down and take out the guys who are giving you trouble once they have been killed get up and try to find the closet place for cover that is possible. The one part that i had the most trouble with was the end of the level when you have to take the top of the temple. When the soldier first blows the gate you have to go up some stairs to move forward. The only problem with this is that fact that there are dozens of Germans that are guarding the stairs. During this level i picked up a Springfield, so i hide behind the gate that was blown open and took out all the enemies that showed up. If you don't have a Springfield then you need to use the gun you have and throw every grenade that you have to the top of the stairs this will reduce their numbers and then you can move up slowly and pick them off as they show up.

These are the Objectives for this Level

-Secure Paestum Ruins
----Sabotage Fuel Containers (2)
----Destroy Ammo Containers
-Sabotage Enemy Communications
----Disable Communications Antenna
----Disable Communications Radio
-Assemble with 5th Army Demo Team
-Defeat Enemy Ambush
-Assemble with Corporal Kish
-Destroy the Hilltop Artillery
----Ascend to the Hilltop Temple

D-Day in Reverse25
Complete Operation Neptune    

During Operation Neptune the Airborne drops down behind the Axis line of defense that is set up to repel the Incoming beach invasion. Here on this level you start out behind the enemy line and make you way to the beaches to clear the road for the 4th Infantry division. This level is not hard but it is not easy. The hardest part in my mind would be at the end of the level when you finish blowing up the 88's you have to take the 3 pillboxes to give the infantry on the beach a chance to advance. Here you are set behind a broken down truck and you have to avoid a large cross fire and make your way into the trenches. Here just hide behind the truck and lean out to your right and pick off anyone who pokes their head out. Once you cannot see anyone left behind the boxes head to the trench to the left of the truck and make your way around the trenches through there there will be a pillbox in that trench and the other one is father to the right.

These are the Objectives for this Level

-Secure Audoueville Battery
----Collect M18 Bundles
----Clear and Secure Spotting Tower
----Destroy Radar Antenna Relay
-Knock Out Tiger Tank
-Clear Concrete Casement
-Clear Pillboxes

Nijmegen Bridge30
Complete Operation Market Garden    (1) 

Here i went through the mission pretty quickly the only problem that i had was the ending at the bridge, I sprinted out to the blown up tank and i just picked people off with my Rifle, make sure there is nobody who is looking at you before you move up because one shot from them will kill you. The tank i just hit with one shot from the Panzerfaust and then i quickly backed away behind the bus, DO NOT try to get more than one shot off of you will die

These are the objectives for this Level

-Sabotage Bridge Demolition equipment
----Disable explosive plunger
----Disable Radio Equipment
-Secure town of Nijmegen
----Collect Gammon Grenades
----Knock out Roving Tiger Tank
----Clear the 3 MG Nest's
-Clear Resistance and assemble with the Airborne
-Knock out Tiger Tank
-Assemble with the Airborne at the bridge Surface
-Clear our and Secure Bridge
----Knock Out Tiger Tank

War Machine35
Complete Operation Varsity    

The factory is not my favorite level, i really did not like the factory levels in any other WW2 games. Here you have to Sabotage the Germans Tank Factory. Basically start off with a Springfield because there are snipers all over the place, this is the sniping level. if you have the Springfield it is pretty easy to progress through this level, at the end you have to watch out for the MG42 SS Freaks they can take more damage than a brick wall so just use an upgraded SMG and pump them full of lead and they will eventually go down

These are the objectives for this Level

-Secure Factory Drop Zone
----Destroy Tanks on Rail cars (3)
----Destroy Munitions Stockpile
----Destroy the Rail gun
----Sabotage the Tank Factory control room
----Destroy Pressure Valves (2)
-Assemble with the Airborne at the Steel Mill
----Clear and Secure the Entrance to the rail yard
-Clear and Secure the rail yard
----Destroy the Panzerzug Engine
----Destroy the Panzerzug Cannon cars (2)

Der Flakturm40
Complete Der Flakturm    (1) 

The is the final and hardest operation of the game. Here you are set out to destroy a Flak Tower. I found this level pretty hard on normal difficulty. My only problem during the level seemed to be the Nazi Storm Elites (the guys with the MG42's and the gas masks). When you run into one of these you half to take your time and find some cover before you even start shooting them. Lean out of your cover and put shots on them until the notice you and start shooting you. Once that happens lean back into your cover and wait until they look somewhere else. The hardest part of the level is at the end when you run into about 10 of these things. When your trying to escape and you finally see them and die the first time, you will know where they are, throw every grenade and gammon bomb you have into the middle of them, this will reduce the number. Then find some cover and pick them off 1 by 1.

These are the objectives for this Level

-Secure The Flak Tower
----Destroy the AA guns (4)
----Eliminate Enemies on the Half tracks
----Disable the Ammunition lift controls (4th floor)
----Disable the Ammunition lift controls (2nd floor)
-Assemble at the Main Control room (3rd floor)
-Assemble with the engineers in the ammunitions room
-Escape the Flak Tower
-Destroy the Flak Tower

Complete on Casual25
Complete the game on Casual difficulty     

See "Complete on Expert".

Complete on Normal50
Complete the game on Normal difficulty     

See "Complete on Expert".

Complete on Expert75
Complete the game on Expert difficulty     (4) 

While here there is only one good peace of advice that i can give and that is too take it slow. Unlike in the Call Of Duty series you can sit in one position and just keep killing enemies and they will eventually stop coming, there is a limit to the amount of enemies that come. If you just wait until this point then you should do fine and not have much of a problem with this. On the later levels Use the Shotgun, unrealistically you can hit a target that is more that 20 feet away from you. Also Use grenades they are very useful and can damage an enemy very easily.

MP - Distinguished Service Cross75
Get over 1,000 kills and 500 Objective Points in ranked matches   (14) 

Just play objective games and you will get this achievement after a while, if you are in objective games try to take the flag and score it as many times as you can because the objective points are the hardest to get. The 1000 kills won't take you more than a week if you play 3-4 matches per day. The reason for objective games is that you can kill people and get you kills but you also have the chance to get objective points

MP - Distinguished Service Medal25
Get over 500 kills and 250 Objective Points in ranked matches   

Get over 500 kills and 250 objective points in ranked online matches

See "Distinguished Service Cross".

MP - Silver Star0
Get over 20 first place finishes in ranked matches   

While you have to get first place in the entire game including both teams, just try to get the flag a lot and kill any one that you see, if you are any good at this game then you should get this pretty quickly and it will unlock on your way to the Distinguished Service Cross achievement.

MP - American Campaign Medal0
Be on the winning team for every map in ranked matches   

Be on the winning team for every map in ranked matches

See "WW2 victory Medal".

MP - Legion of Merit20
Get over 10 Objective Points in a ranked match   

Start an objective game and try to get the flag as many times as possible, you get one point for delivering the flag and you also get a point for killing the enemy flag carrier. Just keep going after the flag and try to score as many times as possible.

MP - Soldier's Medal20
Get 20 kill assists throughout a career in ranked matches   

Just follow someone on your team around and when they see someone and shoot them you also shoot them, if you kill them then they got a kill assist but if they kill the enemy then you got the kill assist. If you do this for 2-3 games you will get the achievement.

MP - Bronze Star0
Get over 20 top three finishes in ranked matches   

If you have played shooters before this achievement is really easy, there are not very many people online who are very good, so just use what gun you want and try to capture as many objectives as possible to get points. If you play 30 matches and you are good at FPS's then this should come very easily. If not just try to kill as many people as possible if you find a map that you are good at then just set it to the map on your settings and go from there. This does not take very long.

MP - Purple Heart10
Recover full health after being in verge of death state   
MP - World War II Victory Medal0
Come in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches   (26) 

Here you can get 3 achievement while trying to get this one. If you go into to custom matches then set it to each map just play on that map until you come in first place, then go back to the custom games and repeat with a different map, you will most likely get the American campaign medal achievement because if is hard to come in first place when your team is not in first place in the game.

MP - EAM Campaign Medal25
Play every map at least once in a ranked match  

See "WW2 Victory Medal".

MP - Good Conduct Medal0
Play 20 consecutive ranked matches without getting a team kill   

If you want this just wait until you see their name in red before you shoot at anything. This will allow you to not kill any team mates and make sure that they are enemies before shooting them. If you have a hard time doing this then just join a game hide and wait till the game ends you will not be killing anyone let alone you teammates

MP - Presidential Unit Citation30
Get 20 Team Points in a ranked match   

See "Meritorious Unit Citation".

MP - Meritorious Unit Citation20
Get 10 Team Points in a ranked match   

Here is one of the hardest achievements in the game because team points are hard to get. Try to follow someone around. It is best if they are the best player on your team. Help them capture all the flags and shoot everyone that they shoot eventually this will unlock because you get 2 points for getting an assist and you get 3 points for capturing a flag with someone else so if you combine the two you could get a large amount of points following someone around

MP - Paratrooper's Badge10
Kill an enemy with a melee kick   

Same as the single player achievement, you have to come down right on top of someone and then hit the melee button and you will kick him, if you are on the allies team then just look for someone you don't have to be right on top of them but some where around them and you will kill them. You will get this in maybe 1-2 matches

MP - Combat Infantryman Badge10
Kill an enemy player while he is parachuting   (1) 

This is harder than it sounds but is still pretty easy, during a match just look every once and a while, if you see someone then just shoot at them and hope that you hit them, after 3-4 tries you will get the hang of how fast they fall and you might be able to get them there.

MP - Pistol Whip10
Kill an enemy with a pistol melee attack   

If you really want this then try to sneak up on someone and then Sprint-Melee them to death otherwise just run around with your pistol and try the Sprint-Melee and eventually someone will miss you and you will get a chance to hit them

MP - Human Flak Gun5
Kill an enemy player with a grenade while he is parachuting   (1) 

watch an enemy who is trying to come down right above you and then cook off a grenade until it gets to the part where it is about to go off then throw and there he goes. Takes a while to find someone who is right on top of you though so you might have to look a little bit

MP - Weapon Virtuoso40
Upgrade all weapons in ranked matches   (3) 

Here you only need to upgrade the 5 main categories of weapons and they can be used on both sides, so if you want to upgrade the SMG you can get experience on the Axis using the MP40 and you can also get experience using the Thompson. The ones in bold are the side you want to be on to upgrade that class as the weapons are better.

MP40 + Thompson

K98K + M1 Garand

Automatic Rifle
Strumgewehr 44. (SG.44) + Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R)

Springfield + Scoped Gewehr 43

Recoilless Rifle + Panzershrek

Game Info
Electronic Arts


US September 04, 2007
Europe September 07, 2007
Japan November 08, 2007

Players: 1-4
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