Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons Achievement Guide

Guide By: ILegendKillerI & Tripl299
There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 38 (1000 )
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 11
  • Find Garden Charge Ball Court
  • Find Frog Room Charge Ball Court
  • Find Train Room Court
  • Find Hive Charge Ball Court
  • Found All Charge Ball Courts
  • Earn Uncle Art VR Disk
  • Earn Billie VR Disk
  • Clobber the Champ in Charge Ball
  • Scan 130 Items
  • (*The following are only missable if you fail to collect the corresponding VR disk*)
  • Ambush Art in Charge Ball
  • Best Billie in Charge Ball
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No

Depending on your skill in the mini-game and how well you do at the Havoc puzzles, this game shouldn't take that long to get 1000 . Overall the game is easy, it is a children's game afterall, and should not pose much of a challenge to an experienced gamer.

Welcome to Disney's Meet the Robinsons. This game has a total of 38 achievements and requires only one playthrough to get 1000 . Of the achievements 15 are unlocked simply by playing through the story and 2 are gained by playing a mini-game that is seperate from story mode. This leaves 21 achievements remaining. 7 of these are for finding chargeball court Virtual Reality ("VR") discs, 6 are for finding opponent VR discs, 6 are for beating those opponents at chargeball, one is for scanning 130 items, and the last is for solving all of the havoc puzzles. Also note that if you don't find an opponents VR disc you also miss out on the achievement for beating them.

This game utilizes a unique form of cheats. The cheats in the game are not entered in an extras/options menu like normal games. Instead you find these cheats or "blue prints" as you playthrough the game itself. Once you collect enough items you can create the blue print and then activate the cheat from the pause menu. Using these cheats does not disable achievements, so once you make one, activate it immediately. Also note that these cheats, such as the unlock all chargeball courts one, do not unlock achievements for you. You must still find all the VR discs.

Also of note is perhaps the biggest glitch in the game. It occurs later on in the game when you enter Magma industries for a second time. After you use the Lev gun to raise the door if you save or leave the area you will not be able to cross the bridge into the building. To guard against this, do not take the monorail after this point, and do not save until after the next Havoc circle. Failure to do so may result in a glitch that will force you to replay most of the game again.

Last, MysticWeirdo has created a full walkthrough for this game. Within it you will find the locations of all scannable items, havoc puzzle solutions and locations of all blueprints. It is posted HERE.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
(NOTE #1: As you play through the game keep in mind that you should always be checking the area for things to scan. There are only about 145 scannable items in the game if which you need 130)
(NOTE #2: After you recieve an opponent's VR disc, make sure that you go back to Wilbur's room as soon as you can and beat them in chargeball to get the achievement).
(NOTE#3: The location of all Havoc Puzzles can be found HERE)

ROBINSON HOME (basement):
-As you're executing the task "Find the Time Lab," you will find Uncle Arts VR disc at a dead end in the third section of the room that has the force field sidewalks.

-As you're executing the task "Get into the Kitchen," you will find the Robinson Garden VR disc in a chest on the 2nd floor, in the first room to the left in the hall that goes to the library.
-While doing the same task you will find Aunt Billie's VR disc in a locker on the left side of the hallway of the 2nd floor (same one with the Janitor's closet).
-As you're executing the task "Follow the Bowler Hat Guy," after you fall through the skylight into the library you will find the Frog Lounge VR disc in a chest in the corner of the library.

-After you do the protectosphere, you will face Champ in chargeball. You need to beat him for an achievement. If you lose, DO NOT quit. Simply replay him. If you quit you lose your shot at the achievement.
-After beating champ in chargeball, run behind the court to find the Magma Industries VR disc.

OLD TOWN (after getting Havoc gloves):
(NOTE: Before moving on I suggest going back and doing the 6 havoc puzzles you have yet to complete to this point. Doing so will make it much easier and quicker to move forward. Doing these will also let you earn Tallulah's VR disc for completing the puzzle in the music room and the Egypt VR disc for completing the puzzle in the Dining room.)
-As you're executing the task "Clean Garbage," complete the Havoc puzzle near the hotel sign after clearing the rocks to get Franny's VR disc.
-Same task. After clearing the last force field, you'll see a gap in the fence. In there is another havoc puzzle. Complete it to recieve Laszlo's VR disc.
-If you're following the walkthrough, on the task "Get Customers" you should compile 100 scans. Doing so will net you Grandpa Bud's VR Disc.

- Once again, if you're following the walkthrough, on the task "Get to the Throne Room with 10 bugs in Hand" you should compile 110 scans. Doing so will net you the Train Room VR Disc.
- As you're executing the task "Return to Melvin," you enter a room with three sleeping red ants. After defeating them, open the chest for the Hive Court VR disc.

This game is accessed from the main menu. The goal is to stop the bowler hat guy's hats from doing too much damage to any one room in the house. The game will tell you what room the bowler hat guy is in. As you protect rooms you will begin to get multipliers. The multipliers build up as follows:
2x - 4 rooms
3x - 8 rooms
4x - 14 rooms
5x - 20 rooms
6x - 29 rooms
Each time you get a multiplier it gets harder to kill the hats. Overall this game is very easy. The biggest thing to remember is to be accurate. As a good accuracy will give you a huge bonus after you die.

That's it! If you're at this point and have not gotten any of the achievements that are in the story, either load up and old save, or start a new playthrough. Like I said, a very easy game, but one that requires you to pay attention to the achievement guide and walkthrough along the way.

x360a would like to thank Method for this Road Map

Utilized Time Machine10
Escape from Egypt in the time machine. (1) 
Quite simply, just escape the opening introduction level. Obtained during normal course of story. No real explanation required as game is quite linear at this point.
Obtained Scanning Technology10
Complete the mission to create the scanner gadget. 
Obtained during normal course of story. No real explanation required as game is quite linear at this point.
Obtain the Charge Ball Gadget10
Obtain the Charge Ball Glove 
Obtained during normal course of story. No real explanation required as game is quite linear at this point.
Obtain Disassembler Gadget10
Obtain the Disassembler Gadget 
Obtained during normal course of story. No real explanation required as game is quite linear at this point.
Overwhelmed Menacing Automaton40
Defeat Robot guarding the time machine. 
Defeat Robot after navigating the Robinson’s Basement in order to obtain the Time Machine. Pretty straightforward.
Restored Space/Time Continuum20
Complete Science Fair Level 
Note that you only get one shot here to scan the Bowler Hat Guy for your list, so when you access the kitchen area, be quick about it.
Obtained Havoc Gadget10
Obtain Havoc Gloves 
These are obtained after meeting Julia The Warehouse Manager in your second trip to the Industrial District and eliminating the ants from her warehouse. NOTE: To activate the lift to access the upper part of the warehouse, there are three groups of lights on the large circular door in front of you, activating the groups in turn (either red blue or green) will open two hatches containing chests and the final one will activate the elevator.
Obtain LEV Gadget10
Obtain the LEV Gun 
Obtained after defeating Lizzy Queen Of Ants. See Vanquish Army Of Giant Ants achievement.
Undermined Prometheus Project60
Defeat Prometheus 
Ok, this is how you beat the big guy made out of lava. He only has three different attacks. The first one is his pounding his fists down onto the platform. This makes rocks fall from the ceiling, but you are going to need the rocks. Two will always fall into the lava. You have to use your gadget that makes things float. Target one in the lava and make it float. As it is rising keep the target on that rock. When it is almost the whole way up hit it with you havoc gloves, the attack that sends shock waves. This will make him throw his head back. Now get ready for his second attack. He is going to spit lava. Make sure that you are over one of the 4 chains that are holding the platform up. He will have to spit lava on each chain twice to make it break. His last attack is when he will slam both of his arms down and he will do about 4 or 5 spins around the platform with both hands. All you have to do to avoid this attack is go to the edge and fall, you will catch the ledge and wait until he slams one of his fists down again and the rocks start falling again. Get back on the platform and make a rock in the lava float. Rinse and Repeat. Simple as Apple Pie!!!
Defeat Mega Doris100
Defeat Mega Doris 
Defeat Mega Doris by activating 3 squares of the same colour. Shoot with disassembler any areas that turn red. Once the core is exposed, hit the core with the chargeball glove until it’s all over and you can hear the fat lady singing… or at least the little plinky sound of achievement unlocked.
Scan 130 Items100
Scan 130 items throughout the game 
Lots of people have tripped up on this one, however I managed this and had only just entered Magma Industries. My advice is ot scan EVERYTHING – every enemy (including the bosses), every fitting, switch, person, chest – EVERYTHING. Easy ones to miss are hidden doors, one in Wilbur’s room on the left, one in the living room just to the left of the wall separating the TV area from the main room, and another one on the left wall of the outside of the Junk Shop in the Industrial Sector.
Earn Uncle Art VR Disk10
Earn Uncle Art's VR Disk 
This is located in your second visit to the Robinson’s Basement.
Earn Billie VR Disk10
Earn Billie's VR Disk 
Earn Billie's VR Disk by opening a locker on the second floor of the Science Fair.
Earn Franny's VR Disk10
Earn Franny's VR Disk 
Earn Franny's VR Disk after completing the Havoc Puzzle located in front of the Hotel sign in OldTown in your second visit here.
Earn Grandpa's VR Disk10
Earn Grandpa's VR Disk 
Earn Grandpa's VR Disk after scanning 100 items.
Earn Laszlo's VR Disk10
Earn Laszlo's VR Disk 
Earn Laszlo's VR Disk by beating the Havoc Puzzle behind the fence opposite the Ice Cream parlour in OldTown.
Earn Tallulah's VR Disk10
Earn Tallulah's VR Disk 
Earn Tallulah's VR Disk by completing the Havoc Puzzle in the Music Room. To reach this, take the tube to the upper ledge, climb on the vase/trophy and then sidle across to the platform directly above the Music Room door.
Find Magma Charge Ball Court10
Find Magma Charge Ball VR Disk 
Once you have beaten the Champ at Charge Ball don’t enter the tube to return to the Reception Lobby. Instead, run around the back of the building in front of you to find a chest containing this VR disk.
Find Hive Charge Ball Court10
Find Hive Charge Ball VR Disk 
After using the first elevator in the Hive, after crossing a laser protected bridge you will have 3 large ants to get past. The crate holding the Charge Ball Court is to the rear of this room in plain view.
Find Garden Charge Ball Court10
Find Robinson Garden Charge Ball VR Disk 
This is located in a chest in a second floor classroom situated near where you will find Hall Monitor Locker Boy.
Find Egypt Charge Ball Court10
Find Egypt Charge Ball VR Disk 
Find Egypt Charge Ball VR Disk by completing the Havoc Puzzle in the Dining Room of the Robinson’s House.
Find Train Room Court10
Find Train Room Charge Ball VR Disk 
This is awarded to you after scanning 110 items.
Find Frog Room Charge Ball Court10
Find Frog Room Charge Ball VR Disk 
In the Science Fair level, once you have broken through the roof thanks to the assistance of the Big Boy Crane, go behind a bookshelf on your right to find a chest containing this VR disk.
Found All Charge Ball Courts50
All Charge Ball VR Disks Collected 
Collect all VR disks.
Ambush Art in Charge Ball10
Defeat Art in Charge Ball Mini-Game (1) 
Self Explanatory.
Best Billie in Charge Ball10
Defeat Billie in Charge Ball Mini-Game 
Self Explanatory.
Finish off Franny in Charge Ball10
Defeat Franny in Charge Ball Mini-Game 
Self Explanatory.
Bear Down on Bud in Charge Ball10
Defeat Grandpa in Charge Ball Mini-Game 
Self Explanatory.
Lambaste Laszlo in Charge Ball10
Defeat Laszlo in Charge Ball Mini-Game 
Self Explanatory.
Trounce Tallulah in Charge Ball10
Defeat Tallulah in Charge Ball Mini-Game (1) 
Self Explanatory.
Clobber the Champ in Charge Ball10
Defeat the Champ in Charge Ball Mini-Game 
Self Explanatory. He will challenge you after running the Protectosphere course in the Train Station. Occurs during the normal flow of the story.
Completed First Havoc Puzzle10
Complete First Havoc Glove Puzzle 
The first one you will do is located in the warehouse after obtaining the gloves. This occurs in the story to advance to your second visit to Old Town.
Complete All Havoc Puzzles50
Complete Every Havoc Glove Puzzle 
There are 17 puzzles in total. The best thing to do is to complete all the Havoc Puzzles you can before entering the Hive.
Robinson’s House
There are four Havoc Puzzles here, in the Music Room, Dining Room, Living Room and Train Room.

Transit Station

There are two Havoc Puzzles here. To find the first one, use the tube in the reception room to return to the platform where you faced the Champ at Charge Ball. Walk back up the Protectosphere track until you come to a landing on the right. The Havoc Puzzle is here in the corner. To find the second one, once you get off the Monorail to return to the Transit Station, instead of entering the reception foyer, head towards the barrier on the left hand side to find the seal.

Industrial Sector
On ground floor of Warehouse after obtaining havoc gloves. You will complete this during the story to advance to your second visit to Old Town.

There are five Havoc Puzzles here.
1) Next to fallen Hotel Sign
2) Behind fence opposite Ice Cream Parlour
3) Past Ice Cream Parlour just before lava “dead-end”.
4) Located to left hand side of the Orphanage when you rescue the four children.
5) Behind Ice Cream Parlour on ledge. NOTE – This is the puzzle which takes you to The Hive

The Hive
There are three Havoc Puzzles here. The first one is just to the right when you pass the first force field. The remaining two are in the Central Hive, one on the Lower Level, the other one on the Upper Level.

Magma Industries
You will find the final two Havoc Puzzles here. To find the first, with the “Grand Entrance” in front of you, stand on the first platform to the left, then levitate it using the Lev Gun. Sidle your way past the vents, being careful not to get blown off by their emissions. The havoc puzzle is on the platform in front of you protected by a Hoplite and its leader. Don’t waste time fighting them, just run past. The second one is to the rear of the building with the Invincible Door you are told your “can’t get through”
Acolyte of Protectospheres10
Complete First Protectosphere Course 
You will run this course whilst looking for the code for the Garage Keypad when you are looking for Uncle Art in the yard.
Grand Master of Protectospheres50
Complete all Protectosphere Courses 
all of them are encountered by following the story so you don’t need to go looking for them. You don’t need to beat the times, you only need to complete the courses.
Vanquish Army of Giant Ants60
Defeat Lizzy 
easier said than done, unless you know what you are doing. Lizzy’s Lieutenant will rise from the centre of the arena and is invulnerable to your weapons – but not to Lizzy’s. Use the havoc gloves and punch from underneath to knock him on his back. Now direct the laser fired by Lizzy so that it slices through the Lieutenant. This is possible in one pass, but more often than not you will need to do this twice.
Once the Lieutenant is down two sections of platform slide to either side of Lizzy. Each of these platforms has four blue coloured sensors. Hammer these blue discs with 2-3 shots each from your chargeball glove to destroy them. You will need to repeat this whole ordeal a couple of times, but once all the blue sensors are destroyed, you are done. DO NOT forget to scan the Lieutenant, Lizzy and her offspring as this is the only opportunity you will have to do so.
Master of Security100
Score 100,000 in the Security System (1) 
Mini Game selectable from the main menu. Bowler Hat Guy runs from room to room in your house and you have to shoot stuff to rack up the points. Just watch the security cameras to see where he is going to pop up next, ensure that you actually shoot him everytime as you get a bonus for this at the end – this will also give you a couple of seconds break from him throwing stuff for you to catch up. Also bear in mind that there is a bonus for accuracy. You should receive a score of 100,000 to receive both the Security Specialist and Master Of Security achievements shortly after receiving the 5x multiplier in-game.
Security Specialist100
Score 25,000 in the Security System 
See Master Of Security. Received after scoring 25,000 points.

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US March 27, 2007
Europe March 30, 2007

ESRB: Everyone 10
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