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Guide By: xDAx AWESOME
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 12
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-10 hours (Largely depends on skill)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3-4
- Number of missable achievements: 1 (WORLD WARRIOR)
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes available
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Only "SUPERHERO". For that, you must beat the game on hard.

Mega Man 10 is another 8-bit sequel in the long running series. Mega Man is back with eight all-new bosses to tackle and weapons to gain. It's up to you to stop Wily in his tracks again, only this time Proto Man is there to help you from the start.

Mega Man games are hard. If you've never played the NES originals, or found Mega Man 9 extremely difficult, expect no different here. The game is a bit easier than 9, and also includes an easy mode that doesn't disable achievements! Lucky you. All of them can be obtained there EXCEPT for "SUPERHERO", which requires you to beat it on hard mode.

The one thing you need to learn is patience. Mega Man games are about learning the level layouts and memorizing enemy patterns. Until you do this the game WILL seem impossible, but the more you play the better you will get. Just learn to pay attention, and make sure you play the levels over and over again until you have a grasp on them. Easy mode kind of kills the true nature of Mega Man games, but these methods will still help you on your way to "Mr. PERFECT".

The first thing you'll need to know is the weakness list. You can find that below.

Weakness Chart
No boss in Mega Man 10 takes double damage from the buster, so you're going to want to find the boss that's easiest to you. Pump Man seem to be the one's people pick the most, so I'm going to go with Pump Man first and have the weakness chart follow that. The weapon on the left is strong against the boss on the right.

Mega Buster > Pump Man
Pump Man (W. Shield) > Solar Man
Solar Man (S. Blaze) > Chill Man
Chill Man (C. Spike) > Nitro Man
Nitro Man (W. Cutter) > Commando Man
Commando Man (C. Bomb) > Blade Man
Blade Man (T. Blade) > Strike Man
Strike Man (R. Striker) > Sheep Man

After beating all 8 stages, you'll need to finish all 4 Wily stages as well as Wily himself. Once you head to the Wily stages, you cannot go back, so stock up on any items you want beforehand (Finding a stage to farm screws on can be incredibly helpful for this). You can save between Wily stages on easy mode, but can't on the others. The Wily stage weakness chart is below.

Wily 1 (first set of bosses)
Nitro Man (W. Cutter) > Gemini Man (Shoots laser)
Nitro Man (W. Cutter) > Elec Man (Shoots bolts)
Blade Man (T. Blade) > Wood Man (Shoots leafs)

Wily 1 (second set of bosses)
Pump Man (W. Shield) > Flame Man (Shoots fire)
Strike Man (R. Striker) > Napalm Man (Shoots capsules/napalm)
Solar Man (S. Blaze) > Ring Man (Shoots rings)

Wily 1 (third set of bosses)
Sheep Man (T. Wool) > Tornado Man (Shoots tornadoes)
Commando Man (C. Bomb) > Frost Man (Shoots ice, takes extra damage if you explode the bomb next to him, not on him)
Chill Man (C. Spike) > Slash Man (Swipes at you, only takes extra damage from ice on ground, not shooting him with it)

Wily 2 (two mid-bosses and final boss)
Pump Man (W. Shield) > Fire Birds
Strike Man (R. Striker) > Octobulb
Blade Man/Commando Man (T. Blade/C. Bomb) > Crab Puncher

Wily 3 (boss)
Strike Man (R. Striker) > Block Devil

Wily 4 (third set of bosses)
First you have to fight your way through all eight bosses at once, then...
Solar Man (S. Blaze) > Wily Machine Form 1
Pump Man (W. Shield) > Wily Machine Form 2

Wily 5 (final boss)
Chill Man (C. Spike) > Wily

First Playthrough:
This is where you are just going to go for "WHOMP WILY!". You're going to want to practice some of the levels here, and maybe even go into the challenges after you unlock the boss fights, so you can practice them. Make sure to save after you beat a level, and also make sure you have a decent understanding of their layouts. After getting a grasp on things, you can work on getting the other achievements.

Second Playthrough:
Now that you've got the game down, this is where you will be getting most of your achievements. Keep the game on easy mode, and make your way through it. First, start with the weakness chart, and make your way through the levels in order. However, you are going to want to focus on beating each level without dying. When you beat one, save and go to the next. If you die, reload your previous save so you still have no deaths. You should be picking up "HARD ROCK" as your make your way through the eight bosses. Also make sure you're killing every type of enemy you see so that you can work towards "WORLD WARRIOR". When you get to Wily 4, you have to reface all eight bosses in a row. This is where you are only going to use your mega buster to defeat them to unlock "TRUSTY SIDEARM". On easy, you can save between Wily levels, so continue playing until you beat the game without dying to unlock "TENACIOUS" and "INVINCIBLE". If you are playing a no death run, you should also be beating the game in under an hour, so "BLUE BOMBER" should be yours. You should also pick up "DESTROYER" on your second or third playthrough.

Further Playthroughs:
If you want to try beating the eight bosses without your helmet on in your second playthough for "HEADBANGING", you can, but I'd recommend against it since you are trying to beat the game without dying. You could also do it on Wily 4 when you reface the bosses, but again, then you have to face Wily without it since you can't die. Leave it for a playthrough after your second one. Getting "NO COFFEE BREAK" should be fairly simple once you've beat the game a time or two and understand the enemy patterns.

Now, the two that will give everybody fits: Beating the game on hard, and beating it without taking ANY damage.

For beating the game on hard: Patience. Patience. Patience. The enemy layouts are designed to make you want to rip your hair out, but the store will be your best friend. Play some levels to build up screws, and then splurge them on Beat Calls, Shock Guards, E-Tanks, and so on. They will help you an incredible amount. Again, start with Pump Man, because you'll earn quite a bit of screws (plus an E-tank) for your troubles. The wily levels are incredibly difficult, but all the extra lives and E-tanks you've purchased should make it manageable. Pay attention to the weakness chart, and make sure you buy the half damage item for the final fight against Wily. After some struggles, you should unlock "SUPERHERO".

For beating the game without taking damage: This is going to take time. However, this can be done on easy, so even if it seems impossible, it isn't. Work on a level at a time. You're going to have to keep reloading and such, but don't let it get the best of you. Only do a level or two a day if it helps your frustration level and just keep at it. Use Pump Man's bubble shield whenever you need it, it can be a life saver at the best times. Use your weapons and make sure you understand the boss patterns before attempting. The Wily levels will drive you insane, but you can save between them, so you'll get it eventually. After hanging in there, you should unlock "MR. PERFECT"

Mega Man 10's achievements are significantly easier than Mega Man 9's, maybe aside from "MR. PERFECT". You'll still experience rage inducing moments, but the level layouts and enemy placement is a lot more forgiving this time around. Follow the above methods and you should find your way to the 200/200... or at the very least 170/200.

 [x360a would like to thank xDAx AWESOME for this Road Map]

Clear the game once.    

This is a story related achievement.

Easy mode is the best way to do this. Most gaps will be covered by platforms, there are less enemies, and the enemies will take less damage. Make your way through each level using the weakness chart above, and make sure to watch the boss patterns as you fight them. After completing a boss, save your game. You can save after each level so you don't have to replay them, and just do this to make your way through the game.

Clear the game in under an hour.   

Again, this is best done on easy mode. Using the same method as above, make your way through the game using the methods in "Mr. Perfect", video seven. While saving after each level. You are going to want to do your best not to die while you run through the levels. Every death just takes precious time off your clock, so you're going to want to practice a bit if you're new to Mega Man.

Clear the game on HARD.   

This is a difficulty related achievement.

This seems like a casual progression from easy/normal, but it's not. The levels are brutal, as are the enemies. Only experienced Mega Man players will be able to do this, and it will test your patience in the process. Expect to die a lot, just make sure you take advantage of the store. You can buy energy tanks and extra lives there. You can also get items that do half damage and such, so make the best use of it. Remember to save after each level if you manage to beat it, and be patient. This is going to take you a lot of practice.

Make it to a boss room without getting damaged.   

If you are working towards "Mr. Perfect" you will earn this on that attempt. If you are trying to attempt this achievement try to do it on a level you know fairly well. The more you know about the level and the location of most enemies will help tremendously.

After Playing the levels, it seems like Pump Man is the easiest. Just make sure you take the bottom route. There is barely any enemies, and the only real threat is a few shrimp and bubbles. You just need to take it slow and run through the levels a few times so you know where the enemies are. If Pump Man doesn't work for you definitely pick a level without an annoying sub-boss.

Defeat the 8 bosses without your helmet on.   (2) 

First, you need to get 20 screws so that you can buy the "hairstyles" item from the shop. There's probably an easier way, but I went into Pump Man's level and grabbed a few screws then died until I went back to the continue screen. I bought it from the shop option, and then proceeded to play through the eight levels. This will not be as easy as normally playing, because Mega Man takes double damage when he doesn't have his helmet. On top of this, if you die, the helmet will come back and you'll have to re-exit and buy the hairstyle again. To save some frustration, do this on easy. You'll want to take the levels extremely slow, and again, make sure you know the level designs a bit before attempting.

Another way to do this is to buy the no helmet hairstyle before starting Wily 4. This is when you have to re-face all 8 bosses in a row. Once you are used to the game this will be the easiest method, but if you'd rather do it one at a time use the method above.

Defeat 1000 enemies.   

This achievement stacks up as you play through the game. You will need to run through the game several times to defeat 1000 enemies in total. If you have other achievements to clean up this would be a good time to do so.

You will most likely unlock this on your third playthrough. Just shoot and kill as many enemies as possible.

Defeat one of every type of enemy.   

First, you need to do this in a single playthrough. It will not count over multiple saves and different games. You just need make sure you shoot every enemy you see. Take your time, and even make sure to shoot the projectiles just in case. It will unlock when you kill a drill in Wily 5. If it doesn't then you missed something and missed the achievement.

There are several enemies which are easy to miss so make sure you look out for them:

  • Birds that drop rockets in Chill Man Stage
  • The spring enemies that can't be killed by the mega buster. Chill Man's chill spike can kill them.
  • Flames in Solar Man Stage (use Pump Man's bubble shield to kill them)
  • Alarm things in Wily Stage 2
  • Projectiles you may need to shoot include: The rockets the birds drop, baseballs, bombs, bullets, etc. (these aren't confirmed to be needed, but are worth doing just to make sure.)

Pump Man's water shield will help you destroy most things if you keep it going while playing.

Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon.   

Attempt this on easy, the bosses move much slower and deal far less damage than other difficulties. Try to dodge as much as possible and shoot as fast as possible. You can buy energy tanks if you need an extra life refill.

This may be a little tedious to remember while playing through the game. When you get to Wily 4 you will have to fight all the bosses, one after another. If you don't want to remember to change your weapons this will be the perfect place to do this achievement.

Clear the game without using any energy, mystery, or weapon tanks.   

These are the blue tanks with letters on them, with each letter corresponding to the type of tank it is.

  • Energy tanks refill life.
  • Mystery tanks refill your health and all weapons.
  • Weapon tanks fill one specific weapon.

On easy mode, you will run into an item that auto refills everything for you in each level. You don't need to worry about this item so you can ignore the rest of the tanks. The game is straightforward enough and you shouldn't run into any issues until the Wily stages.

If you are still having issues with extra lives and health buy the following items:

  • Eddie Calls (usually gives an extra life)
  • Guard Power Up (decreases the amount of damage you take for a whole level, use in the later stages if you're struggling)
Clear the game without continuing.   

See "Mr. Perfect"

Clear the game without dying.   

Unlike the previous Mega Man games you have Easy Mode, which will make the game a little less difficult. You will have more health and weaker enemies. The levels are also altered slightly to make them easier to navigate without dying.

You will also be able to save between levels which will cut down the difficulty further. If you are having trouble with spikes and holes buy the Beat Calls and Shock Guards. Beat Calls save you if you fall down a hole, and Shock Guards will make spikes not one hit kill you.

See "Mr. Perfect"

Clear the game without getting damaged.   (14) 

This may seem impossible but with a little practise and patience you should have no trouble. Start on easy as you can save between each level, doing this you have a previous game file to fall back on if you make a mistake. Dodge as many many projectiles as possible and use the bubble shield often.

The following video guide will help you see where you need to go and what dangers you will beconfronted with as you complete the levels.


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