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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
- Offline: 12
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 15-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4-5
- Number of missable achievements: 1 (Destroyer)
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes available
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty settings

Mega Man 9 is another in the long line of Mega Man sequels, with gameplay and graphics all catered to the retro style of the NES-era. The game features 8 brand new robot masters to defeat, 8 new special weapons to pick up from those bosses, as well as 4 final stages. There's also a new currency system with screws that can be used to buy health pickups, ammo, lives and more.

As a Mega Man game styled after the originals, know that this will be hard on your first playthrough. Mega Man games are all about memorization of levels and enemies. With enough knowledge of enemy ambushes and level layouts, you will be able to run through them quickly enough to try for the harder achievements, but to get that knowledge you will need to play and replay these levels a lot. It is extremely likely you will die on your first run. A lot. Don't let this put you off, since dying is a necessity to teach you enemy patterns and level design.

Before playing, you should know the boss list and their weaknesses to figure out a route to take. Below is a list of the bosses, the weapon they drop and the boss that weapon is weak against. The list is also ordered by which robot masters you should try to kill, from first to eighth.

1. Splash Woman (Splash Trident) > Concrete Man
2. Concrete Man (Concrete Shot) > Galaxy Man
3. Galaxy Man (Black Hole Bomb) > Jewel Man
4. Jewel Man (Jewel Satellite) > Plug Man
5. Plug Man (Plug Ball) > Tornado Man
6. Tornado Man (Tornado Blow) > Magma Man
7. Magma Man (Magma Shot) > Hornet Man
8. Hornet Man (Hornet Chaser) > Splash Woman

After beating all 8 stages, you'll need to finish all 4 Wily stages as well as Wily himself. Once you head to the Wily stages, you cannot go back, so stock up on any items you want beforehand (Finding a stage to farm screws on can be incredibly helpful for this). You can't save between Wily stages, so be ready for the long haul, especially on your first playthrough.

First Playthrough:
While it's advised to focus on just finishing the game on your first run, there are some achievements you can work on. World Warrior can easily be attained by replaying any of the 8 stages and killing any enemies you couldn't kill or missed, and Blue Bomber can be easily gotten on either Galaxy Man (With the Buster) or Jewel Man (With the Black Hole Bomb). Once you've beat the game you will get Whomp Wily!, and be well on your way (Or maybe even have already unlocked) Destroyer.

Further Playthroughs:
It really is up to you what achievements you go for now, but you would be best getting Gamer's Day out of the way if you have enough time before midnight, since you'll only need 4 more runs of the Wily levels. Next I would suggest going for Invincible and Almost Invincible, since this gives you more opportunity to learn the levels and relies less on skill and more on saving and farming for e-tanks and screws. By now you should definitely have Destroyer, and should be familiar with the levels enough to go for Jitterbug.

This leaves the tough achievements. It is HIGHLY recommended keeping a save with plenty of screws for you to start out with, so you can buy whatever items you think you'll need (E-tanks/M-tanks, lives or Eddie). I'd start with Peacekeeper, since this requires the least amount of time and effort. Conversationist should be next. Because you are forced to using your Mega Buster for the majority of this run, Trusty Sidearm will come naturally while going for this achievement. Lastly is No Coffee Break, which requires some luck on Eddie's part to giving you a health pellet. Just treat this run like you did for Invincible/Almost Invincible, except with the obvious lack of buying e-tanks and m-tanks.

For the majority of these achievements, they will come with patience, level memory and time. The final few might require some preparation and dedication, especially for the Wily stages where you can't save. Just take your time, don't make any simple mistakes and know specifically which achievement you're going for in each playthrough.

[x360a would like to thank Kif for this roadmap]

Clear the game in 60 minutes or less.    
After you've beaten the game once or twice, this is not a particularly difficult achievement to obtain. Make ample use of your special weapons to finish stages quicker, particularly Black Hole Bomb and Jewel Satellite. The former will kill enemies that are otherwise unkillable (i.e. underwater mines, ground sliders) and the latter will make quick work of weaker enemies while you focus on platforming.

If you feel you've taken too long on a stage, reload your previous save and try again. Keep in mind you will need to play through Wily's castle in one sitting though. If you are around the 30 minute mark after beating all 8 stages, you're in good shape with plenty of leeway.
Clear the game without dying.    
This achievement isn't as hard as it looks. Simply play through a stage without dying and save. If you die on the next stage, reload your previous save and try again.

The only real challenge comes from beating Wily's castle due to not being able to save between levels. Stock up on as many E-tanks, shock guards, and Beat calls as you can afford before you make the trek. Save your 1/2 damage power-up until Wily Stage 4.
Almost Invincible20
Clear the game without continuing.    
See 'Invincible.'
No Coffee Break10
Clear the game without using any Energy or Mystery Tanks.    (3) 
Also not as hard as it sounds. Stock up on plenty of lives as well as an Eddie power-up. Eddie helps because he will most likely drop an energy pellet/ball or two when you're in a pinch; think makeshift E-tank. If you're low on life during a boss fight with no way out, just die and you will respawn outside the boss door. If you lose all your lives, you can just continue and replay the stage until you beat it.

For the Robot Master weakness list, refer to this thread: here

Also these seem to be the most effective weapons against the bosses in Wily Castle:

Stage 1 Boss -> Plug Ball or Mega Buster
Stage 2 Boss -> Tail: Laser Trident or Mega Buster, Belly: Laser Trident or Tornado Blow, Head: Laser Trident or Black Hole Bomb
Stage 3 Boss -> Black Hole Bomb
Wily Machine -> First form: Mega Buster, Second form: Concrete Shot or Mega Buster, Final Form: Plug Ball or Hornet Chaser
Clear the game by defeating the fewest number of enemies possible.    (2) 
The only enemies you can kill are bosses and mini-bosses (the dragon on Magma Man's stage, the elephant on Concrete Man's stage, the Boulder on Jewel Man's stage, and the Flower Clock on Hornet Man's stage). You can kill enemies that a boss releases such as flames, hornets, and missiles. You will need to utilize the brief moments of invincibility after you get hit to progress in the game.

Stock up on shock guards, E-tanks, and Beat calls to make your life a little easier. The 1/2 damage power-up should also be used when necessary (Jewel Man's stage or Wily Stage 3 are good examples). Utilize Rush Jet and Rush Coil to bypass some of the more difficult areas.

During the gravity sections in Wily 3, stay mostly to the left of the screen and use Plug ball to navigate. This way you don't accidentally kill something (like the last grabber in the final gravity section with the M tank). For the area with the green turrets, you can purposefully fall down the chasms to force Beat into carrying you around. Use this opportunity to soar over the turret but be quick about it as it doesn't last long. You can also purposefully get hit by the cannon shot and use the invincibility to progress.

Personally, I did this section using mostly the Rush Jet to navigate between the turrets, the spikes, and the lone sniper joe.
Clear the game by using the least amount of Weapon Energy possible.    (3) 
First, go through all 8 stages without using ANY special weapons. This includes Rush Coil and Rush Jet (they count as weapons). You must only use the Mega Buster.

When you get to Wily's Castle, follow this simple outline:

Remember, try not to use the weapons required to progress more than once on each screen unless I say otherwise or you risk not unlocking the achievement.

Stage 1 - Use Tornado Blow to pass the first lift and the lifts in the room after it, then use Rush Jet once to clear the next section. Later, clear the first magma fountain with Rush Coil. On the next screen, use Rush Coil as soon as you leave the ladder, aim Mega Man onto the 2nd ladder from the left when you catapult off Rush. Use Rush Jet in the room with the bed of spikes after the pink teleporter room.

Stage 2 - Use Laser Trident to destroy the first block at the beginning of the stage and the next block near the spikes. Use Rush Coil or Concrete Shot to get up to the ledge with the Sniper Joe in the first room with the projectors. In the underwater portion, take the upper path and use Laser Trident 3 times to break the 3 blocks along the path to the next ladder.

Stage 3 - You won't need any special weapons on this stage.

Stage 4 - Use Concrete Shot to block the only impassable laser and utilize it as a stepping stone to continue.
Gamer's Day20
Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.   (2) 
You don't actually need to beat the entire game five times from start to finish. You can load up a save right before Wily's Castle and finish the game 5 times this way to unlock the achievement.
Whomp Wily!5
Clear the game once.    
Doesn't get much more straightforward than this. Beat the game once to unlock this.
Defeat your 1000th enemy.   
You will obtain this simply by playing the game. If you're in a hurry to get it, go to Plug Man's stage and activate Jewel Satellite in an area with the respawning cylinder enemies and leave it until the achievement unlocks.
World Warrior5
Defeat every type of enemy.    (2) 
This achievement requires you to be thorough. Some enemies must be killed with special weapons which you may not have the first time yougo through a stage. Nearly everything can be killed with either a Black Hole Bomb or Tornado Blow. In particular, don't forget to kill:
  • The floor sentries in Jewel Man's/Concrete Man's stage (Black Hole Bomb)
  • The mines in Splash Woman's stage (Black Hole Bomb)
  • The sparks in Plug Man's stage (Jewel Satellite or Black Hole Bomb)
  • The grabbers that drop from the ceiling in Galaxy Man's Stage
  • The dragon mini-boss's flames (Tornado Blow or Black Hole Bomb)
  • Anything a boss shoots out (i.e. missiles, fish, hornets)

In Hornet Man's stage, the flower pots that shoot out different types of floral missiles are worthy of mentioning. Make sure you destroy each type of missile. I'm not sure if these count, but better safe than sorry.
Trusty Sidearm20
Defeat the 8 Bosses with the Mega Buster.   
Stock up on E-tanks and lay waste to the robot masters. It should be a cakewalk with your E-tank supply. This achievement can also be obtained in Wily Stage 4.
Blue Bomber10
Defeat a Boss without getting damaged.   
To me, the easiest boss to do this on is Hornet Man with the Magma Bazooka equipped. When he launches 3 hornets, aim the bazooka to hit them all in a single shot then simply jump over him as he runs across the screen wihle unloading charged shots at him. Rinse and repeat. Other easy bosses include: Splash Woman, Galaxy Man, and the first Wily Castle boss.

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