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Destruction Derby

Defeat Destruction Worker without dying as Megamind  

Destruction Worker is the boss of level 3. For the achievement to unlock you just need to defeat the boss without dying. Here is the method I used:

First since you do not regain life while playing, the point of no return is when you are making your way through the remnants of the destroyed building. If you don’t have close to full health, let these guys kill you before moving on to the boss. This will restart you with full life right before the boss fight. If you die during the boss fight the achievement will NOT unlock.

When you start the fight, just stand there and shoot the goons coming down the ramp. The boss will now spray the area with 5 shots so just avoid them by walking or jumping between 2 of them. He will now shoot at some crates that are above you. At this point run straight ahead and into the wall directly below the boss. All the crates will miss you and some dynamite will land near by. Finally, he will operate a wrecking ball and try to drop it on you. Let the wrecking ball lock onto you and then get out of the way before it drops. There is a slight shake to let you know when to move.

Now the ball will reset, so quickly grab the dynamite and start walking to the blue circle on the ground in front of the boss. When you see the wrecking ball coming at you again, drop the dynamite and get out of the way. You will only be able to take a few steps each time. Once it resets, pick up the dynamite again and keep moving toward the boss. Repeat as needed.

When you finally place the dynamite, run to the button behind you and press it to detonate the charge. Now more goons start coming down the ramp again so just repeat the entire process 2 more times and you will have him beat.

Thanks to Method for refining my original boss strategy.


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