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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Achievement Guide

Guide By: Zee
There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
Offline: 35 (750)
Online: 5 (250)
Estimated amount of time to 1000: 25 – 30 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 – 2
Number of missable achievements: 1 (explained in Introduction)
Glitched achievements: Read the introduction for more info
Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes. (Read Introduction for more info)

The reason that there is 1 – 2 playthroughs is because if you rented the game or you just want to rush the achievements, you can get them all in one playthrough. But I recommend that you go through it first to grasp all concepts of the game because you will need them to get all the achievements.

Thank you for purchasing (or renting) Mercenaries 2: World in Flames! This game contains a total of 40 achievements branching off into 35 offline achievements and 5 online achievements where you have to play co-op with a friend. Most of the achievements consist of destroying things, earning money, completing challenges, and achieving maximum mood with the different factions. While 11 other achievements you get for going through the storyline.

A lot of the achievements in this game are glitched. All known glitched achievements are described in this thread. Also, there is only 1 missable achievement (Read “Missable Achievement”)

Whenever a cheat code is enabled in a save file, achievements are disabled forever on that save file. You might not want to activate cheats unless you really need them (and you don’t want the achievements…).

Missable Achievement
There is only 1 missable achievement in the beginning of the game. At one point, a tank busts through a wall. If you destroy the tank, then you will get nothing, but if you hijack it, then you will get an achievement worth 50.

Destroying Objects
4 achievements in Mercenaries 2 consist of destroying 50 objects with a certain weapon. 3 of them are destroying objects with an RPG, grenades, and melee. The last one is sniping 50 enemy vehicle drivers. None of these are hard except for sniping. The last thing is that people count as objects, so you can kill enemies to get the achievements.

Capturing HVTs
2 of the achievements are verifying all high value targets (“…And Justice for All”) and capturing all 55 alive (“Aces High”). I recommend trying to get Aces High on your second playthrough because you will need to grasp all concepts of the game to keep them all alive.

Unlocking all Shop Items
One of the hardest achievements in this game would be collecting all shop items (“Digital Man”). To get this achievement you must collect all 100 custom parts (which are scattered across Venezuela), complete all challenges, destroy all designated buildings, verify all HVT’s, destroy 40 billboards, kill 50 of every faction, and complete the story.

Co-op Achievements
The last set of 5 achievements are for playing with a friend in Co-op. All 5 Co-op achievements are worth 50. The Co-op achievements for this game are: Playing with a friend, destroying 200 objects in the gunner seat, using 20 airstrikes, and coming in first in a Co-op race. The last achievement in Co-op is playing with a Mercenaries 2 developer or someone who already has this achievement.

There are many achievements that have not been explained in this Road Map, but the most difficult achievements have been outlined. The last thing is that it is not very hard to 100% this game, but there will be times where you will get very frustrated.
[x360a would like thank The Bunnyin8or for this Road Map]

Tattooed Millionaire25
Earn $1 million.   (19) 
You'll get this soon after the start of the game, it will unlock after a save or an auto save.
Partners in Crime50
Play co-op with a friend.   (27) 
Join a friends game. OR have him join you. Does anyone have any idea why this is 50 points?
Capture all outposts for a single faction.   
There are missions that require you to take an outpost. Once you pick a faction you want to capture the outposts for, Click the back button. Then Go over the faction's bases, and hit A on their outposts . (The little icons of the faction that are around there HQ.) It should allow you to see what contract work is available. Mark it and go there. Keep beating these missions and it will unlock it.

Make sure you clear the base before you call in the chopper. Sometimes the A.I will fire at each other and blow up a fuel tank next to the base. If there is one near the base, call your chopper to pick it up.
Eat the Heat10
Try accelerating and braking at the same time.   (2) 
Get in a car, and hold A+X. Then wait in-till it unlocks.
Armaggedon It20
Destroy 20 buildings.   (2) 
You'll get this playing the game. If not shoot the buildings with a tank, c4, RPGs, or call in a air strike. If you beat the game and it didn't unlock, nuclear bunker bust a city. It should unlock right away. It's also fun to look at.
Shoot to Thrill20
Get 25 headshots.   
Aim for the head. Aim with LT and shoot with RT. If you can't quite seem to get it, grab a sniper (found on guards in sniper towers) and head shot people standing still, on gun in-placements and people in parked cars.
It will most likely unlock randomly.

When playing co-op, it seems like the number is a total of both players. So it might unlock for both people at the same time. Even if the other player did not even get a head shot.
Damage, Inc.50
Use 20 airstrikes in co-op.   (18) 
Just use 20 air strikes. You will unlock it while playing the story most likely. It seems it counts for both people when one air strike is used. It's quite glitchy, as I got it when I requested a pick up for a stack of money. It also should unlock before 20 is used. If not buy more air strikes from the back menu and spam them. If one player got it and the other didn't, it should unlock after the next air strike.

I recommend buying more fuel storage from each faction's outposts. My friend unlocked it while using artillery strikes (they are in the air strike menu after all), but use air strikes if you're paranoid.
Hail and Kill20
Destroy 50 objects using melee.   (1) 
Counts for objects and people. Just run around and spam B on Creates and people. When playing co-op, it seems like the number is a total of both players. So it might unlock for both people at the same time. Even if the other player did not even melee.

Thanks to many people for pointing it out, you can also go behind the PMC and melee the flower pots.
Holy Smoke20
Destroy 50 objects with a grenade.   
Since I found Grenades to not be useful, Spam them on parked cars and shacks. basically everything that easy to destroy.

Thanks to many people for pointing it out, you can also go behind the PMC and Nade the furniture.

If you don't unlock it by the time the game is over. Get 9 nades and save the game. Go out and blow stuff up with them and quit out. It will save progress towards the achievement but keep you at max ammo. Be sure not to pick anything up with the chopper, as it will auto save.
Little Savage20
Destroy 50 objects with an RPG launcher.   
Spam the RPG. Shoot the back of tanks for an easy kill, as well as use the air-fueled PRG for a 1 hit kill on anything really. You'll find the air-fueled on Chinese soldiers. This achievement can unlock randomly in co-op. My friend unlocked it while dropping out of an helicopter.

Thanks to many people for pointing it out, you can also go behind the PMC and RPG the furniture.

If you don't unlock it by the time the game is over. Get a RPG with max ammo and save the game. Go out and blow stuff up with it and quit out. It will save progress towards the achievement but keep you at max ammo. Be sure not to pick anything up with the chopper, as it will auto save.
Balls to the Wall20
Beat the Winching Challenge three times.   
A simple easy challenge. Just use the crates next to the stack zone. Check out billion dollar baby for more info.
Gone Shootin'20
Complete one of Fiona's challenges.   
Very easy, talk to Fiona, pick a challenge and beat it. Her level 1 challenges are quite easy.
Heavy Metal Thunder10
Successfully complete 10 action hijacks.   
Action Hijacks are the push A B X or Y event when you hijack a tank or helicopter.Just run up to tanks or grapple a Heli. (push Y when you're below it, you must have the mechanic in the pmc to do this.) Just make sure the tanks or APCs gunner is dead before you try it. It won't let you hijack it if he's alive.
Be Quick or Be Dead10
Snipe 50 enemy vehicle drivers.   (6) 
Grab a sniper from a guard in a sniper tower, (you can also buy a supply drop from China, PLAV or the Pirates for one) Run into a hostile area and wait on the road for jeeps with turrets to ambush you. Once they start coming, snipe the driver once he parks to let the turret gunner shoot you. Make sure they stop early so they don't run you over. Move out of the way if they don't. If you kill the turret gunner first the driver will get out of the jeep.

Be sure not to waste bullets. Reloading wastes a whole clip, so let the game reload for you. I recommend going North East of the map. Where China and the AN are fighting. There is tons of jeeps that spawn for china. You can also go around the HQ of UP. Tons of their regular pickups with not to many tanks.

You can also go "West of the PLAV HQ is a good stretch of road that spawns VZ jeeps if you run from the barracade to the bridge and you can avoid dealing with random Hostile backup" (thanks Badmojo)

If you don't unlock it by the time the game is over. Get a sniper with tons of ammo and save the game. Go out and snip the drivers and quit out. It will save progress towards the achievement but keep you at max ammo. Be sure not to pick anything up with the chopper, as it will auto save.

It might take more then 50 kills to unlock so just keep going at it.
No More Mr. Nice Guy10
Make all factions HOSTILE.   (3) 
Go into each faction HQ. and open fire. Let them call for back up. Once it's hostile, move on the the next faction. You can also destroy and outpost. That will make a faction automatically hostile.

The most fun way? Nuclear bunker bust the HQs!
...And Justice For All50
Verify all high value targets.   (4) 
Kill or capture all HVT. 5 are story related. 50 are side missions, just look on the map for HVT targets. According to PLmikez (post here), two can get blocked off if you beat the game before you kill/capture them. (If you take china's path.)

You will also be missing one person for China or AN, depending on what path you take. There is a total of 56 HVts in the game but you can only kill 55 of them. Thus why its 55/55 in the progress menu. You do not have to kill the one you are missing. You will still unlock it at 55/55.

Not only that, after beating the game the game, China or the AN (depending on what mission you chose) will not be able to have any progress towards the HVTs, If you did not talk to that faction them before hand. Just don't do the last mission before doing a mission for both, and it should be fine. If the HVTs read 53/55, you will have to do the last mission for the last two HVTs. (Go in then if you are not going towards Digital man or already did everything else.)

Try not to kill them, as there is another achievement (Aces High) for capturing them all. Theres a nice Post over at the Pandemic forums about the HVTs here.

Warning: If you join someones game and kill all the hvts, you will not unlock the achievement. Another Warning, if you beat the game, you may not be able to do missions for the other faction. So be sure they are all completed before hand.
Digital Man20
Unlock all shop items.    (5) 

Unlock all shop items.

Find all spare parts.
Theres a map here
Glitch here (be sure you have around 32 items before trying the glitch or it may not work. I grab a bunch around the west cost, flew around with a Helicopter where they all were, and once I flew over them all, I saved and reloaded. This will allow you to re grab them all. You can get around 20 each time you do this, without find any new ones. Check the link for more info.

Beat the story (you unlock the nuclear bunker buster!)
Capture all outposts for each faction.
HVT missions (See justice for all)
Factions challenges
Destroy structure missions
Destroy 40 billboards (once you have the PLAV as a faction)
Kill 50 UP
Kill 50 PLAV
Kill 50 AN
Kill 50 Chinese

Warning, if you beat the game, you may not be able to do certain missions for the faction that left Venezuela. So make sure you complete all the HVT missions, outpost missions, and faction missions before you beat the game to be safe. Be sure did everything before you complete the last two story missions, so you won't have to re-beat the game.

If you are having trouble with the challenges do them in co-op. There extreme easy with a friend. You can also check how many items that are unlocked in the progress menu by pushing the back button.

Thanks to MrIssues and MetalReaper for the other ways to unlock the shop items.

We'll Burn the Sky50
Unlock all landing zones.    
You must be in good standings with each faction and capture all there outposts to unlock them all. There are 4 for PLAV and AN. 3 for the pirates, 5 for China and UP, and 1 for the PMC. You must have them all unlocked before the last mission, as one of the factions will lose a landing zone.

If you gotten all the outposts and still no achievement, be sure to do the first HQ mission for China. It will unlock after the cut-seen. This does not unlock for your Co-op partner.
Highway to Hell10
Complete three different races.   (2) 
Talk to Eva for the challenges. You will have to do the Destruction race first. The first level of it isn't so bad, but the second and third one is annoying. So after you finish the first Destruction race, do 2 of the race challenges.

(a tip for the destruction race would be to drop off a friend into the field to shoot at the objects instead of from the gunners seat. It's much easier that way. You can do all three this way if you like.)
Wheels of Steel50
Come in first during a co-op race.   (5) 
Talk to Eva and chose the "Race challenge" option (if it's not unlocked you must complete a level of the destruction race first). Run to one of the two cars and beat the other player. You can wait at the start and once the other player gets all the goals, drive to the finish. A word if warning, this race is extremely buggy, you're car can explode for no reason some times, so don't put a high bet down.
Nothin' But a Good Time50
Destroy 200 objects from the gunner seat in co-op.   (17) 
Go into the gunners seat of a vehicle, and shoot stuff. People do count as objects and you can be by your self in the car and still unlock it. Theres one mission for the UP where you must drive some guy around to destroy documents. Park a car with a turret on one of the roads where a swarm of enemies will come from and open fire. If you missed the chance or did not unlock it just continue to play in co-op as the gunner.

I unlocked it in a car I was driving that had rockets I could fire. I shot to close to me and blew my self up, unlocking the achievement. So it may be possible to unlock in a vehicle that you can both, shoot and drive at the same time.
Everybody Wants Some!!50
Play with a Mercenaries 2 developer or a player who already has this Achievement.    (24) 
Join random matches online. If you don't have it by the time the game loads, quit out and join another random game. You can also check the person profile to see if he has it before you enter the game.
Billion Dollar Babies25
Earn $1 billion.   (13) 
Go here
Remember, after you get the billion, save your game.
Secret Achievements
Wild One20
You recruited Ewan.    (1) 
Story related.
The Rage20
You completed "Rescue Carmona."    (1) 
Story related.
Hello, Hooray50
You acquired the PMC.    
Story related.
School's Out20
You completed the tutorial.    
Story related.
Ride the Dragon10
You hijacked the tank in the villa.    
Story related but it can be missed if the other person in co-op Hijacks it before you. You may have to start a new game to unlock it.
The Analog Kid20
You recruited Misha.    
Story related.
Oil and Gasoline20
You recruited Eva.    
Story related.
Runnin' with the Devil20
You verified Blanco.    
Story related.
You Better Run20
You verified Carmona.    
Story related.
No Compromise, No Regrets20
You battled for Caracas.    (1) 
Story related.
The Hero and the Madman50
You Completed Mercenaries 2.    (4) 
Story related.
Dirty Deeds10
You achieved maximum Universal Petroleum mood.    
Bribe each fraction. Or just do missions for them. You'll get it in no time. If it glitches, return the mood to neutral and re-gain the bar. If it does not unlock join someone's co-op game where the mood is at the maximum. You can also unlock it that way. If all else fails, start a new game and rush the story missions. Once you get to the faction that glitched, bribe them.

IF all else fails, load up the save while playing off line. It seems to be an issue with EA's servers. Thanks Wii187 or the tip.
Island of Domination10
You achieved maximum Pirate mood.   
See "Dirty Deeds"
Forever Free10
You achieved maximum P.L.A.V. mood.   
See "Dirty Deeds"
Longing For Fire10
You achieved maximum Chinese mood.    
See "Dirty Deeds"
Stand Up and Shout10
You achieved maximum mood with the Allies.    (2) 
See "Dirty Deeds"
Aces High50
You captured all high value targets.    (6) 
You must capture all the HVTs alive. See "And Justice For All" for more details. If you're going for it, be sure to save right before and after capturing each HVT. Save on more then 1 file just in case if you're paranoid. Be sure to quit and reload if one dies. This must be done on 1 playthru.

The best way to have the HVT to not get shot by friendly fire is to deal with everyone before you go near him. Especially for Bianco, be sure you kill everyone before going into his room. If you are carrying the HVT he can not die. This is a useful strategy for co-op, finding a safe area, or running away to find a better landing zone. I abused this in co-op by rushing in, capturing the HVT, and running up a hill to find a safe zone for the chopper to land.

Sadly this will not unlock for you're co-op partner. Thanks to Hawk199 for the picture and achievement info.

Game Info
Pandemic Studios
Electronic Arts


US August 31, 2008
Europe September 05, 2008

Resolution: 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
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