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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 15/15 [1000]
- Online: 0/15 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Must play each mission multiple times on varying difficulties. See "Unlocked" achievement for more detail.
- Missable achievements: None [Mission Select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, you need to play on normal and hard to unlock trials/gain access to cassette tapes.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Special Thanks:
BiggD and ll X ll for guide preparation/gameplay tips
Maka and PowerPyx for the video guides
Digitalfuji for providing trial names

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes represents the first numbered entry in the Metal Gear Solid line of games where the tagline “Tactical Espionage Operations” is used as opposed to “Tactical Espionage Action.” Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the prequel to Ground Zeroes, also uses Operations, so you can expect gameplay of the same vein with Ground Zeroes if you’ve toyed around with Peace Walker prior to this. No hour long cutscenes here, just brief high octane missions that are very easy to pick up and put down. Although...Peace Walker's missions are much more linear and condensed compared to Camp Omega in Ground Zeroes. In Ground Zeroes you are free to experiment with various paths and solutions to every objective. There is more than one way to get from point A to point B here.

If you plan to have Ground Zeroes serve as your introduction to the Metal Gear franchise, I would strongly advise that this is not the place to begin. It’s not that this entry in the franchise is oozing with story or anything. I’d imagine that first timers jumping into the series here will simply see a gritty old man huffing and puffing his way around a camp that’s crawling with soldiers belonging to some paramilitary organization. Gameplay is streamlined and less quirky here compared to the other Metal Gear Solids, you won’t encounter girly magazines to distract enemies with, and there are no cardboard boxes to hide in. While Ground Zeroes still provides a fair amount of amusement, it represents a departure from the iconic and traditional “Metal Gear elements” that have made the franchise unique. Due to the concern for the launch price of Ground Zeroes, and the amount of time one could potentially spend with it, finding a copy of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection would be a more viable option for Metal Gear newcomers.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

Step 1: Ground Zeroes Main Mission
To gain access to any of the other missions, you must first complete the Ground Zeroes main mission. Once you complete it you will unlock four Side Ops. All of them take place within the same camp, but during different hours of the day. There is an additional mission, the Jamais Vu Extra Op, which must be unlocked by collecting all nine XOF unit patches within the Ground Zeroes main mission. The XOF patches are only found here, and not in the Side Ops. You are expected to achieve an S-rank for a final rating by being swift and stealthy in every mission. You must also unlock trials by performing certain requirements such as marking every enemy in a mission (aim your reticle at them for a few seconds, or view them through your binoculars and a marker will appear above their heads). Cassette tapes are also hidden throughout missions.

There are four achievements specifically tied to the Ground Zeroes main mission. Two are story related and you won’t have to worry about them as long as you complete it ("Reunion" and "Downfall"). For "Rescue" you must save a specific prisoner and remove him from the camp by calling in the helicopter. And of course, "Insignia" tasks you with finding all nine of the XOF unit patches located within the main mission.

You may want to consider replaying the main mission for the trials and the S-rank while the layout and objective locations are still fresh in your mind before moving on to the Side Ops. Upon earning your first S-rank, you will unlock the "Skilled" achievement.

Step 2: The Four Side Ops
After playing the main mission you will unlock the four Side Ops, “Eliminate the Renegade Threat,” “Intel Operative Rescue,” “Classified Intel Acquisition,” and “Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements.”

Once you finish any one of these, the "Genesis" achievement will unlock.

Each Side Op has its own mission specific achievement. In “Classified Intel Acquisition,” you must clear the mission while playing stowaway in the back of a truck ("Infiltration"). In "Intel Operative Rescue" you must avoid killing any enemies ("Pacifist"). In "Eliminate the Renegade Threat" you are to extract both targets rather than kill them ("Depth"). In "Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements" you are tasked with rescuing and extracting all four prisoners via chopper ("Extraction"). As with the main mission, trials, S-ranks, and cassette tapes are to be unlocked/ found within the Side Ops.

Step 3: The Jamais Vu Extra Op
Upon collecting all nine of the XOF unit patches in the main mission, this Extra Op will be available to play.

Again, this also has its own mission specific achievement, "Hidden", where you must clear “Jamais Vu” with zero enemy combat statuses. No killing any normal soldiers, and no alerting any enemies of your presence.

Assuming you completed all of the other Side Ops before this, the "Accomplished" achievement will unlock for clearing every mission.

Same old song with the previous missions, replay Jamais Vu for the trials and the S-rank.

Mop-Up and Conclusion:
All that remains now is to collect any cassette tapes you may have missed ("Information"), replay each mission on hard twice as well as finish off marking enemies on normal for ("Unlocked"), and earn those S-ranks if you have not done so ("Hero"). These might appear like daunting tasks, but keep in mind that all of the missions take place within the same map. You should be able to recall the layout and particular features, enabling you to progress quickly in each mission with enough practice.

For a Metal Gear, this is a very brief game with a straightforward achievement list. I feel like I have done all that I could with this roadmap. If you continue to struggle please take a look at some of the suggestions provided in the achievement guide below.

Ground Zeroes is a decent appetizer that brings a more modern touch to Metal Gear, and it can succeed in making one desire The “200 times larger” Phantom Pain, but it is still a short-lived and lackluster experience for those who are not fans of replaying missions and acquiring collectibles, attaining perfect stealth playthroughs, or generally messing around with what the sandbox environment provides.

[XBA would like to thank LickableLemons7 for this roadmap]

Secret Achievements
Reunited with Chico or Paz    

This is a story related achievement within the Ground Zeroes main mission that can’t be missed. Once you encounter either Chico or Paz for the first time, a cutscene will trigger. At the end of the cutscene the achievement will unlock.

Cleared the "Ground Zeroes" mission    

This is a story related achievement within the Ground Zeroes main mission that can’t be missed. It will unlock in the closing moments of the mission, just before the results screen pops up.

Cleared a Side Op or Extra Op   

You must finish the Ground Zeroes main mission in order to unlock the four Side Ops.

If you desire to play the Extra Op before the Side Ops, collect all nine of the XOF unit patches within the Ground Zeroes main mission ("Insignia" achievement). The patches are not located within any of the Side Ops.

Cleared all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops)   

See the "Hero" achievement for more detail.

You will unlock this achievement upon completing every mission. There are a total of six missions.

Main Mission
- Ground Zeroes

Side Ops
- Eliminate the Renegade Threat
- Intel Operative Rescue
- Classified Intel Acquisition
- Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements

Extra Op
- Jamais Vu

Cleared any mission (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank   

See the "Hero" achievement for more detail.

Cleared all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank   (16) 

Do your best to avoid killing and alerting any enemies. Play smart and use the Wu Silent Pistol when necessary. Take your time, line up the reticle, and go for those headshots so baddies will fall asleep instantaneously.

You can finish all six missions on normal difficulty with an S-rank and earn the achievement, you don't have to worry about doing this on hard.

Upon clearing a mission you’ll come across a results screen. Certain records will be displayed for that mission depending on your performance. For the most part, most missions require that you garner 50000 points or higher as your final score before rewarding you with the S-rank. The only exceptions here are the "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op and the "Jamais Vu" Extra Op, as these are more action oriented missions (approximately 20000 points should net you the S-rank provided that you don’t kill many people while you’re out of the chopper in Intel Operative Rescue). These points you earn in the results screen at the end of a mission do not accumulate for repeated playthroughs of a mission; the points are only there for that most recent playthrough. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Be quick and efficient. If you have to replay a mission, keep the objective locations fresh in your mind and get it done. Don’t mess around, stick to the objective. Memorize the areas where guards stay put.

2. Enemy combat alerts. If you tranquilize someone with the Wu Silent Pistol, and a patrolling guard catches one of his allies "sleeping on the job," you should still be able to continue just fine as long as you aren't spotted. If that white detection line fills up on your screen and you enter reflex mode, take care of that enemy quick and kill only if you need to. Don't enter reflex mode too often if you have it enabled!

3. Killing subtracts from the final score you earn in a mission. If you kill one guard, that’s minus 200 points from the final score (if you kill two, minus 400 and so on). It's best to just use the Wu Silent Pistol.

4. Rescue prisoners. For each one you save, you are rewarded with 3500 points for your final score in that mission.

5. Do not lose your helicopter when you call one in. If enemies see it, they will open fire at it. Select a safe spot that is secluded from enemy units’ line of sight. I usually stick to the cliffside east-northeast of the cages where Chico is located in the main mission when designating a landing zone.

6. If you make a small blunder such as accidentally wasting one tranquilizer round, it won’t be worth it to retry a mission (unless you’re that stubborn). Restarting from the last saved checkpoint subtracts 300 points from the final score.

7. Disable reflex to earn a point bonus in the final score (not required though, I got S-ranks in all missions on normal with reflex enabled). It must be disabled before you start a mission to count.

Maka has provided video solutions for the S-ranks, if you are having difficulty be sure to check out his videos with this link (click here). He provides some nice commentary that will guide you through each mission with ease.

If you'd rather not listen to commentary, but would opt for some quick solutions just to be done with this achievement, take a look at PowerPyx's S-rank solutions in his YouTube playlist (click here). However, this doesn't cover the "Jamais Vu" Extra Op on Xbox, but the PlayStation exclusive "Déjà Vu" Extra Op instead. You can view Maka's S-rank guide for "Jamais Vu" under the "Hidden" achievement down below.

In the "Ground Zeroes" mission, rescued the prisoner to be executed and extracted him via chopper   (4) 

As soon as you start the Ground Zeroes main mission, you'll see a little zone crammed with white tents to your left. The prisoner is confined in a small shack around the northwest corner of this fenced-in area. Be aware of any guards about you, especially the one in the tower controlling the spotlight.

As long as you tranquilized a majority of the enemies in the fenced-in vicinity, you should be able to designate a safe landing zone for the helicopter at the cliff where you began the mission. Put the prisoner on the chopper and the achievement will unlock.

Cleared the "Eliminate the Renegade Threat" Side Op by extracting both targets   (3) 

Kaz tasks you with killing two targets in this mission, Glaz and Palitz. For this achievement, you must extract both of them rather than kill them.

Isolate the targets from their two bodyguards and tranquilize them with the Wu Silent Pistol. From there, transport them to a safe extraction point and call in the helicopter.

When you start out, Glaz is way up in the watch tower at the Admin Building (Paz was located in the rear underground portion of the Admin Building during the main mission). Palitz is usually just south of Glaz roaming around an open area near some warehouses. However, by the time you take care of Glaz, Palitz will shift his position (or vice versa). Try to locate and mark both of the targets with the binoculars first before making the move on one of them.

Kaz will update your map on the iDroid that reveals the general location of where the targets may appear if you lose track of them. Stay alert and listen to Kaz’s notifications.

Here's an image of the two. Glaz on the left, Palitz on the right.

Here is a video guide from Maka:

Cleared the "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op without killing a single enemy   (10) 

This one can be tricky. You must only use the Uragan-5 pistol as it’s a non-lethal weapon. A majority of this level is “on-rails,” and the helicopter flies on a predetermined path while you take a seat on the side providing covering fire for the undercover agent that’s making his way to the extraction point.

Eventually you'll have to hop off the chopper and make a run to the agent once he falls unconscious during the mission. When you reach him, be sure to grab the FB MR R-Launcher that's just behind him.

An armored vehicle will roll out from the main gates of the Admin Building. You won’t have to worry about killing soldiers that are inside the armored vehicle, but when you use the launcher to destroy the vehicle make sure you are clear of downed enemies that you have already neutralized with the pistol. Splash damage from the launcher will kill them.

Use the Uragan-5 pistol once more to get rid of the enemy within the opposing helicopter at the end.

Cleared the "Classified Intel Acquisition" Side Op while riding in the back of a truck   (7) 

This mission starts you in the bed of the truck straight away. Don’t leap off just yet, stay prone. The truck will enter the Admin Building of Camp Omega after a minute or so. There’s a large gate to bypass and an alarm blares whenever the gate opens and closes. After passing the gate, the truck will stop and back up to the left. Do not shoot or engage in CQC with the truck driver once he steps out of the vehicle, wait for him to leave your line of sight. Get out of the truck and make your way left to where the blue “off limits” sign is.

Crawl and move on. You might come across a guard that’s walking around, dispose of him with the Wu Silent Pistol. Look out for a ladder on your left that leads to the walkway above. Once you shimmy up the ladder, head on over to the watch tower...but wait! See the security camera inside the tower? Switch to the AM MRS-4 Rifle and shoot it.

Continue and grab the cassette tape on the desk inside the tower, then head back down to the truck and wait in the bed for a few minutes. Stay prone. Mission accomplished. The driver will eventually come back and he’ll help you make your escape. What a gentleman!

In the "Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements" Side Op, rescued and extracted all prisoners via chopper   (6) 

There are four prisoners in total. Three are held in the cages where Chico was in the main mission, and one is in the Admin Building where you found Paz. Call in the helicopter and designate a safe landing zone where you see fit. I usually stick to the cliffs that are just east-northeast of the cages where Chico was.

Cleared the "Jamais Vu" Extra Op with 0 enemy combat statuses   (6) 

Only kill soldiers that have been taken over by a Body-Snatcher, do not kill any of the regular soldiers. Dispose of any regular soldiers with non-lethal means such as the Wu Silent Pistol. You must not alert anyone. You can tell if a Body-Snatcher is inside a soldier or not when marking them. Normally, a soldier has a blueish color when marked, but a Body-Snatcher gives off a greener color.

Immediately after taking care of the 12 enemies, head over to the main gate at the Admin Building and run away from the building straight to the trailer with the locked red door. Open it and you'll find a launcher inside. During the portion of the mission where Body-Snatcher guards spewed out of the gates of the Admin Building, I used the launcher and fired from afar as they ran out. Remember, you must not be seen. Be careful when you happen to enter reflex mode, if you take too long here sometimes the camp will go into full alert for a quick second even if you barely managed to get rid of the enemy that spotted you.

Unlocked all trials    (8) 

This is the most time consuming achievement in the game. From the way the trials are set up, you must complete a mission normally to unlock the first trial within that mission. You’ll then have to replay that mission, complete that first trial, and then finish the mission to unlock more trials. There are different trials on normal and hard, and you must play on both difficulties to unlock them all. Keep in mind that you must beat a mission on normal to gain access to hard difficulty for that mission.

The "marking" trial requirements can vary. For instance, once you begin the "fastest marking all enemies" trial in the Ground Zeroes main mission a notification will pop up on the left of your screen to track your progress (Marked Enemy [1/40]). While it does say 40 when you begin, certain enemies can leave Camp Omega, dropping the total. Also, when you alert enemies, backup units are called in, raising the amount of people you must tag to complete the trial. Make sure you get high up in those vantage points like the watch tower at the Admin Building, and mark people from there. Circle the entire map. Don't kill anyone prior to marking them.

As long as you play a mission on normal for the first time, go back to it again on normal to mark enemies (if it has that marking trial), play the mission on hard, then replay the mission on hard once more, the achievement should unlock. That's four playthroughs of each mission, two on normal and two on hard ("Intel Operative Rescue" only needs to be played once on normal and once on hard).

You can view trial records in the main menu. Locked trials will have ??? displayed and you won't see their names. Remember, you don't have to obtain a time or statistic in each trial, just make sure that you have no ??? showing up in your trial records.

If you read everything above and you're still confused, this is basically what you need to do. Be sure to complete the mission after you mark all of the enemies on normal. Fastest completion time on hard difficulty is simply setting your own personal best clear time. For "Intel Operative Rescue" all of the trials unlock after clearing it once on normal and once on hard. All of the other missions need to be played twice on normal and twice on hard.

Normal difficulty:

  • Ground Zeroes
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (mark all enemies)
  • Eliminate the Renegade Threat
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (mark all enemies)
  • Intel Operative Rescue
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
  • Classified Intel Acquisition
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (mark all enemies)
  • Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (mark all enemies)
  • Jamais Vu
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (mark all enemies)

Hard difficulty:

  • Ground Zeroes
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (you're going for your personal "fastest completion time")
  • Eliminate the Renegade Threat
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (you're going for your personal "fastest completion time")
  • Intel Operative Rescue
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
  • Classified Intel Acquisition
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (you're going for your personal "fastest completion time")
  • Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (you're going for your personal "fastest completion time")
  • Jamais Vu
    • First playthrough (don't worry about trials)
    • Second playthrough (you're going for your personal "fastest completion time")
Obtained all cassette tapes    (17) 

There are a total of twelve "collectible" cassette tapes. The game doesn't track that you collected a tape until you complete a mission, so make sure that you don't quit out mid-mission after grabbing a few tapes or else you'll have to collect them again.

Chico's Tape 5
Ground Zeroes main mission: On a dumpster behind and to the left of the stairs with the yellow railings before going down to Paz. These stairs are on the side of the Admin Building where you have access to the control box that shuts down the power. This tape only appears before you rescue either Chico or Paz.

Chico's Tape 2
Ground Zeroes main mission: In the Admin Building's watch tower, on the desk.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Music Tape
Ground Zeroes main mission: In the cage behind Chico.

Chico's Tape 3
Ground Zeroes main mission: Given to you by Chico after you rescue him.

Chico's Tape 4
Ground Zeroes main mission: Extract the prisoner to be executed (Rescue achievement)

Chico's Tape 6
Eliminate the Renegade Threat Side Op: In the locked armory by the warehouses, near Palitz's walking route. Basically, head to the place where you start in the Ground Zeroes main mission, and walk straight away from the chain linked fence close to that first wooden watch tower you encountered. Make your way towards the warehouses. Look for the armory on your right, it's got a red door.

Chico's Tape 1
Complete Intel Operative Rescue Side Op.

Agent's Recording
Classified Intel Acquisition Side Op: In the Admin Building's watch tower, on the desk.

Classified Intel Data
Classified Intel Acquisition Side Op: Find the bald soldier walking around the boiler room under the Admin Building. Interrogate him and he'll drop the tape. To interrogate, sneak up behind a soldier, hold when prompted, hold to open up the dialogue options, then flick the up to deliver the "Spit it out!" line. If you have difficulty finding the bald soldier, restart the mission and make sure you head to the boiler room straight away.

Chico's Tape 7
Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements Side Op: Rescue the prisoner where Paz is located during the Ground Zeroes mission (part of Extraction achievement).

Jamais Vu Music Tape
Jamais Vu Extra Op: Close to where you begin the mission, at the nearby helicopter extraction point on a rock. Use night vision to help see the tape and nearby mines!

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Song
Beat every mission on hard, the final rank you've earned for a mission does not matter here.

Maka has provided a video guide:

Obtained all XOF unit patches    (7) 

There are nine XOF unit patches. All of them are found within the Ground Zeroes main mission.

To earn credit for collecting any of the patches, you must finish the mission by extracting both Paz and Chico. If you happen to die before a checkpoint and you collected a few patches prior to reaching that checkpoint, you will need to collect the patches again. The achievement will unlock after gathering all nine patches once you complete the mission and get to the rewards screen after the cutscenes. You can skip the cutscenes if you've already seen them by pressing and choosing "skip."

Use night vision to help highlight the XOF patches if you're having trouble seeing them.

Pressing opens up a map of the camp. Make use of the compass there and direct yourself as needed.

Patch #1
From where you start the mission, turn around 180 degrees. Get to the edge of the cliff and move right, over to the bushes. The patch will be near there.

Patch #2
This is located in the same place where the prisoner is for the Rescue achievement. It's on the south-most side in this area, in front of the tents on a small pile of rock, sandbags, and garbage.

Patch #3
Head over to the cages where Chico is imprisoned and pick open the locked gate. The patch is on the ground directly in front of you, only a step or two from the gate.

Patch #4
From the previous patch, turn around and head over to the small shack/guard post. Climb up on top of it and pick up the patch.

Patch #5
There's a large building on the northwest side of Camp Omega. This is the Admin Building. Head over to the rightmost entryway (red-orange door), it's right by the huge gate that opens up to let in vehicles. Don't go through the red-orange door yet, but when you face the door, turn right and move behind the crates and cardboard boxes. By the blue mechanical device there's a drainage channel with the grate popped off. Hop in and the patch is right there, behind the bars.

Patch #6
From the previous patch, make your way over to the rightmost entrance of the Admin Building again. Go past the red-orange door. Head to the first white box-like structure that's roped off with chains and the little yellow posts. Jump on top of the container, leap to the roof on your left, and the patch is sitting on that little ventilation structure.

Patch #7
Outside the Admin Building is a helipad, and there's a windsock in the middle of the helipad. A few steps south-southeast of the windsock is the patch, sitting in a puddle of water.

Patch #8
Move southwest from the last patch, head past the chain linked fence, and you'll see three power boxes close together in another fenced enclosure near a set of warehouses. Pick open the gate, climb on top of the leftmost box, and the patch is there.

Patch #9
Roll on the ground for this one, you can do it anywhere. Hold to go prone. Then hold and push the right or left. Click down on the , and hold it down while pushing it right or left. You'll get a cutscene and the patch will dislodge from behind the pouch on Big Boss's ass.

Here’s a video guide courtesy of Maka:

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