Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Vic Boss50
Clear every achievement.         (20) 
MAIN OPS All Rank S30
Clear all MAIN OPS missions at Rank S.    (2) 
EXTRA OPS All Cleared20
Clear all EXTRA OPS missions.   
EXTRA OPS All Rank A30
Clear all EXTRA OPS missions at Rank A or higher.    
EXTRA OPS All Rank S50
Clear all EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.    (13) 
Big Boss50
Clear all MAIN OPS and EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.    (4) 
Fulton Recovery Veteran10
Reach 300 or more Fulton recoveries.   (3) 
Hold-Up Artist10
Reach at least 100 hold-ups.   (7) 
Lethal Enforcer10
Reach at least 100 kills.   (3) 
Stun Specialist10
Reach at least 100 stun attacks.   (1) 
Costume Collector30
Obtain every costume.     (3) 
Special Staff Recruiter20
Assemble all special staff members.    (5) 
Hideo Kojima10
Recruit Hideo Kojima.    (14) 
Mech Catcher10
Capture a mech.    (3) 
Paz's Thoughts20
Read all of Paz's diary.     (9) 
Huey's Thoughts10
Read Huey's love letter.    (1) 
Strangelove's Thoughts 10
Read all of Strangelove's memoirs.     (5) 
Monster Hunter20
Clear all hunting quests.   (9) 
CQC Six Shot20
Perform CQC six times in a row.    (10) 
Leap of Faith10
Perform a Leap of Faith and obtain the Assassin's Straw Box.    (6) 
I feel... safe 10
Put on a cardboard box.   (5) 
Indirect Attack10
Attack enemy soldiers by blowing up an oil drum or truck (single player only).    (2) 
OUTER OPS Sortie10
Carry out a mission in OUTER OPS.    
Elite Forces30
Clear "Capture the Enemy Base 06" in OUTER OPS using only soldiers.    (7) 
Carry out a trade.   (42) 
Exchange items back and forth with another player using Delivery.   (18) 
Paz Mania20
Obtain Rank S on a date with Paz.    (4) 
Kaz Mania20
Obtain Rank S on a date with Kaz.    (3) 
That looks tasty!10
Nicely cook a ration.    (4) 
VERSUS OPS All Rules10
Play using all of the rules in VERSUS OPS.    (4) 
Divine Wind20
Collect a soldier using a divine wind.   (16) 
Secret Achievements
An Army Without Borders10
Cleared Prologue: An Army Without Borders.    
A Country Without An Army10
Cleared Chapter 1: A Country Without An Army.    
The Phantom Hero10
Cleared Chapter 2: The Phantom Hero.    
A Nation Reborn10
Cleared Chapter 3: A Nation Reborn.    
The Illusion of Peace10
Cleared Chapter 4: The Illusion of Peace.    
Outer Heaven10
Cleared Chapter 5: Outer Heaven.    (5) 
MAIN OPS All Rank A20
Cleared all MAIN OPS missions at Rank A or higher.    
Failed again, did you?10
Reached 50 or more game overs.   
There's nothing else you can do?10
Rolled 100 times or more in a single mission.    (5) 
Gives me infinite ammo30
Never worry about running out of bullets ever again.    (4) 
Stealth camouflage30
Never worry about being detected ever again.    (5) 
Kuwabara, Kuwabara10
Listened to radio near ghost.    (8) 
I'm dead serious10
Threw a chaff grenade at ZEKE (single player only).    (7) 
You're pretty good20
Shot enemy right in the middle of the rear end.    (8) 
Launched ZEKE20
Completed Metal Gear ZEKE.    (6) 
Completed ZEKE50
Customized ZEKE's head parts and foot parts with special AI weapon parts.    (6) 
Vic Vos50
Reached a total of 20,000 or more Camaraderie.    (83) 
Basilisk Eater30
Defeated Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, Peace Walker.    
Steel Eater50
Defeated all AI weapons.   (4) 

Game Info


US November 08, 2011
Europe February 03, 2012
Japan November 10, 2011

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