Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Archonfury
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Mission All Completed10
Complete all the missions.    (1) 

Easiest to do on easy with free play on coop. Please see end of guide for mission specific advice.

All Completed without Continue25
Complete all the missions without continue.    (3) 

Information for each specific mission is listed at the end of the guide.

Point Hunter20
Achieve over 3,000,000 points.   

Simply turn on free play on the hardest difficulty and you will easily get this at the end of a playthrough, with the most points available on Level 5, the longest level, and by having your suit/ vehicle intact at end of level. Thanks to Steve Gauvreau and Df Legend.

Mission 1 Master10
Complete Mission 1 without any miss.   (6) 

Obviously set the difficult setting to easy and have a friend help you in coop. Sitting back and letting him do the majority of the damage and killing would definitely be a good idea for success. Thanks to xXHektikXx and DF Legend.

Mission 2 Master15
Complete Mission 2 without any miss.   (2) 

Please see "mission 1 Master".

Mission 3 Master20
Complete Mission 3 without any miss.   

Please see "mission 1 Master"

Mission 4 Master20
Complete Mission 4 without any miss.   

Please see "mission 1 Master".

Final Mission Master40
Complete Final Mission without any miss.    (1) 

Obviously, the hardest achievement. DO NOT DIE in level 5. Level 5 is obviously the last level and in my opinion, the longest and most ridiculous. To get this one you gotta have a quick hand and be extremely patient. My advice is to simply stick to the back and try to have someone help you kill everything simply because this mission is so long. See video guides on post two if you are having trouble.

Save President10
Save President in the mission.   

In mission number two, the zombie mission (where you parachute down, level is bluish black in color), there will be a bearded man and a man in a suit tied up on a lower level walkway, visible from the main path. Simply press next to him and you got yourself this achievement, he will give you a raincloud and disappear.

Hyakutaro Ichimonji10
Save Hyakutaro Ichimonji.   

Ichimonji is located at the beginning of Level Four. according to Calzord, "to get that japanese guy achievement play until you get to the second truck defeat the three helicopters destroy the truck and stop at the front of the truck there is a pile of 9 sand bags in a piramid formation if you have the camel shoot them otherwise throw grenades or lie on it and knife it, inside there is a P.O.W but he can fire hadukens. Achievement unlocked. hope that clears things up. "- Thanks to calzord for clarification.

No More Weapon10
Complete any mission, without getting power-up items.   (2) 

Fairly simple, simply when you see either a man with a beard, or a woman with a backpack walking around, avoid them and continue. You can still complete it if you die, BE VERY CAREFUL however, as dying makes it more difficult on boss fights, as items tend to RESPAWN on you when you die.

Strong Zombie10
Defeat the Boss Enemy while the player is Zombie.   (3) 

In mission two, the zombie level, about 3/4 through the level, after fighting the helicopters, you will come to a sequence of tanks. After these tanks, make sure a zombie hits you with his puke(?) in order to become zombified. Make sure to avoid the first aid packs (wait them out) in order to remain Zombiefied. Once you reach an open area with an egg shaped object(looks like a meteor in the ground), you have reached the boss. , In a coop game simply both become zombies, and press the Y button to zombie puke the boss to death! Please see post number 2 for boss advice.


Mission 1-
The simplest way I would to complete this level is just to stay back and be patient until the end boss. The majority of the enemies or simple crab looking things which if you duck, (hold down) their attack will fly over you. When you reach the point where the path splits into three directions, ( a submarine, a tube downward, and a boat), the easiest section in my opinion is the tube, (jump over the hold in the ground at the boat), where all you fit are crabs and giant red crabs. Just sit back and fire while throwing grenades to pass this section.

Boss (Water Robot):
When you reach the boss in your mech-suit, try to suit almost a body-length away from the edge of the screen in order to avoid both the bosses energy bombs, and his destruction of the dock. When he charges forward, press the A button to rocket to safety. Later in the fight, when he begins to use rockets, move constantly so that he cannot get a clean shot on you, and eventually you will get him, make sure to constantly press Y during the fight, with enough machine gun shots and grenades he will die.

Blargh, Brains!! Er I mean, Mission Two! This level I found fairly simple due to the fact that the majority of the enemies are slow moving zombies, and if you get hit, you will NOT die, but change into a zombie, important if you are going for the Strong zombie achievement. As you progress in the level try to stay back as much as possible in order to avoid the zombies attack, throwing grenades and such when necessary. When you reach the helicopters, try to pick up on their firing pattern and dodge between in the first phase, and jump over the tri fire in the second phase. While contuing on AVOID the ice-cave unless you are going for the 3 million achievement or know you can handle it, because inevitably you will probably end up dying in it if you arent prepared. Continuing on through mission two, you will start to find some tanks, destroy the first ones with grenade and weapon fire while keeping at the edge of the screen, and once they explode super zombies will pop out and crawl towards you. After blowing this tanks up, soldier zombies will start to come at you. At this point if you are going for the Strong Zombie achievement you should probably get ZOMBIEFIED and kill them so you can fight the boss in the state. Continuing, you should come to an egg shaped looking building with a flashing spherical ceiling. This is the Boss.

Boss (Aliens/Spaceship)
A series of multiple aliens and his ship. He will fire a series of six flashing balls at you continuously throughout the fight, quickening as the fight progresses, and as more aliens disappear. Obviously as more aliens disappear, the fight is coming closer to a close. Be wary as that as more aliens are killed, the fire increases, making it more difficult to pass between. In order to dodge his fire, wait for the brief space between each volley of shots, and run between them. If you are trying to get the STRONG ZOMBIE achievement, make sure to be on top of where the volley ends, because you move much slower than normal. My advice is to simply throw grenades and use the biggest weapons whenever you can because Bearded Men dropped down periodically through the fight to give me more power ups. The easiest way to kill the aliens is simply to press Y while zombified to use the zombie puke thing to easily kill him with two people.

Mission Three:
Underwater Level. At the beginning, fight your way to the area with the wall with torpedoes shooting out of it (you normally have to destroy it to pass). Look below it for a bubble shaped object which you can throw grenades at and blows up, leading you to an underground area where you will fight predictable robot ball shaped enemies and cameras. Continue through this area and up the elevators until you reach the boss, a giant robot.

Boss (Giant Robot):
This boss has a series of attacks which you must avoid in order to survive. His first is a missile launcher attack, which he shoots from his near arm, which you can avoid by simply standing beneath the pod and shooting upwards. The second is a laser beam attack which covers the ENTIRE area of where he shoots, and the only way to avoid it is to go the opposite direction of where he shoots it quickly. The other is where he pulls a giant rocket out of his chest and smashes it into the ground, creating a large explosion. To Avoid this jump out of the way, onto his treads. Beware that he usually uses the laser and the rocket slam in tandem after the other, so be quick to avoid them.

Mission Four: Desert Level.
This level is fairly difficult until you get the best part of the level, THE DEATH CAMEL. simply jump on tdc's back and it should guide you safely through the early part of the level. When you come to a truck after three helicopters with a pyramid shaped sandbag behind it, blow it up to save Hyukutaro. Later you come to a two split path, one going into the building and the other going north on the pyramid. I went inside, there are suicide bombers, and when killed will blow up, killing you in the process. Be careful to hide underneath the wooden platforms when the airplanes fly by in order to dodge their fire. After moving through the airborne attacks and more suicide bombers you will come to the roof, where the boss is.

Boss: Flying Face
This boss is a giant flying face which has quite a few attacks, all of which you need to avoid to survive. The first is a ground laser, which hits the spot directly beneath him and travels nearly to the other side of the screen. Stand Directly on the opposite side of the platform to avoid it. The next is a laser attack. The red color is directed(at you) and the gold is random(general directions) to avoid either try to anticipate them as much as possible and move out of the way constantly. The next attack is the Dragon Ground Pound, where he shoots blue dragons out of his sides, which fly around and slam into the ground, exploding. Avoid his attacks and make sure to jump up and out of the way when he uses the Dragon Pound, shooting at the gem in the middle of his forehead. As he changes color beware he will shoot faster, letting you know how far the fight has progressed, eventually with enough damage on his forehead gem, you will kill him, sending you to the FINAL MISSION!

Final Mission:
Air Attack/Space Assault/Alien Mothership/Landfall. As a warning, the final level is EXTREMELY long, make sure you prepare for it. There are a series of difficult bosses and enemies that take forever to describe, so to make it easier, I have posted a series of videos from Youtube that layout the majority of the final level. As such, I will mainly go over the boss battles, simply because the level is so ridiculously long.

During the air assault you will first come across a flying airplane. There will be several enemies firing at you from the rear of the plane, but the most dangerous attack are the glowing balls that the plane drops. Try to move through them as they fall, towards the front of the plane to escape them. As you do damage, a man will come out with a chaingun and fire at you. Continue to do damage and he will die, sending you to the next boss, a helicopter.

For this fight, simply have a friend man the machine gun in the middle(jump on it like a vehicle) while you jump on top of the structure on the left, shooting and/or throwing grenades. Try to anticipate the fire from the helicopter, he fire in tri blasts that are fairly easy to dodge. Once you kill him he will fall out and you will discover hes.... AN ALIEN! OH NOES!
After moving through the space battle and the interior of the alien ship (please see video links at bottom) you will come to the giant psychic alien.

Giant Psychic Alien
Of all the bosses, this one was in my opinion the easiest. He fires two attacks, a small psychic ball and a GIANT slow moving psychic ball. Each of which are fairly easy to dodge because they are so slow. Fire at his head and shortly later it will explode, contuing the level.After moving through the area and freeing your captured partner, ( see video links), you will eventually get to the final battle after exiting the ship.

Final Boss Giant Psychic Alien
Ok your heading towards Earth, FINAL BATTLE! This is a tougher version of the first boss on the ship. For this fight the easiest way to beat him is to stand on the brain during the majority of the fight, and when he brings up the little colored balls, jump into your tank( try to anticipate this) simply stand on his brain, knifing blasting grenading, whatever it takes, making sure to jump when he uses his shockwave. After unloading for a little while, his head will explode and BLAM, YOUVE BEATEN METAL SLUG 3!


Mission 2-
Mission 3 -
Mission 4 -
-Thanks to DF Legend and EatMoreHippo
level 5, part 1-
level 5, part 2 -
level 5, part 3 - he goes straight to 4 with no three.
level 5, part 4 -
level 5, part 5 -
level 5 part 6 (boss) -

Just copy/paste the link, credit goes to ex76823 for the videos.

Mission 1 -

Mission 2 -
Mission 3 -
Mission 4 -
-Thanks to DF Legend and EatMoreHippo
level 5, part 1-
level 5, part 2 -
level 5, part 3 - he goes straight to 4 with no three.
level 5, part 4 -
level 5, part 5 -
level 5 part 6 (boss) -

Just copy/paste the link, credit goes to ex76823 for the videos. __________________

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