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Hail Reich!

Complete the ASSAULT INFANTRY level.  

The level consists of a small area that the player must defend from an onslaught by the Red Army. As a heavy weapons expert, you’ll have access to the Gatling Gun, the Volt Driver and eventually the Medved grenade launcher. You must survive 5 waves of enemies, the final of which will be a tank. There is very little cover, but if you crouch and move to the back of the area, you can get a couple of seconds to heal yourself. Also be aware of the ammo cache on your left throughout the level. It has infinite ammo and health packs, so be sure to visit it when you get a spare moment.

Wave 1 will consist of fairly standard soldier enemies with light armor. Simply stand at the front of the barrier and unload the Gatling gun into the horde.

Wave 2 will consist of Snipers positioned in various spots detectible by their green laser sights. Before this wave begins, you’ll approach the ammo cache and pick up the Volt Driver. You can use this to snipe the snipers, just be sure to pump it back up occasionally to keep it at maximum power. You may also just continue to shoot at them with the Gatling gun.

Wave 3 will consist of a contingent of shield soldiers protecting a Gatling gunner, but also the snipers will still take pot shots at you as well. Unload the Gatling gun on the shield soldiers until they are gone and then take out the enemy Gatling gunner.

Wave 4 will consist of Heavy Armor troops. Before the wave begins, you will be given the Medved grenade launcher, but do not use it here. Just mow down the enemies with the Gatling Gun.

Wave 5 will be a tank that rolls in on the rails to the right of your position. When the tank is moving forward, it will train its guns on your position, so be ready with a health pack if necessary. The real danger is when the white light on top flashes as this means it will launch a rocket at your position. It is very difficult to avoid taking damage from rockets and the player can easily be killed in one hit, even on easy difficulty, so be sure to be aware of your position when the rocket is fired and move far away from it. When you have the chance, use the Medved to launch grenades at the tank. 9 or so well-placed grenades will reduce the tank to its chassis and then a few more grenades will destroy it completely, ending the level.

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Comment #1 by joel1007
Thursday, September 10, 2015 @ 08:30:28 AM

The Tank at the end can be really difficult. -__-

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US May 14, 2013
Europe May 17, 2013

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