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Complete the SHOOTING RANGE and ARENA.  

Upon loading the level, you’ll be dropped into a “lobby” area of sorts that connects to the levels two areas. The Museum will be on your right and the SHOOTING RANGE/ARENA area will be on your left. When entering the SHOOTING RANGE/ARENA area, it is divided again with the SHOOTING RANGE to the left and the ARENA to the right. Go left and we’ll start in the SHOOTING RANGE.


The range is pretty typical-looking in the sense that it’s a long room that clearly has slots in the walls on both sides where targets emerge for the player to shoot. In the room you stand in and fire from are a number of interactive items. Facing toward the range, the weapon selection wall will be on your left. The ammo restock will be on your right as will be the save lever which you will likely want to utilize each time you complete a challenge or two. The Challenge selection wall will be at your back.

Each Challenge requires the player to shoot and destroy 25 targets of various designs within a set time limit. There will be large and small flat targets and combat dummies (like the one from the main game’s gun range tutorial) that will start bare, but add more and more armor as each Challenge level progresses, and then eventually undead soldiers. In the early challenges many of the targets will be stationary, but as you progress more and more of them will be in motion.

Leaving the room at any time will discontinue the current Challenge.

Challenges 1-7
The first 7 Challenges can be completed with the exact same strategy:

From the weapon wall, choose the Gatling Gun and fill all three of your slots with it. You can choose whatever mods you like, but recommended are the extended clip and the one that allows continuous spin of the Gatling Gun’s barrels when you hold the left trigger. Be sure to modify all three copies of the weapon you hold. I found that the mod that supposedly makes the gun more stable can often lead to it not being able to spin up, and thus won’t fire, so I avoided that one. At any rate, replenish your ammo with the ammo crate and then press to cycle through the other weapons to make sure that they are fully loaded before you start any Challenge. In doing this, you will have 3 Gatling Guns with 150 rounds in each clip. When one goes empty, instead of waiting through the slow and lengthy reload animation, simply press to cycle to the next weapon and continue firing.

You should keep your focus on destroying the flat targets and the un-armored dummies. A single headshot on an unarmored dummy takes it down, but in each successive challenge the dummies will have on more and more armor that takes too long to get through, even with a Gatling Gun. While getting the required 25 targets will begin to become a little tricky in Challenges 6 & 7, it can still be managed. Be sure to save after every couple of completed Challenges, at least.

Challenge 8
By this Challenge, all of the flat targets are small and in motion for most of the challenge and with the dummies far too armored to even consider, I had to change strategies as I was just shy of completing it too many times. I switched out to a rifle with a 2x scope so I could hit the small flat targets much easier. The Kalash 2012 doesn’t seem to be as good at destroying targets as the plain old Kalash, if you’re wondering. If you have the RPK DLC installed, go with this gun in all three slots. Be sure to mod it with the extended drum clip (giving it 100 rounds per clip), the 2X scope and the laser sight. Then I stood as far back from the window into the range as possible so my back was against the Challenge board.

All of the small flat targets are oriented at the ceiling, so keep your sights trained upward and be sure to keep an eye on the ones that appear closer to you. Pulling back a little from the window allows you to see these targets in the scope’s peripheral a little better. It may take a few tries to get the rhythm of the pattern of the targets, however.

Challenges 9 & 10
These last two Challenges switch things up a bit. Instead of targets and dummies, squads of undead soldiers (the ones with the glowing red eyes) will appear from the slots in the wall. And they fire back!

For these two Challenges, switch all three of your weapons to the Medved grenade launcher. Again, this will give you more ammo to begin with and allow you to cycle through each one as it empties by pressing .

Before hitting the button to start the Challenge, throw your fire grenades into the floor near the second opening slot on each side of the range. Once they are burning hit the button and several of the undead soldiers will catch fire and die. After that, just allow as many of the undead soldiers to spawn into the room as possible and then fire a grenade somewhere in the middle of the group. The explosions are so powerful and violent that they will kill everything in the room. If you find that the amount of grenades you have has run out, you can replenish your ammo at the cache any time during the Challenge. You should clear these challenges in no time at all.

While you aren’t in grave danger, be sure to keep an eye on your health since they are firing back at you.


Now go back and enter the ARENA area to do its set of Challenges. When you reach the main area, you will find a large control panel looking out onto a rectangular room with chest-high walls scattered about it. Standing facing the control panel, the Save lever will be behind you (again, be sure to use this after completing a Challenge or two). There are ammo caches all over the place here, including around the outer walls of the arena itself. The Challenge wall is inside the Arena on the left as you enter.

For each Challenge the player must kill a certain number of enemies set by the Challenge being done. Challenge 1 is completed by killing 25 enemies, and each successive Challenge will add 5 more kills to the total required for an ending total of 65 enemy kills needed to complete Challenge 10.

Choose whatever weapons you feel most comfortable, but try to be sure to have the Flame Thrower with you for Challenges 7-10. I used the RPK with the extended clip, the Shambler and the Flame Thrower for every Challenge and never ran out of ammo. Also, the game allows you to place up to 5 Claymores before hitting the button to begin a Challenge. If you attempt more than 5, they will begin to disappear starting with the first one you put down. So perish the thought of filling the arena with Claymores.

You can complete all 10 Challenges using the following strategy:

Run straight across the Arena from the control panel and entrance. In the middle of the opposite wall is a partition with opening on the left and right, take the left opening and look right and it should immediately dead end. Post up here with your back to the dead end and all of the enemies will spawn on the end of the arena opposite the Challenge Board (aka, behind you). From this position, all enemies will have to creep around to you and you can either wait for them to do it (which becomes necessity on later Challenges) or peek out and take them out one-by-one.

For the first 4 to 5 challenges, there will only be human enemies, but after that Noslaises and those Shrimps that look like giant praying mantises will be added to the mix. To conserve ammo, you should let the Nosalises get close and take them out with your combat knife by pressing . When the Shrimp do finally start showing up in Challenges 7 & 8, they will largely get themselves stuck on the opposite side of the wall from your position and will not attack you, though they will eventually navigate around the wall depending on how much you move around. At times, parts of their body will clip through the wall and you can knife them to death, though this takes a while. Better to pop out when it’s clear and use the Flame Thrower on them. In Challenges 9 & 10, the Nosalises will return and the human enemies will be undead soldiers. Be sure to use the Flame Thrower on the undead soldiers as they tend to be very heavily armored and it cuts right through them.

With a little patience and persistence, you should be able to do all 10 Challenges in no time.

After completing all 20 Challenges (10 Challenges in each area), the achievement will unlock.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Youtubethebiohazardgames
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 @ 05:09:04 PM

Part 1 : on how to get this achievement the easy way !!

Metro: Last Light Specialist Achievement (Part 1: The SHOOTING RANGE)

Comment #2 by Youtubethebiohazardgames
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 @ 06:27:57 PM

Metro: Last Light Specialist Achievement The Easy Way (Part 2: The ARENA)

Comment #3 by Jaxk9214
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 @ 09:23:10 AM

I found that if you fully upgrade 3 valves then you have 30 one-hit shots on the targets at the back, so you can miss 5 times. I found that this worked for me up until challenge 9 of the shooting range, then I resorted to the medveds

Comment #4 by UnderCastSky
Sunday, July 13, 2014 @ 03:25:16 AM

The person that wrote this must be really awesome with the Gatling gun, because I got the 3 hour achievement while trying to pass the 5th challenge, repeatedly. After that I started using the Valve with reflex sight, flash suppressor, extended mag, and laser sight. Its only 30 shots for 25 targets but it worked for me. And if you time it just right, you can hit two targets with one shot. After that I blew through 5-7 really quickly and 8 moderately fast.

The grenade launcher isn’t working that great for me for 9-10, but I haven’t figured out the solution for that yet.

Comment #5 by jjjayboy
Friday, December 12, 2014 @ 03:31:25 PM

In my opinion gatling gun is useless after few first rounds. After trying a lot of guns, my best choice was the rail driver as it has a clip of 15. Take two of those and when the clip runs out, switch to the other. Attach a long range scoop and camp in the table crouched near the wall. Aim only for the flat targets. Target cycle is somewhat same everytime so learn it and youll do fine. For the last two levels medved and flame grenades are the best. Just replenish your ammo when you run out. Last levels are way easier than lvl 7&8. Good luck!

Comment #6 by Darth6unner
Wednesday, August 26, 2015 @ 12:51:53 PM

@ #4 - I feel you 100%
I was in the 7th round when I got the 3 hour cheevo.
I tried a lot of combos, but did not have much success early.
I have made it to 8 so far - using 3 x valve and just switching when out.
Count shots to ten, hit Y
Count shots to ten, hit Y

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