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Safe Cracker

Open 8 safe boxes on the PAVEL level.  

There are only 8 safe boxes on the level so you’ll have to locate all keys and safe boxes available. It is advised that you kill/knock out any and all enemies to help make your search easier. The keys themselves will have a bright red string that they hang from to help you see them a little better.

Key/Safe Box #1 - The first safe box is literally in the first room where you encounter your first enemy just above the table where you grab the knife. The key is just around the corner on a little table on the left side.

Key/Safe Box #2 - Just after the first safe box, you’ll encounter two guards having a conversation, one of them is behind some bars in a little room with a bright light. The second key is in this room inside a little box and the safe box is nearby sitting on a table between a different set of guards having a conversation. There is a lamp nearby and you can clearly see the yellow and black stripes on the side of the safe box.

Key/Safe Box #3 – You will eventually reach a room that’s a shooting range. Provided you still haven’t alerted anyone, the guards will be occupied with targeting dummies. You’ll know the room as it’s full of barrels tied together in sets of 4. Through the doorway straight ahead, you should see the safe box and the key is on the right side of a set of barrels on the right side of the room.

Key/Safe Box #4 – Behind Safe Box #3 is a set of stairs. Upstairs there is a path to both the left and the right. Take the left side first, and at the end of the path before it turns, on the wall is an orange box with the key inside. Further to the left from the key you’ll find a lever that opens a gated area on this level but on the opposite side behind you. Make your way there and inside the once-gated room will be the safe box.

Key/Safe Box #5 & #6 – The order in which you find these will depend on which side you search first. This is the water-filled area with the “bridge” and lots of little shacks. Search these shacks thoroughly. One of the keys will be hanging from a panhandle on a book shelf just next to a very bright light and just outside that shack (slightly to the right facing out the doorway of the shack) look for a small set of stairs leading to the level above and follow the path around. The safe box is in a little room at the end.

The other key is on the countertop inside a lighted shack near the tunnel dug into the ground that leads to/from the radioactive water. Not the shack that has a guard in it, but the one next to the guard above the tunnel watching out over the radioactive water. Move past this shack a little way and spot a metal door with a green light over it. To the right of this door is a short bridge that leads to a little shack with a guard sitting in it, relaxing. The safe box is behind him.

Key/Safe Box #7 – When you pass through the metal door with the green light over it, immediately go down the stairs to your right. On the next landing you should see an orange box on the wall, the key (among other items) is inside of it. Continue on onto the catwalk around the edge of a room filled with shallow water. Move around the catwalk counterclockwise, and take note of the open doorway on the right. Disarm the trap just inside this door and go through. To the right is a panel you can interact with that opens a cage just to its left. The safe box is inside this cage (don’t panic, the cage will eventually re-open).

Key/Safe Box #8 – As soon as you open the door just down the hall from Safe Box #7, move around to the right behind the door. Inside that room dangling from a battered bed is the final key. The safe box is on the other side of the room with soldiers patrolling catwalks above the water. It is sitting on the left side of a well-lit hallway that leads to the end of the level and is very difficult to miss.

The achievement will pop upon opening the 8th and final safe box.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by WH00PAGE
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 01:05:51 PM

I found all 8 safes but only 6 keys a guide would be much appreciated. also a little **SPOILER** if you get to the market you have gone too far to get them all.

Comment #2 by Roose91
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 01:41:43 PM

I have got them all.

Can't remember exactly where I found them all but the keys are all very close to the each safe with the exception of the last one but you will literally walk straight into both the key and safe on either side of a platform area where a small firefight happens right before you get to the market area. The key's are not specific to each safe but to make thing easier on yourself I would recommend you clear each area of enemies, find how many safes there are in that particular area (there is no more than 2 in each) and then look round that area for keys.

As I say, I can't remember the exact location of all the keys but check inside item boxes, or hanging from objects.

Hope this helps and apologies for not being able to be more specific.

Comment #3 by WH00PAGE
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 02:14:52 PM

I scoured each section even about died is some areas looking. Thanx Roose I will look again.

Comment #4 by LazarusXXX
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 10:00:56 PM

I was able to find five my first way through - the safes are easy to spot from the side as they have a yellow and black striped pattern on them - but from the front they are grey. The keys for the safes have a ribbon in red attached to them - I'll list them if I can remember where they are, but I know they aren't far from the safes.


1. After you escape your captivity, there is a box right before the 2 heavies in the hallway (this is the room right beside where the two guys are playing russian roulette.) If I remember correctly, the key is located right beside where the knife is.

2. In the room that is the firing range - right in the middle before the stairs. The key is hanging on the opposite side of the boxes near the safe (to the left if you're facing the safe

3. A

Comment #5 by LazarusXXX
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 10:02:36 PM

3. After going through the upper path (leaving the firing range) and entering the shanty town, there is a safe located in the shack on the upper area - you have to climb a thin set of stairs to get there. I can't remember where the key is.

4. On the other side of the toxic river there is a safe before the door with the green light. If I remember correctly it is in one of the houses on that side which is facing the river of green sludge.

5. After you enter the power generator room (the room with the blue water in it) turn on the power switch nearby on the upper level and a steel prison door will open. In that room is the safe.

Please correct these if they are wrong and update with the ones I've missed! Thanks!

Comment #6 by FuzzyMonkeyG
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 10:25:43 AM

Sorry for my English as it's not my native language. I’m trying to give You the general idea of where each key/safe is located. This is the order in which I got them.
1. Safe is right above the knife You pick up from the table (its where You meet Your first enemy), the key lies on the tables few steps forward in this room on the table to your left across the switchbox.
2. (as you enter the next room you can see two enemies talking trough a ‘window’ the next key is located in box to the right where the enemy behind the window is standing). In order to get to the key, after the enemies start walking, you need to hug the wall in the shadow and go all the way to the end where a lamp is, go through the small ‘window’ and get your key. The safe is on a table in the next room just before 2 he

Comment #7 by FuzzyMonkeyG
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 10:26:44 AM

3 The key is located in the room with the scaffoldings/firing range behind a big white box at on the bottom floor. The safe is located under the stairs on the same floor.
4. The next key is in the same area as previous one. You need to go upstairs and go all the way to your left, there you’ll find a orange box hanging on the wall. To the left of the box with the key is a yellow box with a lever, pull it to open door to a room on the opposite side of scaffolding in which you’ll find the safe.
5.The next key is in one of the small shacks located in the area with the toxic water. The key is hanging on a cooking pan. The safe is located exactly in a shack above the key.

Comment #8 by FuzzyMonkeyG
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 10:27:45 AM

6. In the same area as the previous one except this one is on the other side of the bridge (on your way out of this area) in a shack on a table. The same is in a small shack right of the exit to the next area.
7. After you exit to the next area you’ll find yourself on stairs, simply go down the stairs and find a orange box on the wall, inside there’s a key. The safe is located in a small locked room after you cross a small area with water and generator at the bottom. Simply use your ‘hand charger’ to power up the cell gate controls located on the wall next to the room.
8. After entering the next area on your left there will be a big area with many enemies and water and to the right you’ll find a small room with the key hanging on a railing. The safe is located at the end of this area a

Comment #9 by WH00PAGE
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 11:04:24 AM

I found this and used it but the above guide looks pretty good

Comment #10 by Pixi
Thursday, December 12, 2013 @ 07:51:33 PM

The #4 key in the orange wall-box is locked behind a gate when you first enter this area. Just to the left of the box there are two guards standing around looking all silly.

So, before you head up do this: downstairs right across from the stair there's a small room with a fuse box that's shooting sparks. Head in there and remove the knife that's jammed in it. That'll turn off the lights in the big room and make one of the guys standing near the key open the gate and come out to investigate. Now you have plenty of shadows to sneak about in and the gate to the key is open.

Comment #11 by Havok1496
Saturday, January 25, 2014 @ 01:03:29 AM

@10 Thank you so much i thought i was going to have to restart the level, i didn't know how to get that gate open.

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