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Stearman Landing Master

Earn gold on all Stearman landing challenges.  

The Stearman has a total of six landing challenges which are judged by the following criteria:

  • Vertical Speed (speed at which you are descending)
  • Horizontal Speed (speed you are moving along the ground)
  • Runway Centreline (how close you are to the centre of the runway and the correct heading)
Each of the 3 criteria is judged on a maximum of 500points and you need 1,450 points or more to gain gold. 
Runway Centreline is the easiest to get full marks on. Line up your approach with the centre of the runway quite far out; on the Stearman some of the runways can be quite hard to locate until your very close to them. Therefore, it will take a couple of tries before your comfortable with the direction it is facing. Once you are lined up with the runway, your power should always be cut to idle. This will allow you to slow down and glide in.
Vertical Speed is all about how fast you are descending. It depends on how quickly your altitude is decreasing; the slower, the better. If you are descending too fast, you may need to put the nose up so you descend slower and even add a bit of power. Do not add too much that you start going up again, but enough to slow your rate of decent to near 1ft per second near the runway.
Horizontal Speed is the indicated speed you are travelling. Ideally you want to be traveling at 55kts or less when you land. Cutting the engine to idle for a while before you land will help slow you down, as will putting the nose of the aircraft up and landing into the wind.
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US February 29, 2012

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