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Guide By: h4mm32
There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty:3/10 (for 910) 9/10 (for smashTV:90)
Offline: 31 (1000)
Online: 0 (0)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 4+
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 - game select (1+++luck for smash tv)
Does difficulty affect achievements?: no
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: no known currently
Extra equipment needed?: no


Midway arcade origins is a game akin to Sega Master collection where in you have a collection of classic arcade or retail games to play from the old generation of wonderful but challenging games. Thankfully MOST of the achievements are a cakewalk or take some practice but are easy to unlock.


Installing the game to hard drive actually gave me issues with unlocking achievements for the bubbles game and spy hunter if that's against your personal use rules skip this game.

You can start wherever you like, if you are a completionist I would recommend starting with Smash TV and going from there. Otherwise start with what you love or start with what's new. Each game has one achievement associated with it, the higher the value generally the more difficult the achievum, just as a rough gauge, I would recommend starting with these achievements first.

  • Gold Medalist
  • Long Live the Bird
  • You hunger
  • True champion
  • Reality show off

If these at any point seem daunting or you need a break, I strongly advise breaks for smash tv, then revert to a more easily obtainable achievement until you feel like continuing.

follow each games mini guide for any tips or pointers on how to get this with less broken buttons.


These games offer a great link to the past, to anyone who wasn't raised on these games, as an idea of how far we've come as well as how even the most simple games can be entertaining eternally.

[We would like to thank h4mm32 for this roadmap]

Gold Medalist90
You earned a Gold Medal in an event in 720.   (8) 

The quirky controls will be the most difficult thing to overcome. You can Start the game and stay in the training area for a bit of an easier time but I found this easiest to complete by kicking off and using the to steer continue directly up which is more your upper left, and take the first street on the left continue down and up into the alcove to purchase the hotboard then head back the way you came and take the first street heading upwards this will bring you to the downhill ramp. I found that jumping to cut corners actually makes this harder and followed the concepts of this video.

Get Freaky30
You took down Freddy Freak in APB.   

For this game The easiest way to handle the controls is to use for gas and the D Pad to steer left and right, hold down to use your police siren. I tried the game multiple times using just the dpad and couldn't get this until I switched to the above scheme and got it my first try. To speed up the process skip to level 3 in order to jump right to level requiring you to catch freddy, you will have to get gas at a few stations as well as be efficient in stopping and starting to avoid collisions then speed back to the station after you have caught freddy, in order to catch him just run him off the road by bashing into him a lot from one of his sides. In my multiple previous failures I had also learned where the gas stations were, it may take you a few tries to get back to the station before running out.

You scored 6 consecutive points in Arch Rivals.   (5) 

This one is actually an extremely easy achievement. pressing both and will allow you to dive and steal the ball from the enemy, it doesn't matter whether you or the team AI gets the points as long as you get over 6 points you will be OK. I got one 3 pointer and two 2 point shots and it unlocked for me. just try to keep the ball from the other team and stay close to the hoop for easy 2 pointers block their shots with the .

You swept up a big bug in Bubbles.   (2) 

Another simple one, start the game and try to collect patches of grease/dirt by moving around after a few patches a with will appear on a broom and a few numbers, run over her and continue to collect patches of dirt/grease as soon as the big bug appears run into him with your broom end and this should pop.

if you are having issues with this make sure your game isn't installed to hard drive, it wouldn't unlock for me whilst installed.

True Champion30
You got first place in 3 consecutive races in Championship Sprint.   (6) 

See Superior Sprint below for more related details.

They Need a Hero15
You saved 3 astronauts in Defender.   (1) 

See They Need a Hero...Again below for more related details.

Doesn't Need Food Badly30
You reached Level 8 in Gauntlet.   (6) 

Ridiculously easy, Pick any character and start the game move down the screen attacking the ghosts and destroying the bones until you reach a key and pick it up, open the blue door just to your right. Attack your way through 6 ghost spawners to reach a key and food all the way to the right side of the screen pick up the second key and avoid the second exit to level 4. Go all the way back to the left and use your key and run back through the gap to funnel the ghosts in. As you kill them and work your way more to the right side of the screen again the exit is where the top and right wall meet in the furthest spot northeast on the screen, exit through and it unlocks.

You reached Level 7 in Gauntlet II.   

uMAD at ohdavey on the forums had this method which works wonders

"1.start game and pick any person.(personally i choose warrior) and grab first key. door NOT EXIT and grab other key. by ghost bones in corner door and grab XXX rum bottle for heath and exit. takes you to world 6.

now here is the FUN part. all you have to do is when the level starts touch nothing on your controller. LOL

586 (or so) was my heath when i walked in and at 253 (or so) the whole screen turns to exits haha. go in one and boom! numbers might be a little off, but as long as you touch nothing and let 330 (or so) points drain the screen should turn all to exits."

You defeated a Pterodactyl in Joust.   

In order to kill enemies you can basically land on them or joust them but the larger creatures must be lanced.

You can do this Really quick on the first level, kill off the other enemies and leave one behind and just avoid him, the game will send out a pterodactyl to punish you for "camping" then to kill the PD try to attack it to where you are hovering slightly above his head so the lance hits his mouth. they jump around a lot so it may take a few tries but still very easy.

Long Live the Bird30
You reached Wave 5 in Joust 2.   

This is one of the harder ones. Aphrodite1 had this to say as a tip.

"Level 3 - You start in the middle of the screen. I flew upwards and hovered under the platform above on the far left edge and waited for that red thing to appear and move to under me. Then drop on it and kill it off first. After that there isn't much strategy other than try and stay high up under the ledges on the middle and bottom platforms and drop down on them when you can. I used the Pegasus button sometimes to drop on them. I never bothered with the very top of the level. You get killed too easy up there.

Level 4 - Move to the right and park yourself midway under the ledge above. Transform into Pegasus and try and waste as many red birds as you can there by hopping up a bit. The Pegasus form is shit at jumping. I never really lasted that long but if you can take out maybe 4 or 5 that's good. Now you want to get to the top ledge if you can. After getting killed I would often spawn up there or very close to it. Get to the top ledge and drop down the gap as Pegasus and fly back up again over and over when enemies appear below."

You need only reach wave 5 for the achievement to unlock.

High Roller15
You defeated the beginner race within 15 seconds in Marble Madness.   

I played this game a ton as a child but this is super easy. Just focus on avoiding overly high falls and keep moving, in a couple tries you'll have this with excess seconds to spare.

First Rule of Pit Fighting30
You defeated 3 consecutive opponents in Pit Fighter.   (7) 

This actually requires you to win 4 fights including the grudge match which doesn't count. Ty proves to be the easiest character with how powerful the attack and reach of the + + combo is. The first two fights are fairly straight forward and this achievement may take 2-3 tries, your lost health will stay lost so learning timing will be part of it. When you get to fighting the girl do everything you can to stay aggressive, if she gets the power up the fight will be lost more or less unless she's close to death when she gets it and you get a hit or two in.

You defeated 3 consecutive cities in Rampage.   

It doesn't matter AS much who you use for this but the Ape may be the easiest, I had more trouble with Lizzie seemingly. General tips will include climbing a buildings side and attacking straight across and then diagonally down, eat people when possible for hp but don't eat the demolitions guys with the TNT. don't worry so much about bullet avoidance but avoid explosives as much as possible. punching signs will hurt you eat turkeys if you see them and avoid electronics in general like toasters. Focus on just smashing holes in every building till they collapse, Holding will allow you to drop without taking damage while buildings collapse.

Target Practice15
You defeated the first 3 ships in the first level in one battle in Rampart.   (2) 

This is about as easy as putting the disc in the drive and booting the game. Start the game, waiting the whole time is the hardest part, select a home base tower close to the shore. Place your three cannons where ever you like. start spamming slightly ahead of the ships as they move and you will unlock this in about 10 seconds after you start the shooting process.

Family Man15
You rescued 7 family members without losing a life in Robotron: 2084.   (2) 

This achievement requires you to get to wave 3 at minimum. it's actually a very simple game, save the humans first and prioritize killing bad guys second, once you save your 7th during the 3rd wave you can finish the wave if need be, but it unlocked for me before the wave ended.

You defeated Satan in Satan's Hollow.   (2) 

This game is another really easy one, start the game and shoot bad guys as you kill them they will drop bridge pieces on the left hand side of the screen you have to maneuver over to them and then drag them to the right side of the screen. You will need 6 pieces in order to form a full bridge. once you cross over to the other side of the realm it's as simple as shooting satan in the face...really just shoot him.

You Hunger30
You defeated Sinistar in Sinistar.   (3) 

This may take a few tries, like it did me, or a bit more practice but is no where near as bad as smash tv.

For this know that you will have to destroy ships and asteroids in order to pick up sinibombs with which to destroy sinistar, the longer you play the closer sinistar gets. you can slow the process by making sure no enemy ships are getting sinibombs back to sinistar, this makes him build faster. Depending on your luck the number of bombs you can gather before he arrives will help or hurt you. I had enough time to collect about 20 bombs before he showed up. Sometimes asteroids will spawn closer to you that are bigger making the gathering process easier. just focus on keeping enemies away from you and the bombs and gather as many as you can.

After you have collected enough bombs and sinistar has arrived fly the opposite direction away from him whilst shooting the bombs. I found liberally unloading causes some to miss so just fire them with minor intervals and he should explode.

Reality Show-Off90
You defeated the first level in Smash TV.   (13) 

This will be the pain of the game. The first try it took me 7-8 attempts but in order to practice the method it took another 30+ until I beat it again. It has to be done in score attack without continues available

The pick-ups I had spawn meant everything, I wasn't the greatest at this game and needed at least 2 extra lives and some good luck with the barrier blades and spread shots. Invincibility can prove extremely useful as well if they drop for you. The usage left on a pickup weapon is displayed under the score.

I did this without the continue glitch, it never worked for me. For the most part learning the game will be the deciding factor in you netting this achievement, roughly being able to make it to the fourth room without dying is the first key. Once you have mastered this making it further will be mostly dependent on your drops or if you have a history of being a NG: black S rank master (skill). As you progress through each room stay to center as much as possible, it allows for the most versatility on pickups and the longest amount of time versus enemies, Focus on getting wall snipers down as quick as possible as they only add to the pain of things. Invincibility can be used to destroy large groups of enemies by simply walking through them but monitor your item Usage left as to not waste lives.

If you can make it to the Mutoid man boss room your relatively in the clear, he is a giant tank that will bounce back and forth near the bottom of the screen allowing you to get past on the northern most wall, hug it closely. Clear out the bad guys watch out for the occasionally shrapnel spawn and play smart, he will drop required special weapons to destroy him. I focused on only getting the rocket launcher to maintain great distance as to not risk deaths. Just focus on destroying the sections of tread and his body he will blow up a couple of times and then you will get this.

Score Hunter15
You broke 10,000 points in Spy Hunter.   (3) 

A very straight forward series but not as easy as the next one, fret not. Start the game and focus on just driving slow down speed up just watch your time, you can crash endlessly without penalty there is no life counter it's just time so just pay attention to the road and try not to crash to make efficient use of your time. This will come only shortly after you cross the 10k threshold, it takes about 2-3 minutes depending on speed and experience.

You played the game for 15 consecutive minutes in Spy Hunter II.   (1) 

Play for 15 minutes straight hardcore.

Start the game to where you are driving, pause, and walk away. Study, read a book, walk your goose or You could actually play for 15 minutes, whatever you DO choose check your tracking before you leave game to make sure you got it.

They Need a Hero... Again15
You saved 3 astronauts in Defender II.   (1) 

A slight bit harder than Defender. But the same strategy you can use your bombs to eliminate all the enemies on the screen and catch an astronaut, then safely bring him to the ground.

X-Treme Off-Road30
You got first place in 3 consecutive races in Super Off Road.   (1) 

This one is fairly Easy, the first two races start off simple much like Sprint and super sprint and then get harder on the third race.

For the first race don't use boost at all and try to get as many item pick ups as possible, spend cash on accelerate and engine, if you have the cash buy some boosts.

For the second race, same concept if a boost is absolutely necessary go ahead but save them for stretches and don't use more than three. same buying strategy.

I entered into the last race with about 40 boosts and got 1st place by about a half a lap. save boosts for stretches and keep corners tight while prioritizing control.

It may take a few tries but you'll get this one fairly easily.

Superior Sprint30
You got first place in 3 consecutive races in Super Sprint.   (1) 

A challenging one at race three but should take less than 5 tries, the controls are VERY touchy play with whatever is more comfortable for you, the stick or the pad.

You don't NEED the wrenches but it can help to make your car keep up just the little bit. I won two to three times over 10 races without wrenches Starting with the Right and bottom right most tracks, which I recommend using.

Much like super off road focus on just staying straight as possible and learn the courses every race won will put you ahead 3 tracks from the original track chosen. If you find it easier you may want to find the track that works best for you for your third race and just play under that pretense, this may involve you starting on the left side so you can end at the bottom right, play how you are comfortable and this will come in a few tries.

Tap that Glass15
You cleared 25 customers without dropping a glass in Root Beer Tapper.   (2) 

Take your time and send out one glass at a time per customer. Pre-firing is excellent for later levels in the game but that's not necessary. You need only serve 25 customers without missing any.

Some customers can take more than one glass to serve completely.

Ride the Wave30
You completed Colorado without sinking in Toobin'.   

This game gave me trouble until I remapped the controls to make more sense to me, but play with what is comfortable for you. I used to turn left and to turn right and took my time.

Objects will appear randomly as you paddle your way down the river but just focus on working your way down and go slow, avoid any objects and you should get this after about a minute or two.

Total Warpage15
You used a shortcut in Total Carnage.   

A super easy one, start the game and walk up on the screen whilst killing guys. You will see a spiraling portal/warp after about just a short bit walking upwards enter it and this unlocks.

Great Coaching30
You scored at least 12 consecutive points in Tournament Cyberball 2072.   (1) 

To clarify you don't have to do this in the same game but you DO have to make 2 consecutive touchdowns.

On Base15
You defeated the first base in Vindicators Part II.   

For this one you will work your way towards the top of the screen in the first level. Fuel tanks act as health, pick them up as needed, also get the blue or purple keys you will need them to exit. Shoot enemies working your way to the end on level two as well pick up the key you see and exit out the corresponding door.

For level three you will work your way up the screen until you will see a base on the left hand side of the screen, shoot the door and it will open allowing you inside. Drive out any of the immediate doors open and you will pop this.

You had at least 10,000 points and 3x your opponent's score at the same time in Wizard of Wor.   (2) 

This achievement wont take much effort, it may be easier for you to try and work towards killing the enemy player so that you have more enemies to kill and thus reach the goal more quickly.

As the levels progress the enemies will get quicker so just focus on killing them, it is wise to pop in and out to get one enemy to come towards you so you can get an easy kill. Also do your best to get the bonus creatures that go really fast, killing these will get you to 10k by the third round if you kill almost all the enemies as well.

Not Afraid30
You survived the first level in Xenophobe.   (3) 

From the start of the game work your way over a room or two and just focus on killing baddies until the timer rounds out and this will unlock, some enemies take more shots to kill some will also require you to crouch.

Third-Person Shooter30
You survived 3 levels without dying in Xybots.   (2) 

A Mimic of Contra's base levels you will run around in a third person perspective. As you progress through the small corridors pick up the timers as they are your acting health in game. Work your way to the end killing enemies along the way and this will come easily. I'd never played this game and got it first try.

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US November 06, 2012

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