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Guide By: le b3nz0r
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
-Offline achievements: 11 (190)
-Online achievements: 1 (10)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Some achievements have difficulty requirements

Welcome to the Roadmap to 200 for Minesweeper Flags. This guide is to be used in conjunction with the Achievement Guide, located here.

Step 1: Campaign Mode
The first step you're going to take is to go into Single Player > Campaign and start playing. You're going to play Campaign to completion. For the first 20 levels, you're going to want to save after each victory. If you fail a level, you'll need to quit to dashboard and reload the game. After your first 10 wins, you'll unlock Mine Over Matter. Once you finish the first 20 levels, you'll unlock Click Click Boom and Sweep Them Off Their Feet. Once you've finished Campaign mode, you'll unlock Mineswept.

Unlocked: Mine Over Matter, Click Click Boom, Sweep Them Off Their Feet, Mineswept

4/12 for 75

Step 2: Flag Achievements
Next we're going to tackle the Flags achievements. First, plug in a second controller and head to Multiplayer > Local Match. Win 10 straight with your lead profile to unlock Streak on the Flag and String of Flags. If you don't have the luxury of a second controller (or even if you do), head to Single Player > Flags. Set the settings as suggested in the achievement guide and get your 30 wins for Flag Patrol.

Unlocked: Streak on the Flag, String of Flags, Flag Patrol

7/12 for 125

Step 3: Mop Up
The next thing to do is to go online and win 5 matches, Player or Ranked. You can find a partner here. After you're finished winning 5 matches online, head to Single Player > Classic. What you're going to be doing first is trying to beat some best times. Once you best 15 seconds on Beginner, you'll unlock Sweep Dreams.

Next you're going to beat Intermediate in less than 90 seconds and Expert in less than 200. Once you do this, you'll unlock Gotta Sweep'em All.

Finish this run with 10 Expert puzzles finished for Elite. Somewhere along the way, you'll unlock Mine, Mine, ALL MINE! due to winning 5 total games in Classic.

Finally, you're going to change the puzzle to Custom and set the dimensions to 16 x 30 with 10 mines. You're going to be winning a ton of games, very quickly, to win 500 games for 500 Club. You'll already have 140 wins from Campaign, 30 from Flag mode, 5 from online, and at least 12 wins from Classic.

Unlocked: 500 Club

12/12 for 200 and you're done!

[x360a would like to thank le b3nz0r for this Road Map]

Sweep Dreams10
Easy level completed in 15 seconds or less.   

From the main menu, choose Single Player > Classic and then set Difficulty to Beginner. You have to beat the level in 15 seconds or less. Some advice: don't mark every flag. If there's a field that is isolated from the rest of the field and all the gray boxes there are clearly mines, there's no reason to mark them. The game ends when all NON-mine spaces are discovered, not when the flags are all marked. 

Gotta Sweep'em All15
All 3 difficulty levels Quick-completed    (6) 

To earn this achievement, you're going to have to finish each of the three difficulty levels (on Classic play) under a certain amount of time. Make sure to use the classic background so you can see the board more clearly.

  • Beginner: <15 seconds
  • Intermediate: <90 seconds
  • Expert: <200 seconds 
Mine Over Matter20
10 consecutive completed single-player levels   

I got this by winning 10 games in a row on Campaign mode. Campaign is better than Quickplay as you get 1 free mess-up without losing the game. Play smart, not fast, and you'll get this in no time. 

Completion of Campaign Mode    

From the main menu select Single Player > Campaign, and complete all 140 levels.

Click Click Boom15
Completion of first continent in Campaign Mode.   

Advance through Campaign Mode normally. As soon as you finish North America 20, you will unlock the achievement. 

Flag Patrol20
Win 30 games of Flags against Expert AI    (3) 

From the main menu, select Single Player > Flags. The settings should be as follows:

  • Turn time limit: 5 sec
  • # of players: 2
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Move again on Flag Found: Yes
  • Early winner: Yes

Move again on Flag Found is going to allow you to make multiple moves in a row, while Early winner is going to make 26 the mark to reach. As soon as you hit 26 flags, you win instantly. Turn time limit 5 sec will give the computer minimum time to mark flags, as they mark very slowly. The expert AI on this game not only automatically marks any flags that are "determined" (definitely minds beyond a shadow of a doubt due to numbers around it) and has a nasty habit as well of marking mines in the middle of the field for no apparent reason, and still getting them. When you're playing the computer you need to always know what your next move is going to be, as you're playing with the same restrictions. Enough practice and vision and this will be yours. Try 10 sec move times if you're having trouble, but keep in mind the AI will only mark 1 flag on average, 2 flags *sometimes* per turn with a 5 sec timer.

Mine, Mine, ALL MINE!10
Win 5 or more games of each Game Type (Classic and Campaign, Single and Multiplayer)     (11) 

According to the description, this should be 20 wins total. You'll need 5 wins of classic single player, 5 wins in campaign single player, 5 wins in flags single player, and 5 wins in multiplayer. To check how many wins and of each type you have, go to Help & Options > My Stats. To find partners for the 5 online wins you'll need, go here

500 Club30
Win 500 games (total) of any type    (2) 

You must win 500 games of any type, single player or multi-player. The best way to do this by far is to go to the classic gametype under single player, and pick a custom board. You'll want the classic background, and your dimensions are going to be 16x30 with 10 mines. This way, if you're fast, even the most "difficult" rounds will take 10 seconds, maybe 15 at the most. You'll even have some rounds where you win on the first click! Fantastic. You can check your progress under Help & Options > My Stats.

Sweep Them Off Their Feet20
Complete a continent in Campaign Mode without losing a level    (2) 

Once you've started Campaign Mode, be sure to win your first 20 levels without losing a round. If you do get unlucky and lose, you should quit to dashboard and reload the game. Make sure you save often so you don't play levels over and over again in the process.

Thanks to BrownsIndians for this advice.

String of Flags10
Make 10 moves in a row in Flags mode    

You're going to be playing Flags by selecting Single Player > Flags from the main menu. You're going to want to play with the following settings:

  • Turn time limit: 10/15 sec (depending how fast you are at reading/marking mines)
  • # of Players: 2
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Move again on Flag Found: Yes 
  • Early winner: No (you don't want the round to end in the middle of a streak)

Basically you're going to have to wait for either the computer or you to open a large chunk on the board, and you must be able to readily recognize some of the most common places for mines to be. Once it's going to be your turn, mark them as quickly as possible. I was actually able to get about 15 off of one chunk when I got this achievement.

Streak on the Flag20
Win 10 games in a row in Flags Mode (multiplayer or single player Expert)     

In Flags mode, set the computer to Expert and win 10 straight games. Or you could make your life much, much easier and use a second controller, start a local match via Multiplayer > Local Play and let the lead profile win 10 times.

Win 10 rounds of Expert Classic Mode    

This achievement will require both skill and luck, but mostly patience. You don't have to win the 10 rounds in a row or in one sitting, so take all the time you want to try. Don't be discouraged; you're going to be put in a lot of 50/50 situations and just get unlucky. One on stretch I got 5 puzzles in a row down to the last 2 boxes and lost because I chose the wrong one. This is probably going to happen to you too, so try not to let it get to you.

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