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Mirror's Edge Achievement Guide

Guide By: PhoenixRising17, LiamW92
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 50 (1250)
-Online: None
-Approximate time: 27-33 hours (1250)
-Minium number of playthroughs needed: 2-3 (3rd for speedruns. DLC and time trials are separate from the campaign)
-Number of missable achievements: None (mission select)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

Introduction: Welcome to Mirror's Edge! This is a first person shooter/sprinting/jumping/wall bouncing/ridiculously fun game. Phew. That's a mouthful. Technically action/adventure but once you play it, you'll see what I mean. In any case, expect multiple playthroughs and a lot of time spent on time trials and speedruns due to trial and error.

Step 1: Your 1st playthrough will get the bulk of the achievements out of the way. You can get 715G in your first run if you do all of the tricks, find all the bags and don't shoot an enemy. You can complete the story mode in about 4-6 hours depending on your playstyle. Start a new game from the main menu with THIS guide close. Also keep in mind that you CAN'T fire any shot. Just DON'T do it. Avoid hard landings (by rolling) and keep from being shot. It sounds like a lot, but in reality these are some of the easiest achievements in the game. Watching the video guides ahead of each level will help this go a lot faster and make life easier.

Step 2: Your 2nd playthrough is all about focusing on the objectives and good ol' brute force. Now that you've unlocked hard difficulty, you can make your next playthrough on hard to get the pro runner achievement worth 80 gamerscore. You can finish the game pretty quick because you know the way and you're able to shoot enemies, so this should take about 3-5 hours.

Step 3: Your 3rd playthrough isn't really a typical playthrough because you need to finish the chapters under a time limit. The speedruns are worth 10G each so all together they will give you 100G. Speedruns are very hard and depending on your skills this will take most of your time, about 10-15 hours. Videos are extremely helpful and expect plenty of trial and error as you attempt these.

Step 4: And at last the (original) time trials which will take you 5-7 hours also depending on your skill. They are not too hard if again you're watching videos beforehand for the best routes and if you practice them, you'll unlock the time trial achievements worth 105G pretty easy.

DLC: These are more time trial missions that are worth 250G. Four of the six achievements are "string together" certain moves. Getting these out of the way first allows you to focus on the more tedious achievements. Now you can focus on the final "time trial" DLC achievements. Watching videos along with trial and error are going to be the best methods for getting these last two.

While rumor has it that controller sales hit an all-time high from players attempting time trials and speedruns for achievements, you shouldn't be discouraged. This game is a lot of fun and fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since they finished their 1st playthrough. While some achievements will take some serious patience, others will help you realize just how much this game has to offer. Good luck and enjoy!


[x360a would like to thank PhoenixRising17 for this road map]

[x360a would also like to thank LiamW92 for the DLC addition]

Access all areas20
Unlock all Time Trial stretches   

Go to time trials and look under the locked levels for the unlock criteria. Most of them are completing certain chapters in the campaign and completing time trials. Unlock all 23 for this achievement.

Tango down15
Knock out 20 enemies in melee combat   (2) 

When engaging an enemy, hit to melee. A police officer takes about 2-3 hits and an armored Swat police officer about 4-5 hits.

Try jumping and kicking (, then ) or sliding and kicking (, then )for easy hits. You can only kill people that are red.

Easy done in the metro level. There is a part where you have to fight 2 police officers and 4 swat members. Try knocking out as much as you can and die. When you restart the area, the enemies will attack you again. Just rinse and repeat. You could also just get this easily if you just play through the story mode but you can use this method if you skipped all the enemies.

Perform 15 successful disarms (outside of the tutorial)   (1) 

Run towards an enemy and when he's trying to smash you with his weapon, press when the weapon turns red and you will disarm him. This is much easier when you're in slow motion (press to activate). You should be able to get this achievement by playing through the story mode.

Find all 30 hidden bags    (5) 

Every level has 3 hidden bags in it. When you spot a runnermark (the game's logo), there’s a bag nearby. Use this videoguide for exact locations.

Back on the job10
Complete the Tutorial    

The first level in the game. Follow Celeste through the level and the achievement will unlock after the combat training.

Prologue Complete20
Complete the Prologue in story mode    

Complete The Edge on any difficulty.

Chapter 1 Complete20
Complete Chapter 1 in story mode    

Complete Flight on any difficulty.

Chapter 2 Complete20
Complete Chapter 2 in story mode    

Complete Jacknife on any difficulty.

Chapter 3 Complete20
Complete Chapter 3 in story mode    

Complete Heat on any difficulty.

Chapter 4 Complete20
Complete Chapter 4 in story mode    

Complete Ropeburn on any difficulty.

Chapter 5 Complete20
Complete Chapter 5 in story mode    

Complete New Eden on any difficulty.

Chapter 6 Complete20
Complete Chapter 6 in story mode    

Complete Pirandello Kruger on any difficulty.

Chapter 7 Complete20
Complete Chapter 7 in story mode    

Complete The Boat on any difficulty.

Chapter 8 Complete20
Complete Chapter 8 in story mode    

Complete Kate on any difficulty.

That's a wrap60
Complete the story mode on any difficulty    (1) 

Complete The Shard on any difficulty.

Bag lady20
Find all three hidden bags in one chapter    (1) 

See "Packrat".

Pro runner80
Complete story mode on hard difficulty.     (7) 

Hard difficulty will unlock once you completed chapter 9 on any difficulty. On Hard, you’ll die faster and have no runner-vision (no red objects).

To be sure, start a new game on Hard. If you use Chapter Select, the achievement might not unlock.

TIP: When attacking enemy's try to lure one and disarm him with . With his weapon you can easily shoot () his teammates.

Ran out of fingers30
Find 11 hidden bags    (1) 

See "Packrat".

On the clock10
Beat the qualifier time on any Time Trial stretch   

Choose the time trial mode from the menu and select any level. Under the Qualifying Times at the right are the times to beat. Finish faster than the one star time and this will unlock.

Baby steps20
Attain a Time Trial star rating of 20   (2) 

Every Time Trial course has three difficulties. One star is the easiest and three stars are the hardest. There are 23 courses, each have three stars to achieve. The total stars are 69. Watching these videos can show the best route for three stars on every course.

A for effort25
Attain a Time Trial star rating of 35   

See ''Baby Steps''.

Still counting30
Attain a Time Trial star rating of 50   (3) 

See ''Baby Steps''.

Prologue Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of the Prologue below the target time.   

*Speedrun Mode unlocks after you beat the game on any difficulty. It's located in the menu above Time Trials*

Complete The Edge under 3:00.

Chapter 1 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 1 below the target time.   

Complete Flight under 6:00.

Chapter 2 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 2 below the target time.   (1) 

Complete Jacknife under 11:00.

Chapter 3 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 3 below the target time.   

Complete Heat under 8:00.

Chapter 4 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 4 below the target time.   

Complete Ropeburn under 9:00.

Chapter 5 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 5 below the target time.   

Complete New Eden under 9:00.

Chapter 6 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 6 below the target time.   

Complete Pirandello Kruger under 7:00.

Chapter 7 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 7 below the target time.   

Complete The Boat under 8:00.

Chapter 8 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 8 below the target time.   

Complete Kate under 8:00.

Chapter 9 Speedrun10
Complete a Speedrun of Chapter 9 below the target time.   (1) 

Complete The Shard under 6:00.

Maintain sprint speed for 30 seconds.   (8) 

In Chapter 6, Checkpoint D, after the sequence about Project Ikarus, you need to escape from the guys who came in the elevator. As soon you have control of Faith, just run around the base you need to climb. The area is large enough to maintain speed. You need maintain 30 seconds in full speed. Try not to take hard turns, if you take each turn softly, you can maintain your speed easily. You're going to have to count it out yourself because the achievement won't unlock until you come to a stop.

Up, over, under, onwards25
String together the following: jump, coil (over obstacle), slide (under obstacle)   (3) 

Select the Prologue from Chapter Select and start at Checkpoint A. The first fence you jump over (), you can coil up () and then carry on holding down and slide under the pipes.

Free flowing25
String together the following: wallrun, jump, speedvault   (2) 

Run towards a wall and press at the right moment, then press and again and speedvault. A speedvault is when you hurdle a mid-height obstacle perfectly, which makes you gain speed.

May I have this dance?30
String together the following: wallrun, turn, jump, wallclimb, turn, jump   (2) 

Select the Prologue from Chapter Select and start at Checkpoint A. The 2 buildings you're after is the one where you have to cross the pipe and the one right next to it. Run up to the left wall and press to start wallrunning, press to turn, quickly press again to jump towards the other wall, then press to turn, followed by one more time. You should now be on top of the the left building with a new achievement.

aaaand safe!30
String together the following: wallrun, jump, coil (over obstacle), skill roll   (7) 

Go into Time Trial mode and select Playground Two. Go to the second checkpoint and look right of you for an orange staircase. Now go a little bit forward (keeping the staircase to the right) and you'll see some wood right next to the building to the left of you. In front of that wood there's a fence with a wire. Make a run to the plank, on the end of the plank press to jump toward the building to begin wallrunning, when almost at the fence press again and quickly press to coil over the fence. Then press again to skill roll at the end of your fall. Start the video below at 0:41.

Head over heels20
Complete a chapter of the game without ending up in a heavy landing   

Select the Prologue from Chapter Select and start at Checkpoint A. Pressing right before you land from a high distance will put you into a skill roll.

TIP: When dropping down from the vents (first encounter with enemies), perform a skill roll so you don't take damage.

Complete a chapter without getting shot   (1) 

Select the Prologue from Chapter Select and start at Checkpoint A. There are only two enemies that you'll encounter. At the First enemy, try jumping () and pressing to bodysmash him to the ground. Now move to the left to avoid the second enemies gunfires. Activate Slow-motion with and disarm him with .

Complete a chapter without firing a gun   (1) 

See "Test of Faith".

Test of Faith80
Complete the game without shooting an enemy    (22) 

Do this on Easy difficulty, any other difficulty would be just too hard. Melee opponents () or disarm them by pressing when their weapon turns red and then press again to throw away their weapon. To check your progress, press and if the text
''So far, you have not fired a shot at anyone'' appears at the top right, you're doing fine.

NOTE: During Chapter 8, you are required to fire the sniper rifle in order to advance in the Chapter. This DOES NOT interfere with the achievement.

Martial artist10
Perform a melee hit from a wallrun   (3) 

When an enemy is standing next to a wall, approach the wall and press to wallrun. When close to the enemy press and Faith will kick the enemy.

Secret Achievements
Hey, it's-a-me!10
Execute a stomp move on an enemy   (6) 

Select the Prologue from Chapter Select and start at Checkpoint A. When you see the first enemy (not the group) that you need to fight, jump towards them with and press at the right moment.

Sweet goodbye5
Triggered the flip-off move   (6) 

Select the Prologue from Chapter Select and start at Checkpoint A.When you see the first enemy (not the group) that you need to fight,press to jump, quickly press to spin around, then press to flip-off the enemy. This must be done next to the enemy.

DLC: Pure Time Trials
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 6 Points: 250
String together: wallrun, wallrun, turn, swing, jump. [Pure Time Trials]   (2) 
This can be easily done on the "Velocity" time trial. After the first checkpoint, wallrun the left wall. Whilst in wallrun, look right and tap jump to hurl towards the wall opposite. If you get the angle right, you will be able to wallrun again on the right hand wall. Once you think you're opposite the pole, turn, then jump. You will grab the pole and simply jump off it.

The button combination is: [, , + Hold, , , ]
For a video tutorial, see the video at the end of the guide.
Dicey launch30
String together: slide, wallrun, wall climb, turn, jump. [Pure Time Trials]   
This can quite easily be done on the level "Flow". Immediately when you pass the second checkpoint, there will be a big slide. Once on the slide, start swerving to the right and approach the wall on the right. Jump of to a wallrun, then you'll hit the wall vertically for a wall climb. Simply turn and jump to make it onto the platform above and you have pocketed yourself a nice 30 points.

The button combination is: [ + Hold, + Hold, , ]

For a video tutorial, see the video at the end of the guide.
Surreptitious swing30
String together: springboard, wallrun, turn, swing, jump. [Pure Time Trials]   
This one is fairly easy. The off springboard literally after the first checkpoint on "Actino Rise" run up to the step aiming a little bit to the right and jump and hold . As you hit the wall turn, jump to swing on pole then jump up to the next checkpoint.

The button combination: [, , , ]

For a video tutorial, see the video at the end of the guide.
The twister30
String together: wallclimb, turn, swing, wallclimb, turn, swing, jump. [Pure Time Trials]   
This one is very easy to do on "Kinetic". After the last checkpoint heading towards the final goal, take the left most route, and wallclimb, turn, swing, jump, wallclimb, turn, swing, jump.

The button combination is: [, , , , , , ]

For a video tutorial, see the video at the end of the guide.
To explore strange new worlds30
Attain a Time Trial star rating of 75. [Pure Time Trials]   

See "Superstar".

Attain a Time Trial star rating of 90. [Pure Time Trials]   (6) 

A lot of skill and time is required to get a star rating of 90 on all trials. There are 32 time trials (including the Pure Time Trials) for you to obtain up to a 3-Star Rating in each.

The maximum star rating is 96, so there is little room for error.

Some tips for beating the target times:

- Don't always use the most obvious routes, There will be various other routes that can shave many seconds off your time.
- Take advantage of the ability to download the ghosts from the leaderboards.
- Try to plan out your route before you attempt to break the target. It helps if you plan where to jump, when to jump, etc.
- If you get lost at any point during the new trials just look around for coloured blocks (usually red, purple, pink, yellow). These are the slowest, but easiest routes to follow.


Check THIS thread for videos that may be helpful for the Time Trials.

Game Info
DICE Sweden
Electronic Arts


US November 11, 2008
Europe November 14, 2008

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
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