Missile Command

Missile Command Achievement Guide

Guide By: Duface
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Earn a bonus city Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

Earn 10,000 points to get this. This should be pretty self explanatory since the waves move very slow all the way up to get your bonus city.

Score 25,000 points Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

For this your just going to have to be kind of quick. At the beginning of each wave up to this kill the spaceship at the beginning. Then kill all of the missiles coming down. Do not lose city's, as they are your main points here. This should not be to bad to get if you don't lose a city because if you have all cities you will end wave 9 with 25k and not have a smart bomb problem yet.

Score 100,000 points Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

For this you first have to find the sensitivity right for you. I start the game getting through wave 9 w/o losing a city and at the beginning of wave 10 I shot about 7 or 8 missiles from right to left using my left turret at the beginning of the each wave across the very top almost and would get the first wave of missiles gone. After the left to right I would go right to left with my right turret for the next wave. This is the most effective way to keep your cities alive I thought. For any missiles that get by use your center turret to take them out. To deal with the smart bombs you either have to nail it right on the dot or as it's coming down lay two missiles a little apart from each other on both sides of the smart bomb and let it die and finish the next wave of missiles as it comes. Kill the spaceships asap after your shooting from right to left with your turret (if you use this method.) It will take some time to figure out where to strafe on your screen, but practice makes you better.

Score 50,000 points Classic game - Normal difficulty (2) 

For this I killed all of the missiles up to the x3 waves then I started the left turret shooting 7-8 missiles from right to left on the screen and then would repeat using the right turret going from left to right. Here is a video that helped me.

Score 20,000 points Evolved game - Throttle Monkey mode 

You can probably use the same sensitivity that you use for classic and regular evolved for this. I killed wave 1 and 2 just straight up and then at the start of wave 3 I just used the left turret and went right to left again using 7-8 shots or so then I repeated with the right turret from left to right again. Playing straight up I got about 13k and when I started strafing I averaged about 16k. Again you have to learn with each wave where you want to start your strafing with the left turret.

Have 8 cities in total Evolved game - Normal difficulty (1) 

By playing straight up to wave 7, which should not be a problem, you should not lose a city and you will be able to get your 8 city achievement. Just be quick and make sure you don't let any missiles hit your cities. Kill the spaceships as soon as they get out the gates.

Clear a level with only 4 shots Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

This achievement is tough. I can't really give much advice except to just wait for the missiles to cross paths and nail them. I think this is easier from wave 3-6 or so but you can do on the earlier waves also.

Destroy 6 missiles with 1 shot Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

To get this your going to have to wait for a couple of missiles to break up just right and shoot it. This is best done from about wave 4 or 5 and up.

Reach level 6 without wasting a shot Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

Well the achievement basically says it. The missiles move very slow the first six levels. Try to the best of your ability to not waste a shot. Again kill the spaceship asap. Because the missiles move slow enough you can take your time.

Reach level 4 within 60 seconds Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

Just be quick and kill the missiles as fast as possible. Again the missiles don't really move that fast so you can kill them right out of the gate. Use the turret that is closest to the missile to get it. Again don't let any spaceships screw you, so kill them right out of the gate.

Reach level 11 without losing a base Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

For this your going for the achievement and nothing else is pretty much it. As long as you keep one city alive your good. A base is your things that shoot the missiles. So shoot any missiles that come anywhere near your bases. If you let a couple stray missiles go towards your cities who cares. Just nail any that have a chance of hitting your base, and if a smart bomb comes use one turret to shoot on one side of it and the other to shoot on the other side. Just lead the bomb a tad.

Destroy 10 smart bombs in 1 game Evolved game - Normal difficulty 

Starting at wave 10 smart bombs come into play. In order to kill a smart bomb you must directly nail it, or you can lead the smart bomb a little and place two missiles on both sides of it which will leave the smart bomb no other way to go except to blow up.

Game Info
Stainless Games


US July 04, 2007

Resolution: 1080i
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-2
ESRB: Everyone
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