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Major League Baseball 2K7 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shaaady Souljah
There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Hit a mammoth 450+ foot home run.   

The sliders can be adjusted to help you achieve this, if you would like. Boost your hitters’ power, contact, etc. and play against a bad pitcher in a hitter’s park (such as Coors Field in Colorado).

Super Slugger30
Hit 3 home runs in one game with the same player on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.     

You can adjust your individual batters’ sliders for this one too, making it fairly easy. Just don’t adjust the overall gameplay sliders or the difficulty will switch to “Custom”. It needs to remain on “Pro” for it to unlock.

Offensive Explosion40
Score 20 runs in one game on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.    

Adjust all of your individual batters’ sliders, while leaving the overall gameplay sliders alone and play in a hitters park.

5 Hit Game50
Have a player get 5 base hits in one game.   

This should unlock while you are hitting the ball around the park going for the 20 runs achievement. Just keep hitting until it happens.

Closing Time10
Have a pitcher record a "save" by coming into a close ballgame to finish off a win.   

Play a game and make sure you go into the last inning up by 3 or fewer runs. When your last chance in the field comes up, bring in a reliever to pitch the last full inning and you will get credit for a save.

Make 10 successful "Payoff Pitches" in one game.   

Everytime you get a batter to a 2-strike count, this will become available. Make sure to hit the mitt where your catcher calls for it and you will get it eventually.

Strikeout the Side20
Strike out all 3 batters you face in an inning.   

You can adjust the sliders for the opposing teams’ batters all to zero to make this much easier. You can also adjust your pitcher’s sliders. I recommend using Johan Santana (MN Twins) against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Strikeout 15 batters with one pitcher on "Pro" or higher difficulty setting.    

This is another one where you can adjust the opposing teams’ individual player sliders, but do not touch the overall gameplay sliders or it will not be on “Pro” anymore. It should be very easy if you take the time to change all of their stats to zero.

Successfully steal 2 bases in a game with one player.   

Adjust the opposing catcher’s stats all to zero & boost the speed of all of your runners. You can also make the computer’s throwing speed as slow as possible if you are having trouble.

Double Steal20
Make a successful double steal (2 players steal a base on the same play)   

Same as thief. It will be no problem with the sliders adjusted. You need 2 or more runners on at once, and they both need to make it to the next base safely.

Organized Crime40
Have your team successfully steal 6 bases in one game.   

This has to be done on Pro difficulty, but you can adjust the sliders in the roster to make your team run faster and the opposing team's catcher's throwing speed. In addition, you cannot fail at stealing the base or you will not get the achievement. In other words, if you attempt to steal and get thrown out, restart the game.

Make a wall climb catch (rob a home run.)   

Max the opposing team's hitting stats and play in a hitter's park. Also max your fielder’s speed stats. Before every at-bat, change your outfield positioning to Deep. Serve up fastballs & anytime the “Wall Climb” icon appears use the right stick and hope for the best. I recommend St. Louis’s Park. It is a good hitter’s park and the wall is climbable around the entire outfield, And their 3 Ofs are all quick.

Triple Double30
Turned 3 double plays in one game. "Triple Double" done baseball style.   

To make this easy, hit a batter and then pitch low to the next guy. You should get a groundball allowing you to get a double-play. Do this in 3 different innings and you got it.

Strikeout Leader30
During a season, franchise, or GM Career, have a pitcher lead his league in strikeouts.   

You can do this in a 10-game season. Manage your first game and keep in your top pitcher the whole time. For game 2, use your #2 pitcher and do the same. For game 3, your top pitcher should be back to full health—use him again. Keep using your #1 guy anytime he has 100% and he will get at least 2 more starts than everyone else in the league, giving him the strikeout lead by far.

Home Run Leader30
During a season, franchise, or GM Career, have a player lead the league in HRs.   

Max out all of your hitters’ stats and start a 10-game season. Save & then sim it. If it doesn’t unlock, reload and try again.

Cy Young Winner30
During a season, franchise, or GM Career, have a player win the Cy Young award.   

You will easily get this while doing the season strikeout achievement. You can also boost your pitchers’ stats and even lower all of your division rival batters’ stats if you need to.

World Series Winner75
Play through a season (offline) and win the World Series.   

Choose a good team and start a 10-game season. Sim game 1; if you win save it, if you lose reload. Continue saving after every game until you are in the playoffs. Do the same thing until you win it all. The achievement unlocks at the start of the second season.

Trivia Time5
Successfully answer a trivia question between innings of a ball game.   

Every game gives you a trivia shot in the middle. You usually have a 1:3 or 1:2 chance. So even if you don’t know anything, you can guess and be right eventually.

League Participation20
Play at least one game in an online league or tournament.  

Create or join a tournament with friends and set it to 1-inning games. You will get it for finishing a game.

Get Connected20
Play a full 9 inning game versus an online opponent   

Just hop online and find a match. Shouldn’t take too long.

Win 10 Online10
Win ten 9 inning games online.   

See "WIN 50 ONLINE", below.

3-Game Streak20
Go on a 3-game winning streak online.   

See "WIN 50 ONLINE", below.

5-Game Streak30
Go on a 5-game winning streak online.   

See "WIN 50 ONLINE", below.

Win 20 Online20
Win twenty 9 inning games online.   

See "WIN 50 ONLINE", below.

Join Up10
Join an online league or tournament.  

Go online and join any random league or tournament and this will unlock. It will also unlock as you get Online Champion (see below).

Secret Achievements
Pitched a complete game no-hitter.   (3) 

This can be done with your pitcher’s stats maxed out and even the opposing hitters’ stats dropped. It will be very easy in that scenario.

Online Champion50
Won an online tourney/league. Most impressive.  (2) 

Finish out a 1-inning tournament with friends. Get 3 other people (or tags) and run 4-tournaments, allowing each person to win one of them.

MVP Winner30
Won the league MVP award.   

This can be unlocked in the same manner as the HR Leader achievement. Max out stats, save, sim & reload if it doesn’t unlock.

Rail Lean Catch10
Made an acrobatic catch leaning over foul territory railing.   (1) 

Unlike the Rob a HR achievement, you do NOT push the  to get this. If you are at a wall and the ball is reachable, your player will reach over himself and snag it. The easiest spot for this is Fenway Park in Boston, which has a lot of rail space—including a good chunk of right field.

Stole home plate. You the man.   

When you have a player on third base, press  to switch to Baseburner mode, and tell your batter to not swing (). Lead off and as soon as the pitcher moves his feet, press  to steal. You have to knock the catcher over to get this achievement, so use the  to dive into him. Up-right if he is to your right, up-center if he is directly between you and the base, or up-left if he is to your left. If you don't knock him over, try again next time you get someone on third.

Ejected from a ballgame? Double Check!   

Keep hitting batters with your pitcher until the ump ejects him. Your manager will argue and keep tapping  until he also gets booted.

Win 50 Online50
Your dedication and skill are an inspiration to us all.   (2) 

The best way to do this, and all other win/win streak achievements is with a partner. Start a game, throw one pitch and quit. Once one gets all of the win-streaks and total wins, simply switch and repeat.

The Cycle50
Hit a single, double, triple, and Home Run in one game with the same player. Astounding.   

While going for the 20-runs achievement, this should unlock as well. Triples are the hardest to get, but if you turn down the opposing fielders’ speed & throw based stats it will be much easier—along with your stats maxed of course.

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