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Major League Baseball 2k8 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Stuckey From 3
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 5 out of 10
Offline: 34 (700)
Online: 11 (300)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 18-20 hours (This is mainly for the online achievements and the card achievements)
Glitched achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements?: It does for certain achievements. Most of the in-game achievements have to be done on Pro difficulty or higher and the no-hitter achievement has to be done on Legend difficulty.


MLB 2K8 is the only baseball game out on the market for the 360 at the present time since 2K owns the MLB License. While this game is good it could certainly be better, and I mean achievement-wise. MLB 2K8 has a total of 45 achievements worth a total of 1000. Overall most of this games achievements will be obtained in Franchise Mode and in-game. But there is a whopping 300 for getting all the online achievements. Look at Step 3 for hints on the online achievements.

Step 1 (In-game achievements):

If you can try to play the games with the advanced controls so you can get the achievements for using them. Also, if you need some extra help with the in-game achievements check out the Achievement Guide for MLB 2K8 written by Stuckey from 3. That guide can be found HERE. The only two in-game achievements that should cause you any problems is the no-hitter achievement and the win a game on Legend difficulty achievement. If you follow exactly what is says in the guide you will get these two achievements in the same game and it’s actually pretty easy to do.

Step 2 (Franchise achievements):

These achievements are the ones that might give a tad bit of trouble since some of them are mostly luck achievements. There are 9 Franchise achievements worth a total of 135. Now before you actually start up a real Franchise, start up one to get the “What’s your Fantasy achievement”. Simply complete 25 round of a Fantasy Draft and that achievement is your. Now you can play with that team or you can back out and start an actual Franchise. To get 4 of the Franchise achievements will have to play at least 20 games in the season. That should not be too hard though. Put the Innings at 1. You don’t have to win the games just play 20 of the 160 regular season games. Now to get the Minor League & Major League Player of the Year achievements you should once again check out the Achievement Guide as there it will tell you what players to trade for. That guide can be found HERE. Now just make sure your team makes the Playoffs and that your team wins 105 games (Play as the Yankees or Red Sox and boost up your players stats) and you should be able to get all of the Franchise achievements within 1 to 2 seasons.

Step 3 (Card achievements):
There are 4 of these achievements ranging from completing a card team to unlock 100 different types of cards. You will get baseball cards by playing games and for playing the Franchise Mode. Getting most of these cards like the Platinum ones are just pure luck and could take you hours to get certain cards. You can trade cards with other people though online. If you want to do that please post in the Achievement Trading Thread found HERE. Besides playing games and trading cards online getting other cards will be luck and could take you some serious time to get. I seriously suggest finding somebody with all the cards and trading with them to get these achievements.

Step 4 (Online achievements):

There are in total 11 online achievements worth a total of 300. Most of these should be easy to obtain now with a friend since this games online community has kind of disappeared in the last few months. Have you and your friend go to Custom Match and search for Strikes Only at the same time. If you end up in the same match start the game and pitch one time. Once its called either a ball or a strike quit out of the game and it will count as a win. (That tip is from Stuckey From 3’s MLB 2K8 Achievement Guide, which can be found HERE.) If you would like help please post in the Achievement Trading Thread, which can be found HERE.


Well there you have it, the Road Map to 1000 for MLB 2K8. Hopefully it helped you out or at least pointed you in the right direction. After playing around 3 games you should have at least a couple hundred GS if not more. The only achievements that are actually time-consuming is the card achievements and the online achievements but you should get most of them within a few hours.

[x360a would like to thank Bishop24 for this road map]

Control Artist5
Throw a Total Control Pitch with superb execution. (1) 
Start a game on Advanced controls, When the game starts hit start and go to Pitching Tutorial and practice,practice,practice. Only try throwing fastballs (Down and Up ). This Achievement is annoying just keep trying. Have patience.
Frozen Rope5
Get a line drive base hit using Right Stick Hitting (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Using Advanced Controls and the Swing Stick 2.0 pull down on as the pitcher is in his windup and then flick it up on the as the ball reaches the plate. It must be a line drive base hit to the outfield.
Advanced Mind, Advanced Pleasure50
Complete 10 games using advanced controls. 
You can set this to 1 inning games to make this faster, you don't need to win!
Fantasy Cards10
Create a complete card team. 
You will need at least 25 cards to get this. Use the other tips in this guide to get more and more cards. Get as many Platinum and Gold's as you can. Those lower each player's salary ALOT. Your team must be under $150M so you'll need them.
Buy a Pack20
Use your duplicate cards to buy a new pack of cards. 
Wait until you have received the "100 Cards" Achievement and sell whatever cards you see fit to get 500 credits to buy one pack.
Earn a Team30
Unlock all the cards for a team in card series 1. (1) 
You need to own every player's card for one team. If you are having problems attaining a certain player (There's 1 hard one per team). Go to the Online Desk section and search and propose a trade to someone with that card. You can also post here in the forums for assistance.
Earn 100 Cards50
Unlock 100 different types of cards. 
See No Hitter Achievement, You can also trade high end cards in the forums here or online for bulks of black cards for your unwanted golds and platinums to boost up your total.
Quality Start5
Have your starting pitcher give up 3 or fewer runs in 6+ innings of work (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Pitch with one pitcher into the 7th inning not allowing 3 or more runs. Use Johan Santana.
Get credit for a hold (Pro difficulty or higher). (4) 
Bring a good relief pitcher into the game with 2 outs and 2 runners on base and get him out without giving up any runs.
Get credit for a save (min 3 batters faced, Pro difficulty or higher). 
Bring your Closer into the game up by 3 runs or less and save the game.
Keep it Down5
Complete a 9-inning game without giving up a home run (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Don't allow any Home-Runs in one game, play in Comerica Park. See No Hitter Achievement if you are unable to get this.
Retire all 3 batters faced in an inning (Pro difficulty or higher). 
This should be your first achievement, Just get the first 3 batters out in an inning.
Strikeout the Side50
Strikeout all 3 batters faced in an inning (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Use Johan Santana go to Roster and edit all his stats to the max, Then edit a bad team like the Royals Batter ratings to zero. Play an exhibition game and you should get this quickly.
A Day To Remember100
Throw a no-hitter using any number of pitchers (minimum 9 innings, Pro difficulty or higher). (2) 
In the Main Menu go to My2k8 settings and set the difficulty to "Legend".
Then go to Rosters area in the Main Menu and go to the Kansas City Royals. Edit all the stats of the Royals batters in Speed,Acceleration and Steal abilities to the left. Then edit all the Pitchers stats to the left but i would suggest leaving the Pitch stats (Speed,Composure etc) at zero so you arent thrown off by the super slow pitches. SAVE YOUR ROSTER!!!

Pick any team you wish

Start up an exhibition game up at Fenway Park with your created team and All-star team against the Royals team you arranged. When you are pitching intentionally walk every batter till they're on 2nd base (Hold and hit ). Once they are at 2nd, Hold the and throw it to 2nd base to pick them off. Rinse and Repeat this scenario till the 9th inning.Since you have set the Royals speed at zero they will not be able to get back to the bag in time, This only works at 2nd base.

While you're batting just tee off on Royals pitching. Since this is on Legend it will be very easy to attain Golds and Platinums doing this you have a 50% shot per Card of getting a Gold or Platinum. Keep track of what hits your players need to get their challenge's completed. You can use any team you want against the royals to get more and more cards.
Make a spectacular defensive play (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Make a Diving Catch using the and this will unlock eventually.
Catch 'em Nappin10
Successfully bunt for a hit (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Hit and then or to drag bunt a hit the basepaths for a hit. Use Ichiro and it should only take one try.
Throw out a runner attempting to steal a base (Pro difficulty or higher). 
This is the Hardest Achievement in this game. Change all the AI settings to the right like AI Stealing 2nd and Squeeze Bunt. Play Seattle and hit Ichiro so he's on 1st and just throw balls and hopefully he steals if he doesnt just Restart.This worked best for me and it took about 6 attempts.
He's Got a Gun!20
Throw out a runner at homeplate from the outfield using Right Stick Throwing. 
Start an Exhibition game and intentionally walk so the bases are loaded. Pitch and hope they hit it to the shallow to medium outfield so that the CPU will send the guy home and gun it home.
The Train's Comin' Through20
Score a run after plowing over the catcher at homeplate (Pro difficulty or higher). 
This is all about timing I don't think there's anyway around this. Stock your team of medium to bigger guys. There's no way to know if your guy will plow the Catcher over. You must be within a certain area to trigger it. Just keep trying. With a guy on 2B and a Single send him all the way home, thats your best bet.
Successfully prevent a runner from plowing over your catcher and scoring (Pro difficulty or higher). (1) 
Make sure you have a big catcher (Victor Martinez). Put a man on 3rd and 1st base on purpose and throw pitches low so a weak grounder is hit and fire it home. This achievement is glitchy, it actually took me 6 tries before I got it.
Triple Double20
Turn 3 double plays in one game (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Turn 3 Double-Plays in 1 game. Load the bases and throw low pitches and you should get this easily.
Eagle Eye10
Get a Base on Balls (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Play Toronto and make sure AJ Burnett pitches just sit back take every pitch until you get a walk.
Double Triple30
Hit two triples in one game (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Play in Comerica Park and use Detroit,Philadelphia or Seattle. Any hit to the gap will give you a triple with a semi-quick player.
Hit 5 home runs in one game (Pro difficulty or higher). 
Play the Royals or Pirates at Fenway Park. Play with the Yankees or RedSox or Tigers.
Win a 9-inning game on Legend difficulty. 
See "A Day to Remember"
What's Your Fantasy?5
Complete at least 25 rounds of a fantasy draft in franchise mode. 
Just complete 25 rounds in a fantasy draft.
Glove of Gold10
In franchise, have a player win the Player's Choice Best Fielder award (min 20 games played). 
See "Makin' a Splash"
Platinum Bat10
In franchise, have a player win the Player's Choice Best Hitting award (min. 20 games played). 
See "Makin' a Splash"
In franchise, have 3 or more players make the All-Star Team (min 15 games played). 
See "Makin' a Splash"
Makin' a Splash20
In franchise, have a rookie earn the Rookie of the Year award (min 20 games played). 
To get all the franchise achievements simply start a franchise and trade for every all-star caliber player you can think of. Also trade for Kazuhito Fortunato (Cubs) to be your rookie. Boost all his stats to the max. Pick a random player in your Minors and boost all his stats to the max too so you get the "Minor League Player of the Year" Achievement. Set your settings to 1 inning and play to 20 games and save it. Simulate till seasons end and every achievement you do not get just reload your team and try again till you do.
In franchise, have your team make the playoffs (min 20 games played). 
See "Makin' a Splash"
Win at least 105 games in one season (min 20 games played) 
See "Makin' a Splash"
Layer Cake10
In franchise, win a game at each minor league level (A, AA, and AAA). 
Play and Win 1 game at each Minor League level. 1 Inning games are Ok.
The Brink of Stardom10
In franchise, have a player win the Minor League Player of the Year award. 
See "Makin' a Splash"
I'm a Winner!10
Win a ranked match on Xbox LIVE. (4) 
See "Win 20 Online"
Win 20 Online30
Win 20 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE. (6) 
Arrange with a buddy online and Go to Custom match and search for Strikes Only, Have both of you search at the same time. Once you locate each other start the match and pitch one time and once its called a Ball or Strike, Quit it out and it will count as a Win. Rinse and Repeat 19 more times.
Card Master50
Win a Card Battle match on Xbox LIVE. 
Once you achieve the "100 Card" achievement create your team and just win once online with that team. Search the forums for another user with a team.
Win a Strikes Only match on Xbox LIVE. 
See "Win 20 Online"
League Participation10
Play a game in a league or tournament on Xbox LIVE. (5) 
Setup a Tournament and just play 1 game. Go here to locate others to help.
Cards Shmards20
Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox LIVE, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Earn 100 Cards'. 
See "What Makes You so Special"
David vs. Goliath20
Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox LIVE, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Goliath'. 
See "What Makes You so Special"
Another Level20
Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox LIVE, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Legendary'. 
See "What Makes You so Special"
Live Wire20
Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox LIVE, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'Win 20 Online'. 
See "What Makes You so Special"
You're Not So Tough50
Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox LIVE, beat an opponent who has unlocked 'A Day to Remember'. 
See "What Makes You so Special"
What Makes YOU So Special?50
Top 'em: In a ranked match on Xbox LIVE, beat an opponent who has unlocked a Top 'em achievement. 
To get all the Top'em Achievements you must beat someone who has unlocked that particular achievement (Lobby matches do not work). Use the same idea as "20 Ranked Wins". If you arent able to find someone post in the forums for help.

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