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Monaco: What's Yours is Mine Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shiftie
There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline:9 achievements for 340
-Online: 3 for 60
-Approximate amount of time to 400 : 7-15hrs (Depending on skill and some luck)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (Co-op and Singleplayer)
-Number of missable achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : Extra controllers (at least 2) or the ability to play on LIVE

Monaco is a top-down action/strategy game where you play your choice member in a gang of thieves fresh out of prison (thanks to you). Will they flee the country, or stay and rob the small principality blind? The story is split into two storylines that will take you through basic house robberies, all the way to clearing buildings with the most advanced security technology in the world. With a bit of skill, and a lot of luck, what's there's will soon enough be yours. That is, if you aren't sent back to prison first.

Solo Playthrough
Your first playthrough can be solo or co-op (or mixed) but I would recommend just going solo so you can get a feel of every level on your own. You can get a good chunk of the achievements during this time, the first of which being Slippery, for finishing Prison Break in under 1:10. You will also be able to complete Massacre on just about every level by using any of the available weapons to kill every enemy in the level. You can also do massacre alongside Bring the Bleach, by using C4 to blow up 3 enemies at once, if you don't want to kill on every level. In the Banque Albert level, you can easily complete it without being seen for the Silent Withdrawal achievement. For Technician, you need to simply pickup the wrench item/weapon, and keep it on you for the duration of the level, which can also be achieved on many levels in the game. During this time, you can also work on cleaning out every level (picking up all of the coins) and doing them without dying, both of which are needed to get all 4 trophies for each mission for Time to Retire, and also to get Unscathed by not dying on every mission at least once. Once you've finished the entirety of the campaign, I Work Alone and A Gentleman's Agreement should unlock for completing Act I and Act II respectively.

Co-op Playthrough
A full co-op playthrough is required on at least local co-op for progress toward Time to Retire, as you will get one new co-op trophy for each level in the game. If you missed any of the above achievements, you can try them again now (excluding Technician and Bring the Beach). During this playthrough on LIVE, you will be able to get Dem Bones for reviving an online teammate and also Play it Again Sam, which is doable in local multiplayer, but easier with two other people (so if you don't have two friends, LIVE is preferred). Depending on how much time you spent in singleplayer, completing this playthrough can give you Time to Retire for getting all four trophies in each mission.

As the title for this section states, this section should be any clean-up you might still need. This should only be cleaning up a few trophies and level or item specific achievements. After finishing up Act I, you will be able to access the Epilogue mission, and play some online PVP for Whacked.

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

Finish The Prison Break with a score under 1:10 (2) 

This is actually harder than it sounds, as you will need to play through the first level while collecting all of the coins and finishing in under 1:10. To do this, pick the Locksmith, as there are a ton of locks you'll need to rush through. Ignore all alarms and guards (also don't bother sneaking, just run) while you make a beeline to the street where you will need to gather up the remaining coins here, and in the hall, infirmary, and wardens office in the building between here and the exit. These coins are a bit random and require some luck with their placement, making this a bit more difficult. Missing coins will add to your time, which is why you must clean the level out on top of rushing through it.

Kill everyone in a mission 

To do this, you will of course need a weapon of some sort, thus you can first get this on the second mission; "The Massacre". Loot the shotgun near where you spawn and use the to aim and to shoot the shotgun at the guards as you see them. You'll need to loot the coins in the level as well, as 10 coins will give you 1 ammo once you use up the three shells that come with the shotgun. Note that guards are able to revive each other if one living guard can make it to the corpse of a dead guard, so make sure you're standing between the corpses and the other guards as you clear out the train station.

Silent Withdrawal20
Complete Banque Albert without being seen (4) 

You will not want to pair this with a cleaning out run of the level as that will make it considerably more difficult. Luckily, the method for this only takes a couple of minutes. Select the third mission in the Locksmith's Story (Banque Albert) and choose the Mole as your character.

From the start, back up a step and then start digging through the wall North of you. Dig right once, then continue up/North. This will allow you to tunnel through the second layer of wall in the vault, however for some reason it will not always protect you from the lasers, so as one draws near, back up a few steps until it passes. Continue digging up when it's safe and you'll quickly reach the trophy in the vault. Simply head out the way you came and exit via the train at the bottom of the map.

Finish any mission in single player with only wrenches 

You can get this with relative ease on the first mission with a wrench in it; "Centre Hospitalier". You can pick up the wrench at the beginning of the level and it is used in a similar fashion to other items, except it is able to both kill any enemy at close range and also instantly finishing a task (such as opening a safe or unlocking a door). Thus it is quite powerful, and as long as you don't switch it out when you're able to (like the crossbows in the insane ward), you will be fine and the achievement will pop as you make your escape.

Bring the Bleach20
Use C4 to gib three attacking guards simultaneously without dying in single player 

The earliest you'll see C4 is in "Quartier Diamant", where you'll see a bunch of C4 next to you at the start. Select the redhead prior to this as you'll need to buy yourself some time while doing the achievement. Start out, grab the C4 and then head down the manhole near where you started. Head up/North into the top vents and continue until you reach the end and must turn right. Trigger the alarm and unlock the door in the next room, where you'll encounter the guard you'll need to blow a kiss at. From here, head North and into the first room on your left, then run to the far end and plant the C4 with to kill at least 3 of the now 5 people in the room.

Dem Bones10
Revive an online teammate 

In order to do this, you'll need to be in a LIVE group, as reviving does not work in local co-op. Once you're online and in a game, let your teammate get killed, and then kill the guard (which means this will be easier after level 1, where you can actually kill people). As with any other object in the game, move toward your teammate to slowly revive them (the Redhead revives the fastest). Once they are revived the achievement will pop.

I Work Alone60
Complete Campaign Act I Single Player 

Complete all 16 of the main story missions (the Epilogue is not needed) while playing solo. You do not need to do anything special during the missions, such as clean them out or go without deaths, just finish all of the missions. Eventually you will need to get all four trophies for other achievements.

Win an online PvP match (2) 

After completing the Locksmith's Story (Act I) a 17th level will open up where you must compete against other players on LIVE to receive the most coins and treasures in the level. Only one person in the party needs the epilogue level for the others to join and get the achievement as well.

A Gentleman's Agreement60
Complete Campaign Act II 

After cleaning out any 2 of the Act I missions, you will be able to start doing Act II (the Pickpocket's story), which is quite a bit more difficult than even some of the later Act I levels. You will need to clean out all of the Act I missions in order to unlock all 8 of the Act II missions.

Complete each mission once without dying  

You will need to get all trophies for "Time to Retire" anyway, and not dying is one of those trophies. In order to get this with relative ease on any level, utilize the Gentleman, and focus on getting the necessary treasures instead of cleaning the place out. In many missions, you can clean out and go without dying at the same time, but it adds an extra level of difficulty that makes not dying far more difficult on the last few levels. There are also a couple of levels you can finish easily using the mole, such as Banque Albert. You can note which levels you need to complete without dying by looking at them in the mission select, then looking at the trophies and checking whether you have the third trophy from the left or not (no dying).

Time To Retire80
Achieve all four trophies on every solo and co-op mission 

In order to get all four trophies, you must play through each mission twice; once solo and once in co-op. During either playthrough you will also need to complete the level without dying, and you also need to clean it out. From left to right the trophies are: Solo, co-op, no deaths and cleaned out. Guard patterns can change from playthrough to playthrough, so always be paying attention if you're going for the no deaths or a safe clean out run. Note that during the third level and beyond, you will start to see coins hidden in the environment, such as under people, in safes, and in stacks of money. This means that you will at least need the Cleaner on some of these levels, depending on where the coins spawn for you.

Secret Achievements
Play It Again Sam20
Play an entire song on the piano with 3 players 

On the level "Manoir Moucharder", where you must rescue the Gentleman, you will notice he has a piano in the main room on the first floor of his house. One of your three players must be the Cleaner for this (you +2 online, or you and 2 controllers offline). Head inside the house however you want, knock out the guards. If you really use brute force, you'll probably want the Redhead as well, but you'll at least need the Cleaner to sit on top of the guy playing piano to keep him asleep. Once you're all in the piano room, gather around it so you can all push toward it to play it (one person at the keys, one above the piano and one below). You can also get this on "Casino de Monte Carlo" by using a more explosive method to clear the area first (it's in the VIP Poker room).

The song takes a full minute to complete, so don't give up if it doesn't pop immediately.

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US May 10, 2013

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