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Monday Night Combat Achievement Guide

Guide By: Lymle
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 3/10
- Offline/Online: 12/12 (200) These CAN be done offline, but some may be considerably easier online
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 1-12 Hours. Depends if you decide to boost the achievements offline, or your skill at playing online.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5 Matches could get you this. One for each Blitz Mode and then one match of Crossfire could get you all achievements. Again depends on how your getting the achievements.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None


For a game almost completely focused for online play, this game has surprisingly simple achievements.  It would be harder to do legit so the suggestion way to complete the game is through use of boosting. The hardest achievement is Elusive which deals with The Scramble Blitz Mode, which if done with friends should not be much of a problem.

Step 1: Blitz Mode

The first thing you should focus on is playing the “Blitz” mode.  In Blitz mode you pick a class to control, set up turrets, and try to keep robots from destroying your money ball. Of course you're also destroying the robots along with your turrets. It can get kind of hard trying to upgrade all the turrets while trying to destroy the oncoming force, especially in later Blitz modes, so it's best to do these with at least one other person either locally or via Xbox Live. The order you should do these in are as followed.

  • Exhibition Blitz
  • Season Blitz
  • Playoff Blitz
  • The Scramble

Step 2: Crossfire Mode

Next you should focus on the “Crossfire” mode. This is a mode in which you fight against other human players along with the turrets. Basically it's up to 6 v 6 humans, building up turrets around their money ball, and then fighting it out to try and get their robots to the enemies money ball and destroy it. These achievements will not depend on which class you play and can be done with any of the classes.

  • Sacker
  • Hotstreak
  • MVP
  • Caught'em Nappin'
  • 3-Fer

You can also get “Outta My House!” and “Grappler” with any class, but there are specific classes that will be recommended to do these achievements with, which will be explained in the next step.

Step 3: Achievements that can be done in any mode

The following Achievements are also obtainable in “Crossfire” mode but you can or need a specific character to do them with.

  • Outta My House!
  • Grappler
  • Flapjack Master

Outta My House!, should be done with a Tank class via the Rush () move he has. Grappler can be done with the Assassin, as it's easiest to use her invisibility (the move) and come up behind an opponent and use to grab them. Finally Flapjack Master must be done with the Gunner's Ground Slam move. In order to get this you must have an opponent with low health, jump at them from above, then use the Ground Slam (the move).


Overall these achievements are simple and the game completion can be earned fast if boosting.  The Blitz mode will help give you a feel for the game and some practice, and then from there online play should feel comfortable.  The game is fun and worth the 200 points you will earn for completing it.

 [XBA would like to thank Lymle for this Road Map]

Achieve 15 kills in a Crossfire Match (2) 

Just as it sounds, you need to go into a Crossfire Match and get 15 kills during that Match. There are several ways to do this way, the best advice is just to make sure you always upgrade all your skills ASAP. Obviously bots do not count towards this.

Alternatively you can go into a Crossfire Match and hit to set it to a private match and plug in a second controller with either a second account or a guest. Kill your guest or second account 15 times that match and boom. As a friendly reminder, one of my friends pointed out that if you leave all turrets and bots alone and just go to boost this, you will only have enough time to boost this on one account per match, as Jackbots will have been deployed and be destroying the money ball most likely by time you have the 15 kills on one account.

Hot Streak10
Achieve a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match 

This is a fairly simple and self-explanatory achievement. Get 3 kills in a row in a game of Crossfire. Again just be sure to upgrade your stuff when you can and you should get this in no time.

Alternatively you can also get this while boosting for your 15 kills in a private match of Crossfire.

Complete "Exhibition" Blitz mode (1) 

Exhibition Blitz mode is comprised of 10 waves. Defeat all 10 waves and the achievement is yours. Also it should be noted that more people you have the harder it is. For instance if your playing by yourself, there is fewer robots per wave as compared to having 2-4 people. Obviously the best way to do this is simply play by yourself. Also this is a good mode to start the game with right after the tutorial, to play with classes and figure out which one you enjoy best.

Seasoned Veteran15
Complete "Season" Blitz mode 

Season Blitz mode is comprised of 20 waves. Defeat all 20 waves and this achievement is your. This time it should be noted that although the difficulty is based on how many people you play with, doing this by yourself is slightly challenging. Suggest playing this with at least one other person, but it can be done alone.

All Star15
Complete "Playoff" Blitz mode (1) 

Playoff Blitz is comprised of 30 waves. Defeating all 30 waves can be difficult but once done will get you this achievement. Once again it is suggested you play with other people, but it can possibly be done by yourself depending on how good at the game you are. If you want to put your skills to the test however, doing this by yourself is a good challenge.

Outta My House!20
Achieve a Ring Out during a Crossfire match (1) 

Another simple achievement. This is done by knocking someone out of the ring with one of your attacks, or simply if they go out of the ring at all after you've damaged them. It has to be done within so many seconds, so knocking them out of the ring is much easier. The Tank's Rush (His Move) is possibly the easiest way to do this. Just keep playing Crossfire match's until you get this.

Alternatively you can boost this in a private match, by simply hitting a guest and then having them jump out of the ring.

Achieve 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match 

Every character can grapple but some have to do it by switching to their secondary weapon (via ) and then doing a grapple (). These characters are:

  • Assault
  • Tank
  • Support

Next some characters can hit with their main weapon out in order to a grapple. These are:

  • Sniper
  • Gunner

And then the Assassin can just for a grapple.

Simply use any character and their respective method for 10 Grapples during a SINGLE match. However you should have this in no time. Bots do not count.

Alternatively you can boost this in a private match via two controllers and a guest.

Flapjack Master20
Achieve a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner's Ground Slam ability 

The only way to get this is by using a Gunner and using their move. Obviously can only be done in Crossfire and bots do not count. Get an opponent, or find one with low health, jump and press and come down Directly on them. This is one of the harder one's to do during an actual game, but it is possible.

Alternatively if trying to do it during a game annoys you, you can simply use two controllers and a guest to boost this.

Achieve Most Valuable Player in a Crossfire Match 

In order to get this your team must win the Crossfire Match and you must have the most money on your team. You can earn money various ways, by killing enemy human, damaging the enemy Money Ball, hitting Bullseye when he comes onto the field, picking up money on the ground, destroying enemy robots, and gaining assists.

Alternatively once again you can boost these in a private Crossfire Match pretty easily.

Complete "The Scramble" Blitz mode (3) 

The Scramble consists of 10 waves. However this is not quite as easy as Exhibition Blitz. The enemies are stronger, and come in more numbers. Strongly recommended that you play with at least one other player for this. If you want a true test of your skills at this game try playing it by yourself.

Also It seems Tank is a good class to run with this along with Gunner.

Caught 'em Nappin'20
Achieve a kill on an opposing player while they are upgrading skills in a Crossfire match (3) 

This is basically just a lucky achievement. There's no real way of knowing if your gonna get this during an actual game, however rushing the enemy base will increase your odds slightly. Just keep playing games and your bound to get it.

Alternatively you can simply have your guest hit Up to access their skills and then just kill them in a private crossfire match.

3-fer 20
Achieve a Triple Kill (16) 

This can only be done in Crossfire Match and Bots do not count. Simply kill three opponents in a row at the same time or within roughly 5 seconds. Recommended to use the Assassin or Gunner for this.

The only way to get this achievement offline is via System Link.

Alternatively you can boost this achievement via Private Crossfire Match and simply have a friend or two join with guests.

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