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Monopoly Streets Achievement Guide

Guide By: Soldier 4 I AM & Corrupt x360a
There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline 31/40 [755/1000]
-Online 9/40 [245/1000]
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 5-10 hours (15-25 if you don't have 4 controllers)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed Multiple
-Number of missable achievements 1 (Next Rung on the Ladder)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Just for New Challenge
-Glitchy achievements No
-Unobtainable achievements None
-Extra equipment needed? Much easier with 4 controllers

Monopoly Streets is a fun take on the monopoly game we all know and love. It is a relatively easy 1000, with a few achievements relying on pure luck. However I cannot stress how much easier this game is with 4 controllers as a lot of the luck is taken away and you can make stuff happen on your own that could potentially take you a long time when relying on the CPU.
Also please note that the UK and US versions will have different names for the properties.


First of all, find yourself a boosting partner, use the achievement trading thread found here. Work together to unlock I can do this without Houses, Taking Over the World, Doesn't Hurt Much, Plays Nicely with Others, Better Luck Next Time, I Want A Rematch, and How We Played Back in my Day.
You will work towards other achievements when playing online and may get lucky with some of the dice rolling achievements.

Playing through/Mopping Up

Hopefully you will have unlocked a few of the other achievements while playing online, if not don't worry. Most of these achievements can be unlocked very easy if you have 4 controllers, have a look at the individual achievement guides to see what needs to be done. You will have to play on the Monopoly City board at least once in order to get the So Big and Shiny achievement.
Keep on playing games and you will be able to pick your way through the rest of the achievements.
The only ones that may elude you at the end may be Lucky Three and Rolled a 15, but keep playing speed die mode, and they will come eventually.


Overall a pretty fun and easy 1000 and a great game for families or parties.


[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for this Roadmap]

Winner 20
Win your first game of MONOPOLY Streets    (6) 

Win a game of Monopoly in any game mode. This will come naturally.

Lucky Three15
Rolled Triples    (7) 

Play in speed die mode, you must roll either a 333, 222, 111. Just keep playing and this will come naturally.

Building the Empire25
Won 10 offline games    

Win 10 games in any mode. You can use a multiple controllers and just declare bankruptcy 10 times.

No Ground Untouched15
Player has built 100 houses    (1) 

Build 100 houses in any game mode. You will get this during normal play. Use 4 controllers in a custom game. Deal out all the properties and when the game starts trade all the properties and money to your player. Build the houses and have the other controllers declare bankruptcy to win the match. Keep doing this until you get the achievement. You will get this achievement when working for the Subdivision achievement.

Expensive Property15
Acquire the most expensive property in the game    (1) 

Purchase Boardwalk property in any game mode.

Eviction Notice20
Replaced your houses with a hotel    (1) 

On a monopoly colour, build up your houses to a hotels on all three colors. The achievement will pop once the hotels are built. Much easier to do on the cheaper properties.

Bypass Bail5
Rolled doubles to get out of Jail for free    (1) 

When you are in jail choose not to pay the bail to get out of jail. Choose the Roll for doubles option and roll a double. You get three (3) attempts at it, one (1) attempt per turn. Not too difficult as doubles come in quite often.

Needs a New Challenge 20
Successfully won against 3 hard AI    (4) 

Create a game with these custom rules.

Starting Cash: Maximum (2,500 on UK game)
Starting Properties: ALll
Starting Property Distribution: Random
Build Rules: Even
Houses Available: 8
Hotels Available: 4
Houses Per Hotel: 4
Selling Houses Percentage: 100
Mortgage Interest: 0
Income Tax: 0
Super Tax: 0
Free Parking Payout: Maximum (500 on UK game)
Max Turns In Jail: 4
Win Condition: Most Colour Groups
When # Players Bankrupt: 1
Game Ends In # Turns: 10

At the start of the game make sure you get the highest role to go first, if you don't restart until you do. With these rules all properties are divided up between all players. After your first role, but before you end your turn you need to do a couple of things
1) Acquire as many colour groups as possible (best way to do this is to trade for the cheapest properties and feel free to add random properties like, say, Greens and the Utilities to the mix to save your cash-obviously, if you already have 2 greens, keep them and just trade for the 3rd one instead)
2) Buy up all the available houses on your cheapest properties, if that means trading first to get a full colour group on one of the cheapest ones, then go for it. IMPORTANT, these rules only have 8 houses, so if you buy them all for the cheapest colour group (brown) you will use them all up, but DON'T turn them in to hotels. When you change them to hotels, all the houses go back to the bank. What you are trying to do is tie up all the houses so no other player can develop properties making any rent you pay really low.

By the end of your first turn, you should have at least 3 colour groups and all the houses tied up, if you can, try to hold some random extra properties from different colour groups. They can be used to stop other players getting groups or as bargaining chips later in the game if necessary.
In my first game I had the Browns, Light Blues and Oranges, as well as one Pink and I had all 8 houses on my Light Blue properties. The one important thing to make sure is that no one else has as many properties as you, when trading, distribute extra properties liberally around the 3 so no one person holds them all.
There are only 8 colour groups in the game, if you hold 3, hypothetically an AI player could hold 5, but it never happens. The properties are divided too evenly and nobody else gets houses and hotels to get high rent. In all my games I had 2 AI with 2 colours each, and one with 1. All they did for 10 turns was just move around the board, occasionally they would try to trade with each other, but it never worked out. At this point you can just ride out the 10 turns for victory. Also, if you haven't got it yet, if you fast forward everything, you'll easily get the achievement for winning a game in under 20 minutes too.

Philanthropist 20
Completed a trade that gave another player a color group    (1) 

Complete a trade with another player that would give you a monopoly (all 2/3 properties) in any color group.

Flea Market20
Bought a property cheaply    (1) 

Win an auction by bidding anything under the property value. When in a auction press the A Button and bid $10.00. Then press the B Button so the bid goes to $0. When the timer goes to zero the achievement will unlock.

Celebrating 10
Acquired your 75th property    (1) 

Buy any 75 properties in any game mode on or offline. The achievement will pop up right when you purchase the 75th one.

Repeat Offender10
Went to jail for the 3rd time in one game    (1) 

This achievement can be done in any game mode. You must go to jail by any method 3 times. You can be sent to jail by rolling 3 doubles in a row or by the “Go to directly to jail” chance card.

Glad its not my Bill25
Received 120 on a Utility rent    (9) 

You need to own both utilities and have a player land on a utility. The achievement will pop when the player lands on your utility monopoly. You can set up a custom game and have all the properties dealt out and trade for the utilities.

Better than Free 20
Received more than 200 when landing on Free Parking    (1) 

Set up a custom game. Tab over using the RB until you see the options to change the Free Parking. Set the amount to over 200 and save the custom setting. Start up a game with Speed Die with your custom game and land on free parking. The achievement will unlock after your turn is over.

I Like Trains20
Own all the railroads    

Own all the railroad's in any game mode.

Great Start20
Someone pays you rent before your second turn    (1) 

For this achievement it will help if you win the dice roll and go first. Buy up any of the light blue or orange properties and hope that another player will land on your properties. This may take a few tries, but I was able to get this achievement my first game.

Market Inflator25
Get an opponent to pay double the price during an auction    (1) 

This achievement is best done with multiple controllers in bull market game type. When the auction starts have one of your other controllers keep biding until they cannot make anymore bids. The bar will be all the way to the top and will be twice what the property is worth. The achievement will unlock once the property is sold.

Now that is ROI 25
Collect more than a 1000 in rent    (2) 

Build up your monopolies to hotels on any three (3) color groups. I got my achievement on the light blue properties. Building hotels on Boardwalk and Parkplace will also work but, other players do not land on those properties as often. Once someone lands on one of your properties and pay over $1000 in rent the achievement will unlock.

I'm Keeping this Card10
Player paid to get out of Jail when they had a Get out of Jail Free Card 

For this achievement you will need a “Get out of jail free card” by getting it from landing on Community Chest or trading it from another controller. Once you have your “Get out of jail free card” get yourself into jail by rolling doubles or get the “Go directly to jail…” card. When it is your turn again you will get the option to pay bail, roll a double, or use the get out of jail free card. Just pay the bail and get out of jail without using the card. The achievement will unlock as soon as you’re out of jail.

Tax Audit Nightmare!20
Paid 1200 in Taxes in one game (4) 

In one game you will need to pay $1200 in taxes. Set up a custom game and change the amount of the taxes paid when landing on the two tax spots on the board. Set the amount to $500 for taxes paid. Set the starting amount to $2500 per player so that you or the other controllers do not go bankrupt before you have paid $1200 in taxes. Start the game of speed die and play until the achievement pops.

Doesn't hurt much25
Paid the smallest rent in an online game (3) 

In an online game land on another players Mediterranean avenue (first brown property after go) that has no upgrades. The other player cannot also have Baltic Av. (2nd brown property after go), because the rent will double.

Plays Nicely with Others25
Finished an online game (1) 

Complete an online game. Just have your friend declare bankruptcy and the achievement will unlock.

Better Luck Next Time25
Bankrupted another player online (5) 

Play a game with a friend or a boosting partner and have them declare bankruptcy.

I Want a Rematch25
Lost to another player online (8) 

When it is your turn declare bankruptcy to loose the game.

How We Played Back in my Day 25
Finished an online game using custom house rules (2) 

Set up a custom game and have someone declare bankruptcy to end the game.

Next Rung on the Ladder25
Bankrupted a higher ranked player (25) 

Set up a ranked game with a friend or a boosting partner. Make sure that they are a higher rank than you. Rank is based off of the leaderbords not the player rank. Once you are in the game have the person with a higher rank declare bankruptcy and the achievement will unlock at the end of the game.

If your friend is a higher rank than you make a ranked match and you declare bankruptcy until your friend has a higher rank. It may take a few attempts to get it so that they are a higher rank but it will count for the Taking Over The World achievement.

You can check you rank by going into Play on Xbox Live option. Then select leaderboards. Look at your overall rank and not the large number in the middle of the card.

Subdivision 35
Player has built 500 houses (2) 

This achievement requires you to build 500 houses. All game modes count for this achievement in both on and offline games. Make this one of the last achievements that you go for because all the houses that you build in other games will count for this achievement. To make this go faster set up custom game and have all the properties dealt out prior to the start. Set the starting money at $2500 and trade all with all the other controllers their money and properties. Build all houses and no hotels to save on your money. Once all the houses are built have the other controllers declare bankruptcy to win the game. Keep doing this until you build 500 houses. You can check how many houses you built by going looking under the “Profile” menu at the main screen.

Finished a game with total worth greater than 9000 (3) 

Just like the description says finish a game with a total worth greater than 9000. To do this own all the properties and build up the properties until your total worth is over 9000. Easy to do with 4 controllers.

Quick Win35
Won a game in under 20 minutes (2) 

Start up any game and have the other controllers declare bankruptcy. The achievement will unlock when the game ends.

Property Magnate35
Own 3 color groups at once 

Own 3 different colored monopolies at the same time.

This Plan is Better 35
Completed a trade that gave you a color group 

Make a trade in a game another controller that will give you a monopoly. The achievement will unlock for you once this is completed.

Rolled a 1515
Player rolled a 15 (13) 

Start a game using the speed die option. During the game roll a 6, 6, and a 3. Try for this when going for your other achievements. This is pure luck that you get this achievement and may take some time to get it just keep trying and it will unlock.

Hotel Maximus35
See the bank run out of hotels in a game with Official MONOPOLY rules (3) 

An "easy" way of doing this is with 4 controllers. Have 2 trade out all their cash to one player. Instead of buying when you land, go to an auction. That's an extra 20seconds + load times but it saves anywhere from $60 to $400 each time you win the auction at $0 (to do this, have person A be the winner of the auction... person A presses A then B and is now the highest bidder).

Not accounting for chance/community chest/taxes, this gives you a total of $4500 to start (+1500 from the remaining player when you get enough of the properties to build on).

So with $6,000 and the list below, you can plot out a way to get all 12 hotels. By the time you land on enough of the properties to buy 12 hotels, you should have enough money to buy them (depending on how many times you've passed go and landed on taxes, etc.)

Here is the total cost of getting to the hotels for each color group:

Brown -------- $0500 -- 2 hotels
Light Blue --- $0750 -- 3 hotels
Pink --------- $1500 -- 3 hotels
Orange ------- $1500 -- 3 hotels
Red ---------- $2250 -- 3 hotels
Yellow ------- $2250 -- 3 hotels
Green -------- $3000 -- 3 hotels
Blue --------- $2000 -- 2 hotels

All Your Eggs in One Basket20
The only properties owned are part of a single color group (1) 

During a game you can only own one monopoly no other color groups. Once you have the one monopoly have the other players quit out and the achievement will unlock.

I can do this without Houses20
In an online game, own all the railroads and utilities (1) 

Own all railroads and utilities in a online game and the achievement will unlock.

Taking Over the World35
10 online game wins (35) 

Win 10 online games.

So Big and Shiny50
Get the largest upgrade to your corporate HQ (2) 

Start a game using the monopoly city board, and get your total worth over 10,000 by owing all properties and building them up to hotels.

Rainbow 50
Own one of each color group at the same time (2) 

For this achievement you need to own one of every color on the board. Start a game of bull Market and buy one of each color to unlock this achievement.

Its has been reported by the user Grummy that you need to own all the properties for this achievement to unlock.

Concierge Service50
Provide the best Hotel Service on the most expensive property without a player going bankrupt (4) 

Build Boardwalk and Park Place into hotel's and have a player land on the Boardwalk portion of the hotel without going bankrupt. The other player can mortgage all of his properties, but they need to survive until their next turn.

Auctioneer 40
Player has won 50 online auctions (15) 

Get a friend or a boosting partner and play 4 games of bull market. Win two games each and the achievement will unlock at the end of the second game.

Game Info
EA Salt Lake
Electronic Arts


US November 02, 2010

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